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love or something like it


Some feelings

Father came home after seven. I was watching TV. Emily was in bathroom and mom was in the kitchen. After I came home from Taylors’; Emily said to me that father will be early home and we all are going to Taylors’.

Dad came to the sitting room after changing his dress and told me to change for the occasion.

I said no. I wanted to dress like this. It makes me feel comfortable. He laughed and playfully slapped my shoulder. We are a close family and I am the pet of this house. Dad called mom and my sister and informed them we are going to be late.

We started for the Taylors’ house. I thought that my sister want to impress Chris. She is carefully dressed and put some make up on. I told her earlier what Chris look like is. She looked me and we both smiled.

“I feel nervous.” She said to my ear.

“Don’t worry; Chris will be cool to you. Because who want to lost a chance to near the Venus?” we both giggled.

Mom shooed us. “Behave yourself.”

Grandma welcomed us and called Aunt.

Aunty shook hands with dad and embraced me, Emily and then my mom. She invited us to sit down. The room is well arranged now.

“We sent some furniture’s early so we have no problem when we arrived here.” She said. “Chris is out to settle the account of the transporters’. “

Mom, dad and Taylors are talking about the life both of them within the sixteen years to each other.

“Josh is the prettiest within you” Suddenly grandma said. And my sister’s face clouded. That happened whenever someone says that. But she didn’t keep a grudge against me. It’s only a reflect action. Actually she is proud of having a beautiful brother. She really said that to her friends.

“Yes”, it’s my mom and steals a glance to my father. They smiled.

“That means I am the ugliest.” My sister pretended to cry. All of us are laughing when the door opened. We turned and Chris is standing there.

He stops a moment there and said, “Tom uncle and Maggie Aunty.” Then he came and shook hands with them. “You are that ugly Amy, anh?” he said to my sister.

My sister smiled and said. “And you are fat Chris.”

That’s the long lost friends. I thought with some angry in my mind. I am angry that he ignored me. Then he sits opposite of us and starts to speak with my family about his study, life in Canada and his planning when he is staying here. I felt someone left alone. My eyes are wandering around the room, grandma, Jess aunty pouring coffee and then rest on Chris.

He is wearing black pants and light blue color shirt. His black long hair combed backward but some hair falling on his forehead. His face looks like a roman statue. His body is well cut and he is very handsome. I look down and saw his legs are fully fit on his pants and I saw a full bulge between his laps. Something stirred inside me. I gulped and he looks to me and turned to dad and asks something. I felt ashamed and angrier more. I want to be out of there. Here I am totally neglected between them.

I start to look something on the floor and centered my complete attention there. I felt some nudging me; it was my sister, “come on, Chris wants to show his room to us.”

“Not me, to you”, I said in my mind.

I stand and start to follow them. His room is upstairs. It’s a big room and had a big bed, cup board, a big table with some books on its surface, a small computer table with computer, and some book racks with big thick books and etc… on one side of wall a door was closed and I guessed that’s bath room.

They both are speaking and suddenly he turned to me, “you are too prettier to be a boy”

I blushed. “He has all good looks of mom” my sister said.

Dad called from down. It’s the time to go. We are climbing down me after Emily, then Chris after me.

We said good night to them and shook hands. When I shook hands with Chris he kept on a moment and said to me “come when you are free.” And press my hands.

“Yes, thank you”, I said shyly.

We have our dinner and I went to my room. I turn on the light and take a comic book from the table. I opened the book and start to read. After one or two minutes I saw Chris is looking at me from the page. “Come when you are free.” he is saying to me.

I shook my head. But he didn’t go. Instead I saw the swell between his legs. Suddenly I felt something hardening in my knickers. It is hard and tries to free out of my underwear.

I start to move my hand down towards my cock; then someone called “Josh, are you asleep?” My sister.

“Yeah, sound”. I said and pulled my blanket to cover me.

“What are you doing?” she is searching me some doubtfully. Well, she is my sister and my friend.

“Reading” I replied straightly and start to sit. “What do you want to speak?”

“Taylors’” “or about one particular Taylor” I enquired.

She blushed. Sitting on the bed she turned to me. “They are very good people. Aunty and grandma are not changed. But Chris is. He became very handsome and dashing now”

I searched my sister’s face. She is dreaming. Yes, after all they are childhood friends. They know each other. But to me, they are strangers.

“You both have a chance to know each other very well now”, I said. And I felt a lost in my mind. Am I envying my sister? “There is hope for you”. I added.

She blushed deeply. “You have a crush on him” I stated.

“You too…….” Nothing escaped from sisters’ eagle eyes.

“No...” I said too quickly. “Whole the time we are there; I am totally neglected.”

I and my sister are like friends. We speak candidly. There is nothing to hide. We never tell to our parents or others.

“May be……….. “ She said. Suddenly she smiled. “Are you going tomorrow? “

“Where”, I was totally lost. “To Taylors’, tomorrow is Sunday….” She cleared my doubt to me.

“No, I am going to John’s. We want explore the wood near the pond.” There is a small jungle near our church.

“Okay. Good night Jo.” She kissed my fore head. She called me that when we felt we are very close.

“Good night Em.” I lay down and pulled the blanket over me. Weather was starting to wet and cool. She left the room after switching off the light. I lay on the bed thinking about the Taylors’, Chris………….and heard “come, when you are free…….and slept.

When I am awake it eight’ o clock. We are not a very religious people. But today Mom and dad went to the church with the Taylors’. My sister told me that. And she is going to town with her friends after 9.30. Mina will be here around nine. Anyway, John will be free after nine. I decided I will have bath first.

After bath I changed my usual dress, half trouser and T shirt. I put some snacks into my knap sack and started to go.

“I am going to John’s. I will be home after twelve.” I yelled to Mina as I closing the friend door. As I reached the Taylors’ I saw that their front door is open. Music is coming from in and Chris is doing something in the yard.

He saw me and called. “Come, kid”

I opened the gate and asked “what are you doing?’

Cleaning the yard. I am not a regular church going person” he explained as he starts to standing.

He is wearing black shorts which barely reaching half of his thighs and a white round neck sleeveless T shirt. His legs have black hairs and very strong. His shorts have a swell in front of. I look away from that and saw he was looking to me.

“I see you are not going to church”. He said and smiled.

“I am going to John’s place. We are going to do some work.” He didn’t asked what work, instead start to walking.

“If you have time, come in kid”; I want to say no but start to walk with him. We entered the house. It is empty except us. I felt shy in front of him. He said to me sit and chest and takes the couch opposite. He told me about his childhood life here and how he and Emily are sworn enemies to each other.

I smiled as thought about mine and Emily’s conversation. She has something to expect. He saw I was smiling and smiled too. He said his research is part of his study and he will be here about two years. After he is going to Canada for complete his education there.

“Tell me about you.” he said.

What about me! I wondered and smiled to him. He was looking at me and said “you have beautiful eyes”.

I blushed. I can hear my heart beating. My mouth goes dry. I gulped and lick my lips.

He stands and goes to kitchen. He was returned carrying to glasses of juice. “Orange” he said and gives one glass to me. As drinking I turned to him. He is standing in front of me like a roman statue. We look each other in complete silence. Time passed between us.

I handed him my empty glass. His fingers touched mine. An electric ran through my body. My legs go limp. I breathe hard. I want to cry………….

I said, “I have to go, John is waiting...”

“Come again” he said as he shook my hands.

I walked to John’s house in a dream. Yes, I am in love with Chris. I want to tell whole the world. I said softly, “I love you Chris” and walk fast to John’s house.

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