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erotic stories

Parking Lot Pick Up

By Wesley P. Benson

I woke up that Saturday to what anyone would consider a fantastic day; a blue summer sky filled with sun, sparsely dotted by almost see through white clouds, all highlighted by a soft nearly steady warm breeze. This was the kind of Saturday you like to wake up for! From the moment I opened my eyes I could hear the buzz of a campus weekend just beginning outside. I liked to skateboard and Saturday was my day for fun, as it happened, just down the street from my apartment was this business parking lot which by the way was closed on Saturdays. This lot was perfect; it had sloping sides that had been paved over making them almost like inside a swimming pool where you could ride and even do a rim; and there was a tiered lower level with a flight of about ten concrete steps with a metal railing in the middle marching down. As long as we didn’t have any fights or leave a mess behind they were cool with us running our boards there. So I threw on my favorite jeans, the ones with worn out slits on each knee cap, torn off back pockets with matching frayed spots under each ass cheek. They also had a special worn out spot in the crotch area I was proud of. I slipped on an old Pink Floyd tee shirt and my fingerless leather gloves, grabbed my board and was off for some serious boarding.

The wheels on my board sang that clicketty clack song as I glided over the sidewalks making my way to the parking lot. Riding up to the chain link fence of the lot I jumped off my board to see that someone else had already made it to the lot. At first I was a little disappointed not to have gotten there first, but that quickly died away as I found myself hugging the fence, leering at the more than handsome blond who hadn’t yet noticed me as I stood there. This was someone I didn’t know, but by the boarders’ shape and striking good looks I knew I certainly wanted to get to know him; and in more ways than one if I could help it! After my brain was able to slip out of dick mode for a moment I realized that this guy really wasn’t dressed right for skateboarding. His tight, worn out cut offs and mid drift sleeveless sweat shirt left way too much skin exposed to the rough black top. Should he ever take a spill that soft pink flesh of his would certainly scrape and bruise, giving him a world of hurt! Just then his eyes momentarily met mine and all of a sudden the blond began doing more impressive moves on his board. Realizing he was giving a performance just for my sake I smiled back at him and responded in kind, showing my interest by purposely pushing my slightly swollen crotch into the fence.

“Hey dude.” I called over as he rode past me, “Nice moves.” I wanted to strike up a conversation with him and figured a little sugar might go a long way. I was already slightly aroused sexually and why the hell not; whoever he was this guy was hot! Soft waves of naturally blond hair, bright blue eyes, a full mouth and a body made up of very well defined curves. His face had that natural blush to it that made you want to grab him by the back of the neck and shove your tongue straight down his throat. Yeah, you could say I was sexually aroused by him; and one look at my crotch would tell you everything that was on my mind. Thankfully he took my comment as an opportunity to ride up to the fence, jump off his board and introduce himself.

“Thanks.” he replied.

“Hey, I’m Jack.” I said, mentally licking him up one side and down the other. I couldn’t help but notice how his eyes took a long happy glance down at my crotch; the glance gave him away but it made me smile inside and out knowing that he was like minded. After all, all Gays look for those ‘darting crotch glances’; since no straight guy would ever dare sneak a peek at your wiener zone, you know the guys that do are just like you.

“Austin.” He returned finally looking me in the eyes. When he bit his lip and smiled I figured he realized he’d given himself away by scoping out my Happy Meal so hard like that. “This your lot?” he asked still blushing a bit.

“Yeah; I usually check it out on Saturday’s.” I retorted. Now just for spite I sent a hand down to tweak at my crotch, shifting my jeans so that the equipment down there had more room to grow. I smiled again as his eyes followed my hand like a puppy chasing a stick. So now I not only knew he found me as attractive as I found him, I also knew he was hungry. This time however, the blond caught on and as our eyes met again he smiled, shifted his head to the side and darted his eye brows silently letting me know he approved of what he saw and that he didn’t care if I knew how he felt about it. I must admit the fact that there was certainly no shyness here took me pleasantly by surprise. All things considered I figured why not take a chance and just go for it right off!

“I have an efficiency just around the block.” I said to him almost holding my breath. “Wanna come over?”

“I don’t know,” he smiled back, again glancing down at my bulge. “What’ll we do there?” At first by the way he said it I thought he was about to say no, rejecting my fast come on and letting me down hard; then as he cocked his head and smiled I knew he was being coy in an impudent sort of way.

“I don’t know?” I retorted, giving it right back to him. “What do you like to do?” and as I asked I sported my own cocky smile.

“I like to do lots of things.” Then unexpectedly he reached down right there and then to interlace his fingers around the chain link fence just where my crotch was. Again figuring ‘what the hell’ I pressed my pelvis foreword letting my ever growing cock make contact with his fingers. For a moment we were silent, just staring each other down, our minds filling themselves with private thoughts of excitement.

“Oh I think we can find things to do.” I said finally, “Don’t you?”

“I bet we could.” he agreed with a smile, thrilling me even more. Then much to my surprise and delight he added “I’m glad we met so early in the day!” Certainly that was all it took, a moment later we were off.

“I have Pepsi if it’s too early for beer.” I said as I unlocked my back door and led him in.

“Pepsi’s cool.” As he replied I watched out of the corner of my eye to see him look around at the mess I called home, and got a little embarrassed.

“So I guess you go to the ‘U’?” I asked trying to judge his age.

“Yeah,” He said, “I’m a…Freshman.” Announcing he was a Freshman as if being shy about his age.

“Last year was my Freshman year.” I smiled handing him his drink. “I know where you’re at.”

“Oh wow,” Austin spoke up happily, “I thought you were so much older.”

“Too old,” I asked cautiously, “or too young?”

“Perfect.” His reply came back with a smile.

For a moment we stood there in the kitchen area taking that first gulp of Pepsi as we crossed over what I hoped would be only the first stage of what was sure to be a good time. The heat now was mounting between us and I actually found myself a little nervous knowing how badly I wanted to take him. The he turned and walked into the living/bedroom area. As he walked into the center of the room I took a hot look at his nicely round ass and felt myself get even harder; if that was humanly possible. Taking another chance then I walked up to him and grazed my fingers over the soft flesh of his left side. “You really shouldn’t leave so much of your skin uncovered when you board.” He just looked at me and I suddenly got the feeling I might have gone too far too fast with him by the cold stare he gave back. Finally he broke the silence.

“You know that would have felt better if your gloves were off.” And when he finally smiled after saying that I felt myself exhale happily. Then he surprised me even more as he set his drink down on the coffee table, took my hand in his and bringing it in front of him began to unfasten and remove my glove. With a smile now he looked into my eyes and placed my hand back on his side.

“Thanks.” As soon as I heard myself say that I felt so stupid, but his being the aggressor surprised me and I didn’t know how to take it.

“Is that better for you?” Austin asked with a soft sigh.

“Much better.” I replied equally enthralled. I could feel our bodies slowly sort of lean into each other and knew in a moment we would kiss. “Is it better for you?” And just as I finished my question our lips met ever so softly; pressing themselves into a long warm kiss, filled with promise and seduction.

“You did say we’d find something to do, right?” he whispered peering into my eyes. I was actually breathless now as this gorgeous lamb placed himself readily onto my alter of sexual gratification.

“Oh, yeah.” I whispered back. It felt as if our lips were magnetically attracted to each other, lust fully pulling our faces into another undeniable kiss.

“I know I’m not all that experienced.” he said in a whisper, “And I know I’ve never done anything like this before. But I know when I want something.” There was a silent moment then as our lips met in yet another kiss. From then on there was no more need for words, our panting and kissing said everything we could possibly have said. Fitting together like the pieces of a puzzle our bodies embraced and our lips locked together in a kiss that was more like hunger itself. Our kissing ebbed just momentarily and I felt him reach down to run his hand over my now fully engorged hard-on; when he did I heard him softly moan. I was so unbelievably aroused just then by everything about him and everything he was doing that I couldn’t help myself; sliding my hands over his silky soft skin I enfolded him in my arms and dove passionately into his hot mouth. Kissing him hot and heavy I slipped my hands under his half shirt devouring the softness of his skin, drinking him in with my mind and all my senses. I let my fingers and hands explore him while in turn he wrapped his arms about the back of my neck, clutching on to me and pressing his pelvis into my crotch. We all have certain things we like and certain things we crave; certain things that drive us up a tree about a guy. One thing that drives me wild is when a guy has the kind of nipples that are soft and puffy; soft and puffy and just screaming out to be sucked on and made love to. Austin had those kinds of nipples! I had been gliding the flat of my hands softly over his chest when I felt the sides of my thumbs glance over them and couldn’t help but give each one a little tweak lovingly. His response came in the form of a hot sigh -- almost a full moan actually; that’s when I knew we had to get better situated. I wanted those nipples and everything else for that matter so standing there in the center of the room making out just wasn’t going to cut it any more. It was difficult but I managed to pull us back into reality and stop the petting and face sucking for just a moment. Without speaking, I looked around; there was the couch -- no I really hated making out on that; possibly the floor -- no way Austin was far too good for something sloppy -- at least not on the first time! There it was; the bed! Yes the bed would be perfect; and it was relatively clean. It was as if his mind heard what my eyes had said; he nodded his head in breathless affirmation as if to say ‘Yes…bed!’ So off in the direction of the bed we went.

Simultaneously we kicked off our sneakers as we went, leaning on to one another for balance; then unable to contain myself I slid my hands under that mid drift sleeveless sort of sweat shirt of his and began getting him out of it. When he raised his arms to help I saw his pits had almost no hair and there was none at all on his chest; I liked that! Now I was able to begin giving full attention to venerating those luscious nips of his again; and they were beautiful! So soft and pink and puffy, I knew they were just waiting for a hot wet mouth to suck them in. I heard a whimper like groan as I began to ply my mouth attack just then but in all honesty I couldn’t tell if it had came from him or from me! Instinctively we started sliding down onto the bed; a moment later we were naked, wrestling and groping each others bodies in full sexual worship.

Somehow in our love tussle I found him on top of me, his tongue licking and lapping at every inch of my upper body his soft hand massaging my hot pulsing cock. My own hands making love to his soft silky blond hair as he licked and sucked his way down my chest in a slow steady progression that drove me wild! When his mouth got to my navel he lingered a bit, sending his tongue out to explore the tiny little circle as he sucked and lapped at it, darting just the tiny little tip of his hungry tongue into it and sucking lightly. A moment later he looked up at me with a great big smile; his face glowing with anticipation. Then he looked back down at my exposed treasure trove and sort of leered at all of me down there. As he kneaded my sides with his hands I watched him sort of giggle, panting at the same time and knew he had become totally entranced with what lay before him. For a moment I closed my eyes and thanked all the Gods for the gift I had been given. Then as he finally moved his hands down to grasp me and mine I heard him make a sound of anticipation; it was that soft sound you make when you’ve just bitten into something fantastic like rich cheesecake or a delectable cannoli. Now pulling himself up on top of me, he straddled my body gazing down dreamily, idolizing my great engorged hot cock with one hand while his other caressed my balls. All the while my own hands were roving up and down his outer thighs. I reached up then and took hold of his left nipple rolling it between my thumb and first two fingers, even pinching and tugging at it lightly. The gesture seemed to tickle him making him smile as he gazed down at me, cocking his head almost in a wince.

“Kiss me!” I told him, as my dick began to throb. With that the smile slowly faded and his look became more serious. Still massaging my shaft in his hand he sort of slid off me and to the side as we brought our faces together for a passionate kiss. A moment later and he was again plying a string of soft kisses down my body. I knew what he wanted and I wanted him to have it, so placing a strong hand on the back of his neck I closed my eyes and lay there; guiding his head ever so slightly on its way down. He was panting so heavily now that I knew without even looking down that his face was just inches away from the head of my cock. Filled with my own anticipation I couldn’t help myself, I opened my eyes and looked down at him. Holding my hard dick lovingly in his hand, his face so close to the soft spongy head that his mouth nearly brushed against it, a devilish smile on his lips. Finally flicking out his pointy pink tongue he started licking at the head of my cock like a kid with a candy stick. I don’t know which was more of a turn-on; the feel of his tongue licking and teasing at my fuchsia colored cock head, or the captivating sight of him doing it! Either way I felt my back arch trying to force my pelvis ever deeper into his willing face.

“Please!” I heard myself croak as I stared down at him, finally unable to take anymore teasing, “Suck it!” Willing to serve, he opened his mouth ever so slowly taking in the first few inches of my quivering dick, wrapping his soft sweet lips tightly around me as his tongue continued taunting it. Again I whimpered, throwing my head back, clenching my eyes shut and gritting my teeth at the silky feel of his hot wet willing mouth; his tongue swirling over under and around the pulsing head of my cock over and over again. My ass cheeks instinctively tightened as I felt him begin to swallow me inch by inch, slowly sliding my love tool down into his throat. I marveled as he slid my rock hard column of delight deeper and deeper into his throat driving me absolutely crazy! Finally I felt his nose press against my pubic thatch, his chin tickling my ever straining and tightening balls; the head of my cock was actually so deep into him now that I could feel the back of his throat with it. A moment later I spread my legs and grasped at his head as he began that slow rising and lowering; bobbing his head up and down with a slow, constant rhythmic speed as his head made love to my cock!

“Oh gee’s!” I panted as his head began bobbing faster and faster up and down my tool. I raised my head off the pillow and looked down at him just in time to see him take his mouth off my dick and with a lust filled smile ran his fist up and down my thick seven and a half inches; admiring the gleaming glistening shaft as he caressed it. A moment later he began attacking my balls with his tongue. First he licked and lapped on one rolling his tongue over and around it then turned and gave his attention to the other heavy ball. After a good bathing with his tongue he went back to take both big balls into in his mouth and suck on them tenderly adoring them both. I had to moan slightly at all he was doing, and when I did the sound of my pleasure seemed to drive him on. I heard him groan happily then as he eagerly went on with his love making. Taking his attention back to my pulsing shaft he slid it back into his mouth, swallowing it half way and began sucking on it hard! Twirling his head he bobbed up and down slowly a few times as his mouth sucked on it harder and harder.

“Your cock is so beautiful!” he announced as he again took it from his mouth just long enough to speak. “I really love it!” Then diving down onto my hot hard dick he went back eagerly to the task of bringing me to a climax. His mouth latching on to me, sucking hard and bobbing with an almost lightening speed as he threw his head from side to side. I could feel my balls tighten and again couldn’t help but groan as he continued manipulating my tool. Knowing I was getting there, I looked down at him and took his head firmly in my hands.
“Make me cum!” I panted, “Make me cum in your mouth!” The loud whimper he gave out as I said that told me that he had as strong a desire to suck me off as I did to cum! Suddenly I got that special feeling way down deep in my groin. I could feel the searing hot jisim building up inside me getting ready to explode. Again my back arched and I clenched my eyes shut, gritting my teeth and groaning as that feeling of pre cum intensified inside me. Faster and faster he bobbed his head thrashing it from side to side. Wanting to really fuck his face I tried to push him down onto me harder with my hands but he resisted so instinctively I began thrusting my pelvis up, forcing my cock down his hot throat. But it was too much for him; the sound of his gagging and heaving as he choked on my intrusive Penisaurus brought me back to reality; and not wanting to force him I tore my hands away from his head, clutching at the mattress instead; letting go with a loud guttural groan that almost scared us both!

I tried desperately to hold on and postpone the eruption I knew was building up inside me. My body began twitching all on its own in some uncontrollable convulsive sex-fit. Letting go with another loud groan I felt the scorching hot, thicker than normal cum pull at my balls as it began gushing up through me. I know I screamed something but I can’t possibly tell you what it was I said. All I know is that my body convulsed wildly as it finally let go, spewing my thick white salty cum out into his hungry mouth. Again and again the hot sticky fluid surged up from somewhere deep inside me as he literally gobbled it up greedily! I know I looked down for a moment to see his pretty face still latched onto my dick; gobs of cum staining his face, still he pumped up and down as if unable to give it up. In the end he left my body week and totally spent. Finally I had to literally pry his mouth off of my now intensely sensitive cock and pull him up and into my arms. We held on to each other for a long time and then kissed and hugged some more.

“I thought you said you weren’t all that experienced!” I chuckled as I looked into his eyes.

“I don’t know what happened.” He grinned.

“I’m awfully glad we met, Austin!” I confessed to him sincerely as we looked into each other longingly.

“I have to be honest, Jack.” He announced after a moment, a bit of a blush growing on his face. “I live right next door to that parking lot.”

“Really?” I replied not knowing where this was going.

“Yeah.” He smiled as he shook his head. “See, I’ve watched you skate board for the past three or four weekends!”

“You watched me’ ?” I smiled.

“Yep.” He said looking into my eyes again with that same hunger. “See, I wanted you from the first day I saw you. I just had to figure out how to make it happen.” Then we just sort of glowed lovingly at one other. “Are you mad?” he asked nervously, a bit unsure of my reaction to it all. Rather than give an answer, I took him in my arms and kissed him hard and long, and began making love to him all over again; I figured now it was my turn to do him.

“Austin,” I spoke up breaking our rapture, “I’d really like you to e mail Wesley with how you liked this.”

“If you really want me to I will!” he agreed. “What’s his e mail address?”

“Silly! Don’t ya know?” I chided “It’s

“I thought he was on MySpace?” Austin asked.

“Honey he is,” I told him, “But this is his e mail address.”

“All right, I’ll go e mail him right now!” he said trying to get up.

“No you won’t!” I laughed and pulling him back down onto the bed we went right back to making out.

The End (of the beginning)

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