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love or something like it



Luke came from the bathroom and he carried a small bottle. He put it down on the bed. As standing he opened the bottle and sticks his two fingers in and takes some on. he said Frank to turn on his stomach and Frank did. Luke cock was still hard but not as before. He sat on the bed and with his other hand rubbed Frank’s buttocks. With his fingers he forced Frank’s buttocks sideways. He rubbed the Vaseline on Frank’s ass. As rubbing he pushed his index fix into the ass. Frank jerked forward and a little wail escaped from him. He looked sideways to Luke and winced.

“Paining?” Luke asked softly as he moved his finger to and fro in the ass.

“Umm….” Frank said.

Luke removed his finger from the ass took some more Vaseline. His left hand is resting Frank’s buttocks. He asked Frank to part his legs wide and Frank did the same. He puts his left thumb and index finger aside Frank’s ass and forces its hole wide open. Now Luke pushed his two fingers into Frank’s ass and they disappeared into his ass. Frank jumped a lilted forward and his hands tried to stop Luke. Luke avoided them and the finger’s motion continued. He withdrew his fingers suddenly and a long moan escaped from Frank.

Luke’s cock is swelled hard now and jerking as he sat. The liquid is dropping to his thighs. He picked it with his left and with right hand he took the Vaseline and coated it bottom to top of his cock. He sank beside Frank to the bed on his back and straightens his leg. His cock is pointing to vertical to ceiling and dropping liquid more as it jerked and throbbed.

“Feel better now?” he asked Frank softly as he pulled him.

“Hmmm…….” Frank took a long slow breath.

Luke pulled him over to his body and opened his legs wide. His hard cock is standing like a spike. He made Frank to sit on his middle. He adjusted Frank’s legs and sitting position. He said Frank to stand on his knee and Frank did as he asked. There was a question look on his face as did and Luke smiled. Luke picked Frank’s buttocks and forced it aside. His asshole opened wide. Frank had a frighten look on his face. I know he was acting. Because his eyes said this is not a new thing to him.

“Hold my tool and keep it straight.” Luke directed Frank. Tool! I added a word to my dictionary.

Frank grabs the bottom of Luke’s hard cock to keep it straight. His buttocks are still in Luke’s hands and wide open. Luke lowered Frank slowly as keeping his asshole opened. Luke lowered the open asshole to his tool head and thrust his pelvis slowly up to the ass.

“aayyeee….” There was pain on Frank’s face as he winced. His hand left Luke’s cock and both his hand pressing on Luke’s stomach. But he keeps his position. Luke stops a moment and put both his hands on Frank’s hip. Picking hard his lips Luke forced Frank down to his cock as he is thrusting his pelvis up. Frank was breathing long and hard and his mouth was open. His hands are pressing hardly on Luke’s chest. Pain appeared on his face and he was biting his lips. I know he had never taken a huge cock like Luke’s in his ass.

Luke’s cock complete disappear in the asshole and Frank was sitting his buttocks pressed to Luke’s pelvis. Both were still for a moment. Luke was still holding Frank’s hips with both hands and Frank’s hands moving between the hairs on Luke’s chest and stomach. Both were taking long breaths.

Luke’s hand s pulled slowly Frank up from his cock as he thrust his pelvis up. Then he pushed down Frank to him as he pulled his cock. This motion was slow for three or for times. Luke chest is heaving as his mouth opened and he is moaning softly. Luke began faster his thrusting and he grab tight on Frank’s his hip as he pushed Frank up and down. Frank’s buttocks are slapping on Luke’s pelvis. I heard another sound like a piston moving in a tight tube filled with oil and Luke’s thrusting became fast. Frank was moaning and wailing Luke’s name as Luke piercing his ass hole with his sword like dick. Luke was panting hard as he was running a race.

Within two minutes Frank was moving his hands frantically on Luke’s chest and stomach. It looks like he is searching something between the hairs. He bites his lips tight. His body began shaking and weak. He moves one hand to his cock and grabbed it tightly.

“It’s okay…. Go on…...” Luke said weakly between his panting.

Frank let out a slow long moan as his removed from his cock. It jerked up and down as four or five drops white liquid jetted over Luke’s stomach and chest. His cock jerked some more drops and begins to soft. He has more semen than me and it is thicker than mine. Slowly it lost it hardness and soft. Frank’s body is weak now and he is panting and takes long breaths. His body shakes as Luke’s piercing his ass hole.

Luke’s motion continued. He is faster now and the sound was louder. His breaths became long and hard. I think his chest will burst. He begins to take long breath through his mouth. His hands on Frank’s hip are pressing hard. Blood rushed on his face and looks red. He is sweating and Frank too. He is bending forward to Luke’s body as Luke thrust his cock violently to his ass hole and gripping with his fingers on Luke’s chest. Luke’s motion continued for more than five minutes and Frank’s face and buttocks became red to redder.

Luke let out a long breath through his mouth as thrust faster now. He is forcing Frank’s buttocks down to his cock and sweating hard. His pelvis is jerking. He slowly pushed his cock to Frank’s asshole and moaned. He let out a long breath. Frank massages Luke’s chest and stomach. He is sweating whole of his body. He raised his legs two or three times as he pushed Frank down and thrust up. His body jerked and is panting. His chest is heaving. He pushed Frank down to his pelvis and lay still. His hands left Frank’s hip and still on his side. Sweat dropped down to the bed. His legs are wide open and the hairs on them plastered with sweat. He lay there on his back breathing hard through his mouth. Frank was sitting on Luke’s cock inside his ass hole. He is still massaging Luke. Luke lied still as he looked Frank affectionately.

Luke raised his hands to Frank’s shoulder and hold there. He slowly forced Frank to him and over his body. He hugged him tightly. Frank licked the sweat on Luke’s neck and face. Luke’s cock was still in his ass hole filling the whole and hard. They are hugging and kissing each other.

“See Grandpa?” Luke asked him weakly.

“Yes,” Frank answered him softly.

They lie there sometime sticking to each other. Then Luke pulled Frank over from his cock. It had gone semi hard. It is very red in color and the foreskin was down complete from its head. One drop of semen is still on the piss hole. Frank’s ass hole was open and had some blood on the side and his buttocks cheeks. Blood was around Luke’s cock and hairs of his cock’s bottom. His cock lay aside between his pubic hairs and soft. Foreskin is covered its head but leaves the top. Franks asshole was closed together and blood on them. He lay over Luke. They were hugging each other and exhausted.

I felt wetness and my underwear is sticking to my body. I touched there. I were had and leaked out the semen from my little cock even without knowing. I were completed involved in the show my beloved cousins had arranged for me. When I was watching my little cock was hard and let out the semen and gone to sleep. But how it happened? I didn’t even touch it.

I watched my cousin lay silent.

I want this with Chris when I get home. I decided as I watched them.

When I awake next morning, both were not in the room. Their bed was neat and the cloths were not on the floor. There is not a hair on the sheet or any stain of blood or semen. Even a wriggle and the Vaseline bottle were in the bathroom on its place as before.

I had a shower and changed into jeans and shirt. I climbed down the stairs slowly. Luke was coming from outside and Frank was with him. They are saying something and Luke laughed when he saw me. Frank walked as he had a limb.

I smiled to Luke and said, “good morning.”

“Good morning little baby,” He wished back.

I excused them and went to the kitchen. Mom and Emily were sitting with the aunts and girls cousins of mine. Grandma is with them. They are having a little chat. Dad and uncles go to the city to send off some of our relatives.

I drink my coffee as I listen. They are speaking about Grandpa and his illness and sudden death. So, I left them.

I go to the garden. I saw Luke and Frank were sitting on lawn. Luke was sitting legs straightened in front of him and his hands supported his body as he leaned backward. Frank was lying on his stomach facing Luke. He looks a little tired.

“Come here, sleepy head,” Luke invited me and patted the lawn beside him.

I walk there and sat beside him as and lean to his arm. He raises the hand and forced me to his lap. I lay on the lawn my cheek on his lap and crossed my hand on his thighs.

Frank looked this and his face clouded.

“Hey…… I’m his cousin too.” Luke said joking as he sees his face.

“My leg is itching.” Frank complained.

“It will go,” Luke said, “Frank having some problem with his leg. He can’t walk straight with when he woke today.” He explained to me.

I looked up and saw he was smiling to Frank. Frank smiled back. I know it was not his leg but his ass. I kept a blank face. I patted Luke’s legs as thought about last night. Luke looked down and his eyebrows bend into a question mark.

“This cloth feels good. It’s like a feather.” I said.

“Its linen” he said as he patted my cheek softly. I feel the softness of his cock thorough the clothes. He had good smell there like a lotus flower. Other smell came to my mind and with a sigh I pressed my cheeks to that softness. He thrust his lap a little to my cheek and forced his palm on my cheek as patting. His cock is hardening a little under my cheek. He stopped patting and his hand is still on my other cheek.

“How is your itching now?” he asked Frank.

“Why are you asking? You don’t care” He is complaining and his sound is sad as if he is going to cry.

“Hey Frank….. No hard feelings. Okay? Luke said to him soothingly, “He is a little baby. I’m sleeping with you at night so the days are for him. You can see me whenever you want. He can’t because he is far from here. So, I can give a little love to him when we both are here.”

“I love my cousin Luke,” I declared.

And I pressed my cheek more into his lap and other hand wrapped around his lap. I know Luke interpreted it as a loving baby brother’s act to jealous Frank.

He pressed my other cheek down to his now hardened penis. He thinks I don’t know his mind but I’m sure he doesn’t know about mine.

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