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erotic stories

Haunting Past

Author - Mrs Jack Sparrow - August 2004

I got up early that morning. I found two jobs. One during the day they sorted things out with my college classes and work. On Mondays I only have two classes and after the seconded class Iíd go to work. I have three classes on Tuesday and the rest are two and one on Saturday. All of them are after classes except Saturdays because they are off on the weekends. Iím working at an office. Iím doing simple things right now like filing, scanning files. Just bunch of tedious important stuff. My seconded job is at night. Donít ask me how I got this job but Iím working at a gay bar. Its somewhereís in this town I donít know but they sell food and stuff and Iíd be taking and giving people their orders except the alcohol stuff. I will be gathering the dirty dishes and at the end of the night help clean up and close. This job is after my other job but Iíll so have time to study in between and on brakes on each job. I found a suitable bank and I put the money I took out and put it in Comers Bank. I also got a new cell phone with a new number and I canceled my other phone. That is what is going to be my phone.

While I was exploring the town and different things around I stopped at 7-11 to get a few things not much just the basics. I had also got appliances like a fridge and stuff the day before also. So I need a few things. When I put my things in the car I saw a pay phone I decided to call my parents. The phone was picked up on the first ring and it wasnít my mom or dad it was Eric. "Yes" Eric. He more likes a friend of the family we have been friends before and my parents took him in when his family kicked him out for being gay. He is also two years older then me. The voice on the other end was his normal voice. "Hello the Johoan Family." Right then my heart sank to her his voice like I remembered it. He spoke again, "Hello." I didnít respond his voice brough back members and then I felt so guilty and worthless. Mikeís voice then changed none of his own. "Jole is this you?" it also seemed like my parents where there. I quickly hung up the phone. I put my forehead agents the edge of the phone booth thing. I closed my eyes tight as I fought back the tears. I herd someone behind me. "Hey man, are you going to use that phone?" I shook my head no and I walked away form the phone to my car. I drove off and headed back to the apartment. I walked in and but the tings away. I claps on the couch and a turned on the stereo. One of my mixed CDís was in here the song All for one All for Love. "When it's love you give. I'll be a man of good faith. Then in love you live. I'll make a stand. I won't break. I'll be the rock you can build on, be there when you're old, to have and to hold." Plays in to my ears. "When there's someone that you want, when there's someone that you need let's make it all, all for one and all for love." Tears start to fall form my eyes I cry myself to sleep.

College has started and I got lost on my first day. Good thing I got there early so I can find the room. I finally did. This teacher gives you too much dame homework! I had two hours before the next class. So did that class beforeís home in the library near my next class. The second class wasnít all that bad it was pretty interesting. I guess I always like history. After classes I went to my job. It wasnít that bad. I scanned files most of the time. On my brake I did my homework I had some snacks just little something to eat at least. I was at work until five. I was glad to get out of there. I went home and took a shower and lounged around in my towel doing homework and eat dinner. Itís just one of my habits that I have. Around nine I got ready for my seconded job. The uniform is black leather pants and a tight black shirt. I bushed my hair I pulled it back in a low ponytail. If I may say so I look dame hot. I look at myself in the long mirror looking myself over. I sing faintly. "Iím a model if you know what I man." I then head to my seconded job. Just in time to greet people and ask for their ID. Then I started taking peopleís orders The Ship Scampi is really popular. I learned real quick the table numbers and witch table ordered. The shows where about to start while I was handing out the food, Bonnie was her name; a transvestite and strip music starts to play faintly with the background with a boom, boom sound. By the time I was at my last table she/he came out. Showing her/his leg with one of those girly things I guess itís like a half stocking. It was odd. When I was walking back taking there plates away form them one table a bunch of them pinched my ass. The transvestite started to sing a hirable version of Christina Auglaraís(sp?) Iím a genuine in a bottle. I though that the performance sucked really badly though the customers liked it. As I was talking the empty glasses the music changed to "Iím too sexy" song and a bunch of hot ass muscular guys come out in tight thongs with bulge in the front they started to dance. That excited me but I reluctantly started collecting more empty glasses and went in the back to clean the glasses and I could hear the guys yelling and whistling. The rest of the night was different performances the best one was the comical one. It was hilarious. I caught some of on my brake before going back to work. Once everyone left I had a lot of things to clean I worked like a busy bee. I did really well for my first night. I locked up with the owner and his boyfriend. That whole week I went to school and to work. On Friday night on my brake I decided to call my parents again. My mom picked up this time. "Hello" "Mom." I exclaimed. "Jole, Where are you?" my mom asked concerned. "I canít tell you that right now mom, I love you." I said my mom started to cry. "Mom, please donít cry. Iím doing fine." "I love you to son; weíre having a party for Johnna. It will mean a lot to her if youíd be there," my said sniffing. "Iíll try mom what time?" I asked Iím always there for my little sister. "It starts at tow oíclock." She said "Mom, Tell Johnna, I promise to be there." "Ok Jole you better be here." My mom said motherly. "I will mom, and I love you." "I love you too," she said crying again. "Well I have to go Iíll see you Saturday," and I hung up the phone. I headed back in to work.

ON Saturday I woke really early I went to class right after class I went and got a present for my little sister I also took my work uniform with me, because by the time Iíd be leaving there and going back Iíd have to go to work and Iíd just get changed there. I headed back the way I came. Once I got there it was twelve oíclock. My mom saw my car and she ran out and she put her arms around me we were hugging each other like that fore a good one minute. We headed in. Johnna came running form her bedroom to greet me. I hugged her and twisted her around. "JO! Missed my JO, JO" she said as she kissed me sweetly on the cheek. She would be turning 4. I but her down and I gave my dad a hug. We all went in to the kitchen as I walked in last I saw who was there. I wanted to turn around and run to my car and never return.

Eric was there with the tree boys. I looked at my mom and dad. They asked me to sit down so I did I sat down at the table with them. "We are going to discuses with happened and straight things out before your little sisters little tot friends and family get here. "What is done is done I deserved it end of discussion." I said I wasnít ready to talk about it. I wanted to craw up in a whole and Eric got what he wanted. "NO, youíre not getting off that easy." Said my father. "Please momÖdad Iím not ready to talk about this." I said pleading with them. The three boys looked really guilty on what they done and Eric looked mad. "We just wanted to say that were sorry, we went a little to far." Said one of the boys. I looked at them. "There is no need to be sorry I deserved EVERYTHING EVERY LAST THING." I said getting a little loud at the end. "Calm down." He father said firmly. "They donít need to apologies I deserved it dad." I said looking at him. My father looked at me he frowned a bet. "You might have," he started to say but I cut him off. "Dad, I deserved it and I tried to apologize to Eric but he will never EVER except my apology and I donít blame him. What they did I deserved what I got no matter if they went to far. I FUCKING DESERVED IT!" I said yelling at the end I hid my face in my hands. They where quit the three guys excused themselves and left. Once they left I looked at Eric as tears ran down my face like rain. "I wish you will forgive me," and I got up and went out to out back yard which lead to the beach I kicked off my shoes and my socks and ran to the water. After while I did walk back in and join the party. I but on my happy face for Johnna, soon I had to leave and I said my good byes. I walked to my car. Before I got in there was a soft tap on my solder. It was Eric. "You got what you wanted me and utter pain." I said looking in to his eyes and tears started to form in my eyes. "Yeah, I never though it would hurt this much." HE said we were quit for a bit and then he spoak up again. "Jole, Iím still angry at you and I need time to get over what you did to me," he said. "I understand." I said softly. He nodded and went to go back in I stoped him I had to kiss him for one last time and I did. Passionately, then I went to my car and drove off making it just in time for me to change in to my uniform and start to work.

Sunday all day I was working on my homework and studding. I went to library and typed up things that need to be typed I printed out and I paid for it. I hate doing that. I do miss my computer. I also when ahead on the homework because of the thing that give you with all the assignments and stuff itís going to pay off good. Later Sunday I had to go to work. When I did the one performer didnít show up and they made ME! Go up there! I had to sing I was in plays in school and I guess my voice is all right. I sang songs that have requested I lucked out because I could play the piano. I sung anything and everything you could think of. Even music I hated but I knew the words to them. I guess did really well because when I was done with all the requested and done performing for them I had a huge claps and cheers. My boss asked me if I would like to do something like that and that Iíd get paid extra money. So I was like hell yeah and I worked out when I would be performing Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. I still be doing my regular job but it doesnít hurt to do something extra for more money.

Monday was the normal school and my office job. Thatís pretty boring but the things Iím doing passes the time. Finally I left there and I had to go food shopping I need food. While I was there one of the people in my classes work there he was ringing up my food. He looked at me. "Your in my phic class." He said looking at me. I looked him "Yeah I guess." I said as I was taking the bags and putting them in the cart. "Iím Chase." I smiled. "Iím Jole." "Hey Iím having a party Saturday night. Would you like to come?" I smiled at him. "I have work until really late." I said butting the last bag in the cart. "So, the party is going to kickní around one o-clock always." Chase said trying to convince me and thatís when Iíd be helping cleaning up. "I try Iím not promising anything." I said looking up at him. "Ok, well it comes to hundred twenty-tree dollars," he said to me I gave him exact change since I used my tips to do my food shopping. "Dude where do you work at?" He asked me. I smiled. "During the day except the weekend I work at an office. AT night and weekends I work at a gay bar even though Iím 19" I said He blinked a little bet at first taking it all in. "Thatís cool, see you in class." He said as I started to talk away. "Yeah." I said and I walked to my car and loaded it. Once home and I put all my stuff away. I made myself something to eat did some homework. I got ready for work and left. This time I did my performance by guitar and I was naked singing it sitting on a chair and I sang songs that I liked. After that I worked my ass off. I was extremely tired by the end of the night that I doní t know how I got home.

Saturday came quickly I had phic that morning. Chase came up to me with one of his friends. "Hey Jole." He "Hey Chase." I said. "Hey, youíre still going to try to make it to the party?" Chase asked. "Sure" I said there must have been a tone in my voice I skeptical of him. "Jole, I donít are that your gay." Chase said and then before I could say something he counted, "no one at the party will care that youíre gay." He said his eyes where worm and soft. He didnít look like he could hurt anyone. I smiled. "How can I be to sure I "really" donít know you," I said His friend stepped in. "Hey I knowned in all my life and he always sticking up for someone and he wouldnít let any happen to anyone no matter what or who they are. Pulse his little brother is gay." I nodded and smirked. "Ok, Iíll try to make it but Iím really busy all the time and Iím still tired." I said. Chase smiled. "You look it." I smiled. "Thanks," then we walked in to the classroom and sat in the back table with each other. I looked at his friend. "So whatís your name?" He smiled at me. "Iím Jay." "Jole" I said sticking my hand out he took mine and shook hands. After class I hung out with them to get to know them better. We went to Ruby Tuesdays. I never laughed so hard in my dame life. They are so hilarious. We were laughing so hard that we were asked to lave. We all went to my apartment and we chilled listen to music. Then I had to kick them out so that I can get ready for work. Once there my performance was great. I had soo much fun with my signing ruined that I took form a play itís really funny I tweaked it a little but they loved it and I got lots of tips. A lot of the when I was taking their orders asked me of I was going to perform naked again any time soon. I laughed it was amusing. I got lucky that night my boss said that I could leave early. I left there went home quickly and dressed in to something else and headed to Chaseís house.

I walked up to the house and Chase saw me. "Jole you made it." I smiled. "Yeah my boss let me off early." I said as he put an arm around me he interceded me everyone in there he even introduced me to his hot ass little brother who is gay but he has a boyfriend and they were making out before they were intruded by Chase. I got a beer and started drinking and having a good time jumping and sanding with people. His friends are great. They all are really nice. I didnít get to drunk because I knew I had to drive back home. I stayed until there was only a few people Chaseís brother, Jay, chase, some girl that is hooking up with Chase and me. I told them where I was form and how much I missed the ocean and the bonfires. They said that it sounds great. After another hour I left. Once I got home I crashed onto my bed.

Sunday I walk up to my cell phone ringing. It was my job. "Hell, Jole I was wondering if you could come in work now we need help here right now the place is backed." Said my boss on the other end. "Yeah sure Iíll be there in twenty," I said stretching. "Thanks man." Then he hung up. Hung up was well and went into the shower and got ready. I left and go there when I said I would. Boy he wasnít kidding when I got there I couldnít even get in to the door I squeezed threw and started working right away. At my brake I did my some homework borrowed my bosses computer and typed up my papers. Once I was done that I went back to working. I helped close and when I was done my boss wouldnít let me drive home I couldnít even keep my eyes open. He had someone drive my car and fallow him to my place I told him where I lived. I must have fallen asleep once the car stopped I jolted up. His friend parked my car in a parking spot they walked in with me I couldnít even unlock my door right. So my boss had to help me out his friend put my bag on the couch and my boss put my keys on the table along with my car keys. They left and I went to seep for only few hours by woken up by alarm clock to go to classes I stood up I didnít care I was in uniform form my other job at least I looked good I went to Duken Dounts and got coffee and headed to my college. The day drug on forever and the whole week seemed like two months have pass by it was only week.

On Saturday Night I did my thing on stage and the whole job thing. My boss gave me 6weeks off of work. He said I needed it and wouldnít take no for an answer and it wonít affect my pay chick. So Sunday I didnít have to go in to work, which was good. I went to Chases house and asked him if I could use his computer to do some homework. He said that I would be ok for me to do that I could say as long as I needed. He was on his way to work. I was there while his little brother and his boyfriend were there I was in Chases room when I heard moans of pleaser and I was trying to consternate and do homework. I laughed I walked over to the guess room to where they where I knocked on the door. "Come in." I heard an out of breath voice. I smiled. I cracked the door; "Iíd like it if you two take your sexual pleasers somewhere else. I donítí bean to be a pain or mean but Iím trying to study and I can hear you guys with the door closed." I said. I heard giggles and a slap. "Sorry man." Said Chaseís little brother. "Thanks," I said and I closed the door and walked back to studding and typing. I was done everything around 2:00pm. I left a note to Chase thanking him and I left. The rest of the day I slept.

That week after my office job I went and hung out with Chase and his friends. I showed them the gay bar I work at well we drove by while going to some party. I didnít like it. It wasnít the same people that where at the party and they seemed not to like me much I stayed with Jay and Chase most of the night and I didnít drink anything because I was the driver. Some guy started a fight with me. "Why are you looking at me are you a fag?" HE asked me. I got in to his face. "And I wasnít looking at your ugly face. What do you have against gays?" I said yelling in his face. The guy stuck me he was obviously a lot stronger then me and can take me down any day. I was in really great pain he started to kick me when suddenly I hear a thud and next he was threw agents the wall. Chase and Jay were hitting him back for touching me. Once the guy was scared he walked off leaving me alone. Jay and Chase helped me up. We left the party early. "Thanks guys" I said looking at them. "Donít mention it." They both said at the same time. We went to Chaseís house. I stayed there I thanked them again because if it wasnít for them I would have been killed or seriously hurt.

Going to school and my day job and having brake form my favorite job, Iím starting to miss my own kind. Donít get me wrong straight guys are fun to be with until they find out that your gay. I got lucky and found friends who are ok with my gayness if you should call it that. Chase and Jay are sweeties.

I love them to death well "love" is too strong of a word but OHH what he hell! This weekend I took them up to the shore. I didnít run into anyone I knew thank god. I mean, itís hard enough to be reminded everyday what I did to Eric. Seeing one of out mutual friends would get me to remember how horrible and suck person I was. I think I changed dramatically and the moved helped me get over it. I mean if I stayed I would have oh god only knows what I would have done.

There was a bad storm coming in so the waves were awesome so we went surfing seeing them surf was funny I had to teach them how to. After that we went to get some food. "Is this some gay place or something" asked Jay. I laughed "No, why do you ask" I said in fits of laughter. "Because those two guys are over there are pretty close to eachohter. I looked over and my eyes widened (cant spell today!) when I saw Eric and Cole getting it heated. Chase saw my reaction. "Jole are you alright." I hid behind the big muscle of Jay. "What?" Jay asked. "donít let them see me" I whispered to them. The waiter came and took our orders he recognized me but I quickly told him to keep it down. Roy the high school friend of mine who waited on us respected it. I told them Iíd explain later. Other then that Chase started to make fun of them I couldnít help but laugh really loude at this when I saw Ericís hand go down Coleís pants and Chase made the jaws theme noises as Ericís hand went down. Cole jumped and me Jay and Chase laughed hectically "here comes Johnny" said Jay and we were laughing I though I was going to pee myself because I was laughing so hard. I hid when I saw Eric look around he knew my laugh and he knew it well I hid behind Jay well. Eric pulled his hand out of Coleís pants and there was a major hard on. I laughed. "I wanna fuck you like an animal" Case and Jay were laughing so hard that Jay spit out his drink.

Soon our food came and we were eating. Eric and Cole were still there they were feeding each other. We were making fun of that I didnít want to leave and have Eric see me so we order desert. After out desert Eric and Cole left so few seconds after they left we got the bill and we all chipped in and I took care of the tip. Once we got in the car and dorve off heading back thatís when told them about Eric. "Dude, Iím sorry," Said Case I smiled softly. "Donít be I deserved it" I said. After that we were quit on the rest of the way back home.

The rest of the time I studied and did tonds of homework. I didnít hang out I stayed in my apartment and relaxed and was being lazy and listing to music. Seeing Eric with Cole sotra got me jealous but it was good t see Eric happy. I had fun making a joke out of with Jay and Chase. TheyĎre truly the greatest friends I ever had in the whole world and were going to be friends for a really long time.

Well, Now its time got go back to my favorite job. The brake for that job went by so fast, it great to be back. Taking orders and doing different things after I cleaned a lot of dishes and glasses I had my performance. While I was changing in to like Rock cloths I later that day paid some guys that could play like the drums, guitars and some back up singers. That night Iím going to play some old rock songs, to day rock songs and songs I made up I rehearsed with them a few days before so they know what were doing and stuff. My voice is perfect for a band. I used to be in one but the one kicked me out because I was gay and he made the rest of them vote me out agents their will. While I was getting ready I was half necked when my boss came in. I didnít notice him. "Hey Kido" He said. I jumped and fell back into a couch that was in the dressing room. He laughed softly at me. "Hi, donít scare me like that and I would have been nice to knock," I said looking up at him form the couch. " I just wanted to give you your pay check," He said looking down at my boxers. I stood and put on my faded blue jeans fit me perfectly and showed my every mussel in my legs and the curve of my ass. "Oh, well put it in my work pants then," I said turning to him. He had a sly smile on his face. I looked down and he had a major hard on. I laughed slightly as he walked over to me and put it in my pocks in the jeans Iím warring now. "No, That wouldnít be a good idea to put it the other because someone might steel it," He said in to my ear as his hand slid in agents my leg it tickled me a little bet. He had slid the Chek in it and then he pulled out his hand slowly and gently gents my leg that made me have goose bumps. Then He smacked my butt, "Go on now finish getting dress your on in ten." And the left the room, what the hell just happened THERE. I finished getting ready walked towards the stage it was dark but I saw them fishing setting things up. Hey looked at me as I was walking up and I told them that Iíd do the rest once I saw what was left. They went to there positions and I fished by the time I was done we started. I started Off with Bon Jovi to Linkin Park and ended with my songs. At the end they cheered loudly and we were awesome if I may say so. I had fun. I thanked the guys and I took them to the back door for them to go out before the audience seduces them. I went back to my dressing room and canged back I put my Check out of the pats I was warring and put it in my back pocket. I helped close. My boss car was next to my car I smiled. "Nice car, I didnít notice be fore but I guess I was tired then," I said to him. He smiled and walked over to me. "Yeah, and I like YOUR car." He said whispering into my ear. "Hey, are you trying to seduce me?" I said sarcastic. He laughed, "If I was I would have had your cloths off already." He said laughing. "Right, Well sir I got get going I have class tomorrow,í and I turned around to unlock my car. He pressed his body agents me his hands on my hips and his lips close to my ear "Call me Jessie" I smiled. "Ok Jessie, so you are trying to seduce me," I said as I lift his cock. Jessie laughed again running his hands up and down my legs "go home kid and get your beauty sleep." He said as his lips were touching my ear. Then he let go got to his car and dove off. I had a hard time unlocking my car. I eventually did and got home.

I walk up form my chirping cell phone. I was Saturday early in the dame morning. I was Jessie. "Hello, Jole?" said the 26 year old Jessie. I look at my digital clock. It read 6:00am I gowned. " Are you fucking crazy itís six oíclock in the dame morning for crested sakes?" I said half asleep. Jessie laughed at me. "Do you need me to come in early?" I asked in my sheepish voice. "No, I called to tell you that Iím not having my bar open to night. I have to go to a business dinner, and I was wondering if you would be by date since me and Ned broke up." He said sounding upset. I turned on my back, "When did this happened. Form what I hard you two were really in love." I said. Jessie seemed to get irritated with me. "Well are you going to be my date to night or what," He said a bit snappy. I sighed. "What do I have to where?" I asked. There was a pause at the other end of the line. "Dressy casual." Jessie said finally. I while I was stretching I said. "Well, I either have too casual or too dressy." I heard ruffling on the other side and I hard Jessie say to someone "Please, Donít leave me I love you please. Your just going to throw it all away," I heard a pleading voice. It in away reminded me of Gone With The Wind. I heard a deep muffled voice. I heard Jessie pleading get louder and more upset. "Get off" I hard the deep voice clearly this time. "I LOVE YOU NED AND I HAVE ALWAYS LOVED YOU AND NO ONE ELSE PLASE DONíT GO!" it was in that voice where you can tell someone is crying. Then I hard the deep voice scream, "WELL I DONíT GIVE A SHIT! I LOVE SOMEONE ELSE!" and then I hard what seemed like a front door slamming and I hard Jessie gasp. I guess he ran after him. A few moments later I hard movement and an angry voice, "Well are you going to be my date or not." Jessie said to me angrily. "Yes, but I really donít have anything dressy casual" there was since for a wile. "Well, then were just going to have to go shopping for some now donít we donít worry about the money, Iíd be at your apartment around 11:30" he said after a good 10 mints. I smiled a little. "Oh goodie a few extra hours of sleep. See you at a 11:30" I said. Then I hung up with him and Called Chase. Chase answered. "Yo, Chase itís me Jole, I wonít be able to go to class to day so I was wonder if you could take my notes?" I asked him. "Yeah sure why, you donít sound sick." Chase said. "Yeah well, Iíll explain to you later but right now I canít." I said. Chase said all right and then we hung up. I set my alarm to go off at 10 and I feel back to sleep for a little bit.

I woke up to my alarm and when in for a shower once I was out and dressed Jessie was knocking at my door he was Early. "Ready Kid?" He asked me. "Yeah just a minute" and I quickly got the oatmeal to go bar and got my apartment key and step out and locked the door. Jessie looked like hell. I felt bad for him. I didnít say anything about over hearing him and Ned. I figured it was too personal and none of my dame business. He took me to this store called Just 4 Men. I tried on tondes of cloths and I looked dame good in them. Jessie whistled and he started to look a bet better. I knew that he really wanted to go to this dinner party with Ned. But at least heís going and he picked me of all people. I wonder why me. My question was answered when we went to lunch at Ruby Tuesdays on old Business Rt1.

I looked at Jessie, I could tell that he had a rough night and early morning. He looked like he wanted to cry. I fortuned slightly and looked at my menu. "The reason I asked you to come because I know that you wonít take advantage of me unlike the people who I know," he paused then counted ", any person would take advantage of the sutioation and the sate that I am in." Jessie looked at me he tried to smile he couldnít. I didnít know what to say about this. What could I say? I did say something. "Well, Iím gland you asked. I think Iím going to have some fun." I said smiling softly at him. He nodded the waitress came and we said that weíd be using the salad bar. ĎSo what kind of business thing is it going to be?" I asked as we walked back to our table. "Well I only own half of my bar. I share it with partners of mine with other people who opened up the bars different parts of world." Jessie said as he sat down. "So who is your partner?" "Cole Niggles." Jessie said as he put a mouthful in to his mouth. I went white. I knew Cole It was the Cole I saw Eric handing all over with. Jessie counted not noticing, "HE lives in New Jersey, I think near the Long Beach Island." HE moved there when we where expanding our bar company. " Heard him say. I started to wonder if Eric was going to be there I found myself asking. "Has he old you about any new boyfriends he has?" Jessie now looked at me He had a funny look on his face. "Why you ask." I shrugged. " I donít know Iím just wondering." Jessie smiled "as a matter of fact. Yes he did tell me he said he cult a really nice looking young one." I nodded. I then went to eat my salad. We were just talking about random stuff. After Lunch we went back out we stooped a few places here and there. He didnít drop me off at my apartment he took me to his house. Which was somewhere I have no freaking clue but the place had really nice house I mean like HUGE houses. Jessieís house was huge too. When we got in a saw all bunch of boxes and I guess they are Nedís. He showed me the guess room and right off form there was my shower. I just chilled in there I let Jessie be by himself. I got ready to go to this dinner. I was scared that Eric might be that party. After I was ready I was out and I waited in the living room. Jessie was walking around like manic naked. When he last came out he was dressed and ready to go. I smiled. "Finally your are ready to go. " I said smiling at him. He smiled a little. WE got in to the car and headed out.

We got to the dinner thing. He introduced me to Cole, Cole and me acted like we just met. He did go to the dinner with Eric. I keep things cool and I guess since Eric acted like he didnít know me I acted like I did know him. Jessie is a smart he caught on, he but my questing at lunch and put two and two together. Jessie then went around and introduced me to different people. There was this one guy form UK who was fucking hot. I almost fainted. His accent made me melt. I lost my voice when I tried to talk to him and he laughed at me so did Jessie. I blushed madly and made Jessie walk on. There was another hot one but not as hot as the one form UK. He was form Perdcio and had a boyfriend who lived in Mexico. After he showed me the out of the sates guys he showed me some of the ones in the states. There was Jai, OH MY GOD he was hot as the UK guy. He lived four hours form us. And he made me faint right when he spoke his voice was awesome. All I saw was his face the hear of his voice and I blacked out. The next thing I knew I was out in the lobby. "Jesus Christ kid!" Jessie said smiling at me. I blushed. "Iím just hungry I need dinner" I said making a quick excuse as I saw Jai. He smiled at me. "Well kid lest get you something to eat then." Jessie and Jai helped me up I smiled slightly and walked ahead of them seeing that the food was buffeted. I heard Jai laughing softly at me. He knew the truth and I was embarrassed. AS we got our food Jessie and me went to our table. A few things happened Well Jessie and Cole made speeches and then there was a few bisness stuff went on. After the desert and stuff and the speeches and all what else. There was some dancing and boy was that good. Jai and the UK guy danced with me the whole night I was in the middle between the two. Both of the grabbed me, grained up against me Jai with his hip in front and the dude from UK in the back. I leaned up against the guy form UK his name is Carson, and I pushed Jai more into me. The music was so dame loud that no one could hear my moans expect Carson and Jai. I rubbed my ass in Carson, which made me moan more. Jai and unbuttoned my dress shut and untucked it. He ran his hands all over my chest. I had my hand down his pants and I had my other hand pushed and squeezing Carsonís ass and as I pushed his put pushed him closer to my butt. I was so in heaven. AT the slow songs the slowed things down and I rested my head on Jaiís solder. Before I knew it the night was over and the both of them escorted me to Jessieís car. Jessie smiled at me I looked at Jessie and he looked like he had been crying. I had looked over and I saw Ned with some other guy. But Carson and Jai broke that when each one kissed me good-bye; by that time Jessie was in his car. Once they left I got in I looked at Jessie he was sobbing leaning over the steering wheel. I then felt bad. I was having a good time and here was Jessie who probably had the worst time of his life now sobbing before me.

I put my hand gently on Jessieís solder. "Iím so sorry, Jessie. I should have been there with you, I feel so bad here I was having a good time and here you were have the worst night of your life." I said to him. Jessie looked at me tears running down his face like a waterfall. "Oh kid, donít blame yourself. I wanted you to have a good time. I was having a good time myself when I saw Ned with someone new telling the same things he said to me god I feel like such a fool how could I have been so stupid to fall in love with HIM." Jessie said really upset he started to sob again. I raped my arm around him and comfort him. Me and Jessie where there for a bit when a nock on the window. I looked up and it was Cole. He didnít look too happy. Jessie looked up at him and Cole opened the door. "Iím so sorry about Ned, Iíll take you home." Cole said as he took the keys away form him and helped him out of the car. I got out. "Hey I can take him home." I said softly Cole snorted at me. "Like you know where he lives, pulse I want him to say with for awhile." Cole said to me. "Ok, but what about his car?" I asked. Cole looked at Eric. "Eric will fallow me." I looked at them Cole had took Jessie away and didnít let Jessie say a word. I sighed, "what the hell am I going to do for a ride then?" I yelled to him. He looked over at me. "Call a Cab." He said as he got in to his car. I looked at Eric he didnít even look at me. "GREATE" I said to myself. I watched them drive off. I started to say some cusses in Spanish. "Puto (trolo) de mierda!" as they were turned out of the parking lot, then I just went off with different cusses. "Boludo!" "Cogida" ""Esto en espaol, el fukcing de I can't belive esto odio esta mierda que odio mi vida de mierda." I was really pissed at this. I heard someone behind me. "Cabrito usted consigui una boca qu le consigui pissed apagado." Which means: "kid, you got a mouth, what got you pissed off?" I turned around the dude looked filmier maybe someone famous. I sighed. "Itís a long story." I said HE smiled "yeah I bet." He said. I nodded. I sat there not knowing what to do. The guy asked me. "Do you need a ride?" I smiled. Yeah. HE nodded then a limo pulled up. I told him where I lived and he told his driver where. IT wasnít long until I was back at my apartment before I left he said to me. "Traduzca el ingls al espaol puede el viento siempre estar en su parte posteriora y el sol siempre sobre su cara y los vientos del destino le lleva en alto para bailar con las estrellas." I smiled at him I knew who he was then I thanked him and went up to my apparent I smiled as the words played back to me. "May the wind always be at your back and the sun always upon your face, and the winds of destiny carry you aloft to dance with the stars."

I had slept in a little bet on Sunday. Once up I didnít care what I was wearing but I just put my shoes on and I left to go to Chases house. I explained to what happened yesterday. I even told him about Carson and Jai. He laughed. "Sounds like you had a pretty good night except for the end of the night." Chase said handing me my notes he copied for me. I thanked him and chilled for a while. Then I headed home and did some homework and study he said that next class is a test and lab. I had to study then I took a shower and got ready for work. Just as I was about leave my cell phone rang. "Hello" I said. "Hey, Jole Iím sorry about last night and were open to day and come in normal time." Jessie said in a rush. "Ok, whatís with the rush?" I asked. There was silence. "Nothing just be here." Jessie said and then hung up. I stared at my cell Iím like o.k. What the hell was that? Then I headed to work. Once I got there Jessie handed me the bag with my cloths I threw it in the back. The Jessie when to the bar I guess heís working the bar tonight. I saw Cole he came up to me and started to be a drill sergeant. "YOUR EXPICTED TO WORK RIGHT WHEN YOU COME IN SO NOW GET TO IT YOU MAGOT" I just stare at him. Iím like what the fuck. "DO WHAT YOUR TOLD BOY!" he scrammed at me everyone was looking at me. "Whatever Cole." I said and I started to walk away. He stopped me and threw me agents the wall and he had a death grip on me. "DONíT WHATEVER ME! I DESERVE RESPICT NOW GET YOUR ASS GOING AND WORK," then his voice gets low. "And if I hear that you hurt Eric EVER I will kill you. Also stay away form Jessie." His voice was cold and harsh. I didnít say anything to him because if I did it would hurt. I pushed Cole out of my way and walked around to get peopleís orders. While I was doing that Cole hit me. When I was writing down some guys order. He whispered in my ear. "Donít you dare push me and when I say you can go you can." I looked at him and then asked the guy what was his order. "The Coconut Shrimp." He said. I nodded and wrote it down once I got every ones orders I gave it to the cook. I did whatever and then I started handing out the food. Someone did order a soda and I went up to the bar where you get it and I said "Jessie could you get me a soda a consumer asked for one and never got it." I said professionally. Jessie nodded and did the soda thing and I went to got take it to the guy when Cole stopped me. "Your not aloud to serve drinks." He said coolly "its soda." I said He smelled it and gave me that look that was like your lucky. I gave the dude his drink while I was doing that I sneakily looked at Jessie he eyed me back he gave me that look that itís going to be ok. It wasnít very convincing but I went on with the rest of my job. Jessie told me when it was time for me to get ready for my performance. I wrote some really good lyrics and I did it with the piano. I knew it so I can accurate with it. I had one song I wrote that was really sad and thatís how I felt. I wrote all sad ones just in a quick time form them to take the piano out to the stage and for me to perform. I started out with the beautiful start on the piano. Then I sang really good with it I sang with so much feeling and I sang like I meant those words. I looked around and I had everyone quit and everyone attain. I saw Jessie behind the bar listing. For some strange reason Cole got angry. At the last song was about me and that I was sorry for my mistakes and wish I could take back each of the heartache and start over. I guess he didnít like that much. When I just realize Eric was there helping Jessie Eric must have stopped or got teary eyed. Cole had attacked me and pushed me down on the ground I had stopped playing and singing. He started beating me up badly I think Eric stopped him and pulled him away form me Jessie took me away to the dressing room and had some guy clean me up with first aid shit. I looked at him and I for some reason my vision was blurry. I temped to say something but he hushed me. "SHH, donít speak donít move." He said his voice was soothing and nice to hear. I sighed I didnít know why but right then and there I wanted to call chase.

Once I was all cleaned up and my vision was back. I saw that it was Jai. I smiled softly. " Thank you, now I got some problem to take care of." I said. Iím not one to let someone beat me up but Cole cult me off guard and I really donít like beating up people; but when I have to years of marshal arts pays off. Jai smiled it made me weak and it feels like there where butter flies in my stomach. "Donít do anything stupid." He said softly to me. I nodded. "I wonít." I said and I walked out of the dressing room. I went up to Cole. "Can I have a little chat with you out side." I said. Cole gave me a cold stare. "Sure." I let him lead the way. Once out side where no one could see us I rammed him up against the brick wall I clenched my teeth. "How dare you embarrassed me like that. I didnít to anything to you. I donít give a shit what Eric told you but you donít go up to his exís and start beating him up. What the fuck is wrong with you. How old are you 13?" I said getting in to his face I was obviously stronger then him. Cole gave me a cold stare. I laughed. "Do you think that cold stare scares me? I donít care what you think of me, if youíre a boss you donít teat people like that Iím not in the army. And about Jessie, Where just friends. He as a mind of his own and let him decide what he wants pulse I wouldnít date my boss," I said as I let him go. He stringed his cloths out, I wasnít finished. "Now, we can settle this like adults or Iím just wasting my time here." Cole just started at me. I waited for an answer. Cole Finally did give me one. "Fine, Youíre the pathetic kid and Iím the boss now get back to work or Iíll fire you." He said. I turned on my heals and walked in. I mumbled to myself, "Your more like the pathetic kid." And I started to collect peopleís dirty dishes. Cole and Eric left while I was in the back finishing up cleaning the rest of the dirty dishes. I helped Jessie clean up Jai helped us as well. "What did you say to Cole?" asked Jessie. I smiled. "Nothing really just basically told he that he was acting like a 13 year old. Why you ask." I said as I was putting a chair on the table the same time as Jai. "Well he apologized me on pushing me around and for acting like a complete idiot." I smiled. "I donít think it was form me maybe some of it is but I think it was of Eric." I said as I got the broom and started sweeping. "I think Jole is right, I herd a headed conversation between the two of them in the dressing room next to the one Jole was in I herd it when I was getting the first aid kit." Said Jai. I looked at him. He made me feel so weak I had never felt like that before. He made feel hole again. There must have been a look on my face because Jessie teased me. "Looks like Jole has a crush on someone." I laughed. "I donít get crushes thatís kids stuff." I said offensive. "ummhumm." Said Jessie as he started closing up the bar. Jai was laughing softly to himself. I just looked at him in the corner of my eye as I was getting the dirty shit in the trashcan that was on the floor I keep thinking to myself. Why dose he make me feel so weak. After the closing up we headed to our cars. Jessie and me thanked Jai for helping us. Jessie left first he seemed not there I frowned. I looked over and Jai hadnít left yet. "Youíre still here?" I asked softly. Jai nodded and smiled. "I just wanted to make sure that your ok." He said with his soothing voice. I though wow this dude is sweet my stomach started to flip-flops now that he was close to me. "Iím fine it just a little bruising itís nothing." I said shrugging. Jai smiled. "Are you sure?" He asked concerned. I nodded. "Yeah Iím sure." Jai made me SO weak I just didnít know why I felt this while he was around me. "Donít worry about me Iíll be just fine." I said touching his solder god was he so warm and muscular. He smiled. "Alright. Here is my number if you need someone to talk to." He said and he handed me a peace of paper. I took it. I wanted to dance with joy and be like "Yeah" but I kept my cool. "Thanks Jai." I said softly. He nodded and walked away. I got into my car and drove home.

Monday was normal really. Get up dress, school, and my office job, which I got piled up with files to scan. At lunch brake, that was really interesting because they where talking about gays and different ways they would have sex and these dudes were wondering what it felt like to be with a guy. I had the hardiest time not listing and trying not to laugh at the stuff they were completely wrong about and choke on my food on how close they came to the truth. I was just sitting on the other side of the conference table listing to them they then moved down to I was. "So, whatís your though on all this, we know youíve been listing so, how do you think guys suck dick." Said one of them he was hot. I developed that nerves laugh. The other guy with the red hair and cherry red brown eyes smiled. "Well?" I looked between the two, "Are you guys serious?" The blue eyed one had this look like are you chicken. "Yes we are." He said. "I think, itís the same as your girlfriends but probably a lot better because guys know what guys want and like. Girls have to learn what us guys want." I said hiding my nervousness. Mr. Blue eyes walked off the other end he seemed really confused and he opened up the small fridge and took out a bottle of coke. He headed out of the door with one of those looks like he was questing his on sexuality. I looked over at the red head. He was till eating his pasta. I smiled He was really hot. He looked up at me with a look that expressed that he was secretly gay. A look I know soo well. I was fished with my food and I got up and walked out and went straight to work. Five oíclock rolled around quickly and I couldnít wait to leave. I was the last one to leave because Mr. OíNeal had a little chat with me about doing more then I am doing. So I might be getting a promotion. As I walked to my car I saw him he hot red head. He smiled. I approached him. He pushed me up agents my car has hand firmly on my chest he looked at me in the eyes and said "Now show me how well guys give head."

"Hole shit!",I though. He got up close to me I could feel his breathing go down my neck. I could feel his hard on, on my leg. He whispered in my hear it was almost like he was blowing into it, "Do, I have to beg," and he licked my ear and blew on it. He moved his hand down at the same time he grabbed at my pants like in that commercial for I think it was for GAP or something. "Whatís youíre name?" I said breathlessly. He just smiled at me and said. " My name is Jude, My parents are Beatles fans I was name after the song Hay Jude." He said looking in to my eyes. I smiled. After he told me his name he got on his hands and knees and he was close to my goods and he begged. "Please, show me how guys suck dick." He even did the puppy face. I did one of my laughs. "Get into my car before someone sees you! You look pathetic." He stood up and walked over to the passenger side and got in my car I got in as well and drove out of the parking lot. I had hours before I start work again. I had drove not far form the office so that Jude I could drop him off quickly after It was in an area of shade and not populated. As soon as I turned off the car and put the keys in my pocket, Jude was all over me. I could tell it was his first time being with a guy so I though to give him a good experience. I stopped him and pulled him in the back seat with me I pushed him down and gave him a really good French kiss. I lifted up his shirt, and this kid had mussels it was very tone and defined. I ran my hands down his chest. I started kissing him slowly down his chest. I nibbled in his nipples and a small moan escaped his lips. His nipples got even harder and poked out more I worked my way down. With my teeth I unbuttoned his pants and I pulled them down. Then with my teeth I pulled down his CKís. I had his boxers and pants down with his shoes. Judeís penis was sight up about an 8" incher. I ran my tongue down his shaft and pre cum oozed out of his tip. I ran my tongue over the tip of his penis licking up the pre cum that was oozing out. Another moan escaped form Jude. Then I put my worm mouth over his penis I started sucking his tip sucking in more pre cum. Judeís moans became louder and I move in more my hole mouth over is cock. I started sucking, harder once I did it I heard him gasp. I though he was about to cum right there but he didnít, I put my hand behind his balls and started massaging behind it. Jude moaned loudly he moved his hips up and started fucking my mouth. I soon felt his balls tighten up and his opening open wide I put my tongue there and pushed against it and cum gushed out like a water main. It went down into my trough and I sucked all of it. Jude was moaning really loud as he orgasmed. I pulled away and said. "Thatís how guys suck dick."

Once I dropped off Jude at his hear I headed straight home and I worked on my homework. After I took a shower to get ready for Jessieís bar. When I was in the shower I realized that my poor cock was begging for attain. I took care of my problem. I got out of the shower and I dressed in the uniform of leather pants and a tight t-shirt. I let my hair go freely since it was down to my solders. I looked dame sexy if I may say so. I then headed to work. I started up right away. Cole and Eric where shill there and I donít how long they are going to be here. Jai was sill visiting he brought bunch of friends with him. I got too meet them while I took their orders. "Hey, Jole" said Jai. I smiled my stomach did those flip flops again. I smiled. "Hey, Whatís up, are you guys ready to order." I said as I had the tablet in my hand. Jai smiled. "Nothing much, whatís going with you?" I shrugged. "Just school and work, keeping myself busy." I said He nodded. "Well Jole these are my very good friends." He said pointing to the three. I smiled "Hi" I said. The one in pink smiled he was very tan and had the most gorgeous blue eyes Iíve ever seen and blond hair. He introduced himself first "Iím Kyan" I nodded then the other one answered he had chary wood honey brown eyes and brown hair. He was a bit giggly and juddery. "Iím Gavin" I smiled and nodded. "Well I was nice meeting you to." Then after that Jai told me what he wanted and so did Kyan and Gavin. I did my rounds, my usual retain.

When it was my brake one of the people form the band Leo the one I asked to perform with me a couple of weeks ago. He spotted me at the part eating my food and drinking a Pepsi. He came over to me. "Hey, I was wondering if you would like to join my band?" He asked. I smiled. " I donít know because for one I go to bucks I have a day job and I have this job every night so I wonít be able to go to gigs. On top of everything else do you really want a gay guy in your band?" I said biting into my chicken sandwich. Leo Looked at me. "Well, we can perform here every night they seemed to like us a lot and you bring in chemistry to our band and we donít care if your gay and a matter of fact Iím bisexual." Leo said. I smiled "Sure, Do you have any material so that we can go over it while Iím on my brake?" I asked. Leo nodded and went to get the rest of the band. I gathered up my food and went to a room where we could practice until I got back to work. I got them to go that way.

When it was my turn I got Jessie to announce us and we did songs that I made up last time and the songs they made up and we did a song together as a group. We where really a hit, people started dancing and charring us on. It felt good. The Band and me worked out a way for us to practice when I donít have work and when I have time. I worked my ass off after I preformed. I then helped Jessie close and Jai and his friends stayed to help us out. Well Kyan and Gavin helped anyways Jai was somewhere I donít know. Jessie said that I could leave so I did. When I was walking out I could hear people talking and one of the voices was Eric. I stayed in the dark shadow and where they couldnít see me but I could heard them Well. "Believe me I got him I know now he is falling form me," said Jai. "Well, I hope so I really want him to fall for you then I also want you to do what is planned I want him to feel what it is like." Said Eric there was excitement in his voice. "And be sure you tape everything when you do it, Make him cry. Make him wish he was never born. No guy would date him anyways expressly you Jai. Heís totally not your type and he is out of your league." Said Cole. Jai laughed coldly. "Yes Iíd never date him but Iím doing this for good friends of mine." I couldnít believe what I heard I could feel the lurch in my heart. I really was falling for Jai I might have even fall in loved with him that explains the butterflies in that are in my stomach every time Iím near him. I could feel my eyes welling up I quickly walked back in side. I didnít want them to see me I went into Jessieís office he was in there alone. I closed the door and locked it and pulled down the shade. I looked at Jessie. "AM I a Joke to you? Are you really against me because if you are you better say it now! Are you apart of the plane!" I said angry and hurt. Tears where in my eyes but never fell.

Jessie jumped up form his seat and looked at me. He really didn't know what I was talking about. "What are you ranting about Jole?" he said with a confused look on his face. I lowered my voice some. "Don't Play Dumb with me! I Know What You Guys are Up To! I'M Just a BIG Joke to you guys!" I said kind of yelling at him in a way that know one could hear me. "Jole, What are you talking about, Your not a joke." He said looking at me with concern in his eyes. Some strange reason I knew that Jessie wasn't on there side. I plumbed down in a chair. I put my hands in my face for a bit holding back the tears and fought down the urge to cry. I took a deep breath and I began telling him about what happened between Eric and me my version of it. Once I told him about that I pause before telling him what I heard out side yet again fighting down the urge to cry. I explained the butterflies in my stomach and how I felt when I was around Jai. Once I explained that I told him what I heard. Jessie looked really sad. He didn't know what to say he just walked over to me and gave me a hug there I lost it I cried into his solder the tears where poor like a waterfall making his shirt soaked. I had calmed down after a few mints I collected myself before going out of his office. Jessie still didn't know what to say but he seemed very angry. When, it looked like I wasn't crying I got up and unlocked the door before opening it I turned to him. "What was said here and went on here stays here and between you and me. I don't want them that I know their plane and Promise me you won't do or say anything." Jessie walked over to me and gave me a hug. "I promise." And he kissed me on the forehead and I opened the door and walked out. Gavin, Kayn, and Jai greeted me. "Hello" I said sleepily. "Hello" the said at once. I nodded. "Well if you excuse me but I'm tired and I'd like go home." I said as I headed out of the door. Jai and his friends fallowed me out. I got to my car and got in quickly. I turned over my car and I was about to go when Kayn and Gavin stood at my door. I rolled down the window. They smiled at me. "It was nice meeting you" said Gavin. "It was nice meeting you both." I said. Kayn looked at me like he had something important to say. "Hey, I'm sorry to cut this short I want to go home and sleep." I said I started to pull out. "Wait Jole!" Said Kayn. I stopped and Gavin had gone over where Jai was standing. "Yeah what is it Kayn." HE sighed sadly. "I'm sorry about what you heard, I fallowed you out and I heard too. I don't know what's with Jai he's usually not like that." Tears must have flowed back in to my eyes because Kayn looked even sadder. "You really like him do you?" HE said softly. "Well not anymore and I already feel like shit that's why I moved here why doesn't anyone see that. I Just want to be left alone I want everyone to leave me alone. Who cares about your friend Jai because I don't?" I said and I pulled out and left out of there. I didn't go home. I went to where I'd have my class. I put my books in my car out of habit. It was incase I was being fallowed call me paranoid but I didn't want them fallowing me to my apartment.

I woke up to a nock on my window I looked up and it was the parking lot police. I sat up and rolled own my window. "Where you here all night son?" said the officer. I stretched, "I think so, I wonít do it again sir. I have to get to class." I said as I looked at my watch. The police gave me one of those looks that I better not and that he letting me go this time or Iíd get a fine or something. I grabbed my books and headed to class.

The day went really slow. Nothing really exciting, but I have good news. Cole and Eric had left and went back to New Jersey! THANK YOU GOD! Jai and his friends are still around they are going back tomorrow. So what they have told me. I did a victory dance when I found out they had left. I mean could you blame me. I was tired of seeing there faces and it still hurts me when I look at Eric. I talking to Jai just a little but Iím keeping myself very busy so that I didnít have to have a long talk with him. As a matter of fact I wouldnít care if I ever speak to him again. I just wonder if he knows I heard him or not.

I did get the time to hang out with Chase and Jay; gosh did I miss hanging out with them. They made me feel better when I told them what has been going on with me. Jay got a girlfriend! Her name is Mel. She the sweeties cutest thing. I like her a lot. And JJ seems happy. Thatís what Iím calling him now. Chase seems like there is a lot on his mind. I donít know what but he seems to be in his own world. So, When where alone and Mel and JJ went off on there own to do "Stuff". "So Chase whatís going on?" I asked consered. Chase looked at me he knew I knew there was something on his mind. "Nothing Jole, everything is cool." He said trying to convince me but I wasnít convinced. "No, Chase, Thereís something wrong. I know there is its written all over your face." Chase sighed he seemed to get bet annoyed a little. "ItísÖ Jole, STOP WORRING ABOUT ME!" he snapped at me. I looked at him. "Now I know there is something up with you and Iím your friend I should worry about you." I said softly I put my hand on his solder. He quickly shoved it off and pushed me away. " I DONíT WANT YOU TO AND IF YOU REALLY MY LEAVE ME ALONE!" he said yelling at me and backing away. "WELL A REAL FRINED DOSENíT LEAVE FRIENDS ALONE WHEN SOMETHING IS UP THEY STICK BY THEM!" I said yelling back at him. I stood up and walked over towered him he seemed to be acting funny and he pushed me away. "Then donít be my friend, I donít want you as my friend." He said harshly. I took a few stapes back and I had walked in to JJ. "What the hell is your problem Chase!" he said. Chase looked up at us. "JUST LEAVE ME ALONE" he yelled and stormed to his car and drove off. I sat down on the porch chairs of JJís house. "This is the worst week ever could it get any worse." I said. I didnít know what was wrong with Chase but I know that JJ and me are going to get the bottom of this. Nothing was answered until after my work at Jessieís Bar.

My whole life seems like a soap opera. I hate it! I hope my life starts getting back to normal. What ever that is! Today is Friday and the night is cool and damp. Iím on my brake. Tonight I wonít be doing my performance. One of the guys in my band has the flue. So where not playing to night so instead Iím doing my homework in Jessesí office. Before I can do that I get interrupted form typing up a paper that someone wants to talk to me out side in the back. Once out side I saw JJ and Chase. "Ello." I said as it barely came out of me. JJ smiled at me. "Hey Jole, howís work?" JJ asked me. I smiled. "Good, how is Mel?" I said walking words them. Chase was quit. "Fine," then he looked over at Chase then back at me. "Well, I believe someone wants to talk to you alone. See you in class Saturday." He then walked over to his car and got in. I waved at him good-bye and that Iíd see him Saturday.

There was a long since between us. Good thing that I got a lot of my work done. I looked over at Chase he seemed to be collecting his thoughts and probably deciding were to begin. I waited for a few more mints for him to say something. I took a deep breath and was about to say something when Chase finally spoke up. "Iím sorry about what happened the other night. Lots of shit has been going on that I was afraid. Yeah I know you wouldnít do anything and you where just trying to see what was wrong with me. I acted like a complete psycho." Chase said all at once and surprisingly understood it too. "You acted like someone who was really angry and took it out on me. I think it could have been anyone. Because whatever happened and holding it in doesnít help and you become a ticking bomb," I continued before he said anything else, "itís not good to hold things in especially if itís something that brakes someone down. You know you can come to me or Jay if you need anyone to talk to." I was looking at him by the time I finished talking. Chase had a depressing look on his face. "Yes, I know. I always hold things in." Chase was looking straight at the building. "Well, donít, when you need some one to talk to come to me anytime." I said I wanted him to tell me whatís going on in his little head. Chase looked up at the sky. "Yeah, I know." Then we where quit again. Chase had his face in his hands. At first I didnít realize that he was crying until I hard the sniffles. I put my arm around him and told him that everything is going to be ok. He shook his head. "No, no itís not." He said sobbing. I pulled his hands away form his face and looked in to his tear streaked face. "Itís just not going to be alright! Itís going to be hell." He said. I pulled him in towards me and held him. "Chase, what happened, " I said softly. He had his face in to my chest crying. After a bit he calmed down. He pulled back and I then moved and sat next to him. He turned to me. "I was drunk one night at a party that my little brother pulled off. He had bunch of people there gays, lesbians, and straight, towards the end of the party I was SOO plastered that I didnít know what I was doing. I, I donít even remember it happing." He said closing his eyes as more tears fell. "What happened!" I exclaimed. Chase mumbled it at first. I couldnít understand. "Wut?" I asked his lips quivered. "I had a threesome with two other guys at the party. I donít even remember it, and the worst of all, one of them says he remembers it and that I enjoyed it and asked them if they wanted to have sex." Chase said in the crying voice and sobbed again after he said it. "Chase, Chase." I said softly and hugged him pulling him in to me. "Iím really sorry that happened, and I could only imagine what your going threw right now. What happened that night doesnít really mean anything, and it definitely doesnít mean that youíre turning gay or bi or anything; you where just drunk and didnít know what the hell you where doing and would probably do anything when your plastered." Chase just cried. I did all I could do to calm him down. When Chase did calm down he looked up at me. "What am I going to do, What if people make fun of me and say that Iím gay and had a threesome with two gay guys." I shrugged. "Well me and JJ can beat the hell out of them if they do." Chase smiled. He looked around and saw that he had no ride. "Um, I guess Jay left. Mind after your work driving me home?" I smiled. "No problem, come in with me and Iíll but you somewhere where your safe." Chase nodded and flowed after me.

After everyone left except for Jai and his friends who where helping me and Jessie out. I got Chase to help me. He was flowing me around Kyan was eyeing him. "So which one is Jai the one in the green or the one with white pants." Chase whispered to me. "The one in the green is Kyan, he seems come a like in you." I said half smile. Chase had a look like Ďwhat the fuck eww why meí looks. I giggled. "Oh you think itís funny wait until later Iíll get you." Chase said helping me put the chairs up. "Yeah riiiiiiiigggggght." I said as I slipped where Jessie just moped running right into Jai and him falling on top of me making an odd position. Chase was laughing hysterically on his knees. Kyan and Jessie where laughing just as hard. Jaiís whole front body was touching mine. I could feel everything of him. For a slit seconded I forgot that I was avoiding him and I forgot what I had heard all that I was thinking about was his hot worm body up against mine. I got semi hard when I could feel the worth of his man hood against mine. His face was real close to mine our lips almost touched. I came back to reality and I turned beat red. Looking at the odd position we where in. I laughed slightly. It was a nervous laugh. I looked down and remembered what I heard. I begin to feel sad because I know I wouldnít let him hurt me and that we will never be. I felt him slide off of me and stood up. I got up and went to finish up closing. Everyone else was laughing. I laughed with them so that my feelings didnít show threw. Chase stopped when he saw threw my fakeness put Jessie, Kyan, and Jai where still all laughing. Once they calmed down we all left and Jessie locking behind us. I said my good-byeís because I knew Jai and his friends where leaving to go back home. I hugged Jessie good by and told him that Iíd see him tomorrow night and headed to my car with Chase beside me.

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