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erotic stories

Having a Laugh

By Soren Riis

July 23 2006

As I climbed the stairs to his fourth-floor apartment I couldn't help but grin somewhat smirkily at the thought of it all. It seemed so utterly, completely bizarre and out of character for me to do such a thing, really.

It was a hot summer's afternoon, and I was going to a guy's place simply because we both wanted each other and couldn't wait 'till the next time we would have time to go on a proper "date". It seemed so awkward, really; so silly and somehow juvenile to allow one's desire to take control in such a manner, but with the sunshine and the heat, well... What was a young man to do, other than act on this desire?

And so I found myself standing outside his door. The mere knowledge of what lay beyond the door was arousing and thrilling, but also somehow terrifying. We had only been on a handful of dates, and the idea of meeting up just for sex, even if it was just this once, seemed perillously threatening to the notion of romance and dating-proper. Yet I knocked on the door, knowing that it was too late to stop the development of that afternoon; he answered, and after some moments of coy and awkward dialogue I kissed him.

And he kissed me. He's somewhat taller than I am, so when standing up his embrace envelops me, restricting my arms and hands to roam only across the lower parts of his torso. His flanks were soft under his shirt, his back firm and defined. He stepped back slightly, slowly unbuttoning my shirt as we stood there in the middle of his sitting room. We laughed a bit at the awkwardness of it all, and then after a while we were just laughing at nothing at all; the situation took on a logic of its own, and it seemed only right that we should stand there, laughing in the middle of the room.

By the time I had pulled off my shirt and thrown it on the sofa, he was already licking and sucking my nipples, sending shiver upon shiver through my abdomen by ways of strange and mysterious connections within my body itself. I yielded to it; to him. Gave myself up entirely to the sensation and the feeling of pure, unmitigated desire. I wanted him, desired him. My hand slid around his neck, pulling his face up towards mine again and forcing him into a fierce, protracted kiss.

The bedroom curtains were drawn, letting only a narrow ray of sunshine fall across the bed as we fell upon it. He pushed me back and pulled off my trousers, my nakedness in stark contrast to his clothed body, and as I threw my head back I could feel how his lips made their way along my inner thighs, gently yet insistently. I was in agony, or was it ecstacy? His shirt slid over his head, his trousers off, and then there was nothing between us. His buzz-cut hair seemed stubbly, yet soft under my hands as I pulled his mouth towards my cock and waited, breathlessly, for him to take me in his mouth.

A swift move, and suddenly the tables had turned and he was the one lying back, my arms pinning him against the mattress as I started nibbling on his earlobe, letting my tongue trace its way down to one nipple and then across to the other. His skin was pale and almost luminescent in the half-light, his face above me contorted in an almost ghostly grimace. With one hand I grabbed him, gently peeling away the foreskin and feeling the moisture beneath.

I had let go of his arms, and with a firm and persistent grip around my head he urged me onwards and downwards, making it perfectly clear that his desire and mine coincided. He tasted fresh and somehow at odds with the sweltering heat of the afternoon, as if mere flavour was cooling me down, refreshing me. The world had melted away in the heat, and all that was left was him and myself, cocooned behind those dark bedroom curtains and a half-closed window.

Again the tables turned, and as he threw me back on the bed I wrapped myself around him, enveloping him with my legs and arms as tightly as possible. He struggled to free himself from my arms long enough for him to reach back for the little bedside box and put on a condom, and as my legs loosened their embrace he slowly entered me, looking almost worried that he might hurt me. Slowly... Slowly... And there we were, as intimately joined as two men could be, wrapped in a desire that somehow seemed to take on a life of its own. As he finally slid all the way in, I slipped a calf around his neck, drawing his face down to mine yet again for another kiss, and this time the kiss did not end but continued through to the very end of ends after an eon and an infinity had passed.

We collapsed in a heap, shudders still reverberating through our bodies in the aftermath of orgasm. Noises from outside - a lawnmover, children calling to their mothers, cars driving by - began seeping into the room, gently nudging us back to reality. The stiffling heat returned, and as we lay there on the bed, draped around each other's bodies, we began laughing again.

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