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Saving Zach New January 2010

Life at a Private School Completed December 2009

The story of Tim and Josh as they fall in love at a Private School in Sydney.

Cherokee Morning Song Completed January 2010
Cherokee Morning Song is a story about Jeremy, a teenager who's parents move with him from California to Oklahoma. Jeremy not only discovers his Cherokee heritage, but his sexuality. This story may not be for those who are looking for a story just about gay sex. Sex is included in the story only when it is part of the story.

Life or Something Like It New Feb 2010

A Honesuckle Home New Feb 2010

Evan's Story Updated May 26 2008
A personal story of self discovery by Evan.

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because i donít agree with homosexuality doesnít mean iím homophobic! Because I donít agree with Homosexuality doesnít mean Iím Homophobic!
We like to think that we live in a scientific age, but for many groups this is just too big of a step to take just yet. Science has changed the way we see the world in just about every way. When the Bible was first written, there was no Internet, there were no history books for research, and most of the people (about 97%) were illiterate. An argument against Homophobes who just don't get it!

sometimes blue - superdrewby blog Sometimes Blue - Superdrewby's very own Blog
After a nearly three year hiatus, I have re-launched my blog as 'Sometimes Blue'. The blog will be updated at least evry other day, sometimes more than once a day. The blog chronicles my thoughts, rants and my obsessions with my current obsession being my fat bastard status and my struggle to stay motivated to get fit again! There will also be lots of happy snaps of cute guys every day along with regular porn site updates in addition to the Superdrewby Unzipped section!

queer religion warsQueer Religion Wars by Ben Tousley
It seems that everyone has their own opinions about the Bible and homosexuality, and I worry about delving into the fray since there is already so much information available on the subject. Due to the fact that I think so highly of the people I come into contact with, I thought I would take on a few of my favorites Christian objections, and go from there.

the heart of the roam The Heart of the Roam
The Heart of the Roam is a Taiwanese Male Photography book, from the acclaimed photographer Otis Uang. Three sexy Taiwanese guys are photographed together and in the great outdoors showing off their beautiful bodies.

a guide to ex-gay reparative therepies A Guide to Reparative Therapies
A unique insight into the world of ex-gays and the reparative "therapies" they promote. Written by Ben Tousely ex--ex gay author or Egypt Why I left the ex-gay movement

the gay man's instruction guide by m.d. craig The Gay Man's Instruction Guide
M.D Craig the author of Ice Sculptures, has published the definitive guide for all gay men Ė The Gay Manís instruction Manual. Something different for Craig, this is a guide for all of us who need some direction in our life, more than just what to wear out clubbing on a Saturday night.


jason mraz mr a-z

Jason Mraz
Superdrewby recently caught up with the very talented and very hot Jason Mraz during his whirlwind tour of Australia promoting his third album Mr, A-Z.

sydney gay and lesbian mardi gras parade 2007
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