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erotic stories

Venice Beach

By James Brewer

May 2006

This happened on the summer of my 18th birthday. I had been surfing all morning with my buddies and decided to take a break. I grabbed my clothes from my towel and headed toward the restroom. As I walked into the darkened public restroom, my eyes took a moment to adjust. There were three stalls without doors to the left and a row of urinals to the right with three sinks in the middle. I thought I was alone, until I noticed a guy around my age in the middle stall, eyeing me. He was really cute, with long, curly blond hair, almost in a girlish way, reminding me of my girlfriend Cindy who I had jacked off to that morning before coming to the beach. Just thinking of her made my cock twinge with pleasure. I stepped into the stall on the right and peeled off my wetsuit. My cock was already at half-mast thinking of Cindy. The more I thought of her, the harder it got, until it was throbbing skyward and the foreskin peeled back, revealing the wet, shiny purple head.

I jacked it a few times and a big glob of pre-cum oozed out of the huge piss slit in the bulbous head and ran down the bottom side of the veiny shaft onto my hand. It felt so good, I slipped my little finger into my already lubricated piss slit up to the last knuckle and started to shove it in and out, finger fucking my own cock. I began to massage my balls as I shoved my finger in and out. Since I had started getting some sparse pubic hair just above my dick 6 months before, it had almost doubled in size to about 10 inches long and 8 inches in circumerence. When it was hard, the vein on the underside was an inch wide and stood out a half an inch from the shaft. My hairless balls hung down low between my legs. I was constantly being teased by the other guys in Phys. Ed. at school and called "Donkey Dick." I was still getting used to having such a big cock and couldn't seem to stop playing with it.

Suddenly I looked down to my right and saw a glory hole with an eye staring at me through it. It had to be that kid in the next stall. The next thing I knew, he poked his finger through the hole, indicating that he wanted me to shove my cock through to his side. I thought, "Why not," and, after jacking it a few times to make sure it was wet and sticky, shoved my still-dripping hard-on through the opening. Immediately, I felt his hot, wet mouth close over the entire head and shaft, right down to the base. I couldn't believe anyone so young could deep throat a cock as big as mine. He held his face in place and I fucked it through the hole. I could hear him gag occasionally, but mostly all I could hear was the sound of my slippery cock sliding in and out of his hot, tight, throat.

Just as I was close to coming, I decided to pull out and look around the partition to see who was sucking my cock. He was even cuter than I had thought, with soft pink lips and huge green eyes with thick dark eyelashes, and he had his trunks off. He was shorter than me, maybe 5' 2" and looked much younger than me up close. I looked down at his cock, which was also uncircumcised. It was about six inches in length but even fatter than mine with very large hairless balls hugging the underside. The tip was dripping pre-cum in huge amounts. It was then that I noticed he had absolutely no public hair.

"Stand up," I said. Realizing that I was taking over this situation, he did as he was told and got on his feet. "Take off your shirt," I commanded. He immediately did so and I saw that, despite his grown-up sexual equipment, he had the smooth, hairless body of a child.

"What's your name and how old are you?" I asked.

"Tommy, and I'm old enough!" he said, almost defensively.

I dropped to my knees to get a better look and, unable to control myself, gently wrapped my lips around his fat, dripping member, savoring the slighty cheesy smell of his foreskin and the salty taste of pre-cum. He groaned with pleasure and started to buck his hips back and forth, faster and faster. I could tell he was about to shoot, so I took his entire cock and balls in my mouth just as jet after jet of hot, young jizz slammed into the back of my throat. He shot such a huge load, I couldn't swallow it fast enough, and it started dripping down my chin and onto my naked chest. I had never seen so much cum.

I took my mouth off his still rock hard, slimy cock and looked up at him. Tommy smiled and turned around, offering me his smooth, round, hairless ass. I kissed it a few times then gently parted the soft, perfect cheeks until I could see his tight, pink hairless asshole. I pressed my lips to the puckered opening and then slowly slid my tongue inside, as he moaned with pleasure, a shudder wracking his little body. He reached back with both hands, speading his ass cheeks and pressed hard into my face. As my tongue probed deeper and deeper, he leaned back more and more until he was practically sitting on my face. My cock was throbbing and close to exploding, so I stood up, grabbed him by the shoulders and placed my dick's slick gooey head against his sphincer, letting the huge knob start sliding in. He cried out, then pushed back against me as hard as he could, driving the massive shaft all the way in, impaling himself on my giant pole. I was afraid I would split him open when he started to buck and moan, ramming my cock into himself as hard as he could. Suddenly, I couldn't hold back any longer and, with a yell, my pulsating cock unloaded hot squirt after squirt of creamy spooge into his tight, hairless little asshole.

It was at that very moment we heard, "What's going on here?"

I looked around and saw that we were being watched by a tall, handsome, young, black park ranger in uniform, about 30 years old.

"Just what do you two think you are doing?" he asked. " Do you know I could arrest you for this?"

He was glaring at us, but I couldn't help noticing the massive bulge in his pants.

"You," he said, indicating me, "step away from that boy."

I did as I was told, my still rock hard cock making a wet, squishy sound as it slid out of Tommy's pucker hole, fresh, white cum oozing out and running down the backs of his thighs. The ranger was about six foot four and obviously a body builder. The bulge in his pants got bigger and stuck straight out. "Let me see what you've done here," he said and walked up to Tommy who was still facing the wall, afraid to turn around. The ranger knelt down and put his face close to Tommy's asshole, noticing the jizz oozing out. Without another word, the ranger stood up, undid his belt and removed his pants and underwear, freeing his huge, uncut monster. I never even imagined a cock could be that massive. The shaft had to be 14 inches long and 12 inches around, and the head looked like a shiny, wet pink mushroom shaped baseball with a huge slit in it. The vein up the bottom of the shaft made mine look small by comparison, easily two inches across and standing out an inch. Pre-cum was steadily pouring out of the slit and onto the floor. His brown balls were the size of ostrich eggs and smooth as silk.

"Come here, you," he barked at me "Hold him steady," he said, indicating Tommy's cum soaked asshole. I reached down in front of him and spread Tommy's butt cheeks.

"First, you're going to get a taste of your own medicine," he said. He then leaned over and put his mouth on Tommy's butthole and sucked my fresh, salty load out of it. He then grabbed my chin and put his lips to mine, spitting the still hot, creamy jizz into my mouth. He then pushed my head down on his gigantic cock, almost choking me.

"Lubricate this fucking cock!" he growled. Once his boner was covered with my spooge, he pulled it out of my mouth and roughly shoved the head of the monster into Tommy's still-wet asshole. Tommy screamed but didn't try to move. After a minute, Tommy began moaning and slowly moving backward at the same time. I watched as the gigantic 14 inch shaft vanished into the eleven year old boy's tiny pink, hairless hole. The ranger stood up and Tommy rose up with him, impaled on the giant black column. The ranger then spun Tommy around and began lifting him up and down, as again and again, the gargantuan pole slid in and out of his dripping pucker, skewering Tommy repeatedly with his throbbing, slippery giant dick.

The ranger then layed on his back on the floor and said to me, "Get over here!" I rushed to his side, my dick hard as a rock again and ready for anything. "You fuck him too, right now!" he ordered.

I knelt down between the Ranger's muscular brown legs and placed my dripping throbber against Tommy's already full asshole and shove it in. It felt incredible with my shaft lodged between the ranger's humongous cock and Tommy's asshole, feeling the ranger sliding in and out, in and out, in and out. Tommy was crying out in ecstacy now, his tiny butthole stretched almost beyond endurance by two massive shafts of manmeat. I heard the ranger groan and felt the vein on the bottom of his giant dick begin to throb against mine and I knew he was filling Tommy with his white-hot load. Immediately, unable to hold back, I shot mine, too, deep into Tommy's guts and saw Tommy's fat hairless prick shoot a thick stream of jizz across the ranger's belly.

I sloppily pulled out and watched as the ranger told Tommy to stand up and then squat over his face. Tommy instantly followed his instructions, the Ranger's rigid giant cock making a wet, popping sound as it slid out of Tommy's ass, and as soon as Tommy squatted into place, a steady stream of hot, gooey jizz poured out of Tommy's red, swollen asshhole into the Ranger's waiting mouth. I could see that there was far too much spooge for the Ranger to swallow, so I got down there next to him and licked up some of this salty, slimy treat as it oozed over the sides of his mouth.

Right then we looked up and saw that all 7 of my buddies were surrounding us with their teenage cocks out, hard, swollen and dripping for action. That's when we really got busy.

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