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erotic stories

The Ice Cream Man!

By Wesley P. Benson

I lay there caught up in the soft warm glow that comes right after really good sex; happy in the fact that finally I found the man of my dreams. Yeah, yeah I know – you’ve all heard it before! Well this time it’s the truth. We lay there together, my head atop that tight fit masculine body; I could hear the beating of his heart as I admired him in who and what he was as well as his body – again -- a smile of total contentment on my face. With the flat of my palm resting in his pubic thatch, I was grinning at that funny tattoo of his as my thumb glided over the letters. His tanned skin all soft, warm and golden; I was feeding off the scent of his body as if it gave me life, getting more and more intoxicated by that fragrance you just crave. And no, I’m not talking about the Fendi for Men he wore; though I admit that choice of cologne was great on him. I brought my face down to his navel and planted a tender kiss there almost in veneration; unable to contain myself I flicked out my tongue licking at him there teasingly.

“Oh my god!” he snickered, “Again?” Laughing at his words I turned my head to look up at him.

“I can’t help it!” I beamed, “You’re so delicious!”

“You are a nymphomaniac!” he announced laughing down at me wide eyed. Beaming joyfully, I lay my head back down on his chest momentarily so that I could take one more longing glance at that beautiful cock and balls of his. Finally pulling myself away from the ‘sex’ of it all, I brought my gaze back to that funny tattoo just below his belly button. Knowing the how and why of that silly little tattoo and how it all played into the story of his life I kissed it softly, almost reverently.

“I almost feel jealous of Charlie.” I said with a smile.

“You know I’m always gonna love him.” he whispered softly, tightening his hug of me for a moment. “You know that.”

“I know; I know” I affirmed propping myself up on one elbow “In my own way I’ll always love him too.” I said as I ran my palm over his chest as if wanting to touch that glowing heart of his, and looking into his eyes announced “And I’m glad he’s a part of you.” Then pulling myself up I kissed him and than lay down, snuggling at his side.

“He taught me all I know.” He whispered through a smile.

“Are you ok now?” I asked lovingly, he just shook his head. After being silent for a while, the curiosity driving me nuts I had to ask him. “So are you gonna tell me what it was all about? What did that friend of his want? I mean it’s been a long time since Charlie passed on.” Before he spoke he turned his eyes and looking into me silently, touched my face with his finger tips just sort of searching me for a time; a moment later we kissed.

“Are you sure you love me?” he asked.

“Jared! After all this do you really have to ask?” I said with a smile; still, inside I got a twinge of nervousness, a different kind of feeling that I can’t really explain.

“I can’t help it.” he said half serious have in jest. “I just like to hear it.” He added with a chuckle “So you just get used to telling me.” Smiling I gave him a peck and began repeating “I love you” over and over and over again, and not in any kidding tone, each time I repeated it I said it with all the feeling my heart could give. Rolling on top of me he began kissing me, even then I went on repeating it to him and just then my mind went back to what seemed to be a ‘forever’ ago.

I had just broken up with a guy; one in a long list I had hoped was going to be “Mr. Right”. Feeling down over the break up I had gone out to a new bar on the other side of town. I had hoped of course that seeing new faces and hearing hot music would stir up my mood; you know, the way broken hearts sometimes do. But the music only made me remember things about Serge -- my X – and everyone there was not only a stranger but seemed to be with someone else; so left dejected. I tried to get a cab but there didn’t seem to be any, so I was walking, or stumbling towards the subway trying to make my way home. I had definitely had way too much to drink, and with this being a strange part of town I guess I just let my guard down. I didn’t hear the footsteps walking behind me until I was a few blocks away from the bar. When I finally did think I heard someone I turned around to look but there was no one there. I started walking again and stopped to light a cigarette, when some thing from behind gave me an unexpected shove almost knocking me down.

“What a matter FAGGOT?” I heard this voice ask. I was so drunk when I turned around to see who it was that I couldn’t make out if it was three guys or six. I tried hard to focus but couldn’t. That’s when the first real punch came. It was a hard blow to my left eye.

“I think the little fairy had too much to drink!” another voice chimed in. I was still whirling from the first giant pain in my eye when it started; punch after punch attacking my face. Boom went my lip; and then bang to my eye, the same eye that had taken the first blow. Not only did that one really hurt, as the fist made contact with my eye I heard this cracking noise inside my head and felt what I knew had to be blood splatter. Now I was frantic! I tried to throw a punch I really did, but I never was much for contact sports; and don’t forget the only real muscle I had wasn’t one you could fight with. Bam! I couldn’t tell if it was a kick or a punch or what all else buy some body hit me in the nuts! Then came a fist to my chest that made me feel like I was gonna pass out. I can’t really tell you for sure what went on after that. I know I was screaming and I remember telling myself not to let them make me fall to the ground. I saw a guy get kicked and stomped really bad once when he let himself fall. Long story made short, I was attacked by three bastards who had followed me from the bar; homophobes looking to kick some Gay ass. So here I am this skinny twenty four year old blond sissy boy who never had a fight in his life, facing three hard ass dudes looking for their kind of a good time. They began pummeling my face and body with heavy fists; each taking a turn.

The next thing I remember was looking into the bloodied face of this masculine, extremely well build Adonis of a guy. Dark curly hair, striking blue eyes, and wow what a physic! A walking six pack attached to arms that were pure muscle from shoulder to finger tip! I was lying on his couch and he was dabbing my face with a wet cloth. At first sight of him I jumped, screaming and trying to hit back thinking he was one of them, but he calmed me down and helped me to realize it was all over and that I was safe now. Eventually he explained how he had come to my rescue. This guy had heard my shouts from his apartment and came down to single handedly kicked ass for me. Then he picked up my limp beaten body and carried me up to his second floor apartment. A real honest to God knight in shinning armor! I thought by his look and mannerisms that he was straight at first but as we talked he explained he was Gay; like me! Only better.

“Ya think you’re gonna be ok?” he asked.

“Yeah.” I said feeling sore all over “I just need some time.”

“You’re not gonna demand to go home are you?” He said looking down at me as I lay there on his couch holding myself. “I mean it’s late and it’s dark and it’s dangerous! I’m fine with you sleeping here until tomorrow.” I tried to say I wanted to go home to my own place but he wasn’t having any of it. “Look, I’ll make up a bed right here on the couch for you in no time.” He told me and without waiting for me to answer he got up and started going for the bedding.

“Where will you sleep?” I asked through fat lips that were still inflating as I started to take a chance.

“I have a bed.” He laughed, still not catching on.

“Is it a big bed?” I smiled. My question stopped him in his tracks, so he turned and looked at me from the closet where he had just grabbed a pillow with this gorgeous big smile.

“Yeah,” he retorted cocking his head to one side. “It’s a big bed.” Instead of saying anything else I just sort of looked up at him from there on the couch. A moment later he came back over to me there on the couch and silently sat back down smiling. When he didn’t speak I couldn’t tell if he was interested in me or not! Thinking I had to do something, I blurted out the first thing that came to my mind.

“What if I have bad dreams?” I felt totally stupid after I said it but I figured I might as well play the role, then I sank down and tired to look really timid. Still saying nothing he just grinned down at me for a moment and sort of eyed me all up. Finally, brushing my hair with his hand he slowly bent over and we kissed. The kiss was out of this world!

“What makes you think you’ll feel “safer” in my bed?” he asked after we kissed.

“Can I shower first?” I asked in a little boy voice.

“It might not be safe for me to let you alone in the shower.” He hushed as we kissed again. “Besides, I should probably take a shower with you.” Finally feeling my advances were wanted and accepted, I sat up and we had a really hot, long kiss. He was so great and so gentle with me and my fat lip and busted up face!

Once in the shower if I hadn’t already been in love with his body I certainly was then. Standing next to him for the first time I was able to see that he was taller then I by at least a few inches, and everything about him was strong and virile; yet he had such a tender, delicate touch. At first I lathered him up adoring his body through the lather, as we kissed. Then it was his turn to glide his hands over my body, lathering and probing my every curve and dimple. I had been hard from the time we got in the shower but when he got hard it was like a dream come true. Mind you now his tool behaved right up until he reached behind me and had grabbed both my ass cheeks, his fingers running up and down my crack, finally probing deep up and into me as we kissed. I got so excited I fell back onto the shower wall and raising my right leg wrapped it around him as I tried clinging to his body almost mounting him. Well I certainly knew where we stood then! Moments later we were in his bed making out, kissing and petting and just exploring. By the way he kept playing with my back side and fingering me I knew what he wanted and I had no problem surrendering it to him; my hero!

“Do you have…?” I asked not completing my question, knowing he had to be thinking the same thing.

“Yeah.” He came back as he sort of rolled over me and pulled open the drawer to his night table taking out that little cellophane package. He went to tear it open with his teeth but I took it from him opening it myself as he looked on smiling. Touching his chest with my palm letting him know I wanted him to lie back down on the bed he got comfortable. I stroked his hot eight inch cock a few times getting him good and hard, then I rolled the condom onto the pulsing head of his cock. With a smile I looked down at him for a second and then parting my lips I closed my eyes and let my mouth and tongue roll the condom onto him nice and slow. I remember hearing him sigh and then felt this massive hand grasp the back of my head. Marveled at their size I teased his great big balls with my hand as I began slowly bobbing my head up and down over the length of him a few times. I would have loved to do more, but my lips were so fucking sore, plus I had a tooth in there that was loose; and I also knew there were better things in store. So I smiled at him still stroking his cock with my hand as I brought my face down to kiss him one more time. Taking charge now he sat up and I rolled over on my left side, pulling my right leg up a bit, getting ready for him. I felt him reaching back into the nightstand as he strode on top of me; I couldn’t help but smile a bit as I felt him apply that cold slick gel. I bit my lip then and closed my eyes only to feel that bulbous head of his slip slowly into my hole and begin its steady glide into me. I felt his strong muscular body on top of me then with what already felt like a lot more man-flesh inside me than my hole was used to.

“I’ll go real slow.” He assured me softly. “Is this ok?” I nodded, wanting to bite my lip but unable to. Then I felt him slide foreword a little more and right then I knew his cock was thicker and longer than my eyes had told me. Too many times we measure these things with our imagination and not our abilities; if you catch my drift. Then he began to pump, slow at first then picking up his pace just slightly. As he fucked me he never stopped kissing my face and neck from behind; I really liked that.

“Is it ok?” he whispered, as if he couldn’t tell by me cooing and moaning. I didn’t answer, I couldn’t I was too much in heaven, so instead I just smiled and sort of whimpered. He raised his body and quickened his pace a bit holding himself up off the bed with those strong arms; I remember looking at the many muscles in his forearm, my eyes following up to his biceps and just watching all those muscles stretch move. Just as I had lost myself in thoughts about those muscles my eyes popped as he suddenly gave me all he had. I felt him follow it up with this licking and lapping at the back and sides of my neck.

“You’re really tight.” He grunted. I felt like saying ‘No…you’re fucking huge!’ but was unable to speak just then. I hadn’t been told I was tight in years. “Are you ok?” he whispered to me. “Am I hurting you?” ‘Oh my God,’ I thought to myself, ‘a guy who thinks about you while he fucking your brains out!’ From that point on he could do no wrong.

“Good…” I panted, “I’m good!” I could hear him start to pant as he enjoyed himself back there. Again he bent his head to whisper in my ear.

“I’m glad you stayed!” he said kissing at me. I just melted then like butter in the microwave. I wasn’t used to guys being like this; but see that was my problem, I should have demanded to be treated like this all my life but instead I let myself become a doormat for guys. I thought that’s what love was. Allowing yourself to be used as if that would make the guy love you; only in the end – and sadly there were a lot of ends – they never did.

“Hard!” I said feeling my own cock pulse and throb. “Fuck me hard!” I couldn’t see it but I knew he smiled at my request, because I could feel him respond immediately. His next thrust was hard and deep and made a real impression on me. Ramming himself into me he was really getting into it now, and the more he fucked me the more he made me love him. I looked over and saw his arm again supporting his body as he fucked me, the fingers of his strong hand digging into the clean white sheets; reaching out I grasped his wrist, brought my face over and kissed it. That display of affection seemed to spur him on now and he really banged into me. I could hear his pelvis slapping loudly onto the firm round mounds of my ass. Gritting my teeth and moaning with pleasure only to have him flood my neck and face again in a flutter of hot manly kisses and love bites. Suddenly he bit down ever so lightly on my ear, attaching his mouth to it then lapping at it with his tongue. Funny, but I remembered how my dad used to do that to me when I was a little boy; the memory of it made me smile, loving him all the more. Now I could hear him really pant, making these sounds that seemed to come from deep in his throat; like some wild beast.

“YES!” I growled back “Like…that!”

He was above me now and something seemed to have taken control of him; the bed itself was in motion as he fucked my ass hard and fast. By the way his cock began to pulse inside me, the head throbbing bigger and fatter, his whole tool getting so hot and hard and full I knew he was going to cum soon; and so was I! Suddenly he was pounding my ass and grunting again and again and I knew his load had to be right there ready to explode deep inside me. Just then I heard him call out a name, but it wasn’t mine.

“CHARliE!!” he yelled out and then just grunted as his load gushed out from deep inside his very being. I could tell it was good for him by how many times he grunted and gasped before he fell on top of me spent and exhausted. There was a dizzy sizzling time where he and I lay there breathless before he spoke up.

“I’m sorry.” He smiled “I really lost myself. Did you cum?” Embarrassed because it was his bed and his sheets, I rolled around to face him.

“Yeah!” I said dry throated. “Yeah I’m afraid I really did!” Then for a long time we just made out, kissing and fondling and basking in the after glow. We stayed like that for a long time until finally my curiosity nagging at me I just had to ask him. “Who’s Charlie?” I said looking into his eyes. Silent for a moment he kissed me again and was really, really quiet. Then he sat up and was sort of bent his head. I didn’t know what to do; my insides felt as if somehow I had hurt him. I sat up next to him just as quiet, my head on his shoulder and my arm around his waist.

“I called his name didn’t I” he said shyly looking into my eyes.

“Yeah.” I replied not sure now if I should have mentioned it by the look that came over him. “I mean it’s ok. I don’t have to know.”

“It’s ok,” He said as he kissed me again.

“No, Jared honey, it’s ok” I stammered unsure of the moment. After all that had just gone on between us, I would have died if I thought I had gone and spoiled it all by saying something stupid!

“It’s ok.” He said finally smiling. Then he kissed me softly and I knew everything was going to be all right. “I want you to know.” He was quiet then and looked away as he began his explanation. “Charlie and I were lovers for the past four years. He was a great guy but he was older; in his fifties.” There was a heavy sigh and a long pause then before he continued. “Last February Charlie past away. You’re the first person I’ve been with since…” he didn’t need to finish, I understood. And there was nothing I could say to him just then, so instead I just hugged him, loving him all the more; a few moments later we kissed.

I’ve been with Jared now ever since, and life has been fantastic. So has love and sex. I know now it’s not “Mr. Right” you need to look for, it’s the right guy. Jared’s lover Charlie apparently had saved up his money for years until he was able to go into his own business. He always wanted to be his own boss and to make his living doing something he liked instead of punching a time clock. So when he was able to he went out and bought this ice cream truck and made his living selling ice cream. Well Jared had been mistreated by a step parent and was a run away who was living just barley on the streets when Charlie came into the picture. Of course by the time they found each other Jared was already eighteen and starting to go the wrong way in life. Charlie was the heart that gave Jared a little love and kindness when he needed it the most. One thing led to another and they became lovers. See that’s where that funny little tattoo comes in; remember I started telling you about in the beginning of my story. Right above Jared’s thatch was a colorful tattoo of this cartoon ice cream cone man dancing beneath the words “Mr. Softy”. It actually had more to do with Charlie himself than his ice cream business; and in a very loving kind of way, too. See Charlie had a big heart but wasn’t real big anymore in the hard-on department. Jokingly Jared always called him “Mr. Softy” and came home with the tattoo one night to surprise him on their one year anniversary.
“So, you want me to tell you what Charlie’s friend wanted.” Jared chuckled.

“Yeah.” I replied. “And how come you had to go all the way across town to talk to him?”

“Well,” he began “he wasn’t really so much a friend as he was a business associate. See he was Charlie’s lawyer. And now that it’s been a year since the ice cream business closed and all, he came to tell me that Charlie had kept something from me.”

“What do you mean?” I asked a bit puzzled.

“Well, all this time I had thought Charlie went into business after having saved up for years.” He said smiling. “The fact is, Charlie went into the ice cream business after he won the state lottery!”

“Are you for real?” I announced staring at him as he sat there beaming.

“Yep Er!!” he laughed. “We are going to Disneyland!!” and as I started to laugh he finished by saying “And by the looks of it, we’re gonna be there for the rest of our lives!” The last thing they did before leaving for Florida was to drop Wesley P. Benson a line at to let him know what they thought of his story. You ought to do that too. I know Wes would love to hear from you!!

The End

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