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love or something like it



There was no sound coming inside of the room because it is the other end of house and away from the street. We only heard the sound of clock needles moving and our heart beats and Luke’s long breathing. His body and the breathing coming from him were hot. Luke was hardening and his semi hard cock was touching on my thighs. He was shy and afraid to make a move. But he knows that we both wanted this.

“Oh….No…I... Can’t...” he sighed loudly and released his hand from me. He turned on his back and tied his hands over his chest. I raised my left hand and poked my fingers under his arm over his hairy chest. He grabbed my palm and placed it over his heart and pressed it there. His heart was beating fast against my palm and was warm with love. His heart was heaving. Love flows from his heat through my palm to me…

“I’m sweating hot…” Luke complained and threw away the blanket from us. He was right because I felt the heat from his body. I saw his pants bulging out below his waist. He was taking long breaths to cool him and his chest heaved. He raised his back and sat on the bed with his legs straightened.

“Where are you going…?” I asked in a startled voice. I thought he was leaving me and going to Frank.

Luke twisted his torso and looked down at me, “I’m not going to Frank…” he smiled shyly. “I’m not leaving you…Just….”

I raised my hand to his back and forced him to lie beside me, “come…lay down…..its okay…” I whispered.

Luke didn’t resist. He lowered himself slowly not beside me but on me. His hand tucked me under him and his leg locked my legs to him. His hard cock on my thighs felt like a rock. I hugged him tight to me.

Luke was rubbing his clean shaved cheeks on my cheeks and was breathing hard. He kissed on my cheeks and moved his lips to my mouth and licked there. My lips parted and he took them on his mouth. He bites them softly and sucked them. He rubbed his pelvis over my thighs as he thrust his tongue into my mouth and ran it on the pallet. He squeezed my tongue in his mouth. I was massaging his back madly and pressed me to him.

Luke released his hands and lifting his upper body a little from me removed my T shirt. He slipped down over me and bites my chin softly. His hot lips moved down over my neck continuing his kissing. Luke sticks his right hand under my back and raised my chest to his mouth and rubbed his cheeks there. Then he took my each nipple in his mouth and sucking them teased them with his tongue.

I was tickling through my body and bend me close to him. My finger was running through his hairs madly. I was panting and pleading Luke to stop. He didn’t stop but was moving down to my stomach and teasing my belly button with his tongue. My little cock was standing in trouser and struggling to free from my underwear. It was poking Luke’s chest. Luke was kissing down to my waist and his hands were massaging my buttocks hard. His hot breath tickled my lower abdomen and was tickling me. I was sparkling and I shut my eyes tight.

I tried to stop him weakly as he pulled down my trouser and underwear together and rubbed his face on my pelvis mound. He peeled them off from me and squeezed my buttocks as his mouth teased my pelvis mound. I thrust my pelvis to his mouth and bend my knees and twisted. My little cock was very hard and was poking him. Luke licked the roughness around my cock’s bottom and to my little cock. My hands tried to push his mouth away but can't.

Luke grabbed my hard little cock with one hand and moved the tight foreskin softly down. I jerked and my legs wrapped around him. He licked the little red head and grabbed the bed tightly. He took the little head in his mouth and squeezed. I was twisting and bending on the bed as his squeezing continued. The pleasure he giving me was increasing and I felt the movement in my little cock. I bend out my pelvis to pull my cock from his mouth but suddenly he pushed down his mouth over my cock and took it full in his mouth.

I jerked in his mouth and leaked out the semen. I was ashamed to do this but he didn’t release my cock. I was softening when Luke released my cock and moved up top of me. He took my lips in his mouth and sucked softly and as his hands was squeezing my buttocks. I stick my right hand between us and rubbed his cock through his pants and his stomach. His stomach jerked and he pulled his stomach in to make my hands moving easy. My palm moved between the hairs on his stomach to down his waist. I stick my fingers through the waist line of his brief and grabbed his hardened big long cock. It was oozing pre cum to his dark and thick pubic hairs. I removed my hand from his cock and tried to unbuttoned his pants. He raised him self and unbuttoned the pants. I pulled the zipper down and pulled his pants a little down.

Luke’s cock was poking its head through his brief’s waistline and the foreskin was moved down a little around his pisshole. Pre cum dripped to me from his cock and ran my finger around the swollen head and into the pisshole. He jerked and bites my lips. I pulled his underwear lower to his buttock and freed his huge cock. It was big and long as Chris. I grabbed it and pressed it in my hand. Luke sighed hard and pressed his pelvis to me. I bend my knees up and opened my thighs then pushed Luke down. He stopped his kissing and looks into my eyes. I closed my eyes and we were breathing hard.

“That…. will…. Cause…. pain…..” Luke panted.

“I... want... the….pain….from…you…my …big…brother…” I whispered through my breathing. “I…don’t…want….you….go…to….Frank…”

“My….little…baby…” Luke kissed me again. Then he slipped down from me to the floor and straightened him self. His pants slipped down to the floor and he freed his legs from it. His huge cock was pointing straight to the wall as pre cum oozed. He pulled down his brief and threw it with the pants. His pubic hair was dark and thick. It glazed in the light and wet with the pre cum.

“Don’t look…” Luke smiled shyly. But I looked. He searched the table top and took a tube. He squeezed it over his enormous hardened cock and rubbed the cream bottom to tope. Then he climb on the bed and sat on his knees between my opened thighs. He put the tube down and cupped my buttocks and squeezed. We were looking each other and I raised my buttocks. He took the tube and squeezed it on his finger then rubbed the cream over my ass. It was tight but he loosened it with his massage. With pressing his fingers around my ass he forced side ways to open it. He squeezed the tube to the open mouth and moved his right index finger around the hole.

Removing his fingers he sticks his right finger into my ass and pushed as twisting to rub the cream. I jerked and my thighs opened wide and my buttocks rose up.

“Baby…you can't bear the pain …tell me...” he whispered.

I nodded. Luke lowered on his stomach between my thighs and I pulled him on top of me. He kissed me and I saw he was afraid to do this to me. I patted his back softly. He cupped my buttocks and squeezed it. Positioning his cock he forced my buttocks to sideways and opened my asshole. I raised my buttock to his huge cock. Its head slipped on my buttocks. Luke grabbed his slipping cock with one hand and led it to the opening hole. He rubbed the head over my open ass hole and spread the pre cum. Then he set the head on my open ass hole and pushed slowly. It filled my asshole opening and oozed the pre cum into it. Whole the time we were looking into each others and were shy. We didn’t talk but just smiled shyly.

Luke cupped again my buttocks and forced it to part. I raised my buttocks to his cock with his hands supporting. He pushed slowly as his huge cock slipped into my ass hole and filled it. I felt the heat and the burning pain but not as the first time. I winced and trembled. My hands tightened around Luke’s back it’s own. He saw my wincing and stopped his pushing. I opened my eyes and smiled weakly to him. His right hand moved under me and his palm set under my head. He holds me tight to him and his left hand was supporting my buttocks to him.

“Pain….” Luke asked. For answer I wrapped my legs around him and raised my buttocks more to him and forced him down with my legs and ignored the stinging pain in my ass. He pushed his cock into my ass hole slowly. “It’s okay…” I encouraged him to move. I loosened my legs to free him and he moved slowly.

His huge cock was tight in my asshole. I felt the pain lessening and the pleasure growing. We heard only our hard breathing and the other sound. His right hand holds me tight to him and left hand forced my buttocks to his huge cock. I helped him with my buttocks to move inside me. He was piercing my asshole with his big long cock as wet body rubbed. We both were sweating and taking long breath. I was jerking with his each thrust and my body weakened. I was flowing in the air and melting.

His thrusting became faster and faster. I loosened my legs and they fell down on the bed weakly. My hands patted his sweating back as he takes long and deep thrusts.

“I’m…..coming…my….love…” Luke whispered weakly and was pulling his cock out from my asshole.

“Don’t…” I said weakly and raised my ass hole to his long cock. He resisted a moment then thrust deep into me. I felt the cock pulsing inside me and the jerking. He thrust faster and faster and slowed. His cock jerked and moved slowly inside me as his hot semen filled my asshole. We were we with sweat and were breathing hard. He sank over me and panted weakly. I patted his sweating back softly. He was still inside me and was jerking.

He tried to pull his cock from my ass hole and slip down from me but I hugged him hard and stopped him. This is what I wanted. He lay over me sweating and taking long breaths.

“You don’t hate now your big brother….ah…baby?” Luke asked.

We were lying. His cock was still inside me but soft. I was embracing him close to me.

“I can't hate my big brother…” I whispered and ran fingers through his damp hair.

“Not… because of this….I can't…control….”Luke was stuttering.

“No… I love you more…” I assured him. “You know….we both wanted this….”

“My baby….” He embraced me tight and turned on his back. Now I was lying on top of him.

“We will sleep like this….” Luke whispered. He was semi hard inside me. “Just like our childhood….’

“Ummmmmm…. “I answered.

I moved downwards slowly over him and set my cheek on his hairy chest. As I did his semi hardened cock slipped more into my asshole. We had forgotten that he was still inside me and now we both were blushing. Luke tried to pull his dick out from my asshole but I stopped him.

“Stay like this…. I want the pain more from you….” I whispered to his heart. I kissed his nipple…

“You will be tired tomorrow….my baby…” Luke said softly. He was patting my back softly. I ran my fingers through his damp hairs and he hardened more. His hands tightened around me. His big cock hardened and filled my asshole tight. He turned around and I was under him. His knees pushed open my thighs and I bend my knees up and opened my legs wide. Luke’s hands were cupping my buttocks and parted for his entering deep into me. I massaged his wet back softly. Luke moved slowly inside me. I paid my full attention on the sound coming as he moved inside me.

It lasted more time than before. He exploded inside me and pushed his big cock deeper inside me. Then lay collapsed on me and panted. I patted his back softly. His big cock rested inside my asshole.

Later he went to the bathroom and cleaned himself. There was blood on his cock and on the bed sheet. He came with a wet towel and cleaned the blood on my buttocks and around my ass hole then changed the stained blood sheet to a new one and washed the bloodspots on the old sheet. We were shy whole this time and didn’t look each other. Then he carried me to the bed and laid me there. He enclosed me with his legs and arms and tucked me under him. And we slept. We did the same again around morning half sleeping.

When I awake it was very late. Luke had awake and had a shower. He was changed into fresh clothes and was lying beside me on the bed resting his head on the crossbar. He had put a pillow under his head for support. My head was resting on his chest and I was grabbing my hand around him. His hand was stroking my back.

“Good morning…” Luke said shyly.

“Good Morning…” I said but stay on the bed. We were didn’t looking each other.

“Pain…baby…?” Luke stammered shyly.

“No...” I lied. In fact I had the pain but not as the first time I had.

“There is warm water in the bathroom. You need a hot bath...” Luke said softly.

I was getting up but stopped me. I was full naked. Luke had understood me and rose from the bed. He picked up my trouser and gave it tome. I pulled the trouser on as lying there and climbed down to the floor. When I walked I winced because something was stinging my ass. Luke was looking at me and hurried to my side. He hugged me.

“I will carry you….” He whispered.

“No... I slipped from his hug.

I had a hot bath then after I wore fresh cloths. We came down holding each others hands to have our breakfast. We were not looking each other. When our eyes me we shared a knowing smile and was shy. Our relation had a new meaning. But we were careful about us because others don’t have a doubt.

Frank’s cheeks swelled and his face was darkening when he sees me. He was always trying to be with Luke. I ignored him. I and Luke never talked about Chris and he never asked. I was torn between the two men I loved most. Both teach me how to love and who am I.

Luke gives me a violin for Christmas. Everyone was surprised because I didn’t know how to play the violin. Luke just laughed and said he would teach me how to play the violin. Later that night he said it was his love I would feel whenever I played the violin. Frank was furious at this because he was the musician in our family but Luke gave him just a shirt. He gave up speaking to me and acted I didn’t exist.

Our first night repeated the following nights of our vacation. Our love deepened day to day. When it was time for our parting I cried. Luke didn’t cry but his eyes were moist. He promised me to write. He can't come to us because his exam was coming and this is his last year in college. He wants to appear the entrance exam for medicine and was preparing. We would meet on grandpa’s first anniversary. Frank didn’t repeat his scene as before because he knew he can't win Luke from me.

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