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Parker’s First Interview 

Pseudonym:  Jake Parks

Parker’s First Interview

Copyright © 2009 by Douglas Vance Karup, aka Jake Parks

Parker’s First Interview

Jake Parks

Sucking cock was a skill, and an art, that Parker Slater learned in college. A skill for life. He might as well have gotten a degree in it. As a freshman, he was intent on joining Sigma Phi Beta and quickly became adept at the initiation proceedings - he had no problem being excepted into the fraternal order. Now Parker was at his first professional job interview, looking sharp and snug in his dark blue Brooks Brother’s suit, resume’ in hand and college behind him: a new pledge in the real world now, willing to do whatever it takes to get ahead and pursue his dream of becoming an advertising executive. 

   Parker’s smile got him the job the instant he walked in the door, a big, sexy grin exposing pearly whites that shined like the ivories on a brand new Steinway. But his potential boss, Steve Jensen, wasn’t going to let Parker know that. He was going to test his interview skills, see how well he could promote himself, how much he was willing to kiss ass. Being an ad exec was all about promoting and ass kissing; to hell with a college degree.

   “So, Parker, your resume’ looks quite impressive. Graduated at the top of your class, interned with one of our minor competitors, Wagner and Franks, involved in a lot of school activities. What makes you want to work with us, Baldwin and Fields? Why not proceed at Wagner and Franks?” Parker idolized Steve Jensen, already a partner at one of the most prestigious ad agencies in New York city. He looked so handsome sitting behind his desk in his 32nd floor office, with a spectacular view of Manhattan. He only looked about 34, and from what he could tell it looked like he had an amazing body beneath his espresso Armani suit.

   “I want to start with the best, Mr. Jensen. Your agency is one of the most successful and distinguished agencies in Manhattan. I will commit myself ardently to uphold the reputation that your clients expect. I’ll work diligently to solicit new clients for your company and maintain superior relations with your existing clients. I’m also a creative thinker and developed ad campaigns for Wagner and Franks that their clients were impressed with.”

   “I like your enthusiasm and drive Parker. You’ve gained some experience and proven your abilities. And so far you’ve made a good impression.  I see here you were also a member of Sigma Phi Beta. That’s another plus in my book. I was a member of that frat myself. I have great memories of my frat days in college.”

   “Yes, we had a lot of fun in our frat.” Parker’s smile taunted.

   Steve’s dick twitched. “I bet you did. God I remember when I was a freshman, the things the  frats made us do to for initiation. But when I was a decreed frat member myself it was my turn to initiate the pledges, so it was well worth it.”

   “Yeah, it’s worth it to do things to get what you really want in life.” Parker’s grin widened.     Steve was intrigued, his boner building under his Ralph Lauren briefs. “You’re exactly right. I’m impressed. I can tell you’re the kind of guy that might fit in very well with us Parker. Say, what do you think of this amazing view?”

    “It’s fantastic.”

    “Isn’t it? If you work hard, you can get a view just like this one day.” 

   “That would be awesome.”

   “Want to check it out? If you come around here and look down you can see part of Central Park and the Plaza Hotel.”

  “Really? Sure, I’d love to check out the view.” Parker went to the window and Steve swiveled around in his chair, his dick erect in his pants.

   “Right down there, isn’t that pretty?”, pointed Steve.


  “Right down there. You have to bend over a little to see it.” Parker bent down, his firm butt inches from Steve’s face. Steve placed his hand lightly on it to lend support. Parker’s dick gave a twitch. “See it now?”

   “Oh, yeah. Great view. You can even see the Clydesdale horses.” Parker smiled and turned to Steve, who caught his gaze with a bigger smile. Their eyes locked in excitement. Parker’s eyes roamed down Steve’s manly body and stopped at his crotch, feasting on the huge boner outlined in his Armani slacks. “It’s a beautiful view.”

   “Yeah, you like it?”

   “Yes, a lot. I love great views. I wish I could get an even better look..”

   “I think I can arrange that.”

   “You can?”

   “You bet.”


   Steve reached down and unzipped his pants. His hand fiddled inside and emancipated an eight inch cock, cut with a beautiful head. His balls plumped out as well, globose and firm. Parker’s smile sparkled again. “Very nice.”

  “Glad you like it. I think we should commemorate our frat days, indoctrinate you into the real world, Mr. Slater”

   “Yes, I think that would be a necessity Mr. Jensen.” 

   “I quite agree.”

   Parker squat down on his haunches, grasping Steve’s knees for support. Steve’s hard dick was right in his face, dancing back and forth. Parker’s mouth watered: his taste buds savored Steve’s flavor before his dick even entered his mouth. He wasn’t disenchanted. Engulfing Steve’s warm member, his flavor exceeded his taste buds’ expectations. His dick was ambrosial, manly and sweet. He bobbed his head up and down, sucking hard. If this was climbing the latter to success, he would climb to the top of the Empire State building. He sucked Steve’s dick harder and deeper. He grabbed his nuts and fondled them. He wanted to be just like Steve, a successful ad exec. He would brown nose if he had too, lick Steve’s hot ass. He kissed his nuts, lapped at them, knowing they were full of sweet man juice. He knew his executive sperm would taste delicious. He swirled his tongue around and around Steve’s big head, kissing his pee hole, stuck his tongue in his slit, sucked more and more, tugging at Steve’s nuts. Steve groaned in ecstasy, close to flooding Parker’s face.

   The intercom buzzed on Steve’s desk.

   “Your two o’clock is here Mr. Jensen,”, his assistant announced. 

   Steve’s eyes shot out of his sockets. “No! Don’t let them in yet!” 

   She already hung up. Steve lunged off his chair and his dick plopped out of Parker’s mouth.           Parker fell to the floor. “What’s wrong?”

   “My two o’clock. I forgot all about it!” Steve was standing with his dick half erect. A hasty rap tapped the door and it flung open. 

   “Hey Steve, sorry to barge in, I wanted you to meet............What the hell?!”

   Steve tried hurriedly to pull up his pants. “Mr. Leonard! Sorry, I was......we were........oh shit......I can explain........we were just............”

   Mr. Leonard turned his head in disbelief. “You don’t need to explain anything. It’s quite obvious what you were doing. Whoa! I can’t believe this! Let’s go Shay. Mr. Jensen you can kiss the account good bye!” Mr. Leonard grabbed Shay by the arm and squired him out. Shay was wide-eyed and perplexed. They fled the room, flinging the door shut behind them. 

   Steve and Parker were dumbfounded. Steve shoved his dick back in his underwear and pulled up his pants. Parker smirked, finding amusement, but suddenly realized the severity of the situation.

  “Great. Just great, damn it!”, barked Steve.

  “Oh, my God. I’m so sorry Mr. Jensen.”

  “Shit. It’s not your fault. It’s my fault. I totally forgot about my appointment. Damn it. I’ve lost the fucking account now, and probably my job too. Looks like we’ll both be job hunting now.”

   “Who was that anyway?”

    “That was Shay Brady, quarterback for the New York Giants, and Charles Leonard, an exec with Xtreme power drink. I was working on an ad campaign for them.”

  “Oh, no. I’m really sorry Mr. Jensen. I feel bad.”

   “It’s okay. But I think you ought to leave now. I don’t want you to get caught up in this. I have to figure what I’m going to do.”

   “Okay. I guess I should.” Parker put on his jacket and straightened his tie. He opened the door to leave. “Good bye, Mr. Jensen.”

   “Good bye.”

   Parker scurried past the assistant’s desk without making eye contact and out the main door. 

He felt awful. He blew his chance of getting a position at Baldwin and Fields in more ways than one. And now Mr. Jensen might get fired. He wanted to puke. He composed himself, slicked his blonde hair back, and headed for the elevators. When he appeared at the landing he wished he was the invisible man. Shay Brady and Mr. Leonard were waiting for the elevator, deep in dialogue. He hid behind the small crowd waiting for their lift down. Suddenly a lightbulb sparked above his head. He had to act fast; try to save Mr. Jensen from losing his job. A ding chimed in the landing and the elevator door slid open, a few people came out and the crowd on the landing rushed in.  Parker grabbed the elevator door before it closed; and held it open.

   “Mr. Brady, we’re you ever in a fraternity in college?”

   Shay Brady looked at the kid, recognized him from the office. “Yes, of course I was.”

   “You can understand then how those rituals go, can’t you?  You just happened to catch Mr. Jensen and me at the wrong time, in a very furtive rite. I was in an interview with Mr. Jensen when you walked in. We happened to be in the same fraternity in college. Please don’t hold it against him.”

    “Some rite. No thanks kid. I want no part of that. Now let go of the door.” 

    “Yeah, we’re in a hurry.”, someone else barked. Parker frowned and let go of the door. It shut hard in his face.

   “The nerve of that guy. Chasing us down like that.”, grumped Mr. Leonard. When the elevator set them free on the lobby level they continued their conversation.

   “Yeah, that kid has a lot of guts.”, remarked Shay, eyeing a pretty blonde walking by in a tight dress. She smiled and glanced down. “Were you ever in a frat Mr. Leonard? In college?”

   “No, not me. I was independent. Shay, don’t let this upset you. I know another perfectly good ad agency we can use..”

   “I’m not upset.”  Shay Brady was in a frat, and he remembered one of his initiation practices. He was blindfolded and the guys stuck a banana in his mouth. Then a couple of guys stuck their dicks in his mouth. They were drunk as fuck. It wasn’t that bad really. He fucked around with his frat buds once or twice, when they were way horned up and couldn’t get any pussy. Hey, a mouth is a mouth, and a hand is a hand when you’re horny as fuck. It didn’t really matter if it was a guy or a chick, as long as you got to bust your nut. He pictured the situation in his mind. The kid was on his interview, finding out they were in the same frat. They probably bonded like college guys do. Steve Jensen was probably just horned up, and used the kid to give him some quick head. It could happen to anybody. Even ex-President Bill Clinton used that bitch to give him head in the White House. No big deal, really. He and Mr. Leonard just walked in at the wrong time. They should have waited for Steve Jensen to open the door, rather than just barge right in. How disrespectful.

   Mr. Leonard looked at his watch. “Well, Shay, I’ve got to make some phone calls. I’ve got to get going. You’re still our man for Xtreme. I’ll give you a call tomorrow and let you know what agency we’ll use.”

   “Okay, Mr Leonard, you bet.” They shook hands and Mr. Leonard disappeared out the door onto 7th avenue. Shay checked his cell phone for messages. A brunette walked by and gave him a huge smile. He acknowledged it with a grin. The elevators dinged and passengers gushed out. Shay noticed the blonde kid come out and walked up to him.

   “Hey. I’m Shay Brady.”

   Parker didn’t know wether to run or stay and be insulted. He stayed, what the fuck. He grinned. “Hi. Parker Slater. I’m sorry for what happened back up there.”

   “No sweat. I thought about it. I feel bad for barging in like that. I was in a frat too, you know. Could happen to anybody, I guess.” Shay was 6 foot 2 and a football Adonis. Parker’s knees got weak.

   “Well, I’m glad you understand.” Parker had a way about him. A magnetism. He was not queenie and radiated an inimitable sex appeal. And his smile. He’s someone a straight guy could experiment with sexually and not feel guilty or feel like they were going against their masculinity. Shay was intrigued. 

   “Say, you know what? Maybe we can amend things with Mr. Jensen. I do respect guys who were in fraternities. You know, Mr. Leonard wasn’t in one in college. He doesn’t understand these things; rites and rituals, what it takes to be accepted into an organization. Maybe we’re better off without him. I turned down an offer with PowerBull, because I made a commitment to Xtreme first. But now that’s it’s in chaos, I could represent PowerBull, and recommend Mr. Jensen and his company to head the advertising. Everybody wants me to represent their sports and health products, so I have no problem using my clout.”

   “That would be awesome. We could save Mr. Jensen his job, and get my foot back in the door to be hired. Oh, Mr. Brady, I’d give anything to make that happen.”

    “Anything? You must want to work here bad.”

    “Anything. Working for Baldwin and Fields is my dream, Mr. Brady.”

   “Well, kid, why don’t we go back up and talk to Mr. Jensen. You can prove to us how much you want to work there, and how much you want my account. If you work it right, they’ll hire you if you come on board with my account in your hands.”

   “Oh, I will work it right and prove my skills Mr. Brady. Thank you so much.” 

   Shay was blinded by Parker’s smile and a rush of blood percolated up in his dick. The elevator dinged and welcomed them back in.

   “Mr. Jensen, Shay Brady is back to see you.”, the intercom announced.

   “What? Well, send him in.” Why the hell is he back? Steve wondered. He’s probably going to kick my ass. His Adam’s apple convulsed as he opened the door. A perplexed look graced his face when he saw Shay approaching followed by Parker. “Mr. Brady, Parker, come in........what’s going on?...........look, Mr. Brady, I’m so sorry about what you.........”

   “No need to explain, Mr. Jensen. Your boy Parker here explained everything. I thought about it and it’s a simple fumble that could happen to anybody. We shouldn’t have barged in like that.”

   “Well, I’m so embarrassed. We were just..........”

   “Don’t worry about it Mr. Jensen. Please call me Shay. You know, I was in a frat in college myself. These things happen. Shit happens, you know?”

   “Yes, that’s true. Thanks for understanding. So, where’s Mr. Leonard?”

   “To hell with Mr. Leonard. You know I never really liked him in the first place. No since of unity or comradeship. It’s all strictly business with him. He was never in a frat in college, you know? He doesn’t understand these things.”

   “But the account, your endorsement of Xtreme?”

   “I never signed the dotted line with Xtreme. Nothing was finalized until we signed up with an ad agency. I tried to be loyal because Xtreme approached me first. But, you know, PowerBull made an offer to sponsor their drink also. The exec there was even in the same frat I was in in college. I think I’d rather be loyal to guys with a sense of brotherhood. I can use my clout and convince PowerBull to use your company for the ad campaign. You know, it was Parker’s idea, he’s a sharp kid, he suggested the whole idea.” Shay winked at Parker.

   “He did?”

   Parker played along. “Well, I just tried to straighten things out a little.”

   “Yeah, he’s a good kid Steve. I think if we give him a chance to prove his skills, he might turn out to be an excellent ball player for your agency. What do you think?”

Steve caught on quick. “Yeah. I think your right. I should give him a second chance and test his ball playing skills.” A sexual delirium impregnated the room. 

   “I’ll teach you how to really play ball, guys.” Parker’s grin woke up two baseball bats hidden in the men’s fraternizing trousers.

   “I’m sure you will. And no interruptions this time.” Steve locked the door to his office, and barked into the intercom, “Ms. Beale, we’re in an important meeting, no calls, and no interruptions!”

   “Yes, sir.”

   “So, gentlemen, what was I intruding on before?” Shay grinned and was laid-back on the sofa, rubbing his crotch, a big football stud with brown hair and eyes and model good looks that made straight men take a double-take. Right there in Steve’s office, wanting to swim in gay waters. Steve and Parker hungered for mouth to mouth with this lifeguard; mouth to mouth, mouth to dick, and dick to ass!

   Parker’s undies were wet with pre-cum. “I’ll show you where we left off. Mr. Jensen was interviewing me, testing my oral skills.”  

   Steve hunkered down right next to Shay. A football god and the office stud, side by side. Parker got on his knees and stripped Steve of his shoes and pants. Steve’s big dick was hard as a rock. Shay watched as Parker grabbed it and started sucking, swirling his tongue around the head and bobbing up and down, holding onto Steve’s nuts.

   Steve humped his dick deep into Parker’s mouth. “He’s one hell of a cocksucker. Keeps his teeth clear out of the way.”

   “Oh, yeah? I need to find out.” Shay grabbed Parker’s hair and shoved his face in his crotch. His pants and shoes came off in an instant. A big thump was heard against Shay’s abs. It was the most beautiful dick Parker had ever seen. It was nine inches, enormously thick, and had a huge mushroom head. Shay’s nuts were the size of oranges. Parker was determined to get their nectar. He grabbed Shay’s dick with his hand and opened his mouth wide. It barely fit into his mouth, but he thought he would bust his nut right then and there when the big soft head entered his orifice. The taste was succulent. He sucked like a baby and swirled his tongue around and around. He was in heaven. He felt some pre-nectar hit the back of his throat; it tasted like honey as he swallowed it down. He could live on Shay’s sperm alone. He sucked and bobbed and choked. He couldn’t believe he was sucking the dick of the hottest football stud in New York city, but there it was, swelling in his mouth. Shay grabbed his head and forced it lower on his dick. He humped and bucked it deeper into Parker’s mouth and into his throat. Parker gagged and chocked and loved every second. He came up for air and kissed Shay’s monster nuts. He licked all around his firm sacks full of seed. He felt a hand grab his hair and he was back on Steve’s dick, sucking and slurping, swallowing pre-nut. He was so fucking horny he would take both their loads, squirting each end at the same time, way up his ass and deep down his throat They all three had clean bills of health, they discovered, when the topic came up.

   “Yeah, you like that you little cocksucker?”

   “Yes, Sir.”

   Both men’s shirts were off now; two muscle studs completely naked with dicks hard as granite. 

   “Good, you’ll like this too.” They made Parker sniff and lick their pits and tongue their nipples. Parker was exiled to euphoria by the scent infusing his nostrils: he prayed it would linger there forever. He trailed his tongue down over the hard bumps of Shay’s abs. until Shay’s hard dick met his nose. Shay grabbed his dick and slapped it all over Parker’s face. Parker grabbed it and nursed his monster meat.

   “I think he ought to do some brown-nosing.”, demanded Steve.

   “I agree.” Shay’s dick plopped out of Parker’s mouth when they both got on their knees on the seat of the sofa, their smooth, brawny butts poked out for Parker to feast on; their enormous gonads hanging heavy between their hairless hamstrings. Parker salivated like a dog in Summer. He delved right in their melons of delight. He tongue-lashed Shay’s hole first. It tasted like heaven.

    “Yeah, eat that jock ass, boy.”, Shay moaned.

  “Mmmm........hummm”, Parker was too busy tonguing to talk. He ate Shay’s ass for a good ten minutes, tasting his musky man essence. Shay then  turned around and shoved Parker’s head right into Steve’s butt and held it tight. He watched up close.

   “Yeah, kiss your new boss’s ass. Show him how much you want the job. Brown-nose his hole faggot.”

   “Mmff...yes....uummff....sir...ummmfff.....” Parker slobbered all over Steve’s hole, another sweet delicacy. Parker wasn’t sure who’s butt tasted better, but he sure liked the ass eating contest. Shay slid his big hand under Parker’s pants and undies. He squeezed his tight ass then massaged his G-spot. Parker moaned between Steve’s ass cheeks. Steve moaned too, feeling the wet boy tongue Rolf on his hole.

    “This boy’s still got his pants on Steve.”

    “Yeah, we gotta take care of that right now”

    Parker’s clothes were ripped off in a flash by the two naked muscle studs. His cute dick flopped out and his even cuter white ass was now on display and ripe for the taking. Steve got his hands on it first. He bent Parker over and spread his smooth cheeks apart, exposing his pretty pink gem. 

  “How’d you like to sink it into that, Shay?”

   “Fuck yeah I would.” 

   “I’ll get it wet for you.”  Steve spit on his hole more than once and shoved the saliva in with his finger.  “It’s all yours.” He forced Parker’s head on his dick.

   Shay got behind Parker’s bent over butt and aimed his massive meat right at his hole; pre-cum leaked from his head. He was about to mount his first asshole ever. The hole looked so tiny; he wondered if his dick would even fit. If it did it would be tighter tan any pussy he ever had..  Parker’s mouth moaned around Steve’s dick when he felt Shay’s huge, warm meat open up his ass. Shay was in ecstacy. The kid’s ass was so tight and warm. What have I been missing? he wondered. This was better than pussy. His dick pulsed and swelled up hard in Parker’s tight hole as he shoved it in deeper. 

   “Oh, my god!”,  Parker yelped. “Deeper!” Shay pulled out and thrust it right back in. Parker shuttered. “Oh, yes.” He deep throated Steve’s dick while Shay pounded deep in his hole. Parker reached back and fondled his cow nuts, warm in his hand full of seed. Shay drilled in and out hard, his nuts bouncing against Parker’s nuts. He owned Parker’s ass now. He’ll impregnate it like a girl’s cunt.

   “That’s it Shay, pound it hard. Use his ass good.”, encouraged Steve, fucking Parker’s mouth.  “Initiate his ass.”

   “Fuck, yes.” Shay pounded harder and deeper into Parker’s cunt. Sweat glistened on his golden body and dripped onto Parker’s back, his dick near explosion in the form-fitting, cozy, leak-proof hole.

   “Do it stud. Pound his ass deep. Knock up his boy hole. Breed his ass!”, cheered Steve. “That what you want boy? You want our sperm?”

   Parker came up for air from Steve’s dick,. “Yes! Yes, seed me good!”

   Steve pushed his mouth back onto his dick and fucked it in deep. His balls slapped and bounced off Parker’s chin. Parker sucked hard and gagged. Shay drilled so hard and deep he could feel his mushroom head hit against Parker’s guts. He jammed it in more. He pulverized Parker’s hole. Close to the brink; his humongous nuts were so tight and full. He pounded harder than any bitch he ever nailed. Steve’s nuts were tight too, firm against Parker’s chin.

  “Fuck, man, I’m close!”

   “Me too!”

   Parker was delirious, two monster hoses probing deep in his physique, ravaging his caverns.   

    “Oh, God!” 

   The flood gates opened.

  A flash-flood infiltrated Parker’s mouth as he gulped down sperm while mega-jets of cream filled up his ass, all warm and gooey: two throbbing dicks compressed in their caverns delivering semen from four tight bull nuts, constricted against their chasms. Parker was euphoric. He instantly shot his own juice and flooded the carpet. 

   All three guys collapsed on the sofa in one sweaty heap. The fragrance of man sex scented the office. After a break,  testosterone took over again. They switched holes on Parker and flooded him again, creaming him with the best nut he ever had.

  Within two weeks Parker was hired by Baldwin and Fields and became Steve’s right-hand man. The first account he signed up was the PowerBull account with the New York Giants’ star quarterback Shay Brady as it’s official spokesman. Sales shot up and money filled all their pockets. Steve and Shay praised Parker for his achievement the best way they new how. Parker loved every second of it, and also being excepted into the secret 3-way fellowship that now met once a week. All he needed now was his own corner office with a view.

 The End

Parker’s First Interview

Copyright © 2009 by Douglas Vance Karup aka Jake Parks

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