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Book Store

By Melina Catts April 10 2006

Kia was looking for a good book to read. He loved spending time at the local bookstore, walking up and down the aisles, smelling the mixed aroma of ink and coffee. He had always had a thing for books, ever since he could remember.

As a teenager, books had been his solace, his escape from the taunts and teasing. Kia had never fit in; he was never interested in sports or girls or any of the other things the boys his ages found so appealing. So it was no wonder that he still held a special place in his heart for a good novel.

He was standing in the GLBT section looking for something to reach out and grab his attention, but what caught his eye this time wasn't a book.

"Who do you like?" the dark haired beauty standing next to him asked.

"Huh?" Smooth answer.

"What author?"

"Oh, um, too many to name. Mann, Rice, Thomas."

"Simon," he turned and extended his hand. Kia noticed his full lips and dark mysterious eyes.

"Kia," he said, shaking the offered hand.

"You're here a lot. I've seen you before."

"Yeah, I guess so," Kia suddenly felt very shy.

"Can I buy you a cup of coffee?" Simon asked.


"Coffee? Over there?"

"Oh, yeah, sure." Kia was starting to feel like an idiot. What was it about this man that made his brain turn to mush? Kia had always been partial to dark skin, darker than his, and a nice ass. He couldn't help but notice Simon's firm buttocks as he followed him across the store.

"You're nervous," Simon said as they sat across from one another sipping lattes.

"Um, yeah, I guess so," Kia stammered with a little laugh. "Sorry."

"Do I make you nervous?"

"Maybe a little."

"Why is that? Is it because I want you? Or is it because you want me?"

Kia shifted in his chair, his pants suddenly feeling too tight. "Um, both, I guess."

"So why don't we just go some place and get this over with? I mean all this dancing around is fine and good, but we both know what we want, so why not just go for it?"

Kia felt his breath hitch and his dick harden. "Where?"

"Follow me." Simon rose and headed toward the back of the store, Kia rushing to keep up. Suddenly Simon stopped, spinning around to face him. "Wait here for two or three minutes, then come into the bathroom, third stall from the end. Got it?"

Kia nodded, and Simon slipped away disappearing into the restroom.

Kia stood there staring at the closed door, wondering what he should do. He knew the smart thing to do would be to turn and leave, but Kia also knew that right now there was nothing he wanted more than to walk into that bathroom stall and get fucked by that beautiful stranger. He closed his eyes, and took in a deep breath. Mustering up his courage, he walked forward and pushed open the door to the restroom.

The room was empty as Kia walked past the urinals and down the row of stalls. The third door from the end was the only one closed. Kia pushed on it tentatively. It swung open to reveal Simon standing there, waiting, his hand slowly stroking his rigid cock.

He grinned at Kia, almost a wicked grin, and placed his hand behind Kia's neck, pulling him in for a kiss. The heat of their desire took over as Simon undid Kia's pants and pushed them down to his knees. "Turn around," Simon whispered.

Kia obliged and was suddenly pressed against the cold metal as Simon leaned on his body from behind. Kia felt a cool wet finger at his hole, applying lube and opening him up.

Simon ran his tongue along the back of Kia's neck and up to his left ear, biting at his earlobe.

Kia let out a sigh as he felt Simon pull his finger away from his hole, then felt Simon's cock at his entrance and the pinch as Simon pushed in.

Simon sunk his cock in, pushing until his balls slapped Kia's ass. He waited there, giving Kia time to adjust. Kia pushed back, signaling he was ready.

Simon began thrusting, his breath heavy in Kia's ear. He reached around and began stroking Kia's cock.

Kia felt his knees growing weak as Simon's cock brushed over his prostate again and again.

Simon's other hand crept around sliding under Kia's shirt and pinching his nipple.

"Ahh," Kia cried out.

"Yeah?" Simon began placing kisses along the nape of Kia's neck, alternating between licking and biting all the while continuing to stroke Kia's cock, rolling his nipple between his finger and thumb, and hitting his prostate over and over again.

The sensation overload was too much for Kia and in no time he felt his orgasm take him. His ass clamping down on Simon's cock sending him into his own release.

"Aahhh!" Simon cried out as he shot his load into the condom. He fell against Tyler, pushing him flush against the cold metal wall of the bathroom stall, now covered with Kia's jizz.

"Ah, fuck, that was hot," Simon said, after he got his breath back. He pulled out, pulling off the condom and dropping it in the toilet. Reaching down he pulled his pants up and tucked his shirt in. "Cooper's The Sluts," he said as he opened the stall door.

"Huh?" Kia asked, his pants still around his ankles.

"Dennis Copper's book The Sluts. That's what I would recommend. I mean, if you were really here to buy a book." With that, Simon gave a wink, and strode out of the restroom and out of the bookstore.

Kia slowly pulled himself together, redressing and splashing some cold water on his face. Finally he emerged from the restroom and walked back to the GLBT section, looking in the fiction, authors starting with C.

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