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love or something like it



His face moved down as licking me. I was thrilled whole my body. My heart is pounding hard. My whole body goose bumbled from his caressing. His fingers grabbed the trousers and he pulled it with my brief. He removed it from me. I was full naked in front of his eyes. His hand ran over my legs and shivered. His other hand was on my buttock and squeezing them. I was bending and panting hardly. He licked the little mound between my legs. And I had known a pleasure spreading from there. He licked my little cock and I moaned “oh my Chris… doesn’t.”

Chris rubbed his cheeks on my thighs. His face sank between my thighs and rubbed his cheeks over there. I tightened my thighs tightly to his cheeks. I was boiling and melting. I loosened my thigh’s grip on him and he bites hardly the inner thigh. I whinnied and shivered.

He pushed his face over and his mouth rested on my pelvis. He thrust his tongue and twisted around my cock. His fingers forced the foreskin down and I jerked. He opened his mouth take my little hard cock in. his one hand is squeezing my buttocks and other hand is massaging my balls and thighs. He teased my cock with his tongue and bites the head softly. My fingers are moving on his head madly. I had never known the pleasure ran through me before.

I can’t bear the pleasure more. I tried to push his mouth giving that pleasure to me but his hand stopped me. I tried to withdraw my little cock from his mouth but his hand on my buttock forced me to him. His tongue is teasing and it moved around the head in his mouth. I can’t bear that any more and something happening. My cock jerked in his mouth and his tongue’s motion goes faster. I know something exploded from my cock. I shivered and was weak. My cock was suddenly lost the hardiness and goes limp in his mouth.

He kept my cock one moment in his mouth and then released it. I was shivering. He pushed over beside me and holds me close. His cock was very hard and pressing against me. My hand ran over his back. He looked me and kissed me softly. My hand moved to his chest. My fingers ran between his hairs. He sighed. I pressed my palm over his chest and forced. He looked me. I forced him to lie on his back. My hand ran over his chest and his stomach down the waist line of his shorts.

His shorts keeping his hardened cock as it struggled to stand. A big round wet patch on the shorts where his cock is struggling to free. His stomach muscles jerked as I massaged. I lick each of his nipples. I suck them and he sighed. His chest is heaving. He was taking long breaths. I licked his chest and stomach and plastered the hairs on them. I moved my face down and was licking. I licked the area of his waistline. I put my hand on the struggling cock and grasped tight. Then I removed and forced the shorts down. He lifts his buttocks a little so I can remove the shorts. I pulled it down to his angle. And struggle it free from his legs.

His hardened cock stands straight. It is jerking. His public hairs are dark and thick. I softly moved my fingers to his balls. It is moving inside and its bags had the hairs too. A smell is coming from his cock and balls. I inhaled them through my lugs. Lotus. I licked his balls and his legs opened wide for me. My hand is massaging his pubic area. I grabbed his huge cock in my hand. It felt sticky from the liquid. It is oozing more and more. My hand stopped a little, and Chris said faintly, “its okay…. my angel…….. Its pre cum ……like a lubricant…his breath is long and taking through his mouth.

His body is throbbing. His hand is massaging my head and cheeks. I licked over his huge cock. It is very hot and wet with the pre cum. I forced his foreskin down and licked the hot red head. He said ouch and a long moan escaped from him. I licked the cock head and pre cum. The pre cum had no taste. I licked his piss hole and thrust my tongue in the hole. He moaned very hard and his pelvis jerked up.

“No.. No…” he is moaning softly and his hands massaged my cheeks hardly. Pre cum jerked into my mouth and I gulped it. I picked his cock with my hand as it is jerking and force down my open mouth. I can’t take full in my mouth and I gagged. His cock is filling my mouth and very hot. I moved my mouth up and down and twisted my tongue around his cock. His fingers are massaging my cheeks hard. His hairs are sticking to my face.

Pre cum is oozing to my mouth and the hotness of his cock, the feeling of his cock filled in my mouth. I was drugged of this. I forget around the world out side. Chris is panting very hard and taking long breath through his mouth. His legs are gripping me between his thighs and forcing me to him. He is moaning my name. I was inhaling his lotus smell to my lugs.

He was jerking and his body trusting. His fingers gripped my cheeks and tried to force away my mouth from his cock. His stomach and pelvis muscles are shaking. I ignored and with on hand pushed his fingers away. His cock was throbbing and jerking in my mouth. His thigh grip tightened around me. His hand forced and pushed my mouth to his cock. He is pushing my head hard to him and my face pressed on his hairs. He thrust his cock full into my mouth. It goes my throat. I want to vomit but I can’t move my head. His hands pushing me down and he is thrusting his into my throat.

His cock is jerking hard. I felt some movement inside his cock and was afraid. He is going to piss in my mouth. I tried weakly to push hands away. But he is thrusting and pushing more his cock to my throat. My hand fell weakly over his abdomen and massaged the thrusting muscles. His cock jerked hard and I felt some hot liquid going down my throat. His pelvis is thrusting faster and faster. He became slow in my mouth. And his hand loosened. I felt the moving inside his cock and the hot liquid filled my mouth. It tasted like raw egg! It was his semen! I sucked his cock hard as it jerking his semen into my mouth. His hand is patting my head and cheeks. He is breathing hard and heaving. I twisted my tongue around his cock. It is semi hard in my mouth.

I grab his cock as he pulled and twisted my tongue around the head and piss hole. It jerked some more drop of his semen to my mouth. I gulped and kissed it. He sighed hard and presses my head close. He was sweating hard. He pulled me over to him and hugged hard to him. There are tears on his eyes but he is smiling. He kissed me on my mouth and thrust his tongue and twisted. He sucked my lips hard. He pressed me hard to him. I placed my face between his shoulder and neck and licked the sweat there. I kissed him and softly bite his neck. He is tickling. He pressed me more to him.

“Don’t love me like this, my little angel. I don’t deserve it.” he murmured.

“I don’t deserve your love, my Apollo.” I was crying. He lifted my face to him and licked the tears. He kissed my eyes and pressed my cheek hard to his cheek. Rain became heavy out side. We were lay there facing each other and listening the music of rain. I was patting his back softly. He was holding me tight to him. His chin is pressed top of my head and keeps my face pressed to his neck.

“Do you know how much I love you Jo?” he is talking softly. “The answer is I don’t know myself.” His hands tightened me more.

The softness pressing my stomach is hardening now. I bite his neck softly. His hands are tightening me more. His heart is pounding against me. He turned slowly on his stomach pressing me close to him. I was under him sticking close. He lay top on me and moved a little down. His mouth came to my mouth and kissed hard. He softly bit by cheek.

“Am I heavy….Jo?” he was whispering. He was sticking right hand under me. He located his palm upward under my head and lifted my face close to him. His left hand positioned his big hardened cock on my lower abdomen straight to my stomach. It is very hot and throbbing a little. Pre cum oozed over my stomach. His hand moved to my buttocks and his and squeezed. Then it pushed me up close to his pelvis. He takes his weight on his hands as he was pressing me close to him. He is moving his harden hot cock on my abdomen to stomach. Pre cum spreading over my stomach to abdomen as he moved and making his cock’s motion easier. I moved my mouth to his nipple and bite softly. He sighed. He was taking long breaths.

“Am I hurting you?” he whispered softly as his motion continued.

“Hmmh…..” my face is pressing close to hairy chest.

“You know Jo… How I felt past to two weeks?” I didn’t know. I patted his back.

“I fell in love with you when we first met.” he is whispering between his long breaths. He is sweating a little. “I never felt that strong for anyone before.” he was moving a little faster.

“You stole my heart with your one look. You know Jo….. You are happened to me. I can’t bear to lose you…. Never leave me….or I will die...” his voice is like he was humming.

“I know you are doubted me about John...” he was sweating. “Nothing is going between us... I enjoyed this first. But when you saw us together that day I knew I lost you forever. That thought is killing me…..” I hugged him more close to me.

He is panting hard and his hand is tightening. He pressed me more to his chest and pelvis. I stick like glue to him and my finger tips sank into his back. I became a part of his body. His cock is very hot and hard and slipping to and fro between us. Its hot head is poking my stomach and trying to make a hole. We both were panting hard.

“Are you okay my angel…” he whispered softly as he moved faster on my stomach. His hands pressed me hard to him. He was sweating and panting more. I patted his back and assure him I am okay. I had leaked semen from my cock within two minutes of his motion. His pre cum and my semen are making his hard cock slip easier. His thighs tightened my legs between them and gripped like a claw. His body is jerking and my felt muscles on his abdomen and pelvis throbbing. His hands are like and iron grip on me.

He is taking long breaths through his mouth. He panted like a race horse. His cock jerked. And his motion is faster. I feel a hot liquid over my stomach as his cock jerked. He pressed his pelvis and his motion became slow. He panted hard. More semen is over my stomach. He is sweating whole his body and I stick out my tongue and licked the sweat on his heaving chest. He lay still top of me and panted. I patted his back and I was wet his sweat. His cock is slipped aside over my stomach and softening. I pressed his weak body to me. He was taking long breaths through his mouth and his hands are loosened.

I pushed him down over me. He moved down and set his cheek on mine and pressed. He closed his eyes. I patted his cheeks. We both were panting.

“Jo…” he whispered.

“Hmmm….” My other hand patted his back.

“Do hate me because of what I did …...”

“No...” I was shy.

“I love you…” he said softly.

“Jo…” he was shy... but I understand him. I turned my face and kissed him.

We lay like this and didn’t talk.

He slipped on his side and enclosed me with his body. He pulled me close to him. His one leg is bending over my thighs gripping then close to him. His heat keeps the cold away from me. His fingers are stroking me. We sank into sleep and our hearts filled with love.

I woke after five evening. Chris was already awake and looking me with passion. He smiled and pointed to the wall clock. I start to get up but lay back. I reached for the blanket and pulled to middle. He laughed as gets up and picked our cloths. He gives me my cloths. His cock is a little hard and looks red. He looked me shyly. He opened the cupboard and picked a brief and goes to the bathroom and I heard the water running. I jumped into the floor and quickly climbed into my brief and trouser. I pulled my T shirt down and saw on my stomach and abdomen. Chris semen dried there white. Where my trouser was wet with pre cum is dried and tough.

Chris was back wearing brief and had a shower. He takes a pants and shirt and put it on. We were not looking each other. Because both of us were shy.

“Take a shower Jo...” Chris said. “You are sodden with my sweat and……. He stopped and smiled shyly.

“I am going and have a bath there…” I said to him

“They will know….” Chris is not looking me.

“No one is there except Mina. She didn’t because I will not open my umbrella.”

It is raining heavily out side. He came to me and looks down. We hugged. I parted his wanting hands. He opened the door and climbed in the rain. As closing the gates I looked back. He is standing there and looking me.

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