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erotic stories

My Buddy Tim

By August 2005

I have had great sex with many men over the years, But I think one of the best sexual encounters is having sex with a man who is straight and converting them to a sexual experience they have never known. I think of my buddy tim when I talk about that special experience.

I was a teenager in high school in my sophmore year and so was tim. He was very knew he had been in school for half a year and he was already known has a lady's man. I have of some of his sexual rondevaues with some of girl's in school and some of them were pretty wild. Tim was an athelete. He played both football and baseball, although his body wasn't all muscle bound he sexual magnetism that made girl's salivate and me as well.

He was pretty friendly with me and we became good friends. we would hang out together at lunch we would walk home from school together because he lived around the corner from me. He was real easy to talk to and get along with and to me that was very refreshing because usually jocks are full of them selve's and not that open and honest with like he was.

I liked him very much and I wanted him but I don't think he would be interested.

One weekend my parents were going out of town and they left me alone by myself they trusted me to be alone. I took the opportunity in asking tim if he would like to come over that night and hang out with me, he ofcourse said he would.

when tim arrived that night he looked really hot. he was wearing a sleevles shirt revealing his firm silky arms and his tight jeans were so wonderfully hugging that nice bubble butt. I just wanted grab a hold of it and start munching on that juicy ass.

we were sitting down on the sofa watching some old porno's that my older cousin had left at my house awhile back. we were sitting there drinking some beer that was left in the refrigerator and both of us were really getting off on this porno. I noticed time rubbing his thick bulge between his leg and panting at the action that was on the screen. seeing this made me really hot so I decided this was my opportunity to take action and just go for it. I started to help him rub his cock. he grabbed a hold of my hand and said what are you doing. I said to him let's have some fun.

he had a confused look in his eyes at first and then he started to smile and looked deep into my eye's and said go for it.

I began to unzipp his pants and yank out that humongous cock that was still growing. I took my two forefingers and my thumb and started rub and gently massage his fat head of his cock. piching and squeezing it. I could tell he was liking he started breathing heave and moaning. I took my whole hand and stroked his cock up and down slowly. I wanted to get a good feel of his dick. I wanted to remember what it looked like and how it felt in my hand. I could see the veins bulging out of the side of his cock has I continue to massage it. My mouth was beginnig to salivate. I looked up at tim and I saw the lust in his eye's, the hunger the deep pleasure he was getting from me jacking him off. I decided to take a taste of his love tool. I began to lick the head of his rod with tip of my tongue swirling around it and then slurping between my front teeth and tongue. this was getting tim really hot he squirmed a little has I was exploring his cock. I then shoved his cock all the way in my hot moist mouth and began jerking in and out and slurping.suc, slurp,spat the sounds I was making has I was enjoying my feast. his cock was so hot and was getting bigger with each suck. I pull away from his cock and yank his pants and shoes off. he decides to take his shirt and I remove all of my clothes as well.there we are naked on my parents sofa in each others arm kissing and devouring each other.

we were no longer paying attention to video that was playing we were making our own action. tim was kissing me all over tasting every bit of me and I wanted taste every inch of him. I started going down on him from his mouth down his neck nibbling that small but cute adam's apple of his down to his chest bitting his nipples from left to right and slubbering all over his chest. tim lifted my head up and said I want to eat your ass inside and out. He flinged me over the sofa and pulled my ass checks apart and dived in to my hot ass. my ass was tingling inside has his tongue was prying into my pink hole of anus.He was lapping sucking on the sides of the cheeks of my ass. I could tell he was enjoying gorge fest on me. he then pulled away and I could feel him sliding finger up my ass, teasing my hole with twisting it around inside. I began to moan with delight with finger fucking.

He then pulled his finger out and told me he wanted fuck me in the ass real hard. I eagerly said yes. I could feel him slapping the cheeks of my ass with hard cock as to temp me further. I heard him say do you really want it I told him god dam it yes give it to me don't make me wait any longer.

as I made that reply he said your gonna get it now. He slowly slid in between my cheeks down my whole. it was so wonderful like welcoming a old friend home because his cock felt at home with my ass.

Tim began thrusting it up my ass in and out it went. we both began grunting and moaning. I knew this was tim first experience inside of guys hot ass. the fucking began to get faster I heard tim breathing even more heavy then before. My ass was tingling with delight and it also was in pain from tims rugged fucking, but I was enjoying it to much to care about any pain. I wanted tim,I wanted his cock and I was getting all of him. my cock was rock hard I could feel the blood rushing to the head of my cock. I began stroking ferociously jerking it real hard until it exploding and cum went up in the air and onto my parents sofa.

Tim's fucking became harder and faster I could tell he was going to cum soon. he slammed his torso up against my ass like a jackhammer breaking through concrete. he bucking back and forth with a rythym that was unstoppable. he then yanked his cock out of my burning ass and he starting jerking on his cock. I could tell he was about to cum. I heard the floor creak has he was jerking on his cock his body was shaking kind of a up and down motion and then I heard him oh my god. fuck man I am really going to cum bad. I turned around feel to my knee's tilt my head back and opened my I wanted to feel and taste it. I wanted it all over me. I saw shaking and jerking cock above me. He let out aloud oh shit buddy here it cums and with a loud grunt hot cum flew out and down my face, mouth and throat like I was underneath niagara falls. it was wet warm and very tasty. shot after shot came out it was like a dam had burst. I said shit this boy is full of cum. I took my fingers ran them over my face wiping the cum and shoving it down mouth and throat. It was very tasty. I love good cum.

after this experience my buddy tim and I became even more than just friends and we shared more hot times together.

we still do.


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