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love or something like it



After bath Chris dressed in fresh cloths and go down to the kitchen. I went to the bathroom and locked it from inside. I peeled off my cloths and looked into the long mirror. Chris teeth mark on around my nipples and inner thighs. My lower abdomen and pelvis mound were red where his pelvis was crushing me. My cheeks were a little red.

I climb in the tub and lay down into the water. It was warm. Chris has heated the water for me. I was in the tub about ten minutes. My scratches and teeth mark were prickling. I get out from the tub and soaped and scrubbed my body. I stand under the shower and water was running over my body. When I felt cold and come out and dried me. The tiredness was gone.

I had to wear the old cloths I was wearing yesterday and went down to Chris. He was waiting for me in the dining room and had made some eggs and sandwiches and black coffee for us.

“Fresh?” he asked. “Not fatigue?”

I smiled and sat down beside him.

“Get your breakfast.” He said. “Then get ready. We are going outside. I’ll there to pick you up within ten minutes.”

I nodded and start to eat.

Chris came as he was promised and I was ready and was waiting for him. He told mina not to make us lunch because we are having lunch outside. We will back before our parents call.

I was happy to go with him and beaming. We go the library and spent there at two o’ clock. Then Chris takes me to a restaurant and we had our lunch there. He asked what the next plan is and I told him it is his day and he have to make the plan. He just smiled.

His next plan was the movie and later we went to visit one of their old family friends. They were an old couple and happy to see us. We sat their talking with them and didn’t know the time was going.

When we were started for home it was night and raining. On the way home Chris told me about his brother Harry. He was very proud of Harry and I know it from his voice. He was keeping his left hand on my shoulder and holding me to him because we had only one umbrella.

“Jo…. Harry wants to meet you.” He told, “I’m going to Canada and bring him here. So you can meet.”

“When?” I felt dejected. He didn’t tell me before he is going.

“Not now….” His hand holds me more close to him. We are going next June and will back after one month. Harry will here for two months.”

I was silent. I know they are close to each other and then he shouldn’t have the time for me and Chris will go for a month! The parting will kill me.

“It’s only for one month my sweet.” He noticed I was silent. “Jo, I’m doing this because I have to. I have to submit my papers to the university and there is some plans to make. I can't do that here and Harry couldn't do it alone without me. I know what you feeling and think about me. I can't live one moment without seeing you and it is one month! Thinking about that is tough for me…….”

His hand holds me more close to him and there was a silent.

“What you said to Harry about me?” I changed the subject.

“All about us.” He was excited. “How we met…. How we fell in love…and how…” he stopped shyly?

“You didn’t tell him that?”

“What…?” he didn’t understand me.

“Our…you….and….I” I stuttered.

“Oh…that! I told him that too...” Chris was shameless. “Because he wanted to know.”

“How could you..?” I was angry. Now, I can't face him. What will he think about me?

“We do not hide anything from each other.” Chris said simply. “He is very straight forward. I know his secrets and I know mine.”

“Tell me about Harry.” I said.

“You saw his picture, so you know how he looks like. He is four years younger than me and very fond of each other. For his pleasure I will do anything. Ah... he has got the habit of stealing from me. What’s the favorite of mine he would steal it. I couldn’t prevent him because when he looking me and smiling his special smile I was melting…..”

“So, if he would steal me you let me go?” I asked teasingly.

“No….” his fingers sank into my shoulder muscle. His voice was firm. “No… I wouldn’t let him. You are mine and I won’t let anyone steal you from me. Even it is Harry…”

Then he was happy again. “You know…Jo... if Harry asks I will do anything if it is going to be risky. He is like that too…”

I felt a catch in my heat. So, if Harry would ask he will and does…. Leave me?

“No… he wouldn’t ask I never do...” is he can read mind?

He was holding me tight to him and I was struggling to walk.

“Chris…” I called softly. “I can't walk…”

“I’ll carry you home. Come…” he stopped but his hand was the same.

“It’s not that.” I said. “Your hand…”

He looked his hand on my shoulder and then released. We start to walk as speaking about Harry.

When we reached home, rain had slowed but we are wet. Mina brought towel and we dried our body. Chris went to change his wet clothes and I changed too. I was wearing a pajama because of the scratches on my thighs. Mina was amazed to see me in pajama and asked why I answered her cold.

Dad called after half past eight. Chris had come after changing into his trousers and we are waiting for dad’s call. Dad told the funeral set for Monday and they will be backing home on next Sunday. They had reached Bombay perfectly and monsoon is heavier there too. Mom and Emily also talked and asked what I did for the day. I told them all and they are happy. Then dad talk Chris and said do not let me go anywhere alone. If I didn’t obey him he can punish me hard. Chris agreed gladly.

I was happy because they called. Chris was looking me astonishingly because he never sees me in pajamas. I told him cold but ran my palm over my thighs. He said there will no cold tonight and ran his fingers over his cheeks. He had shaved. Rain had stopped as we having our dinner.

“What’s your plan for tomorrow?" Chris asked.

“Nothing.” I said. “Not the church anyway.”

“Then we will go the woods.” Chris said. “We will wake late….and if the rain going to be slow we will go the woods.”

“Sure…” I was excited. “but not like John and Daniel…… we will take our rain coats….go and see the pond….and do some fishing…. And take some food with us……then…. Chris, you know…? It’s a public place! We wouldn’t take umbrella….it had some hidden place….and get wet….we don’t know who will watching us….”

I was telling Chris I was afraid to do something in an open place. Mina didn’t understand me but Chris did…!

“Okay…. Chris laughed. I have the same feelings about the wood as you have. So, don’t worry...”

“What’s you both were saying?” mina asked.

“We are saying we are afraid of open places...” Chris said and we laughed.

The night was as same as before. Chris said he wouldn’t do it because he would hurt me but it end as before. I know he loved and liked it more and I was ready for give him the pleasure. It takes more time than before and we were exhausted. Chris promised this would never repeat but we both know it will repeat however he tried not to do.

We sleep about eleven ‘o clock and mina didn’t wake us because Chris asked her so. He said it is Sunday and he needs the sleep from one week’s hard work.

Then we get ready and came to our house. Rain had picked its rhythm. So, we watched T.V for some time and then ate lunch at two. Rain had slowed for sometime before lunch and we put on our rain cloths and walked toward the woods.

We met John’s sister on the way and she said John and Daniel are gone to the harbor now because of the rain. They are waiting because John had to go church today and John’s dad didn’t let them go in the rain. She asked where we are going and Chris said harbor.

When we reach the woods rain gets heavy. I take Chris under the banyan tree inside the woods and it was near where I saw John and Daniel doing it.

We were standing there and speaking about the woods and Chris told me about camping he had in Canada when he was in senior secondary.

There was some lotus in the pond and it had some flowers. I remembered the smell and I said Chris about it.

“Chris, you know you have the lotus smell.”

“I have…where?” he was astonished.

“There….” I pointed.

“Where… on my stomach..?” he gets naughty then.

I pointed again and cursed the moment I said it.

“I didn’t understand. Touch there so I know the exact place.” He helped me.

I didn’t touch.

“Do it...” he repeated.

So I moved near to him and touched his front with my finger. He looked me and asked “over my cloths?” so, I pressed my palm over his cock. It was soft but warm. He pulled me to him and turned my back to him. I leaned to him and his hands closed around my stomach. His body is warm. We stand there and looked in front of us where rain falling on the short grass.

We were standing just there watching the rain. Chris’ hands were tightening around me and he forced bulge to my middle. His cock was hardened and warm. The rain… the wood surrounding us and we were in each others arms… I was in a dream…

“Chris….?” I called softly.

“No…” he whispered. “Don’t worry… just stay like this…..”

He was in the same world with me. So, we stay…..

We heard the sounds coming from the other side of the tree. Rain had slowed. It is coming from the lawn like grass other side of the rock. We woke from our world and looked each other. It seemed someone was speaking. His pressed his index finger on his lips and went to take a look. He waived his hand to call me. I walked to him and when I was near he whispered don’t make a sound and pointed his finger to where the sounds were coming. He was hiding behind the rock and standing. I crossed the distance slowly and stand in front of him. He put his hand on my shoulder and pushed me to him. I can't see anything and I poked his stomach.

“What are you looking…?” I whispered.

“Shhhhh… look there where I’m pointing.” he said. I looked where he was pointing and saw someone fighting. Who are they? So, I poked him again and he shooed me to hush. I looked hard through the slow rain to make out who are they. One of them was fell on the grass and another was sitting his middle. I looked hard at the sitting one’s face and it was John! So, the other one must be Daniel. But why they are fighting? I remembered what John was said… what if they had a fight and Daniel come into the woods and tried to kill himself? And John had followed him and fighting to stop Daniel! A chill ran through my spine thinking this and I poked Chris again and ignored his shhhhh….

“Chris… its John and Daniel… I whispered. “Stop them… they are fighting.”

Chris put his hand around me and pulled me to him and pressed to his body.

“No…” Chris whispered. “They are not fighting. Let them do it.”

I was furious. There my best friends having a fight and he is saying let them do it! I must prevent them. I start struggling to free me so, his others hand crossed over my arms and pinned me to him.

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