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love or something like it



Mom comes with me school next day. She gives leave application for two weeks. She had come for only two hours because their train’s departure time is half past two afternoon. She came to exam hall meet me. She take me to out side the hall and said be a good boy and obey what aunt and Chris would say and don’t be a nuisance. Don’t wander here and there on the holydays and stay with Chris. They will call me everyday after eight at night and etc… etc... And I nodded to her every word. Oh boy! She was not happy to leave me on my own. At last she was silent because she was dry out of words. All she remembered was said and now she was lost. I said mom to don’t worry, everything is going to be okay. We looked each other and were silent for some minutes. Then dad came to take her and she hugged me and went with him.

Dad told me they will be here after noon before they go and I agreed. They came their way to station. I got the permission for ten minutes and went out side to meet them. We hugged each other. We were sad and mom and Emily were crying as they are leaving me forever. I asked Emily is she was crying for leaving me alone or the old man died and waiting to kiss by her. She slapped me and called me an idiot. But when they took leave I was crying. It was the first time they are not with me in my entire fourteen years life. Dad and mom hugged me and dad’s eyes were wet. Time was not waiting so they had to go. I stand there crying and looked their car disappearing.

Chris came at seven and stay with me and mina. Rain had stopped for some time. I and Chris were speaking and he saw I was looking expectedly at the phone. He told then they are on the way to Bombay so for two days there wouldn’t be no call for me. They will reach day after tomorrow. I know this but it was only the hope. We had dinner and Chris ate with us. After dinner Chris asked where I would like to sleep. He said aunt and grandma want that he take me with him.

Min said it was okay and she hadn’t any problem. She is not afraid to sleep alone. So Chris takes me with him and I take my book to read. Aunt and grandma were happy to have me. We go his room and I started my reading lying on the bed. Chris was taking some notes from a thick book. I closed my book after about an hour and asked Chris to wake me at six and he agreed. He set the alarm and continued his work.

Half our later he closed the thick book and stood. He went to the bathroom and after coming he starts to undress. He lay beside me and we both were silent. I was staring the ceiling.

“Jo…. Come close to me,” sometime later he called me softly.

I closed to him and he turned on his side to me and his hands wrapped around me. He pressed me to him and whispered.

“Thinking about dad and mom?” and pressed me to him.

“They will be here next week…. Don’t be sad…I’m here and near to you. Sleep now…or you will wake late. “he continued his whispering.

I buried my face to his thick hairs and pulled the blanket over us.

“Are you asleep?” I asked some moments later.

“No.” he said. “Why?”

“Nothing…” I replied.

“I know….” He said. His voice had a tone. “But I’m not going to touch you for three days.”

I was still in his embrace. “But you are touching me now.” I pointed.

“Not these touch…” he had a twinkle in his eyes. “Those touch. I can't take the blame.”

“Keep your promise and don’t break it.” I told him and pushed away his hands and from him. I rolled to the other side and lay facing the wall.

“Okay with me.” he said teasingly and rolled to other side. We tried not to touch other and keep the distance.

But when I woke at six I was lying tucked under him and he was sleeping like a baby. I pushed him aside and climbed out from there.

We keep the distance the following night and the days too. We didn’t speak each other and if he tried to touch me I ran away from his hands. When we were with other we talked only it was necessary. And we both were enjoying this too.

The last day of our exam grandma and aunt went to Calcutta. Chris was whistling all the way from station to our house and I aired my cheeks full like a balloon and was silent. We met John and Daniel near their house and they asked what happened to my cheeks. Chris answered them that it was a new disease only happened to me sometimes and I was in a bad mood. I asked John what’s he doing next day and he said he and Daniel going the town to visit Daniel’s friend then to the movie. I asked about Sunday if we can go to the woods and remembered him it had been a long time we didn’t visit the pond. But Daniel said they are going to the harbor. Chris said its okay; he would take me with to the library. So, don’t disappoint yourself.

Daniel promised me he will come Monday to my house and we spend the day together and I agreed.

That night we were watching the T.V. and after sometime Chris told he is going to his room because he is sleeping early. So, we said good night and he went to sleep. We are still keeping the distance. When I opened the room Chris was sleeping and he is not covering himself with the blanket. I heard he was snoring slowly and I thought he was tired from his work. So I covered him and climb beside him covering myself. Sleep came to me early and I slept. As I was sleeping I felt Chris’ hand turning on my back and enveloping me. My eyes were heavy with sleep so I didn’t push him away. Then I felt the weight on my top and I was awake. He was tucked me full under him and lying on top of me. His hands and legs were helping him to keep me under his body.

“What are you doing?” I struggled for words. The weight of him was heavy.

“You know.” He said impishly.

“I think you said you won’t touch me.” I remembered him.

“I didn’t forget, “he said. His eves were twinkling and he was smiling very sweetly.

“Don’t break your promise.” I advised

“I said no touching,” he was licked my lips. “But I can do this. This is not called touching but by another name.” he winked.

“Get of from me,” I told him.

“Later,” he said politely. He was teasing me with nose. He licked on lips and turned my face one side and rubbed his two days old beard on them. I felt the thrill ran though my body and he know that. He brushes his lips softly on my cheeks and then bite. His dick was hardening on my stomach.

“I can't breathe…” I said weakly and it was true. He was pinning me to the bed. “You are crushing me.”

He loosened his pinning me and I take a deep breath and then start to struggle me out. He pressed his body again but now I can breathe.

“If you are not struggling I will do easy.” He promised.

I tried to shake my head. Again his tongue was on my lips and he ran it provokingly over them. I want to tighten my lips but they parted for his tongue.

“Good boy.” He complimented me and thrust his tongue through my lips and moved it over my teeth. I keep my teeth joined tightly together and prevent his tongue to enter my mouth. Chris begins to sucking and squeezing my lover lip and I had an urge to open my mouth for him. But I resisted the urge and keep my position. I was struggling under him a little.

My lip was between his teeth and he was squeezing it a little hard and suddenly his teeth sank into my lip. He was biting and squeezing it hard. I had the pain and the pleasure together and let out and oooh… my mouth was open now for a second and Chris didn’t waste his chance. He thrust his tongue into my open mouth and start twisting. I was staring him and he winked.

I was enjoying this kissing and teasing and want to hug him. I was now looking him with love filled eyes and he know I want to hug him. He released his weight pinning me to bed and I struggle out my hands from under him and wrapped them around his back. Or breathings are fast now and our movements are somewhat violent. I ran my fingers through his hair and pushed his mouth to me.

Chris cock was very hard and hot and oozing the pre cum on mouth. It crushed on my stomach and sank. His dark pubic hairs are pressing hard and leaving their mark on my tummy. His thighs rubbed violently over my legs and his hands on my back are crushing my body to his chest. His tongue was searching my mouth and then withdrew the tongue and took my lips in his mouth. His right hand was under my head and raised me to his open mouth. He was sucking my lips very hard. My hands were run over his back and I was pushing him to me with them.

Chris’ pelvis was crushing my tummy and my little cock is very hardened and crushed under his hairy thighs. We were taking long breaths and panting. More pre cum was oozing from his cock and it can't jerk freely. I felt the violent movement of his hard rod like cock on my stomach and was slipping in the pre cum.

Chris released my lips and softly bites my chin. He moves his hot lips to down over my throat and pressed it hard on my neck. His mouth moved to my neck and ears and bit there softly. I was thrilled and electric spark ran through my body. Our breaths became hard and panting loud. His harden cock became hard more the pre cum I smell the lotus.

Chris was licking my nipples and rubbed his cheeks over them. I felt the prickling heat and pressed my chest hard to his cheeks. He takes my nipples into his mouth and sucked. Then he teased them between his teeth and bites the soft muscles there. I felt the urge to melt into him so I pushed his head to my chest and twisted under him.

He moved over to my stomach and teased with his nose. His hot steel road like cock is jerking between my thighs and I squeezed the cock with my thighs. He licked my stomach and pre cum over it. His nose rubbed and teased there. I was tickling and sparkling and bend my middle to reach his licking tongue. He takes my buttocks in his hand and squeezed it hard. Then he moved down to lower abdomen and licked over the roughness on my mound. My little cock is standing straight and poking his chin. I want push his mouth away but he pinned it with his hand. He lowered his face to into my groin and licked my small balls.

His nose pushed open my thighs and his cheeks rubbed my inner thighs. I struggled to get out from his mouth I can't. I melted into the bed and only twisted my body. I was tickling when he rubbed his face up to my little hard cock. With his lips he pushed my fore skin down and I moaned loud. He licked around the little head and bite softly. He sucked the head between his lips. I was bending upward and my hands tried to push his mouth away.

Chris takes my little cock into his mouth and twisted the little cock with his tongue. I felt his lips pressing hard on my mound. The pleasure I have was agonizing and I want him to let me go. My little cock is jerking in his mouth I know I’m ready to leak the semen. I tried to withdraw my little cock from his mouth but he was pushing my buttocks up.

“Oh… Chris. Leave it…I am going to …” but I don’t know what to say. I think he understand me because he was doing the twisting my little cock very fast. I was bending he wrapped his fingers around my both wrist so I can't push away his mouth. I felt the semen leaking out from my little cock into his mouth and I was embarrassed. He didn’t stop the twisting. My little cock lost it hardness and lay soft in his mouth. He twisted it with his tongue one last time and then withdrew his mouth.

He pushed him self upward over my weak body and meet my mouth. He was very warm and he kissed my open mouth. He takes my lip into his mouth and bit it softly. His big thick cock is hard and hot over my thighs. He places his right hand under my head and moved down slowly. With his left hand he placed his big thick cock over the mound of my pelvis and straightened it to over my stomach. His cock is oozing the pre cum and he spread it under his cock. He was breathing deeply.

Chris places his left palm under my buttocks and pushed upward to his pelvis. His right hand pressing me close to his chest I wrapped hands around him. He thrust hard and his big cock moved up to my belly button between our bodies. It was pressed into my smooth pelvis mound to my stomach and pocking the hot oozing head into my belly button. His hard and thick pubic hairs rubbed hard on my pelvis mound and give me something I was unknown before.

I moved my fingers down to his buttocks. It was rigid as thrust his pelvis fast. He was breathing hard and his hand is crushing me to him. I jerked upward with his each thrust. I massaged his buttocks as he was breathing through his open mouth. He gives his warmth to me and didn’t felt the cold in the room. We were sweating a little. I massaged softly his back to buttocks. He was thrusting very fast and panting hard as I crushed to him.

Chris was suddenly shivering a little and jerked as he thrust. I felt the muscles on his pelvis jerking and his buttock was beginning floppy. His big long cock is jerking and his breathing deepened. His hands tightened around me as he thrust very fast. I felt hot semen jerked over my stomach as he let out a long blow out though his mouth. He moved slowly as more semen oozed from his big hard cock.

His hands were tight around me and still crushing me but he lay motionless and sweating and panted hard. I was panting too. And my body was aching from his tight grip. I patted his wet back. We didn’t talk and lay still.

I felt burning itch over my pelvis mound and my cheeks as sweat spread there from him. But it was something sweet and unfamiliar to me. His breathing became normal but he was still hard. Not like before but more than semi hard. I reached for his cock with my finger but he moaned….

“Don’t Jo……. We….want….to…rest…a…while…”

“You…were…violent…today…” I said under his chest.

“Hmmm…..” he agreed. “I waited a long time…”

“It’s only two nights” I remembered him.

“It’s too long….. My darling...” he declared.

We laughed softly. Yes, it was a long time.

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