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erotic stories

Dirty Dishes

By Melina Catts

May 14 2006

From the doorway Sammie watched Tyler standing in front of the kitchen sink where he was rinsing the dinner dishes. He wore only a pair of low-slung jeans. His beautiful brown skin gleamed in the overhead light as he began loading the dishwasher.

Sammie felt his groin stir as he watched his boy. Tyler had no idea the power he held over Sammie and Sammie had no idea how he became so caught up by this kid. But none of that mattered right now. Right now all that mattered was Sammie's dick and Tyler's ass.

Sammie walked across the kitchen and spun Tyler around, pinning him between himself and the counter. Tyler's eyes were wide open in surprise as Sammie leaned in to capture his lips with his own.

"I thought you wanted me to clean the kitchen," Tyler tried to ask between kisses.

"I changed my mind," Sammie continued his attack on Tyler's mouth. His hands snaking down across Tylerís back and around to unfasten his jeans, letting them slide off Tyler's hips to pile on the floor. "I'm gonna ride you instead."

"Yeah?" Tyler asked breathlessly.

"Oh yeah." Sammie spun Tyler around and bent him over the counter so that his ass was exposed, then he leaned over Tyler's back, running his tongue down his spine.

Tyler gasped as Sammie's tongue brushed over his tailbone and slid down to his puckering hole. Sammie flattened his tongue and licked from the base of Tyler's cock all the way back up across his hole.

Tyler hissed and pushed back, wanting to feel Sammie's tongue inside him.

Sammie obliged, pushing his tongue as far in as he could, then wagging it up and down.

"Aahh," Tyler sighed, "More."

Sammie continued until Tyler was whimpering and begging for Sammie to fuck him. He stood and unfastened his pants, pushing them down to free his own cock. He chuckled as Tyler groaned at the absence at his hole.

"What's the matter, baby?"

"Fuck me," Tyler moaned.

"Yeah? You want this?" Sammie cupped his dick in this hand.


Sammie loved it when Tyler begged; it seemed he could deny him nothing if only he said please.

Sammie quickly donned a condom and positioned himself at Tyler's hole. He felt Tyler pushing back, trying to impale himself on Sammieís cock.

"Hold still." He gave Tyler's ass a firm slap to show he meant it.

Tyler lay perfectly still, waiting for Sammie to give him what he wanted. Slowly Sammie pushed in, feeling the warm, tight chute envelope him.

"Mmmm," Tyler purred, "you feel so good."

Sammie pushed all the way in until he was flush against Tyler. Skin pressing against skin. He stopped, willing his breathing to slow as he waited for Tyler to adjust to his intrusion.

Tyler pushed back off the counter, signaling he was ready for more and Sammie began thrusting in and out of his tight hole.

"Aauuhh," Tyler moaned and tried to push himself off the counter high enough to reach his cock.

"Not yet," Sammie said, pushing him back down to the countertop. He continued riding him, brushing over his gland with every stroke.

"Ah, touch me, Sammie," Tyler begged.

"I am touching you."

"Touch my dick, jerk me off, please."

There was that word again. Tyler had a way of saying it that turned Sammie to putty. Sammie leaned back allowing Tyler to stand up and reached around taking hold of Tyler's tool.

He could tell Tyler wouldn't last much longer; his dick was already swollen and impossibly hard. "You are so hot," he whispered in Tyler's ear.


"Yeah, you drive me crazy, do you know that?"


"And you love it too, don't you?"


Sammie gave Tyler's dick one more tug then felt it erupt in his hand as his shoot spasmed around Sammie's cock, sending him to his own release.

Both men fell forward onto the counter, their legs weak and their breath ragged.

When Tyler finally found his breath he nudged Sammie to move off of him. "You should ask me to do the dishes more often."

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