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erotic stories

Childhood Friends

Derek Peterson

December 2005

I can believe it my birthday today. 18 years old! Wow. I just hope that Ted can come party. I have seen him in a long time. The sure would be nice for him to come.

Just as Trevor was thinking about Ted the phone rings. “ Hello” says Trev.
“Hay, hay what’s up birthday boy. Finally 18 eh!” replies Ted.
“ Ted is that you bud? Oh my god it is you! Its been to long!” said Trev excitedly.
“ I know but I can miss your birthday now can I!” chuckles Ted.
“ Where are you now?” asked Trev.
“Look in your driveway!” laughs Ted.
Trev rushes to the window and sure enough there was Ted’s pickup in his driveway. Ted hangs up the phone and gets out of the car. “Hope you have a spear room ‘cause I’m staying fro a while!” exclaims Ted.

Wow Ted has really matured a lot since the last time I saw him. He is quite hansom. I wonder...

“ So got a girlfriend eh?” asked Ted.
“ not yet.” Replied Trev.
“ Oh come on a good looking guy like you. You should have a pack of girls after you.” Said Ted.
“What about you?” asked Trev.
“ Nothing yet, Hay maybe you’ll get lucky tonight.” Said Ted.
“ Are we going clubbing tonight?” asked Trev.
“ You’ll see.” Ted simply replied

What to wear? I hope Ted like what I’m putting on for tonight. I wonder if he’s interested in....

“Here we are. ‘The Spiders Web’ Hope you have fun tonight. Happy birthday!” said Ted.
The club was a hot spot for men and women alike. The place was dark and looking a lot like a Halloween party then anything else. But for Trev he was not interested in women because he was gay. There were a lot of cute guys here and he was wondering if Ted would sing that way. He as always found Ted attractive but he knows that he would never be interested in him.

Has they were enjoying themselves Ted noticed that Trev was looking at him as if he wanted to eat him up.

I wonder is Trev likes me? I know I like him. That little bubble butt is so cute.

Has the night faded the two friends left to go back to Trev’s house. They were both pretty drunk and were exhausted.
“ Man what a party! We got to do that again!” exclaimed Ted.
“ I know. That was awesome! Too bad I didn’t get laid tonight eh.” said Trev.
“ Too bad eh.”

You might just get lucky tonight Trev if I can help it.

“ I think I’ll go for a shower ok.” Said Ted.
“Whatever you want man.” Replied Trev.

As Ted heads of to the bathroom Trev things back to when they were kids. They were best friends for as long as he could remember. It was only when they hit grade 6 that Ted moved to Toronto. That was the worst day of his life. But now he is back and it would be like old times.

I wonder how big Ted is? I guess six or seven inches.

It was as if Ted could read his mind. He walks in to the living room in his full naked glory. “ Where’s the towels?” asked Ted.

I guessed right. At lease seven inches and cut to. Nice. Real nice!

“Trev, earth to Trev. You are wasted. DUDE!” said Ted.
“ Sorry what did you say?” said Trev.
“Where are the towels?” repeated Ted.
“ In the cubby hole next to the sink.” answered Trev.
“Thanks” and off he went.

I think I got him now. He was speechless.

Trev decides that he would listen to some music in his room. The bathroom is on the way to his room so naturally he would pass by it. What he saw next got him so hot he almost came right there. There was Ted playing with his balls like he was getting himself worked up for something. This little seen got Trev horny so he hurried off to his room to jack off. He pictured Ted looking at him with that hungry look in his eyes. Then they would start making out. Ted would slowly move from his mouth down to his chest, to his nipples, liking and nibbling on them. Then down the treasure trail to his cock. He would suck on it, swirling his tongue all around the head of his cock. At the same time fingering him, hitting all the right spots.

With the jerk fest going on Trev didn’t notice Ted watching him and jacking off himself. He matched him stroke for stroke, hump to hump. They finally came together.
Ted hurried off to the bathroom to clean himself off. Trev never noticed a thing.

The met back in the living room and switch on the TV.
“ I’ll go get us some drinks.” Said Trev.

While Trev is in the kitchen Ted is flicking the channels.
“Infomercial after infomercial. Dude you need satellite dish.” Stated Ted.
“Did you try channel 37.” Asked Trev.
“ Nope, I’ll try it.” Replied Trev.

Just as Trev comes back with two beers Ted puts it on 37. A gay porn was on, instead of switching the channel Ted stayed there for a while. There was a threesome going on. One guy getting rammed and sucking on the others cock at the same time.

“Dude do you like this?” asked Trev
“What if I do.” Ted simply said.
“Hay man if you swing that way its cool with me.” Said Trev.
“That’s good to know. So are you out yet?” asked Ted.
“ What? Me gay no.” stumbled Trev.
“Dude I left the door open for a reason.” Chuckled Ted.
“ So you know I saw you then” sighed Trev.
“ I know you got so hot that you jacked off so fast that I could barely keep up with you.” Replied Ted.
“ S-so you like me?” stumbled Trev.
“So your gay.” Asked Ted.
“Yeah.” Blushed Trev.

Oh my fucking god Ted is GAY. This is the best birthday yet!
At last Trevor is mine!

Trev when to go sit next to Ted to talk about this more, but being so stunned he tripped over the area rug and fell on Ted. Ted being horny form the porn was already hard. Trev leaned in to get up and Ted kissed him. Trev slowing sat down next to Ted, their tongues battled each other. Soon their shirts were off and making out furiously.
Then Ted pulled away with a questioning look in his eyes.
“What, what wrong?” asked Trev.
“Is this you first time?” replied Ted.
“Yeah” said Trev diving in again.
Trev’s hand was slowly creeping down to Ted’s jeans. Taking Trev’s hint he started to unbutton Trev’s jeans as well. Soon both of them where nude and horny as hell. They finally came up for air. They stared to stroke each others meat, up and down, up and down.

I can’t believe I’m doing this. He’s so thick.
Uncut just the way I like it!

Ted started to lick all the way down and back up again. Then back down focusing on the nipples, then up and all the way down to his dick. Slowly he engulfed his meat with his hot mouth. Trev moaned with delighted and thrusted his hips at Ted.

Derek Peterson

December 2005

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