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erotic stories

Payback is Hell

Mrs Jack Sparrow -

July 2004

My little game as gone perfectly, YES! Iím a genius. Heíll never know anything noting at all. I type at the computer coding in the last codes to post the allotment sexual experience on my Gay Sex United website. I "mistakenly" put Ericís sex sessions and me on my website. I laughed Iím also using Eric to do most embarrassing stunts and sexual things and Iíd but it on my website for the entire world so see. That is not all Iím doing to him. Iím using him for his love. I donít know if I love him. Most people would probably say I donít love him at all, maybe there right. I stood up to change to go out. Iím going out with the boy who loves me.

The doorbell rang and I knew it was him as I hard the door open. "Jole, Are you ready mate?" Eric asked as he walked into my apartment near our college. What I didnít know at the time was that Eric had gotten me he had figured me out. I didnít know he had others down stares. I walked down only seeing his face what I didnít know he was there to confront me. I realized his face was cold. "Youíre a sick kid Jole, your sick." He said angry now crying. I thin resized it hurt me to see him cry I didnít like him crying. "W-What are you talking about Eric?" I asked softly but scared. "You know dame well what Iím talking about, YOU DAME WEBSIDE YOU MADE A FOOL OF ME JOLE AND YOUR GOING TO PAY FOR IT!" Eric screamed at me he was sobbing now. Right then something jolted me and made me see how selfish Iíve been. "Iím sorry Eric. I really am." I said pleating with him I walked more down the stares I went and reached for his arm. Eric quickly moved and punched me in the face making me fal!

l back in the stares and roll to the door. I looked up at him. "Eric, I really sorry I wish I could take back what Iv done Iím really sorry." I said to him looking in to his eyes. His eyes were full of hurt and anger even hatetread. My lips started to quiver I resized how stupid I was and now itís too late. "Oh youíll be sorry once Iím done with you." He said the other guys came to view that I had just notices.

The tree boys picked me up they had a web thing that recorded and they would later play it on the computer. They did unthinkable things things that where worse then I have tough up to do on Eric. I fought back every emotion expected when it was Ericís around to have a go at me. He did all the things I put him threw. He had tricked me on saying that I had enough and that he had forgiven me. I feel for it well and he then kicked me on the side. "You IDOT IíD NEVER FOR GIVE YOU I HATE YOU!" HE screamed in my face. I closed my eyes fighting back the tears. "Iím sorry Eric I wish I could take back everything." I said in away that only he could hear. "Whatever, I donít want to hear it." He said walking away form me they took away the special camera and walked out I called out Ericís name and slid down the door and it was slammed shut. I pleated be hind the door for him to forgive me. I just herd cold laughs at the other end of the door. I heard car doors shut and a moder running a!

nd fad off as it left.

I cried so hard and Eric accomplished what he wanted me to feel and I deserved every minute of it. After sobbing for what it seemed like house I went to my website. I deleted everything and wrote and expiation to and apology that will never be accepted. I knew that one of the boys would know about this. I wrote that Iíd Lave and never be in there lives again they wonít have to see my fucking face ever. That Iím giving them what they wanted and they will never see me EVER and Iíd told them that Iíd be satisfied that there happy with out me around and that I deserved life in turmoil. I went on saying how I disturbed them and they wonít have to hear my name again. Then I posed it. I packed that night and I would leave after tomorrowís classes. I got shit form them and when I herd someone that went on my sight and showed them what I have written after I had left the room. I didnít want to know what they would have said so I flead after third class. I didnít say anything to my pa!

rents or my family I probably disgraced to them to my family. I donít know where Iím going but Iím going some wares.

Before I left I drove pasted Ericís house. He was going to his car and was stopped by someone had gave him the paper that everyone else had read at school. I pulled over to a corner where he couldnít see my car or me, I saw him reading it. The look on his face to was at first satisfaction, gilt, then lastly anger. It was the same anger he had the night before. My eyes filled with tears. I turned over the key and left the corner going down the street. I Headed to I95. I left no trace of be back at my apartment. I left the keys on the out side of my door and a note to my landlord. Nothing was left except my computer and a letter to whom ever finds it that I have ran away. I apologized to my family and that Iíd call them occasionally to tell them how Iím doing but I couldnít stay.

I found myself turning to an exit that said Trenton I when threw there and threw a tunnel then passed a baseball stadium and then over a bridge and little bet after that it said Welcome to Pennsylvania. I drove threw and pulled over to one side I didnít want to go in to Philadelphia. I roamed around this Town I started to like it. So I though Iíd say. I went looking around for a place to say. It didnít take long for me to find ok apartments but theyíll do. The Pennsbury Apartments, I got an apartment number C69. I started looking threw some things there news paper for a job and threw the news paper. I Looked threw the phone book to see if there are any colleges around there except for one a Community College called Bucks County Community College. I asked around of anyone knew how to get there and I got directions to the College. Once I got there I went to the Admissions office and explained my situation. They called the College I had went to and straighten things out they fa!

xed my credits and stuff and I in rolled there and I start classes next week.

I went back to the new apartment that Iíd be living in. I started to unpack my things. The apartment is pretty plane right now but I will get things and find a new job. Places that I though were good. I had loads of money I took out all my money out form the bank. Iíd also be looking for a different back. After that I went shopping for furniture and a bed. I had the couches and easy chairs anything you can think of I got them at a cheep store. I even got a comfortable king size bed. For the bedroom They even helped me with there trucks to the apartment It took them awhile to get all the things I got up the flight of stares to the top. They left once everything was in. I did all the bedroom things that I got and it set that up and everything. It looks good now for only apartment thing but with all my stuff my bedroom looks great. I did the living room next. I already brought with me my TV but I put that in the bed room and I just used my big stereo for my the living room. I f!

inished seating things up really late in the night. I had to get up early tomorrow mooring looking for a job. I already have my school schedule. I climed in to my new bed and. I found myself thinking Iím at a new place where no one knows me Iím going to start my life over and try to do it right this time. I started thinking about Eric and Iíd never do that ever again. I will just wonít date.

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