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January 30th 2006

By Peter Foster

I was sixteen and was travelling to London from my home in Sussex, the train ride taking me closer to the start of my life at sea.

I day dreamed while staring out of the window, and dreamt of my new life that I was about to commence.
The letter had arrived yesterday from the Merchant Marine Board.

It had informed me that I was to report to the Aldgate office today, and to be prepared to join a ship shortly, after completing my medical etc.

I walked down the grubby street in Dockland, and I felt out of place in this part of London, I had lived all of my life in a small town in Sussex, and big cities were something new to me.

On entering the Merchant Marine office, I saw that there were a large number of men waiting to be processed.

I eventually arrived at the counter; the clerk was pretty abrupt, he said take these papers and goes upstairs for a medical.

There were also quite a few men in the medical waiting room, and while sitting there, I noticed that a number of guys were looking at me in an interested way!

I was not sure how I felt about that.

The orderly called me over and told me to go into the interview room and take off all my clothes, and await the doctor.
I stripped off, and when I had done so, I checked myself in the mirror, and saw a six foot lad looking back at me, I was pretty thin, but well built, with a large cock.

The doctor came in, and said that he wanted to give me a medical check, so after the usual checking of the chest, back etc, he told me to bend over, putting on a rubber glove and inserted his finger between the cheeks of my arse.
He seemed to take a long time, and after the initial feeling of "invasion" I found it very exciting, he then said alright, you can stand up now, and put your clothes on.

He gave me a form and told me to go downstairs and see the clerk again.

I waited for a while and then finally reached the counter, the clerk said ok, you have passed your medical, and we have a position for you as galley boy on the M.V.Ebro, you will need to go down today to West India Docks, and sign on the "articles" of the ship, as it will be leaving for the West Indies tomorrow.

On reaching the berth, I saw that the ship I had been assigned to.

It was a cargo passenger ship about fifty thousand tonnes, it had a black hull, and white super structure and red funnels.

On boarding I reported to the Chief Steward and he said that I should "sign on," as the shipping master was aboard, and then report back to him and he would show me my quarters.

When I had finished the formalities, I went back to the Chief Steward and he took me to a small cabin in the mid ships area.

The Chief Steward said "You are lucky son, you would normally have to share a cabin with the other boy ratings, but on this ship you lads have your own cabin".

I looked around the very small cabin, it had a bunk, a very small settee, a table and a sink, and although very small, it was great not to have to share with anyone.

I unpacked my suitcase, and put my clothes in a very small wardrobe, and I took out my briefs and I was a little concerned, as I had for the last three years worn satin briefs of various colours and they were really girls briefs, I loved the silky feeling of the material and I was still going to wear them on board ship, but I knew that I would have to be careful not to let the sailors see them.

I then went back to the Chief Stewards cabin and he said to report to the Second Steward in the saloon.

On arrival in the saloon, I saw the second steward, he was about six feet tall, but very well built with a trim waist and looked very handsome, his most striking feature apart from being good looking was his really blond hair.
"Hi" he said, "What is your name", I said "Peter".

"Ok Peter I assume that you know how to lay a table for dinner, perhaps you would like to start on that"
"Ok Second" I said.

Well I completed my task, and later helped in serving the dinner to the passengers, mainly to assist the senior stewards.

On finishing work I was pretty weary, so at 9.30 p.m. I went down to my cabin.

I had just stripped down to my briefs, they were red satin and I thought looked really sexy.

I then put on small pair of Addidas satin sports shorts over the briefs.

There was a knock at the door, it was the Second steward, and I was very surprised.

"Yes second, can I help you"?

"I thought that as you were new to the ship you might like a drink before you turn in" he said.

I said" I do not really drink much", but yes I would have one with you."

I noticed that he had changed out of uniform and was wearing just a very small tight pair of shorts.

He came in and got two glasses and poured out a rum and coke.

I could not take my eyes off of his body, he was slightly hairy on the chest, and he had a small waist and well built legs and thighs.

He sat down on my small settee, and said "Why don't you sit down here with me"

I did and felt strange sitting so close to such a spunky guy as he was.

He said that his name was Brian and had been on the ship for two years.

I noticed that he kept looking at my shorts, and said "they look very sexy"

"Yes, I said I love to wear sexy shorts when I can"

He then placed his large hand right on crotch of my shorts, and felt me and the material, I was very surprised.
He kept rubbing the front of my shorts, and I was speechless, what to say.

Finally I said "do you like guys then Brian"

"Yes" I do like young guys like yourself" and with that he ran his hands under the elastic waist and slowly eased the shorts off of me.

"Well what are you wearing underneath"?

"I said satin panties", this seemed to make him more excited, 'why are you wearing girls panties"?

"I have always liked to wear them" I said.

He pulled me close and started to kiss me, with deep and passionate kisses, and putting his tongue in my mouth, I was so excited and felt powerless in his arms.

I do not know how long he kissed me and held me tight, but finally he said

"Peter dear, I feel that we will have a great voyage, we are away for three months and I would like you to be my lover for the voyage,."

"I am going to treat you like my woman and we will have some great sex"

I was not really sure if I really wanted that, he was so very handsome and sexy, but when I felt his cock, it seemed to be pretty large.

I have never had anal sex so I was pretty concerned that he would hurt me!

He pulled me into my bunk and stripped me, and then after some more furious kissing, he asked if I had some KY cream.
I had bought a tube a few days before just in case, and it seemed that now it was going to be used"

He made me lay on my stomach, and I could feel his fingers playing with my arse and then the cool feel of gel in my arse.

He gently placed his cock against my arse lips, and pushed, it hurt like hell!

"Stop" I said.

"Don't worry dear, Brian said, I will take it easy".

Thank god, that after I felt the cock going in and the burning sensation, the pain eased and then he started to plunge back and forth into me.

Now I knew how a woman feels, on her first sexual encounter.

He rode me until I felt so tired and exhausted, but I knew that I had found my first lover and that this voyage would not be dull!

He stayed in my cabin all night, and on leaving in the morning, he said "Well dear I enjoyed our sex and I will make sure that you have plenty more in the weeks ahead"

It felt strange that I would be loved and cared for by another man.

I looked forward to the weeks ahead.

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