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erotic stories

Art Show

By Melina Catts

February 20th 2006

When I saw him there, across the room, I knew I had to have him; had to possess that fine little ass, if only for a few moments.

I was attending a dreary little art show for some up and coming new gay artist. Until I spotted him my plan was to make my appearance, have a couple drinks; shake a couple of hands and get the hell out of Dodge. Then I saw him. My plans changed.

He was tall and lean, almost lanky. I doubted him to be no more than nineteen. His longish blond hair fell into his eyes, as if trying to hide them from the world. I felt my cock twitch as he looked my way, having felt my gaze on him. He gave me a sly knowing smile. He could see the desire in my eyes.

I watched him turn and start to walk away, but not before giving me one last glance, challenging me to come hunt him down.

He walked around the room, talking to first one guy, then another, but constantly sneaking peeks at me, to see if he still held my audience. I let him play this little cat and mouse game for a while; enjoying the show; imagining what I would do once I had my prey cornered.

Finally I decided it was time to move in for the kill. I waited until he was engrossed in a conversation with yet another pretty boy, and I slipped away from the bar, at which I had been standing. I made my way across the room, not letting him see me. When he noticed my disappearance, he began looking for me.

Just when he was about to give up, thinking that I had left or found something better, I appeared out of thin air at his side.

"Hey," I said, standing too close to him, letting him feel the heat of my breath on his ear. His eyes slid close and he took in a deep breath.

Slowly his green eyes opened back up, gazing into mine. "Hey," he answered. "I saw you watching me."

"I saw you watching me watch you," I retorted.

His pink tongue snaked out and ran across his lips, "Where?" He knew what this was about.

"Follow me." I reached out, grasping his wrist and turned, leading him out into the foyer and down the hall into the restroom.

I closed and locked the door behind us, then pressed him against the cold steel of the door and began my attack.

First, his lips. I began kissing him slowly, letting my tongue explore his mouth, sucking and biting his lips until they were red and swollen.

Then I pulled his shirt over his head, using it to pin his hands above his head. I began to work on his nipples. First with soft licks, my tongue spread out flat, then flicking them with tip of my tongue, finally sucking them into my mouth and biting them lightly.

His breathing became heavy, his head rolled from side to side in pleasure.

I teased his nubs until they were red and raw, then I released his hands, pulling his shirt the rest of the way off and tossing it on the floor. I stared into his eyes with intensity while my hands made quick work of the buttons of his 501's.

I pushed his jeans down to his ankles and took his rigid tool into my hand, stoking it slowly as my other hand snaked around grasping the soft flesh of his ass cheek. His eyes slid closed and his head fell back against the door behind him. He let out a low desperate moan.

"Suck it," he whimpered.

"Oh no. I have other plans for you," I said, flipping him around so that he was facing the door. I leaned back admiring his ass for a moment, then dropped to me knees, needing to taste it for myself.

I pulled his cheeks apart and watched his hole pucker in anticipation. I breathed in his musky scent, letting it engulf me, then I leaned in and brushed the pink bud with the tip of my tongue.

His breath hitched at the sensation. I flattened out my tongue and licked from the base of his balls up over his most sensitive area stopping to circle his hole then back down to his balls again. He moaned again, pressing his ass back to me, wanting more.

I ate him until he was whimpering and begging me to fuck him. My own dick was leaking and when I could no longer wait I stood, donned a condom and entered him. Hard, forceful, sliding in until my balls slapped up against his buttocks.

I held him there, letting him adjust to my intrusion, then as I felt him relax and open up I began pumping into him.

Long slow strokes, sliding over his prostate with every thrust.

His hand reached down to pump his dick, but I grabbed it, pulling both arms up, over his head. Holding them there. "Uh uh. I want you to come just from my dick in your ass," I whispered into his ear, just before I took the lobe between my lips, sucking on it playfully, then biting down, just hard enough to make him squirm.

"You like that? A little pain can be a good thing, isn't that right?"

He whimpered again as I slid one of my hands down from where I was holding his wrists and ran it across his chest, then clamped onto his left nipple; squeezing it between my index finger and thumb; continuing to pound his ass with my dick.

"Ahhh," he let out a soft cry.

I ran my hand on down his chest, past his dick and over to his thigh, where I began kneading the muscles there. Massaging the area next to his dick. Teasing him, letting my hand brush his sack, but not taking them into my palm.

"Ahh, touch me. Please," he whimpered.

"I am touching you," I whispered, licking the sensitive skin just behind his ear.

"Touch my cock," he pleaded.

"You want me to stroke you off?"

"Yeah, please."

I left my hand slide over and trailed my finger slowly up the underside of his member. "Like this?"

"No, harder," I could hear the frustration growing in his voice.

"Why? Isnt my nine inch cock in your chute enough?"

"No, I mean, yes Ah Please, jerk me off." He sounded so pitiful that I gave in. I grasped his tool and began stroking in rhythm with my thrusts into his tight little ass.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck," he began chanting.

"You like that?"

"Oh fuck, Im gonna shoot, oh fuck," he continued.

Then his ass clamped down on my cock, squeezing it impossibly tighter as his load shot out over my hand and onto the door. Think ropes that ran down to the floor, leaving a gooey trail behind. He knees started to buckle and I had to quickly let go of his wrists and grab onto his waist, holding him to me as I pumped into him a few more strokes, letting my release take me.

I leaned against him, pinning him between my body and the door as I waited to recover from my orgasm; his young body so firm under mine.

This had turned into a pretty good event afterall.


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