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A guy from California is coming to work in our office!

June 2005 - by

Among the female employees in the London office, there was a frisson of excitement. For these British girls, there were images of all their favourite Hollywood stars. Would he have the chiselled jaw of Brad Pitt? The earnest frown of Keannu Reeves? The come to bed eyes of Matt Dillon?

In contrast, most of the men in the office were indifferent. For these Brits, there was the outside possibility that he might be a fellow beer drinker but nothing more than that. They weren't interested in him sexually. Well, with the exception of James.

All James could think of was the sort of tanned hunks on surfboards he'd found irresistible on Baywatch. Never mind Pamela Anderson's breasts - that turned on his fellow male colleagues - James' guilty secret was that he couldn't take his eyes off the hint of cock in a pair of beach shorts or the ripple of Hasselhof's pectorals.

Two days later, the Californian arrived at the office. Smiling, he strode in the door, shaking hands, towering over his new British workmates. The girls giggled uncontrollably, almost moist at the Adonis that had appeared in their midst. But it was James who could hardly breathe. His eyes scanned this exquisite being from head to foot and back up again, repeatedly. Long, muscular legs bulging out of his suit trousers, a more than suggestive package, the flattest of stomaches, a broad chest and thrown back, confident shoulders and then that face. A cheeky, boyish face.

Along with everybody else, James shook the new boy's hand - who'd transferred to London from the Los Angeles office of the company. But as he did, the Californian's index finger stroked the inside of his hand. James, startled, looked up at the Californian.

"My name's James."

"Chad. Hey, d'you know where the john is?"

The other office workers had melted away except for one of the secretaries who was lingering, hoping to have a little word with Chad. Maybe inviting him out for a drink later on, James thought. God, he was going to have all the women in the office round his finger. He's probably fuck them all by Christmas - and that was only a month away. It made James a little miserable to think there was no way gorgeous Chad could be gay.

"Yes...I'll show you were the toilet is."

James directed Chad through the doors and waved down the stairs towards the fifth floor.

"Here's the toilet."


"So, I'll pop back up to the office."

Chad cast a quick glance to the floor above, then grabbed James by the crotch.

"Dude - you ain't goin' nowhere. Get in here."

As if he was floating on air, James let Chad pull him through the door, past the basins and in to a free cubicle. James' jaw was slack open in shock - which was useful because with one deft movement, Chad unzipped his fly, whipped out his already stiff cock and pushed James head down on to it.

Unable to believe his luck, James let his head be forced down on the juicy, pink, pulsatting organ - and after a few moments, a jet of hot cum filled James' mouth till it dribbled down his chin.

Then Chad pulled James' head up, dropped his trousers and kneeled on top of the toilet bearing his Californian butt to the still amazed Englishman.

"Hey dude...fuck my ass...fuck it hard."

That was an invitation that couldn't be refused. Now dropping his own trousers, James rammed his smaller cock between the tanned, firm buttocks of the new employee from Los Angeles. Just minutes earlier, he'd been convinced that Chad could be nothing other than straight and now he was penetrating this surf sex God. He looked down and watched his cock sliding in and out of Chad's hungry butthole, feeding it with his cum after a few short minutes.

"Oh my God....that was fantastic."


The two stood gazing at eachother in the semi-dark of the small cubicle and rearranged their clothes.



"Will I get to do that again?"

"Sure buddy. But don't let on to the chicks up there - wanna tease them while I'm in London, hear what I'm saying."

That seemed a bit mean but if they stood no chance of getting their hands on him, then I was happy to keep Chad's gayness a secret - and my love for him.

"I suppose we should pop back up to the office, people might start to talk."

"Sure. You go first. Like, I'll stick around here for a while. Looks less suspicious dude."


I unlocked the cubicle door, closed it behind me and trudged back up the stairs. Going back in to the office, I was immediately accosted by five female employees.

"Oh my God, he's gorgeous isn't he James?"

"Yeah - you're not wrong there."

"And American - phwoah!"


Absolutely," I grinned.

Then Debbie sneered at me: "Not queer though is he James, never mind - one for us ladies."

"Yeah," Michelle chimed in, "bad luck mate."

"I know," I tried to look glum. "Never get any luck with the good looking guys round here do I? Still, one day, eh?"

With that, I walked back towards me desk, licking a bit of Chad's cum of my gums and swallowing it and trying not to laugh out loud.

June 2005 - by

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