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Biker`s Initiation

By Steve Smith

January 2004

It was a hot summer`s afternoon and Tom was desperate to become a member of the local Biker group having proudly taken delivery of his new Motorbike a few days before.

He was invited to visit an old deserted warehouse about 5 miles outside town where he would meet the group leaders who would decide if he could join their group.

Once there, he was told to leave his bike outside and then enter the building.Tom walked inside to see nothing but a small table in the middle of the large room. As he approached, he was met by Roger, the pack leader who showed Tom the membership form he would have to sign.It stated that a prospective member must agree to undertake any activity that the pack leader chooses before becoming a fully fledged member.Tom signed the form thinking nothing could be too bad and handed the form back to Roger.Immediately 5 other guys dressed in leathers appeared out of nowhere grabbing Tom by the arms. They immediately started to undress him and before he knew it he was stood there totally naked being looked at by six leather clad bikers.Roger ordered him to lay face down across the table with his legs being strapped to the table legs at one end and his arms to the legs at the other. His head was just hanging over the end of the table while his cock was hanging down underneath the other end of the table.

Tom was warned that various things would be done to him and that if he showed any signs of enjoyment he would be punished.

One of the bikers then started to slowly lick his asshole while another guy had stripped off and was rubbing his semi hard cock against Tom`s moist lips.Tom was determined not to get excited and thought about holidays, work and anything else to take his mind off what was happening remembering the warning.

Tom was doing really well then Roger crawled under the table and started gently licking the top of Tom`s floppy cock.He then slid the end inside his mouth and started to squeeze around Tom`s cock head with his lips sucking a bit harder with each breath.He could feel Tom`s cock slowly geting harder and put out a hand indicating to the other guys to go further.The guy at Tom`s Butt slid a couple of fingers inside his tight ass and started fingering his pleasure spot while the guy at the other end lifted Tom`s head up and pushed his own cock into Tom`s mouth and then deep into his throat slowly fucking his mouth with his huge member.So here was Tom being fucked in his mouth, fingered in his ass and sucked off. Naturally he was really enjoying it by now and his cock had hardened showing his pleasure.Roger then released his mouth from Tom`s cock which was also a sign for the others to stop.

Roger informed Tom that he would be punished for showing enjoyment and one of the bikers produced a leather whip which he started to hit gently across Tom`s butt, the strokes getting harder and harder with each hit. Tom`s butt was getting redder and redder but his rock solid cock indicated that he was enjoying his punishment.

After about another five minutes the whipping stopped. Tom thought that this was the end of his initiation but far from it.The reality of what was about to hapen dawned on him as he noticed the six bikers all taking their leathers off and stripping totally naked.Roger got back under the table while another guy rammed his cock deep into Tom`s throat again. Roger grabbed Tom`s balls and squeezed them as tight as he could in a painfull grip while taking Tom`s cock in his mouth again. At the same time a third biker got behind Tom and pulled his ass apart as wide as he could before ramming his hard throbbing cock deep into Tom`s ass.Tom tried to yell but was gagging on the hard cock in his mouth.The guy at the other end was ramming his cock in and out of Tom`s butt and after about three or four minutes shot his load deep inside Tom`s virgin ass.As he pulled his cock out a second guy shoved his cock inside and repeated the treatment while Tom`s balls were still being squeezed painfully tight. Again the second guy unloaded his cum inside Tom`s ass.

Roger then ordered his men to release Tom who thought it was all over but they immediately pushed him on to his back across the table again tying his arms and legs.Roger said he wanted to fuck Tom`s ass next and see his face as he did it but first wanted his victim smoother.One of the bikers then produced a battery operated shaver and started shaving Tom`s head.he carried on for about five minutes untill all his hair was shaved off and he was completely bald.He then moved down to Tom`s crotch area and, in spite of Tom`s begging not to, started shaving off all his cock hair until he was totally smooth.

"Right" said Roger "time to finish off" as he closed in spreading Tom`s legs apart before sliding his throbbing 8 incher into Tom`s now loose ass hole.

He thrust and thrust while at the same time the remaining bikers stood over Tom`s head and started jerking off aiming at his face and bald head.Roger pumped and pumped before eventually shooting his load into Tom`s butt by which time the others had all shot their cum over Tom`s head and face.The others backed off as Roger moved up to Tom`s face licking up all the cum into his mouth and then carefully moving down to Tom`s cock thrusting it into his mouth and sucking him off hard until Tom could stand it no longer and shot his load into Roger`s mouth mixing it with the cum from the others which Roger then proceeded to swallow.He got up and proclaimed that Tom was now a fully fledged member.

They all got dressed and then untied Tom but got on their bikes before riding off with his clothes leaving him to ride his bike home totally naked.Riding his bike naked really turned him on and he stopped a couple of miles down the road and jerked off outside the window of one of the bikers who stood watching this show as he also pumped his own throbbing cock.In spite of what had happened Tom was pleased to be a member and was now looking forward to the next member joining!!!

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