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The Tutor

by Wesley P. Benson

Frank glanced up at the clock as he sifted over the lesson he was planning and nervously realized that he only had some twenty minutes before that next session began. Simultaneously he thought of the student he was preparing so hard for, and shook his head giving a disparaging grunt. Frank was an olive skinned five foot, ten inch twenty year old sophomore, his dark hair parted in the middle was fully moussed, his face bore a constant 'five-o'clock-shadow' though his skin was smooth and fresh. His body was trim, no fat – though no real muscle either -- but still ‘nice’. Because of his scholastic standing – and his need for money -- he was a college sponsored mentor for six of his peers and worked hard to help each one to advance and succeed. Taking great pride in the fact that he had helped each one to become a little better through his efforts, and justifiably so.

All, of course, but one, and no matter how hard he tried with this one, nothing seemed to click. This poor soul was just not getting it. And there was almost no time left for him, the semester was coming quickly to an end. It had been a growing frustration for Frank all that year. Sadly, this pupil was a nice enough guy he just seemed to have no brain. As Frank drifted one last time over his notes, there was a knock at the door, and he glanced again at the clock wondering if his pupil was early as his door opened.

“Hey professor,” Stephen announced as he flung the door open, holding the door knob with one hand and the door frame with the other, he just sort of leaned into the room “your star pupil is down stares.” he smiled wide eyed in a comical attempt to make Frank smile.

“Stop it.” Frank grinned. “Is that nice?” Steve had only recently been taking up time with Frank, and things between them were quickly solidifying, though nothing ‘sexual’ had happened yet. Still it was only a matter of time.

“Hey are you done after this one?" Stephen asked.

"Yeah......"he replied, taking his time to be carefully coy, so as not to show too much interest in the unspoken proposal he knew was coming.

"Think you'd like to go for a ride after." he asked Frank hopefully. "It's a fantastic day out there." Frank just shrugged his head in a non-committal way and the two just sort of looked at each other silently, allowing more to be said in their smiles, then any words could say. Stephen was a tall sort of husky twenty two year old Junior, living in the same frat house. His light brown hair was cut very short, he wore round fashionable glasses. His disposition was one that usually wore a smile; though he did have a multitude of odd habits. He had a nice red car and was usually fun to be with and had a reputation of being sexually 'active' with quite a few of the Gay guys on campus. In any case, he aroused Frank pleasantly.

"OK," Stephen said trying to be equally disinterested, "could be a plan." his smile became a more alluring invitation now as their eyes focused in on each other. "I'll send your buddy up." He said more softly as he slowly closed the door behind him. Sighing, Frank straightened up his desk a bit and pulled another chair over. A second or two later, there was another knock at the door; his student quietly walked in.

"Hi Chris." Frank announced looking up at the nineteen year old freshman for only a moment. Chris was on the track team, and had a runner’s body with a glowing tan from being outside a lot. Tight muscles, and a hairless very aerodynamic shape – while you couldn’t call him muscular, certainly every line was in place. His blond hair was fashionably short and mussed to stand up in the front. His blue eyes were clear and invitingly complemented his clean, healthy complexion; his face bore just the beginnings of a mustache. He was cute, and very pleasant to look at.

"Hey Frankie." Chris smiled. He was very sexy in his smile and it always stirred up feelings for Frank. But Chris was a jock, Frank knew him as a typical 'straight dude'. So he always tucked any feelings that might have 'come up' for Chris; tucked them far away in the back of his mind. He didn't want the kind of escapade one might have with a hot straight guy. Just a few minutes in the quick and down the road ya go. That wasn't for Frank. He wanted a relationship – something a lot more than the old ‘in and out, in and out ’. Something like what he might be able to make with Steven. Still, Chris was a real hotty, and definitely a fine fantasy for those once in a while times when he was alone with only his thoughts and his hand.

"So then, this is probably our last time at this Chris." Frank said trying to be hopeful.

"Yeah, I've really had that on my mind too." Chris replied through a sigh; he seemed to be a bit pensive.

"You nervous about the final on Thursday?" Frank asked feeling empathetic towards him. Remembering that his own studies hadn't always all come easy either. He knew what it was -- how it felt inside -- to be a student in trouble, and felt bad for Chris.

"The final?" Chris asked as if Frank had mentioned something unknown to him.

"Yes, the final......." he grimaced. "Your English final??" now his patients and understanding was turning to total dismay.

"English...." Chris grinned, looking away from Frank’s face to stare down at the desk with its array of books and papers. "Yeah, the is Thursday." he sighed.

"What.......what did you think I was...." and Frank was unable to finish. He was feeling as if all his work had been for nothing.

"Errr.....I though....." Chris announced softly, almost as if he had become some how disappointed or depressed a bit. Letting his body fall back into the chair he replied, "I thought you were talkin' about this being our last meeting."

"Well, yes......" Frank said shaking his head. "I mean that is why you're here. Right?" They looked at each other for a silent time, and in their eyes was a whirling tempest of emotions. Then from deep inside Chris's stare, Frank began to feel something "different". A strange sense of the unknown, something not felt before. Chris was knitting his eyebrows and frowning in a sullen deepness.

"Look, Frankie." he began speaking after the silence. But his words were caught momentarily on some jagged edge of cognitive reality deep within. The sense of the moment and the feelings he was picking up from Chris dumbfounded Frank, and so he too shifted in his chair a bit, silent and waiting to hear his student's out pouring. "I know I should have thought about this before..." and then he stopped again, heaving a heavy sigh, and looking away momentarily. And then suddenly as if with a desire to force out of himself what was welling up deep inside he threw his words out to Frank all at once.

"I was never really good with shit like this." he said turning to look deep into Frank's eyes as if expecting, or hoping to see something. "I'm not here to learn English Lit."

"I don't understand Chris." Frank questioned. And again there was a bit of a pregnant silence that only served to further frustrate Chris.

"Look," and fidgeting in his chair again he began his explanation in earnest, "you don't make any real big secret about.....well, like.....who you are."

"I'm lost now Chris." Frank blurted out in frustration. Beginning to sense something 'bad' in all of this he began to tighten up a little and Chris could sense it.

"OK..." Chris groaned shaking his head, tensing at his inability to confront the 'demon' in its moment. Knowing that to just rush forward was probably the best way to deal with what he had to say and do, he took a deep breath and threw his words out at Frank. "You're Gay!"

Frank got a little dizzy then and began to fear the fears only a Gay guy fears. When spoken by friends the term Chris used was good, when you hear it on the six o'clock news it's mildly 'OK', but when spoken by a straight jock just inches away from you, it's a little scary. And Frank didn't have any idea where all of this was going.

"I mean there's no big sign er nothin' " Chris continued with a sort of grin, "but everyone knows. I mean......"

"Wait Chris......maybe we should just stop this now." Frank announced sternly and began to try and get up from his seat in a tense effort to put some space between the two of them as a matter of ‘just in case’.

"No....Frankie PLEASE!" Chris stammered as he reached out and laid hands on Frank to keep him in place. "I took these lessons not 'cause I needed help with English..." and again there was a pause as he stared even deeper into Franks dark eyes, "I know it was wrong, but...I did be near you!" The words came like dark echoes into Frank’s ears and mind as he heard and felt them at the same instant. "I let you tutor me 'cause I wanted to make it with you." and as he spoke, his physical hold on Franks softened. "You couldn't see that? You mean ya never felt it, deep down?" But Frank couldn't answer. His brain was deep into overload.

"I like you." Chris choked ever so softly. "I like you a lot." And for the first time they looked at each other in a different way, a brand new light, as if the two had somehow -- suddenly metamorphosized. And when the stun slowly wore off Frank found Chris was caressing him with one arm, while holding his other hand affectionately. "I want you." Still unable to mouth words Frank slowly began to grin though he was actually trying to smile, and then sort of cocked his head dumbly like a rabbit caught in the headlights of an on coming car; Frank watched in slow motion as Chris leaned over coming towards him slowly and brought their lips together in a kiss. It was a soft, tender kiss at first, but there was definitely something hot -- searing hot – evidently welled up behind that tenderness; and it was all about to explode.

In the kiss, Frank hadn't closed his eyes at first, almost in distrust of not only the moment but also of his own senses. Then as the heat of Chris's pent up overload washed over him, he began a slow, steady melt down. A second later he felt the slow intrusion of a tongue slipping past his lips and into his mouth. After that, it was all over.

"Please Frankie," Chris whimpered through a flutter of hot kisses, "Can you...can you want me too?" Rather than words Franks only response was a mumbled sort of ‘sound’.

"You always make me so hard." Chris gasped still kissing and now pawing all over Franks willing body. "Please Frankie." he whispered in a voice that pleaded “Feel how hard!" As he whispered his words of wanton desire, Frank too became inflamed and the two were shifting and squirming in their chairs.

"Feel how hard!!!" Chris said now in an almost demanding groan. “Please.” And at that he slipped out of his own chair and sort of got on top of Frank, who instinctively slid down in his own seat just enough to allow Chris to straddle his body. In an effort to steady the two, Frank cupped the two firm lobes of Chris's hot tight ass, instinctively giving the two firm round globes a slow, soft squeeze. Then came the lust filled demand again, somewhat softer then before.

"Feel how hard I am for you." Chris smiled, and they stopped tonguing for a moment to leer deeply into each other’s eyes. Frank couldn't help himself; slowly he glided his hands from those round firm mounds and over Chris's outer thighs to slide his palms between their writhing bodies finding the rock hard protrusion in Chris crotch; this was what his hot athlete had warned him of.

Now Chris slowly raised himself off of Frank and leaning back was able to rest his buns on the desk behind him. His face full of smiles Chris spread his legs and watched in delight as Frank -- now in the full spirit of the moment -- ran one hand over Chris's throbbing cock through the fabric of his jeans while massaging his balls with the other. Frank looked as if he had become 'sexually zombified ' and was just smiling away as he stared at the welcome, massive bulge; trying to imagine just what it would look like with out the tight confining jeans as he ran his hands over the growing mass of hot sex flesh.

"Here," Chris chuckled childishly as he began to unfasten his jeans and with a slow teasing motion pulled down the zipper. "wanna meet Howard?". Frank looked up at Chris's face and laughed for a moment. "I've always called him Howard." He explained in child-like fashion as he opened his jeans and slid them down slightly. Frank, using both hands, grasped at the elastic band of Chris's boxers as he slowly, tantalizingly pulled them downward, exposing the pulsing thick seven inches and heavy-laden sack.

"Yep..." Chris chuckled once again, "that's Howard." Unable to resist temptation, Frank pulled Chris's balls over the elastic using them to hold the underwear in place, and gazed at 'Howard' affectionately. Then, still mesmerized, he wrapped both hands around the base of the shaft and slowly slid them forward.

"OH GOD!" Chris gasped in a horsed whisper, and he took hold of Frank’s forearms with his hands in an effort to ease the electric shock waves Frank had just sent up his tender, throbbing cock. "Please!!" he whispered, pleading in torment; and the two panted passionately, peering into each other’s eyes. His words melted Frank, and brought out a strange male maternal-like instinct that beckoned at his hearts strings making him 'desire internally' to ‘help’ Chris. Knowing intuitively what his student needed just then, Frank parted his lips and began to cover Chris's dick with his own hot, wet, willing mouth. Chris sighed a whimper like gasp, and all at once his body began to twitch; grasping the desk with his hands and tried to hold himself up as he began to pant.

Still using one hand to massage and tug tenderly at Chris's balls, Frank bobbed his head slowly up and down on the still thickening shaft as his soft, sucking lips worked a marvelous magic on Chris's cock. Frank had only done this a few times before, but there is a sort of natural, internal manual on the art of sex each of us possesses. Mysteriously, it remains unknown until the time comes to use it, and then in the magic of the moment you find yourself just doing it. And Frank was just doing it fine.

As he continued sucking on Chris's cock, Chris began to peel out of his shirt and desperately tried to slip out of his no longer needed or wanted jeans. Grasping the idea, Frank helped him squiggle out of the clothing and then together, the two freed Frank of his encumbering clothes as well, until the two ending up naked on the floor.

Running their hands over and over the silky, hairless skin of their hot bodies for a time, just admiring each other and building up steam. Chris then grasped his partner’s private parts, curling his fingers around Frank's long hard shaft to caress it lovingly. Wanting it, though just not really sure how to 'do it'. These caresses sent spasms of electrical seizures into Frank's whole body, making his toes wiggle! For a moment or two Chris thought about what to do with the dick in his hands, then putting his thoughts into action he began by bringing the head of it to his lips. Breathing in the scent of Frank's hot throbbing maleness, he brought his hand up the shaft this time and let his thumb and forefinger squeeze the silky, fuschia colored, ever sensitive head, as he did a luscious drop of pre-cum oozed out from the eye.

Chris looked at it for a moment as if it were more precious than gold and finally gave way to his own lust. He parted his lips slowly and brought out his tongue. As the head of Frank's cock met Chris's tongue, his lips wrapped tenderly, slowly around it and his mouth began a soft slow sucking. Though he had long desired it, up to now Chris had feared that ‘first time’ experience of dick in his mouth. Now, the taste of pungent male flesh and the salty fluid wasn't bad at all; in fact, he really liked it; yes he even craved it! So with just a slight grunt, he began taking in more and more of the love shaft, until it filled his mouth. Now after what had been a life time of dreaming about it, he was finally sucking a dick! And not just any old dick, he was going down on Frank.

Frank too, was impassioned by the hot, athletic body set before him like some sexual feast and began mouthing Chris's dick as well. He licked and teased at the flesh of that long shaft and went down on each of his big balls one at a time sucking on them and twirling his tongue over them as he made them slip rapidly in and out from between his soft man eating lips. First one, and then the other and then with pride he took in both of the athletic balls and swirled his wet, silky tongue around them. After having bathed Chris's sack with his tongue and mouth, he set about the loving task of working over the hot, thick, pulsing shaft that was Chris! He started at the tender pink head and began inserting it lovingly inside him, going down and down and still further down the shaft. Cramming Chris's cock past his mouth and deep down into his hot, willing throat. When he had finally buried his face into the freshmen’s thatch of glorious pubic hair, only then did he began to slowly ride the stiff shaft, letting his head slide up and then back down the beautiful, glistening white pole, making Chris groan.

"Uuummm..." Chris grunted passionately. He could feel what Frank was doing and desperately wanted to do exactly the same. But he had never sucked on a dick before and couldn't take it all in; for him Frank was just too damn big! So he did the very best he could and sucked and bobbed like a champ. Using his hand to stroke the part of the shaft he was unable to take into his mouth.

Chris was having a real effect on Frank who was now undulating his hips to fuck Chris's face. Enraptured by the moment and Chris's hot cock, he began to fondle and caress the athlete’s balls. Then as his passion mounted his pace began to quicken making his head go up and down faster and faster as his mouth rode the love-tool like some racing piston. Alternately heaving his head from side to side to give yet even more pleasure to his partner, he sucked harder and harder; his whole being wanted nothing more than to please Chris and bring him to orgasm. Then grabbing Chris's sack and making a fist he separated the tightening balls from the shaft giving a slow knowing tug, pulling downward on the sack. Chris moaned a whimper from the painful pleasure; it made him shift his own sucking into high gear. A few moments later, Chris couldn't take it any longer and spit Frank's cock out, as he panted and moaned, his body writhing out of pleasure filled anticipation. Then banging a fist on the floor and arching his back, he spoke.

GOD HELP ME!!!" and he clutched at Franks body. His words were like some tonic emblazoning his partner on. Frank continued knowing all too well he would soon receive his reward, the potion he so desperately craved; Chris's orgasm shooting into his waiting mouth was what he worked so hard for.

"You're gonna make me gonna make me cum!!!" Chris panted. And a moment later he arched his back, his face wrinkled and turned a beet red as his eyes bulged. A strong hard rocket like rush beginning from deep inside the depths of his body, and his fluids began their slow, thick electric flush up his cock shaft, as his nuts tightened hard into his body.

Chris grunted hard trying with all his might not to be so loud, fearing the whole frat house would hear him, but having little control now. A hot gasp of breath blew out from between his clenched teeth and past his lips; with that, spasm after wonderful spasm exploded out of his convulsing body as his hot sweet love juice gushed into Frank’s mouth. It was the hardest orgasm Chris had ever experienced. And it seemed never to end. Not just for Chris, but for Frank too. Gush after uncontrollable gush of cum flooded into Frank’s mouth. He tried to swallow it all, but there was ever so much! Chris's hot white fluid oozed out of Frank's lips to drool down his chin as his head continued bobbing wildly up and down the shaft. Slowly the orgasm and the flailing stopped, and with a thud the young man’s body melted onto the floor.

"O.K....O.K.!!" he panted grasping at Frank's head as it still worked on his now aching cock. Frank continued knowing fully that he was taking his buddy far beyond the orgasm and into another zone of pleasure mixed with sex pain.

"NO........NO NO NO!!! " Chris sort of chuckled as he sat up and began trying to tear Frank's mouth off his dick. Frank chuckled a bit himself, but refused to stop.

"PLEASE FRANKIE!!!!" Chris begged, "PLEASE....HONEY SSTTTOOPPPPP!!!" and Chris, grasping Frank's forehead forced Frank's mouth off of him, only to then collapse on the floor. A moment later the two were entwined, and again flooded each other with hot kisses and tender caresses.

"I didn't take you all the way." Chris smiled. “You didn’t cum!”

"Well.....we're not done are we?" Frank chuckled a bit as his eyebrows jumped. And again they kissed.

"I was never able to be as open about my feelings for other guys." Chris said after a long time.

"You say that as if I wasn't your first." Frank returned with a smile.

"Well....." Chris chuckled as memories began to flood his brain for a moment. "there was one other time...."

"Oh." Frank laughed teasingly as the two caressed.

"Seriously......just one......" Chris begged. "His name was Jason, and he came on to me."

"He was your first?" Frank questioned.

"Yes. That was in high school a long time ago, and it was nothing like what we just had. “A different look came over Chris's face for a moment then as he explained, "I always made on like I was totally straight. Even dated girls." then he laughed sheepishly, and admitted "Never did anything......really."

And with yet another amorous kiss he looked deeply into Franks eyes, and caressing his face vowed, "I know what I want now, and what I need." he whispered. "See......I came after you! From now on I want you, and I don't care about anything else or who knows it." One last impassioned kiss then, and the lesson was over.


The End

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