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love or something like it



On the day of funeral the sky poured.

We take grandpa to the cemetery and priest was saying the prayer. We heard a sound like sky is falling upon us and the rain came in heavy drops. It cried with us for our loss. We lowered the body to the hole and buried grandpa. We left them there to be alone and waiting for us to join him.

Grandpa’s was the first death in family after I was born. It was like an emptiness I hadn’t known before.

The neighbors said farewell first. Then it was the chance of relatives of near the area. They will here tomorrow for the service. Close relatives and who came from the distant places left with us. For all of the people; I felt the house was empty without Grandpa. So I said dad. He hugged me and kissed top of my head.

Emily and I had a little talk before dinner about grandpa. We kissed good night and I went to Frank’s room. Frank was alone there sitting on a chair beside the window looking outside. He turned his head to me as I entered the room. He looked me and twisted his lips.

I shrugged and lay on the cot. He is looking me hard as cousin Luke came. He looks sad but not look like the face Frank now having. His eyes were filled and lips are trembling.

“Already sleep,” Luke asked me as he entered.

A sound escaped from Frank and we both looked him. He buried his head on windowsill. His whole body is shaking.

“Come on, oh… boy,” Luke said as he trying to hush him and patting his back. He lifted him from the chair. He was trying to stand him up. Frank was crying loudly now.

Luke wrapped his hands around him and holds him close. Frank buried his head on his shoulder and shakes his body some more. His face in on my side and he looked me. No tears in his eyes! He was acting! A wicked smile appeared his face as he continued his acting.

Luke let him continue his act for some time and said. “It’s okay boy. Stop now. Or you will make yourself ill”.

He didn’t stop. I start to enjoy this. Luke leads him to bed and lies with him on the bed. He is holding Frank close and patting his back. Frank was stop now and lay calm.

Luke said as he tries to stands from the bed, “Let’s sleep or we will be late for tomorrow.”

He turned off the light and on the zero volts bulb. He went to bathroom and came back as removing his shirt and stands it on the hanger on the wall. He removes his belt and unbuttoned his pants and began to undo its fly. He saw I was looking and said to me, “can’t sleep on full clothes.”

I smiled to him as thinking we have the same habit. I saw Frank too was looking Luke.

He undoes his fly and slipped down his pants. Lifted and hanging it too he turned to us. He is only in a light blue brief. He has hairs like Chris and an athletic body like him. Front side of his brief bulged forward. I turned my eyes from him and look Frank.

He is looking Luke’s bulge. Luke neared us and asked, “where will I sleep?’

“Here. This is bigger than that.” Frank said too quickly.

“Good night little boy” he said to me as he lay.

“You didn’t off the light,” Frank said.

“I need some light. I can’t sleep in darkness.” Frank’s face fell as Luke replied.

Cousin Luke was lying on his back. He tied his hands back of his head as he spread his legs a little and shut his eyes. I can see the forward bulge between his legs. I was shy of my cousin’s nakedness in front of me. But I was thrilled inside. He is handsome and good looking.

I turned to them on my side and pulled the blanket over my head. I raised the blanket a little over from eyes with my fingers. So I can see them though they can’t see I am watching them.

Cousin Luke was lying on the same position as before. Hairs on his chest going down his stomach and disappearing in the waist line of his brief. It was shining like gold in the light. The bulge in his brief was thrusting straight to ceiling.

Some noises are coming from Frank’s as he is crying. Or he is acting? I didn’t know.

“Oh…. My poor boy….” Luke said sleepily. “Come on…..”

He removed his left hand under his head and pulled Frank towards him. He raised Frank’s head to his chest and held him cost to his body. His fingers is stroking frank’s arm. Luke bends his head a little toward Frank and kissed his forehead.

“Now…. ssshh... don’t cry…. we all are sad.” Luke said sleepily. “I’m tired and want some sleep. Look Josh… he is a smaller than you but not crying. How he is sleeping…”

He continued stroking him.

Frank lays his on Luke’s chest and his eyes were open. He was looking me and not crying now. So, he was pretending. I pretend sleeping and not stir. Frank raised his left hand and put it across Luke’s hairy chest. His fingers took a firm grip on Luke. Frank was shaking a little as he continued his crying drama. He lifted his left leg a little and locked it over Luke’s left thigh. He was sticking to Luke. I looked Luke’s middle. His bulge swelled a little more. In that dim light I can see his cock hardened a little. I saw a faint smile on Luke’s face and he mumbled sleepily…

“I’m tired……, Frank…..” he kissed lightly on Frank’s head and held him tight. I didn’t know what Luke meant with this.

Frank was now stopped his acting. But he keeps his position. I was disappointed. I was expecting some more action. And I was guilty because of this. What a wicked mind do I have? They are cousins like me. What I saw was a brotherly. I’m wicked as a devil to expect more. If it was me instead Frank, Luke will do the same. It is me who had the wrong thoughts about Luke.

So, I thought about Chris. I want him hold me like this. I want him stroking me like this. Oh….. Chris, come now… I silently prayed.

Time had passed and sleep didn’t come to me. I was thinking about my family. I saw grandpa buried under the earth. How he loved me and how l loved him. I will never see him. Tears fell down to the pillow. I rubbed clean my eyes with the blanket.

Luke and Frank were sleeping soundly. Luke’s chest is moving up and down with a rhythm as Frank’s head stayed where it was. Luke’s hand is still holding Frank. Frank’s fingers in a firm grip on Luke’s body. My eyes wandered over them and I raised blanket a little more. My eyes centered on Luke’s middle. Frank’s knee is a little bend and touching on Luke’s balls. I saw Luke dick is as hard as stick in his brief.

It turned to his right side on abdomen. It is sticking out a little from his brief’s waist line. His cock is jerking from time to time. His cock is thick as my hand and very clear in his brief and poking its head out of his brief’s waist line. His foreskin is little moved backward and I saw the red top and it is wet. Some colorless liquid oozing from piss hole to his abdomen as his cock jerked. Not more but one or two drops. As dropped to his abdomen it seemed sticky.

What’s that? Like Chris’. Does everyone have this liquid oozing from their dick when they get hardened? Why didn’t I have the liquid? It is sure that John didn’t and Daniel. If they had John would have told me. Anyway, I will ask him.

Luke was sleeping. He stirred but didn’t wake. He moved his right hand to Frank’s hand and grasped. He pushed Frank’s hand down to his cock. He forced Frank’s hand inside his brief’s waist line. He straightened his hard stick like dick to Frank’s hand. Frank grabbed the cock with his fingers. It jerked in his hand. Both were doing this in their sleep. What a loving brothers!

I wished it was me instead Frank. I was jealous. I want to know how Luke’s cock felt in my hand. I want Chris here with me and do the same.

I tried to sleep as I was looking this. Frank grabbing Luke’s cock tightly in his hand and Luke holding Frank tightly to him with both hands as they were sleeping.

When sleep came to me I didn’t know. I woke after eleven. Luke and Frank were not in the room. I freshen my self and came down to the kitchen. All of the elders sitting there in black and was getting ready to go the special service for grandpa. Mom hurriedly gives a sandwich and glass of milk.

“Hello Josh…. Good morning,” Luke said as he came from outside. He was wearing a black suit.

“Good morning…” I said.

“You are an earlier to sleep and late to woke.” He was laughing.

“Yeah,” I said shyly and started to go and change. He slapped my shoulder affectionately.

Mom came too as I was washing my face.

“Don’t waste time. You are late already.” She told me.

“Mom, everyone is wearing black but I don’t have a black suit.” I complained.

“This will do.” She handed me a black half trouser and a shirt. Not my size.

“Whose this?” I asked.

“Frank’s.” She said and reached for me to undress.

“Mom, go out. I will change myself.” I slip aside from her hands.

“No, I’m not going anywhere. You stand still and I will wont look.” She promised as she got hold of me and forced to undress me.

I changed into Frank’s cloths and it was big for me.

The vehicles had arrived to take us to the church. I was with Emily and my cousins and sitting between Emily and Luke. His other side sits Frank. All are speaking.

“Hey, you people know...” Suddenly Luke said. Each of us turned our attention to him.

“Last night Frank was crying very badly. His body is shaking with emotion and he can’t control. So I had to calm him. He is missing grandpa. But, Josh was good and sleeps peacefully. So, I told Frank to look at Josh how he was doing.”

“Josh is a baby but he keeps all to himself and never showing.” Emily stated.

Luke patted my bare thighs lovingly. Frank starts beeping. So, Luke put hands around him. I leaned to him because I had some horn sticking out on my head. He is my cousin too.

Service ended after three. We arranged food for everyone came for service. After food we thanked everyone and said goodbye once more to Grandpa. After we reached home dad called Aunt Jess.

Chris picked there and dad told him about grandpa. He said to him that we will late for one week. Talking some more he handed the receiver to mom. Mom asked Chris to call the school and say the news. She gives him the number and said to me,

“Josh, Chris wants to speak.” I shook my head no. Emily took the receiver from mom.

“He is shy and afraid of you. So, speak to me.” I slowly slip from there.

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