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love or something like it



We were standing there watching as the rain falling out side. I was standing in front of him he is my back his hands on my shoulder and fingers closed to each other under my chin. My heart began to pound harder. Blood flooded though my veins. My breathing began to slow and longer. Heat from his body traveled through his fingers to my body. I began to shiver as I was cold. His breathing too became long and hard.

“Jo,” he whispered between his long breathing.

“Ummmmmm……….” I panted. Hairs on his hands are touching on my bare neck and tickling me. His hands moved from my shoulder to downwards… over my chest, my nipples and now resting over my stomach. They searching something on my body and didn’t find it. I am tickling all over now. Something blasted over my body and the spark waves spreading all over my body. My legs felt too weak to keep me standing. I breathe hard and my body began to shake.

His palms forced me to him and I leaned to his body. My buttocks pressed on his thighs. His big dick is pressing on my back. It is very hard and very hot now. I feel the heat. His dick is throbbing against my middle side of back. I pressed my body hard on him as if to absorb that heat. We both were taking long breaths.

He slowly turned me to him and his hands bounded around to a deep embrace. His hands wrapped around me and pressing me hard to his like he wanted to crush me. I was trembling. His hard rock like cock pressed over my stomach throbbing and jerking like it is trying to free from his underwear.

He pressed his body hard to me and both of us taking long breaths. I tied my hands around his middle and forced him to me. I rested my cheeks on his chest and heard his heart beating hard against my cheek. My little cock is very hard now in my underwear and standing like a stick. It is pocking Chris’s thigh. I want it keeps its right position and not make me ashamed. I want to stay like this with Chris in a deep embrace.

“Jo…...” Chris is whispering. His right hand left me and lifts my chin to him. He is looking down and I looked at his eyes. They are twinkling like stars. Suddenly I was shy to look him. I closed my eyes.

“Shy……” he said softly. “Don’t be shy Jo. Open your eyes and look me. I want to see your eyes. They are like deep Blue Ocean.” I can feel an unknown feeling covering me.

Shyly I opened my eyes and look up to his face. He looked a long time and sighed. He bent his face toward me and his lips touched softly on my eyes. He is kissing my eyes. His hot breath touched my forehead. Goose pimples appeared whole my body. He lifted my chin more to him. His lips touched mine softly. He is panting hard. His fingers moved from my chin to back of my head and forced my face to his. He pressed his lips hard on mine. His hot breaths on my face and is shut my eyes.

My legs lost it strength to stand. They go limp. I tied my hands more around him and stick to him as if I am going to fall. My body is trembling like a chicken.

As his lips touching hard on mine, they are parting from each other. His tongue comes out and he licked my lips. His tongue forced open my lips and ran over my teeth. Chris takes my lower lip to his mouth and drink. He sucked and squeezed it with his teeth. He bit softly. His left hand is on my buttocks pressing me to him and squeezing them hard. His right hand is keeping me to his chest as the fingers and palm supporting my head.

His tongue opened my mouth and searching something. He tastes like something sweet I cannot remember. The first kiss of us….. I want this last forever. I want to die now…….

Chris’s mouth released me. We both are panting hardly. He pressed me to him. His hand pressed my head to his chest. He patted my head and then my cheek. His fingers moved from my chin, lips, nose to my forehead.

“Oh……….. My Jo…” he breathed softly.

I felt someone is placed a hot iron rod on my stomach. His very hard and big cock is pocking me. It is throbbing and jerking. I pressed my body hard on his cock and felt a sudden urge to touch it. But I can’t because I am afraid and shy.

He released me. I take a step back and began to fall. I am shivering. My body is too weak and I can’t stand straight. Chris grabs me and supports my body to him.

“Afraid of me, Jo,” he asked softly.

“No…” I said weekly. He hugged me and kissed top of my head.

“Feel better now?” he asked me after sometime passed.

“Yeah...” he released me from the hug and takes me to his bed. I sat on his bed as looking to him. He is leaning on the table near window tied hands on chest and looking at me.

“Chris… come down, coffee ready.” Jess aunt called from down.

“We are coming within five minutes mom,” Chris called back, “I am writing something on computer.”

Our breathing becomes normal. As I looked him I saw in front of his trousers pointing forward and pulsing a little. Where his cock’s head is pointing is wet. I looked on my stomach and saw a little large wet patch on my T shirt where his cock is touched me. I toughed that wet spot with my finger and it is little sticky. I smelt it but it had none. No, this is not semen. I looked to Chris and he smiled something shyly.

He looks at me and saw the wet place on my T shirt. Then he looked down on him. He sighed and shook his head to me. He pressed his ring hand on his pointing front and forcibly moved downwards to straight it and said to me, “sorry, but you did this to me.”

I blushed deeply and looked down. We both smiled.

He handed me a comb and I did my hair. I looked into the mirror and saw my face and lips is little flushed. He said me to wait. Then he pulled his trouser down from his waist to floor. Freed from his trousers, he pushed it under the bed with his leg. Front side of his brief is a huge bulge. And it is wet. I saw the red top of his cock’s head through the wetness and it is jerking a little. Chris put his hand inside the brief and straightens the position of his cock down. After he opened the cupboard and takes another baggy trouser and put it on. He goes to the bathroom and washed his hands and face. Took a towel and dried his face and hands. Then he wet it in the basin and closing the bathroom door came to me. The other hand he took my face and cleaned with wet towel. He dropped it on the chair.

He looks at me and smiled, “come on now. We shall go down. You look better now”.

I look down the wet spots on my T shirt. A mischievous smile appeared on his face. “Don’t worry. It will go and not leave a stain.”

He added softly, “you are such a little boy…”

He stopped me before opening the door. He bends and putting his hands on my hips lifted me from floor. I stared my eyes into his. What’s up to him now? He leveled my face to him and looks into my eyes. They are twinkling like stars. They are filled with love. They said to me, “I love you……….” My eyes replied silently, “I love you too………”

He lightly kissed my lips and downed me to the floor. We are filled with love. No words need to say it. We understand each other. Love and happiness filled inside me and flooded whole my body. I am in the paradise.

Grandma and aunt were having coffee already in the sitting room and watching T.V. We sat beside them. Aunt poured coffee for Chris and placed a glass of milk in front of me. Seeing this, Chris rolled his eyes. I smiled shyly as aunt said, “he is a baby Chris.”

“What are you doing Chris?” Grandma asked.

“Oh, I was doing an important thing.” Chris replied looking sideways to me. he smiled mischievously and continued, “ it came to me on the first day when we are here. And today as I was showering, it’s come clear to me and now onwards I am paying my full attention to it.”

“My good wishes for your success”. Aunt said jokingly and all of us laughed.

“Josh didn’t disturb you at your work?” Grandma winked at me.

“Hey, he was watching carefully what I am doing”. Chris said musingly.

“He is afraid of you”. Aunt said, “He is a sweet boy.”

“Yeah, I know he is a sweet baby”. Chris added.

Rain stopped now. I said bye and turned to leave. He walks with me to the steps.

“Tomorrow we will go to harbor,” Chris said as I opened the gate.

“Okay” I agreed. I am ready to go anywhere with him.

“I will be at yours after three and pick you. Tomorrow I will show you the town.” Chris promised as I closed the gate.

I walked to home as remembering what happened with Chris, the rain, our kiss, hugging, his hard and hot cock on my stomach. I touched the wet spot on T shirt.

I want to sing and dance. I want to shout the world;

“ We are in love……….!”

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