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love or something like it



Two weeks had passed after John revealed his secrets to me. Monsoon picks up its rhythm and trying hard to make up its late coming. School had become very exciting because of rain.

I some time with Chris but I am still shy with him. My sister tried and gives up Chris. Chris told her he had someone in his life and waiting for him. They are best friends now. Till now, I never told John about my feelings for Chris. I am afraid Chris is not like his Daniel and if his Chris knows he stops speaking to me and thinks I am a she boy. Each day John is saying about Daniel and details of their sex. I am thrilled to hear and in the night masturbating on that details.

Once I had wet dream and dirtied my underwear. I dreamed John bending in the woods. Daniel stands behind him and splitting him. But when I saw their faces John became me and Daniel became Chris. I leaked into the underwear and had to wash it my self so, Mina or mom don’t have to seen it. After that episode I give up sleeping in underwear. Now, I sleep completely naked.

Next day I am very shy to look Chris. He asked so, but I said nothing. He had a mischievous smile. That was a new thing. Recently whenever he saw me, he had a smile on his face and his eyes are shining. It happens to me too.

Today is Friday. For two days school is closed because of heavy rain. If it continues it will remain closed for some days. I sitting in veranda and watching the rain. What is Chris doing now? I thought as I said to mom. “Mom, I am going to Jess Aunt’s house”. She is in the kitchen trying some recipe from the magazine. “Okay, and don’t disturb her with your stupid questions.”

Emily looked from the chair where she is sitting and winked, “Give my love to Grandma.”

I opened my umbrella and climb down to the rain. I am wearing my usual half trouser so there was no problem to get wet. I walk speedily to the house and pressed my index finger on the switch.

“Come in Josh. Door is open”. Aunt said from inside. I kept my umbrella on the step and open the door. She is watching some movie on television and said. “Take that towel from the bracket behind the door and dry yourself.” I do so and sit beside her.

“Where is grandma?” I asked as searching the room.

“She is sleeping.” Her eyes are on the television. I opened my mouth to ask next question and she interrupted me.

“Go up to Chris. He is in his room reading. He will answer your questions. I want to watch this movie. Go.”

I stand and doubted if I want to go. She looks up and said, “Don’t be afraid, he is not studying. He is reading some magazine for time pass. If he gets angry at you, I will spank him.”

I smiled and climb the stairs up slowly. I reach his door and knocked. No sound came from inside. So I opened the door and climbed inside. Nobody is there.

“Chris.” I called.

“In the bathroom,” he said inside the bathroom. I closed the door and walk to chair near the computer table. I looked around the room. It is neat and clean. Not like my room. Books are neatly kept on the racks, a table is near the window and one chair is beside it. On the table there is two thick books are closed and one is opened. And near it a writing pad is open. A framed photo graph is on the table. I saw Chris and one boy is standing and two girls sitting in front of them. May be they are his friends. The bed is other side of the wall where I am sitting. Windows are open to the rain.

The bathroom door opened and Chris comes as a towel wrapping around his middle. His wet hair is flattened on his scalp and falling to his forehead. His chest has curly black hair falling to his abdomen. His stomach is flat. His body is athletic and is very hairy. He is doing some exercise. I decided. He looks like a photograph of Apollo’s statue I had seen.

“I am having a shower.” He said as he opened the cupboard and takes some clothes. He dropped the cloths over the bed and smiled to me. I smiled to him as I said, “aunt said you are reading.” I was looking at the photograph. He followed my look and said. “Oh, they are my sisters and brother. Carol is elder than me and Julie is two years younger. And he is Harry and sixteen now.”

“Oh, “I said. This is new to me. Nobody said about Harry to me.

He shook his head took off the towel. I starred. My mouth goes dry. He is full naked in front of me. He didn’t have any shame? His pelvis is fully opened to me as he is standing. There is completely dark with black hair. From there hairs spread to his thighs. His cock is as long as Daniel’s. But it is soft now. I gulped as I looking. He picked a white brief and wore it. Then walk to the mirror and with his fingers combed the hair. I can see the outline of his big cock in his brief. He returned to the bed and picks up his trouser and starts to wear.

“You don’t have school today?” he asked as he pulled T shirt over his head.

“No.” I was staring his arm pits. It covered with long black hairs. I sadly think about mine. It had none. My mouth is drier now. I lick my lips and stole away my eyes to outside. Rain is thickened now. I am stick to the chair afraid to move. I looked blankly into the rain outside.

“Are you afraid of me? I don’t bite kids.” Chris said as that smile spread on his face.

I shook my head negatively. My tongue is dried and my lips stick to each other.

He cocked his head and looked at me. “We are boys. So, don’t be shy. After practicing in the ground, in locker room we are washing full naked. There is no privacy. Everybody see what others have. Right?” he is smiling mischievously and clearing his part. So that’s it. He didn’t think about that too much! “After all we are boys. We didn’t have hid something from other boys”.

I didn’t know about that. I am not to sports that need body work. I smiled and said, “School is closed for two days. For us it is three days because day after tomorrow is Sunday.”

“Lucky boy,” he said and we both laughed.

We are looking the rain out side. Chris goes to the window and stand there. An awkward silence is filling between us.

“Look, it is beautiful….the Rain falling on the leaves. Come here…… Jo, look the rain” he invited me.

I walk to him and look. Yes, it’s beautiful. He is close to me. Because of the cupboard and computer table, the place where we are standing in front of window is short to stand for two people. Chris move back of me so, I can stand in front of him. Placing my hand to the grill I pressed my face to the window. I filled with an unknown happiness as I stand there.

I felt Chris body is touching mine. An electric spark ran through my body. He put his hands on my shoulder and moved forward a little and his fingers locked under my chin. We both are looking the rain. His thighs touched my buttocks and I feel the touch of his cock middle of my back. It’s faintly warm. I became a feather in his touch. Something I didn’t felt till now is run through my body. We looked outside through window. Rain is very heavy and we can’t see before more than one meter of us. I closed my eyes and a little pressed me to him. His heat is spreading from him to me. My heart and body filled the love for him. I didn’t have any knowledge of what was going on his mind. But I don’t care. This closeness is much for me. I don’t want anything other than this. I began to fly between clouds and wished stand like this for the end of the world.

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