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erotic stories


By Mellicat March 9 2008

I had found this great apartment. It was perfect, really; only a ten-minute drive from my office with an awesome grocery and a Target between. Two of my favorite sidewalk cafes were within walking distance and it was fifty dollars less a month than what I was paying to live on the other side of town.

I canít say itís spacious, but itís designed very smartly and therefore it seems roomy.

Itís on the eighth floor of the building and the living room has a breath-taking view from the floor to ceiling window. When I first moved in I said its only flaw was the apartment building sitting across the street that blocked a bit more of the view than I thought it should. Little did I know.

I discovered last night just what a view I had and how the apartment building across the street was actually one of the best perks of living there.

I was sitting in my living room watching some television. I had the curtains pulled back to enjoy the lights of the city when a movement in the apartment building across the street caught my attention.

Peering out my window I could see two hunky guys rough housing with their shirts off in their apartment straight across from mine. I lost all interest in the television as I watched them play; slapping and shoving at each other. Both were very well built with nice muscular chests and arms. The taller one had dark short hair while the other had longer and lighter hair.

How lucky could I be to have two good-looking neighbors living across from me? But it got even better when the dark haired guy reached out and grabbed his playmate pulling him into a kiss. The rough housing turned into a heavy kissing session right before my eyes, their hand roaming over each otherís bodies.

They appeared to undo each otherís pants although it was hard to tell from my distance, but the result was that both men were standing naked, face to face kissing and caressing each other in front of their window for all to see.

The taller man reached down and took his cock in his hand and began stroking himself. I watched as his partner let his head roll back in ecstasy and then I realized that he had both cocks in his hand.



He continued to stroke them off, his arm moved faster and faster as both of their bodies leaned back to give him room to do his ministrations.

I was too far away to make out the details but I could tell when they found their release by the way their bodies almost froze in place. Then they began kissing again. It seemed so tender, but maybe that was my imagination. Finally they walked into the bedroom hand in hand. I could only wish they had the same windows in their bedroom where I was sure they were going to finish what they started there in front of their window.

On my way home from work tonight I plan to stop by Target. I want to see what they have to offer in binoculars.

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