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erotic stories


By Jack Crellin

April 17th 2006

I’m still not quite sure how it happened, but I know it did. I was just shy of being legal, and he was only a few years older than me, and it just happened. We had been building to it for weeks, I had been going to his for weeks, every day, he’d always wear a tight white t-shirt that showed of his slim but athletic body, tight jeans that showed off his perfect ass, sometimes he’d be wearing just shorts or wet swimming trunks, on the hot days, and until today we had always just messed around, talked, watched films. But today was different, I could feel that the sexual tension had built to a crescendo, a mighty one, as he sat next to be in nothing but a dripping wet pair of speedos and a towel. I could barley contain my cock as I watched him.

I asked him if I could get a glass of water, something cold to cool me down, and of course he said yes. I went out and began to run the water, the next thing I knew, I felt a wet patch developing on my ass and two strong arms encircle my body. He nibbled my ear teasingly for a few seconds before he allowed me to turn around and look deep into his eyes, my cock pressing painfully against his hip. In seconds he had torn my top from me, my jeans were on the floor and he was reaching for the chocolate spread and spray cream on the sideboard next to me. A second later and he had lifted me onto the counter myself, and had spread my legs wide, he sucked my nipples for a moment before he dropped down to a crouch, his tongue lapping out my ass as I writhed under his grasp.

It was heaven on earth. My cock felt magnificent as his warm, wet, rough tongue explored my hole, prying it open. A few minutes later he stood, and kissed me, letting me taste my own ass, mixed with his minty fresh breath. He pushed me to a lying position on the counter and picked up the chocolate spread. With one hand he popped the top, with the other he tore his soaking speedos from his hips, ass and throbbing cock. Then he began to smear my chest and cock with the spread until I was covered in a thin layer of the sticky, gooey substance, then he smeared some on his own cock, and mentioned something about a ‘lubricant’. Then chocolate was smeared over my ass, and rubbed along my crack, in an expert way that made me whimper with pleasure.

He picked up the cream, sprayed the obligatory two blasts onto my nipples, one tingling blast onto my cock head, and one onto my tight balls, then he surprised me, he sprayed some all over his own cock before pushing the nozzle into my ass and giving me two quick blasts. Just to reassure me he did the same to his own ass, and said something about me eating it later.

A second surprise followed as his seven-inch dick was plunged in a cream and chocolate squelching second deep into my ass. He moaned as loudly as I did, and then panted, ‘Haven’t had an ass for so long, sorry this will be so short.’ I barely registered his words as he thrust into me five or six times, hard and fast. My ass felt as if it would explode, and on about the third stroke, I guess but I don’t know, my own cock exploded cum ass over my chocolate covered body. Six strokes later and I could feel a warm sticky substance rocket into my ass past the cool cream. We both moaned for a few seconds before he picked me up off the bench, placed himself there, leant back and said, ‘eat my ass’ as he spread his legs and pulled my head to his own creamy ass.

I licked for a few moments as he moaned, then he pulled me up, sprayed some more cream up his own fuck-hole and coated my cock again, he threw me back onto the sideboard and lay me down flat again as he clambered up on top of my cock. He spread his ass and launched himself onto me his own ass gobbling my cock as fast as he had made me gobble his. He moaned and began to bounce up and down, his hands picked up the cum, chocolate and cream off my body and he messily stuffed them into his mouth as his own ass became more and more chocolate covered.

Then he grabbed my hands and made me jack him off. This time we lasted maybe twenty strokes before I felt his cock splatter me with small globules of red hot cum, and my own cock pump forth the same into his cream filled ass. He climbed off me and licked my chest clean of the cream, then he turned to me and said, ‘Swimming pool?’ with a coy look in his eyes as he grabbed a dildo and snorkel mask. I followed in stunned silence, ready for even more sex with this hot, impulsive and vibrant guy…

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