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erotic stories


By Jack Crelin July 20th 2006

It had been a hot day in the office, I’d spent most of it sweltering, unable to take off my jacket or undo my shirt because of back to back meetings. I’d been drinking cool waters all day and had only had a few moments to take breathers, finally as the day wound down, with only one meeting in sight I went for a well earned, much needed piss in the toilets.

They were quite big, had a few stalls and a long communal urinal backed by a large mirror which allowed pissers to look at the long row of marble framed sinks. The sinks were the first thing I went to, I was so hot I just turned on the cold tap and drenched myself in cool water, knowing it would dry before my last meeting. The shirt stuck to me, tightly as the water cooled my skin and I spent a few minutes cooling off.

As I was about to go to the urinal one of my co-workers walked in, a tall chestnut haired, brown eyed guy. His suit was just big enough to show off his well-built upper body, one of a sportsman and gym enthusiast. I felt a little embarrassed at my soaking clothes, especially as I’d always had a bit of a thing for him, but he just looked, laughed and came over to the sink, “I think I’ll try that, I’m so hot,” he said as he ran his own tap. I simply nodded and moved over to the urinal.

I quickly unzipped my fly, my bladder aching to be released, in my desperation to piss I fumbled with my cock and boxers, unable to pull it free for a moment, by the time I had the other guy was standing close to me, unzipping his own fly. Finally I got it out, I felt the warm stream of piss flowing through it and let out a long moan, “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, ahhhhhhhhhhhh, mmmmmmmmmmmm.”

“Last time I heard that sort of noise was during sex,” the voice next to me said. Instantly I stopped and looked at him in embarrassment, my eyes were captivated, his wet white shirt hugged his perfectly defined body, translucent, showing off his tanned flesh and his round, tasty looking nipples, perched on the peaks of his massive pecks. I couldn’t help dropping my eyes down, and in his hand I saw what could only be described as a monster, his pissing cock was a good 5 inches already, I felt my balls tighten and my still desperate piss stream falter as blood rushed into my hardening cock.

My gaze must have lingered too long, because he looked at me, then my now almost erect cock as it struggled to finish emptying my still almost full bladder. “Like what you see?” he asked. All I could do was nod and hope my cock went down, before he hit me. “Good,” he said as he grabbed my shoulder with one of his strong hands and pulled me down and turned me to face him, as he turned his still pissing cock onto me.

He showered my head, face and suit as he grabbed my head and pulled it towards his 5 inch, flaccid cock. “Now this is gonna keep pissin till you get it hard, so work or drink up.” He said as he forced the head of his cock against my lips, forcing me to taste his piss, and gag a little. That gave him his chance, and before I knew it his piss, and his cock were filling my mouth.

I choked for a second, then began to work my desires on him, my tongue grabbed the head of his cock and started to tease it, at the same time I began to suck on the body of his cock. I could feel it swelling, but the piss kept coming, I was now forced to swallow some, and choke on it and his rapidly growing cock, large mounts were also spilling down my neck and chest and I knew I had to stop this quickly, so I grabbed his balls with one hand and began to kneed them, my other hand reached up and began to rub one of his wet, cool, now erect nipples.

He moaned and then the piss stopped, I was able to spit most of the remaining piss out as his cock reached its full, choking length of at least nine inches. Then I began to devour it, licking it all over, tasting every bit, deep throating the head and sending verbal vibrations through it.

He held my head on his cock for another few minutes, I felt his balls tense near the end, and moments later he pulled me off him. Then he grabbed my trousers and unbuttoned them, pulling my boxers down, painfully, over my rock hard cock, then he bent down and began to suck me off. He was much more aggressive than I, jacking my cock with one hand, sliding up and down the shaft with the other. He did this for a minute or so, my cock just beginning to feel the pangs of an orgasm approaching, then he stood up and looked at me.

“Turn around, and bend over. For looking at me you are going to have to pay.” He said as he forcefully turned me. Then he bent me over and crouched behind me, spreading my ass cheeks. His tongue attacked my hole, pushing it open, and retreating, forcing it open once more then retreating, an extension of his aggressive cock sucking technique, then I felt three of his fingers intrude in my ass. I squealed in pain and shock as he twisted them around, opening my hole massively, “This is nothing, just wait until you take all nine and a half inches,” he said as he forced a fourth finger into my ass, rotating until it was opened even further.

Then he stood and I braced myself knowing that soon I would feel his massive cock deep in my ass. He pulled my shirt and jacket up a little way, exposing some skin that he then grabbed with one hand, with the other he spread my ass as he guided his cock to the mouth of my hole then grabbed on to my other side with that hand.

I braced myself.

Then he thrust, hard and fast, driving his cock deep into my ass, until his balls slapped against my ass. Then he drew his cock almost the whole way out again before driving back in, just as hard and fast as before. The third time he pulled back but drove in much more slowly, his cock gliding over my prostate gland, sending waves of ecstasy through me. I groaned as he pulled back out in the same manner. The he began a rhythmic thrusting, his cock sliding back and forth over my gland again and again, this continued for another minute or so, my own cock calling for release which I could not give it as I needed both hands to brace myself with this massive monster pounding me.

He pulled out and turned me around. Then he picked me off the floor and turned me upside down and said, “Ok now you may cum, point downwards, at your face.” That was all he said, all he needed to, I grabbed my cock and gave it a quick few jacks and then my cum streamed out, six hard, orgasmic blasts that coated my forehead, eyes and nose in my own sticky juice.

Then he put me down and forced me to my knees, he grabbed his own cock and placed it at my lips, “Looks like you missed the lower half,” he said as he grabbed his cock and began to jerk it with one hand while he held my head still. Suddenly I felt his cock pulse and cum blasted onto my lips, across my chin, and up my nose. Another pulse did the same as he groaned, “Moan!” he shouted at me through breaths, and I was obliged to, he angled his cock to get my chin, and to fire into my mouth with the next two blasts, as I held it open to moan. The next few blasts finished coating my face in sticky man juice.

“We’ll have to do this again sometime,” he said, before he wiped his cock on my chin, put it back in his trousers, zipped them up and bent down and gave me a deep kiss, taking half of his own cum from my mouth. Then he walked out, a large bulge in his trousers as if nothing had happened.

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