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love or something like it



“John is my same age. His body is fragile too. He and Daniel loves each other….and you know once Daniel tried to kill himself because he was thinking he lost John.” He was still for a moment.

“Jo… darling...” I want and love to do that with you…but not now... or for two or three years. I can wait for two or three year when you are ready.” He was soothing me. “This is between you and me. John and Daniel got nothing to do with us.”

“But I want now.” I insisted. “There is always is a first time for everything. And who knows when you come for me after two or three years I’m waiting for you alive?”

“Not do this to me…” he pleaded. Silence filled the room.

“Chris…” I whispered some moments later.

“Hmmm…” he answered.

“If you don’t want ….” I patted his back softly. ”it is okay. I only want to give the best. I don’t want you go to other for the best.”

“Jo….” He called.

“Hmmm…..” I answered.

“There is going to be a lot of pain more than you think or bear….” He whispered. He loosened his hand and look into my eyes. “Really you want…this?”

“I am…” I was determined.

“You are a stubborn child... you know..?” Chris sighed. “You know I can't resist you.”

“I know.” I whispered.

“You are not going to complain.” he told. He was shy when he took my hand and takes it down between us. “You know…this is long and thick. This will hurt you more and bleed you…’ he was saying as he moved my palm over his cock. It was semi hard. I looked at his face. He was blushing deeply.

“Chris… for you I will do anything and can suffer anything.” I whispered. “Because I love you more than in the world I love and want to give you the pleasure I could.”

“I know.” He said softly and tightened his hands around me. Then he kissed me.

My heart was pounding against him and I was afraid. Chris was patting my back and his palm pressed me to his chest.

“Our hearts will beat together like this forever…. I promise…” Chris whispered and kissed my lips and I stick my left hand under his right arm towards his head and forced him to my mouth. He took my lips in his mouth and squeezed it.

His right hand massaged my back softly down to my buttocks and forced it to him. My little cock was hardening on his abdomen. He was massaging my buttocks and squeezing it slowly. I felt the warmth of his hardening cock against my thighs. His mouth was still squeezing my lips as he sticks his left hand under me to my buttocks. His both hands were massaging and squeezing my buttocks and his long cock was hard and spreading the pre cum on my thighs.

Chris was breathing deep but he didn’t release my lips. He cupped my buttocks with each palm and squeezed hard. I stick to him because his squeezing was giving me pain. He released his mouth and whispered me to raise my left thigh a little. I did and his right hand left my buttock as he pulled his pelvis from me. He grabbed his hardened cock. It oozed the pre cum to his fingers and he sticks his hand through my opened thighs to my buttocks.

Chris rubbed the pre cum over my ass and my buttocks were rigid and my ass tightened close. I want to loose but I couldn't. I looked at Chris and he whispered “its okay...” our breathing was long and he kissed my mouth again.

“Jo…” Chris whispered. “Look into my eyes. Don’t pay attention there what I’m doing…okay...”

I looked into his eyes and they are filled with love. He was massaging my inner thighs. His hand moved to my little balls and he massaged them softly. His left hand was still massaging my buttocks. His left hand fingers moved to the partition between my buttocks and the index finger ran over my ass as his right hand massaged my little balls and inner thighs. His index finger softly pressed my ass and I jerked. His fingers were massaging around my ass and I felt the muscles loosening.

Chris softly turned me on my back I stared him and he lay on top of me. His big cock was poking my little balls. I looked into his eyes.

“Just lay and relax….honey... Don’t fear…I’ll take care…” he whispered to me and I nodded.

He moved down as massaging my buttocks. I lay there waiting. I was eager but a little frightened... his face sank into my thighs and rubbed there. I was tickling there and my thighs opened for him it’s own. He licked my small balls to down my ass. I bend out ward and bend my knee. I was wide open for his mouth. He was licking my small balls as his hands cupped my buttocks and raised them up to his mouth. He squeezed my buttocks and forced them sideways to open the partition and licked over my ass. My legs shivered as I tickled and I grabbed the bed sheet.

“No…Chris….no…don’t…” I said weakly as I tried to pull my ass from his mouth.

He didn’t hear and hi tongue ran over my ass. I was weak and feel the relaxing there. Chris stopped his licking and slithered upward. His hands embraced me and he kissed my mouth. I hug him back. His big hardened cock and was throbbing and was hot.

“Relax…” Chris whispered. He took my lips in his mouth and squeezed and then thrust his tongue into my mouth and twisted. His mouth was covering my mouth. It was a long kiss and then he stopped.

“My little angel…” he whispered. “You want me…”

“Hmmm…..” I answered.

“Just a second…” He whispered and kissed me. Then he rose from me and slowly slips down to the floor and stood there. His big cock was hardened like a steel rod and pointing to the wall. Pre cum dropped from its head. His foreskin was moved a little down showing the swollen red head glazing from the light. Chris went to the mirror stand taking a tube came back to the bed. He sat beside me and put the tube on bed.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“Just…. Making it easy for you…” he said, “it’s like…. Like... a lubricant.”

I looked at his cock. It was still oozing the pre cum. He saw where I was looking and blushed.

“That’s not enough…” he blushed deeply and smiled shyly.

He arranged the pillows to the cross bar on the bed and stood again. He bends to kiss me and went to the cup board. Opening it he took a clean bed sheet and it was light grey in color then shut the cupboard. He said move a little aside and as I did spread the sheet about the middle of the bed. Then he climbed and sat on the bed sheet. He straightened his legs forward and opened the legs a little wide. His hardened long and thick cock stands erect like a javelin to the ceiling and looking at it I gulped the fear overcoming me.

“Afraid….?” Chris asked, “come here…darling...” Chris was shy.

I looked him in eyes and then his huge cock. I was afraid. I was breathing a little deep but I moved to him. I want this. I remembered me that it was I who forced him to do it and now I can't be ran away from. Chris grabbed me and lifts me to him. He sat me on his opened thighs and I place my legs straight aside his buttocks. His huge cock was standing and touched my belly button. My heart pounded against my chest and I trembled a little.

“Nervous...” His mouth nuzzled my ear.


“There….no….hurry…we….will… …time…later” he breathed to my ear.

“No…” I said.

Chris was taking long breaths and I felt his cock pressing against my stomach as he hugged me. It was jerking. He took the tube with his left hand and squeezed it to his right fingers. I know the odor; it is his face cream! Forgetting my fear I laughed….

“Chris…it’s you face cream!” I said.

“Yes…..It’s have the Vaseline base…” he laughed shyly.

I was sitting on his open thighs legs spread to his both sides. My buttocks were open and my ass was free between his thighs. Chris’ held me close to him with his left hand and took my lips in his mouth and squeezed. His right fingers moved to my open buttocks and rubbed the cream over and around my ass. His fingers were massaging the cream on my ass softly as I hugged him tightly. I was tickling and feel his middle fingertip slipping on my ass. Suddenly he pushed his middle finger into my ass. I jerked up to free from the finger but his left hand hold me tight to him and his mouth squeezed hard my lips. My buttocks trembled and ass was tightening around his finger but he pushed his finger to the bottom into my asshole.

He twisted the finger and holds me tight. He released my lips and whispered me softly it is okay as he moved his finger up and down slowly. I felt my ass loosening around his middle finger and I took a deep breath. I felt his hold tightening me as he removing his finger from my ass hole. I was grateful as I looked into his eyes. He was massaging my ass with his index finger and middle finger as I was opened my mouth and jerked more. He had pushed his both finger into my ass and twisting it up. I knew my buttocks trembling to remove his fingers but he was pushing it.

“Chris…” I was afraid

“Shhhhh…. “He assured, “its okay… don’t frighten…honey...”

He was twisting around and pushing up into my ass and my ass hole as opened and I was itching there. Suddenly he removed his finger and my ass. My little cock had swelled and jerking between us. He loosened his hold on me and leant backward to free his cock. Chris searched for the tube and grabbing it he squeezed the tube on his huge cock then rubbed the cream on his hard cock from the head to bottom. He was not looking me because he was shy. He moved his foreskin downward a little and rubbed the cream on the swollen head.

“Jo…” he called.


“We…are…going…to…do…it… ah..?” he whispered.

“Yes…” I answered excitedly.

“Grab your hands around me….” he whispered, “if it is giving you more pain….. Honey…you…tell….me…”

I nodded.

“Rest your head on my shoulder…Love” he told and I did as he said. With his left hand Chris garb his hardened and javelin like huge cock. His foreskin covered the head but a little around his pre cum oozing piss hole. He moved the foreskin little down and told me raise a little from his thighs to over his huge cock. I rose and stay over his huge cock and he put his hands cupped my buttocks. He positioned his cock over my ass and forced it sideways. My asshole opened a little and the swollen head fill the opening. It was oozing the pre cum on my ass. I felt warmth coming from his cock. He released my buttocks and holds my hip bones.

“Jo…darling…” he was breathing deep.

“Ummmmmm…” I said as feeling his hot cock waiting on my asshole.

Chris was whispering softly…”this is…. going ….to… hurt…. You… a little….baby….” his hands were grabbing my hips a little hard. “I….make…. it….very…. slowly….dear…if …if….you….don’t….bear….the…pain…tell… me…honey…” he was slowly pushing and I knew his huge cock’s head forcibly opening and entering into my small asshole. I tightened my hands around him and his hands tighten on my hips. He pushed his huge cock slowly up and the whole head entered into my ass hole. I moaned loudly and jerked up to leave the swollen head but it was filled tight in my small ass hole and Chris hands hold me to the cock’s head. The head was hot.

And the pain..! I thought my ass hole cracked open and the pain was hard to bear. My ass tightened around the head and I shivered. My eyes filled and tears rolled down my cheeks. My heart was pounding hard and I start to sweat. I felt the prickling heat spreading to my pelvis and trembling buttocks. I want to yell Chris removes his damn cock but I didn’t. If John can bear the pain for Daniel, I could bear more for my Apollo. I resist the urge to jump from Chris cock and ran away from Chris and his huge cock. But I stay on his huge cock and it was oozing the pre cum into my ass hole. I thought his hot cock is burning me.

“My baby…what….you….” Chris was breathing deep and tried to pull his cock but I said weakly….

“It’s …..Okay….”

Chris’ hands left my hips and wrapped around me and he hold me to his body.

“Jo…looks at me dear…..” his voice trembled.

I raised my head feebly from his shoulder and looked him. He saw my tears.

“Oh….love…” he sighed. “I’m hurting you….why didn’t you tell me..?”

“No… I want this...” I tried to calm my voice. “You…know…this…first…”

I was still rising awkwardly over him supported by his cock’s head in my ass and I was embarrassed to look him.

“I can't stay like this…..” I shut my eyes, “do…” I said weakly.

We both smiled shyly ….and I hide my face on his shoulder.

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