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love or something like it



I didn’t let go Chris when he tried to slip down to the bed. I tighten my hands around him.

“Don’t….” I said

He lay on top of me again and pushed him up so, he can face me.

“More….?” He asked shyly. He becomes shy every time after we did it. I too. It was amazing to see him blushing. I kissed his wet lips and begin to slither down him. He turned on his back to the bed hold me in his arms.

His cock was hard and wet and sticky with the semen. It seems red. I moved my lips softly through his hairs and twisted my tongue around his nipples. I sucked them like a baby and he pressed my mouth hard to them. My hands were massaging his wet stomach softly. He jerked as I massaged because he is sensitive there.

I slithered down and my hands massaged the dark hairs and his big long cock. It hardened more and he spread his thighs a little wide. I licked and tasted his semen and gulped down. He lay still as his fingers ran through my hair and cheeks. I picked his now erect huge cock and licked the bottom. He moaned a little and his legs twisted on the bed as I licked to the head.

Slipping down to his hairy balls I licked. His balls were warm and moving inside. I take his balls into my mouth and sucked softly. Chris was moving his body up and his legs open wide to me sank between them. I massaged his pelvis muscles and thick dark pubic hairs. His pelvis is jerking.

“Oh…dear…. Please…darling….” He moaned between his long breaths.

I moved to his hairy thighs and licked as I continued my massaging his pubic hairs. He was patting my head, cheeks and back violently. I bite softly his inner thighs and he pressed his thighs on my cheek.

I grab his big and hardened cock and moved my mouth to it. I licked the head oozing pre cum. He twisted and bend up ward as I thrust my tongue into his pisshole and twisted. His hands tried weekly to push me away.

“No….darling… no….” he said weakly.

As I moved my right hand under his hairy balls to the little bulge and start massaging he cried….

“Nooo… I can't ….. Do… it…. please…. Jo…. No….” he was moaning and pleading…. But I continued...

“Jo….darling...I…will…hurt….you….love…I….your…….you…pain…” he said weakly and his hand tried to pull me to him. I stopped my licking and my mouth leaves his cock. I raised my head to look him and said...

“Don’t dare to stop me….okay.” he smiled and nodded weakly. He was taking long and deep breathing.

“But….darling….” he was panting.

I patted his big cock. It was hot and felt like and iron rod. I kissed its head and inhaled the lotus smell into my lugs. I moved the foreskin down and twisted my tongue around the head. Pre cum was oozing and I licked it. His pisshole is opened a little and I thrust my tongue and twisted. He bends a little up and grabs the sheet on the bed. His knees were bending and his feet moved violently. His head was moving side to side on the pillow violently. He was breathing through his mouth and his chest is heaving. My right hand moved to his cock’s root under his ball and I pressed my fingers there.

“Love………please…..….you……..cut….your…..throat…’s…………..long….” he was saying weakly…

I straighten my position between his thighs and lay on my stomach. My left hand continued the massaging under his balls and left hand was patting hard over his lower abdomen and his pubic hairs. I was still licking his big cock’s head as it oozed the pre cum. His cock was hardening as I massaged under his balls. His cocks head was swelling between my lips and I opened my mouth full. Only my lips moved around the head. I don’t want my teeth hurt Chris. I know it was the time Chris would lost control over his body. I forced my fingers over the area where I was massaging and waited.

“Oooh…..I……can't….. Chris was moaning as his hands forced my head down and bends his pelvis up and thrust violently his big long cock into my open mouth.

His more hardening and huge cock filled my mouth. I felt the warmth his cock moving forward over my tongue as oozing pre cum and its head entering into my throat. I resisted the urge for vomit and increase the pressure of my massage. I felt his cock end touching the wall and forcing its way down and my lips were pressing his pubic hairs. His cock was very hot. I know it had injured the wall because I tasted blood when he pulled his cock.

Chris was breathing long and deep as he thrust fast and forcing his huge cock deep into my throat and his hands were forcing my mouth to his pubic hairs. He was sweating hard and his knees were bending upward. His chest was heaving to burst. He was a racing horse as he pushed his huge cock faster in mouth to my throat. His thighs were gripped my body and I thought they would crush my chest. My lips were crushing on his dark pubic hairs. I know Chris had no control over his movements now.

I massaged under his balls fast and forcibly and his huge cock hardened and swelled more in my mouth and his thrust became faster. His breathing was noisy and he was taking it through his open mouth. He was sweating like a shower and the sweat dripped to the bed. The lotus smell become stronger and dazed me. His dark pubic hairs were sodden with his sweat and sticking to my lips and nose. I had been a long time… and he was thrusting now faster and I want it last….

Sweat dripped from my head to his pubic hairs and my cheeks and temples were throbbing. Blood rushed to there and was hot. He was pressing my face to his pubic hairs and pushing his huge cock into my mouth violently and faster. My lips and nose crushed on the pubic hairs and his pelvis mound. His thighs grip my body hard and I was aching. He was panting hard and his body was raised a little from the bed. His head was sunk into the sodden pillow as he thrust faster.

Chris jerked his body and forced my mouth to his cock and pushed it. Then he pulled his cock out to my lips and thrust faster and deeper into my throat. I want to pull away my mouth and my eyes poked out. I struggled weakly to free from his thighs grip and his hands but he tighten his thighs and pressed hard his hands on my head so I can't. He was taking long and slow thrust and his pelvis muscles were jerking with his cock. He was jerking a load of hot semen into my mouth to deep my throat and pressed my mouth to his pubic hairs. He pushed slowly his jerking cock deeper into my throat and stops. He panted hardly as he lay still and takes long breaths though his mouth. He was sweating like he was come out from the shower and his chest is heaving.

Chris hands left me and fell on the bed. His thighs loosen me and he straightens his legs on the bed. He spread opens his sweaty legs and hairs. He was moaning weakly as I moved my mouth up and down his huge cock and twisted my tongue around its head to help him to jerk out the last drop of semen.

I released his now softening cock and rest on my cheek over his sodden pubic hairs and panted. Chris raised his hands weakly and places it on my shoulders. “C…o…m…e…” he said between his panting and pulled me to his chest weakly. I was very weak to help him.

I lay over him and rest my head facing to him on the wet pillow. We both were sweating and steaming. His face was red and wet with sweat. His hair was damp and the hair fell over his forehead was plastered. His both hands were holding me weakly over his wet and heaving chest and I felt his soft cock touching my thighs. He turned his face to me and looks into my eyes. I saw the concern for me into them and I tried to smile. He kissed me over my swollen lips and opening his mouth he ran his tongue slowly over them. I closed my mouths and raised my hands slowly to his cheek and patted softly and slowly.

We lay there like this I don’t know how long. We were exhausted.

“Jo……. Darling…….” He whispered slowly.

I opened my eyes and looked him. We were lying as before but our breaths are normal and we were not panting. We were sodden but not sweating.

“Hmmm…” I looked him and patted his cheek softly.

“You were sleeping…..” he was looking my puffy lips.

“No…” I said.

“Want a drink?” his look was shy. “I will go down and bring it later… now I’m too weak. He smiled shyly.

We didn’t bring the water bottle when we came here. He forgets and I didn’t say. We were silent and lay looking each other.

He gets up from the bed and slowly walked to the door. His back had some red spots where I forced my finger early. He came with a water bottle within two minutes and gives it to me. I opened the bottle and drink excitedly.

“Look... I have no more use of this.” Chris was shy and said playfully.

I looked where his finger pointing. He was pointing to his penis. It red and soften lost its shape and shrink between his dark pubic hairs.

“Yes, you can't use it now...” I replied him and gave the empty bottle back to him.

He put it on the table and climbs beside me. Chris pulled me to his chest and I rest my face over the hairs as my fingers moved between them. His both hands hold me.

“We were worn out.” He was saying softly. “I never lasted like this before and it was a load of semen I jerked off.” He blushed deeply. “I’m feeling now as drained.”

I was silent because I was bashful myself.

“Jo….I hurt your throat…ah?” he moves his finger and touched my throat.

“Your lips are swollen.” He was touching my lips. “I don’t know what happened to me. It was like I want to stop but I can't. And this…” he takes my hand and moved it over his cock, “is long and I know it is going deep to your throat. I was wishing to stop but it as it had a mind.”

“I forced it.” I said softly. “I know you can't stop however you try. So, don’t be guilty. I enjoyed it.”

“I too…” he whispered. “But we will never do it. It will hurt you. And I don’t want to hurt you…”

“You said that before…” I said teasingly.

“You are a little imp….” He said and we both laughed.

We whispered softly to each other and lay holding each other. Sleep didn’t come for a long time. When we slept it was very late.

We woke as the bell chiming impatiently. Someone was pressing the switch on. Outside was a little dark as dusk because of the heavy rain.

Chris gets up from the bed weakly and he was sleepy. His hair was soggy with sweat. I lay on the bed looking him. He shook himself out of sleepiness. Then looked me and winked. His cock is soft and still shrinks to his pubic hairs.

Chris searched for his clothes where he throw them last night and put the trouser on. Then he took a sheet and covered his head and wrapped around his body and told me to wait and went down to answer the bell. I looked up to the clock and it was quarter to ten.

I quickly jumped down to the floor and picked up my clothes and put it on. Chris had removed them when I was sleeping and I didn’t know it. I smelled like Chris. My cock was lost it shape and red scratches were visible on my thighs below the trouser leg. I go the bathroom and took a piss. Then wash my face and mouth. I feel a burning on my lips where Chris had bit. My lips seemed puffy and redder.

I closed the bathroom door and lay back on the bed. I was tired. My body was aching a little. Chris came in with a flask and two cups.

“Its mina.” He said. “She was afraid because we are late. So, I told her I was working late last night and Jo was helping me. We slept late and didn’t wake early because we are tired and hadn’t the idea of time because of the rain.

“You are telling her the truth.” I was shocked.

“But she didn’t understand.” He assured me. “She told me don’t work so late in nighttime because it is not good for health and I agreed.”

We laughed. He poured coffee in two cups and one give to me.

“I told her not to make breakfast for us.” He said as drinking coffee. “I’ll make some for us after taking a bath. We are tired.”

He gets up and pulled down his trouser. His cock was still lying sleepily. He saw I was looking and was shy.

“Come… we’ll take a bath together.” He invited as opening the bathroom door.

“No way…” I shook my head. He laughed and closed the door.

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