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love or something like it



When I reached home Mina was in the kitchen. I yelled her I’m in my room and ran the stairs. I didn’t care water falling to the floor from me. I sodden with rain. I opened my room and kicked back the door shut. I locked the door and go to bathroom. I peeled of the cloths and get under the shower. Water ran down my body. My inner thighs were in heat and also my buttocks. I get out from the shower and dried me with a towel. I came out bathroom and stand in front of the cupboard mirror.

I looked me and saw my lips are redder than before. Chris! I blushed. My nipples were red and a little swollen. There was scratch marks on my stomach and inner thighs were Chris rubbed with his thorny cheeks. My cock look shriveled but swelled a little. My buttocks had red marks where his fingers squeezed. I hugged my self. “Oh Chris…..” I said to the image.

I wear a pair of long trouser and a T shirt. To hide my scratch marks. I still have his smell on me. Lotus! Suddenly I remember some one who smelled like lotus. My cousin Luke! “Where are you Luke”? I asked silently. I think forget me. He didn’t call. Then I remember the phone is out because of the rain. Tomorrow I will write him a letter. I decided.

My parents or Emily didn’t doubt me. When mom asked why I am not wearing my usual uniform I answered her because I am cold. And she believed it. Sleep didn’t come to me early that night. I was thinking about Chris. What we did.

When I awoke in the morning my body was aching. I keep to bed. Mom called me and came in.

“What’s the problem…..Josh?” There was concern in her eyes. “Fever?”

She touched my forehead and I shook my head.

“Stomachache.” I lied.

She said me take a rest and some medicine she gave me. Dad has gone to the shop. She and Emily is going now and on t he way she will ask Chris to check me between the time. She gives order to mina keeps me in the room.

Chris came half an hour later after they are gone. I was looking hard the rain and turned my head to look when he opened the door. He came in a concern look is in his eyes but he was shy.

I was lying on my back and he sat beside me. He patted me softly on forehead. We didn’t look each other because both were shy.

“It was hard on you? He asked as blushing, “Why didn’t you say me?”

“Because I don’t want you stop that.” I said looking the opposite wall.

“I was a selfish. I didn’t think about you. I know it was your first time and I didn’t care.” He was self blaming.

“You are not selfish.” I turned my side and put my hand around his waist, “for you, I will bear more than this.” I curved and pressed my face to his thigh. He sighed.

We stayed like this for a long time. My fingers are touching his soft bulge on his lap and I pressed.

“Not today…” he laughed, “or you can’t bear you stomach ache.”

We can’t meet next three days because Chris went to see their relative and spent three days there. The relative was his father’s uncle and was old.

Days passed and we didn’t know. I and Chris were in our separate world from others. Our parents was amazed to see us but dint had any doubts what going between us. Only Emily knows about that from beginning but not the sex. Chris had the knowledge that Emily knew about us. He was shy in front of her.

I didn’t tell John about Chris.

We met when school opened after two weeks. He came home from Daniel’s uncle before the day school opened. He was very happy and looks excited about holidays. He explained me each day he spent there. Daniel was the same looks as John. They each have an impish look on them whenever they met in the school. We were having rain every day and it was difficult to go the woods. So John has upset stomach two or three days at lunch time and had to go the rest room. Life was going very happier to me.

For me and Chris we spent every afternoon together in his room except Sunday or he had to go and interview the old residents and families for his research. Then I go with him. We are inseparable. We didn’t have sex everyday. Someday we only lay there in a deep embrace as our hearts talk each other. When it was the time for John came to do his project; we were sitting as Chris working on computer and I was reading something. He didn’t doubt us.

We weren’t exhausted from sex. When we have sex it didn’t stops. We have sex three or four times one day when have enough time. Chris didn’t stop one he ejaculated. Chris cock softened after it let out semen but is hardening within moments. And Chris is ready. He wants and loves having sex two times without stopping. I was always ready for him and insisting. He said me affectionately that it was me doing this to him and whenever I was with him his cock is hardened all the time with my single touch.

Then one day he came early. We were alone in the house and sleeping. We had sex and naked. We awake as hearing the calling bell sounded. We looked each other startled. Then Chris gets up and got dressed. He picked up my clothes and said me to wear it hurry and pretend sleep. I obeyed and pulled the blanket over me and pretend sleep. He looked himself in the mirror and as combing his straight hair with his fingers goes down to answers the bell.

I heard he was talking with some one and the sound of closing the doors. Footsteps were coming up to the room and they were talking. It was John. He was early to day. They open the door and I heard John asking.

“Who is that on your bed?”

“Jo…” Chris said casually.

“He was here and get sleepy. So, I said go, get some sleep. He is sleeping more than two hours.” He was saying coolly.

I want to laugh but can’t. John came near the bed and began shaking me.

“Josh, wake up…. Josh”

I opened my eyes as I was in a deep sleep and irritate to wake. I rubbed my eyes and look blankly him as if I don’t know where I am. Chris was already turning on the computer and sitting in front of him. He turned to us and winked. John was looking me hard as pushed the blanket from me and start to get up. His eyes followed me to the bath room and back on the chair near them as sit. He looked me and then Chris.

Chris patted my back affectionately as he was talking to John. John gets involved in the project as I and Chris shared a smile.

Next day he was gloomy as we walked together to school. I was chatting but he didn’t seem he is listening. So, I kept my mouth shut.

After lunch we were free. His stomach didn’t upset him today. We were sitting in the class room alone and watching the rain falling on the ground.

“Josh, can I ask you something?” he asked suddenly.

I looked him and said, “Go on…”

“What were you doing yesterday in Chris’ bedroom?” he was direct.

“Sleeping...” I kept my face blank and tried hard not to blush. His face was frowned and I know he was jealous. Is he having a crush on Chris? “Why?”

He shrugged and was silent. I turned my eyes on the ground.

“You were not sleeping.” John said. “I mean…. You don’t seem to me you are sleeping.”

“You need to check your eyes.” I said jokingly.

“No… I needn’t. By the way, when did you and Chris became friends? You didn’t tell me.”

“When you were went with Daniel to his uncle.” I said, “I was bored and made up with Chris.”

“You don’t seem to sleeping.” He didn’t hear me. “Your hair is wet with sweat and you smelled like him. Chris sweat smell is coming from your body. He had the look on him too. You both had sex yesterday.”

“We are not like you and Daniel.” I was shocked. “Really John, you looks Chris with the same eyes you are looking Daniel. We are just friends and sex is not there.” I denied flatly.

“Say, you both are not in love.” He insisted

“Of course, we are in love.” I laughed….”friends love each other. Right…?”

“It’s okay…Josh...” John said. “I and Daniel love each other. But that is not kind as friends have. I know it is the same as you and Chris. You are ashamed of speak it.”

He was silent for some moment. Then he said, “You know I had a crush for Chris. That’s why Daniel had some problems with me, you know?”

Yes. I knew. “It was the incident at your house that broken him. He had some doubts early but all cleared to him then. On the way home he was angry and we had a quarrel. He stops talking to me and said he had nothing to do with a cheater. He was spending more time in the woods.”

“You remembered when you take me home because I had a stomach ache? He smiled sadly and continued, “That morning he came to our house and said he was not well and give the leave application to his class teacher. Then he looked me and said never cheat anyone in my life as I did to him and gone. I was afraid of his expressions and opened the letter. It was for me and not for his class teacher.”

His eyes filled and rolled down.

“It said I will never see him again in this world. He was leaving me forever. I was afraid and don’t know what he will do. I was worried so acted a stomach ache. When you left me I went to his house and the servant told Daniel left the house before half an hour. I asked him he had taken something with him and she said no. I know where he had gone and ran to the woods. There we had a special place and he was there. He was sitting and crying in the rain. He yelled at me leave him alone when he saw me. A bottle was near him and he meant each word what he said in the letter.”

He was crying silently. I didn’t know what to do so I pressed his hand in mine tightly.

“I was crying too…. But, at last we……” I patted his hand.

We both were silent for some minutes.

Then he was saying that Daniel and he is having sex almost every day and didn’t have any problem. And actually his upsetting stomach is a lie because they are having sex in boy’s rest room when they felt needy.

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