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love or something like it



Chris was in front of me. He had worried look in his blood shot eyes. How he came too fast I didn’t understand. I smiled as I thought.

“Oh god… Jo… you are bleeding. You are hurt...” he said in a bothered voice and pressed his fingers top of my forehead near hairline. I pushed away his hand and blood was on his fingers and palm.

“I take more than I wanted from you. Now you have nothing to give me.” I said and start to walk. But I can’t and start to fell.

“Oh. My Jo...” Chris was saying as he grabs me and carried me to bed. He lain me on bed and one hand was pressing my forehead as he takes a towel and pressed the wound with it.

He told me hold it there and go to bathroom and back with a first aid kit within seconds. He cleaned the wound and the area covered with blood then dressed the wound. I didn’t felt the pain and even the prickling from the medicine. I was dazed.

I saw what happening with a smile because that is bemusing me. It was a dream. Chris set the pillow under my head and poured coffee in a cup from flask then sat beside me. He lifted me and set my head to his chest. Then he lifts the cup to my lips and said “drink…”

“No... You eat first and then I’ll drink.” I became the baby child.

“I’ll eat after you drink coffee...” Chris assured. “Promise!”

So, I drink the coffee. He lain me down slowly and remove my T shirt slowly without disturbing my injured head. Then picked the blood stained towel and other things with my T shirt and go to the bathroom and back in a moment. I was surprised with his fast motion and started to laugh. He pressed his finger on my lips and said shhhhh…. I hushed quickly and stared him. He kissed softly my forehead and said slowly would be back in a moment. I nodded. As promised he was back in a moment with a plate carrying sandwiches and sat beside me. He takes a small piece and said me to open my mouth but shook my head no. I’m not hungry. So he began to eat slowly. Finishing it he set the empty dish on table and washed his hand. He closed the door and locked it.

Chris came near the bed and removed his clothes. It was stained with my blood. He stood in his brief a moment the climbed beside me. Pulling the blanket up him lay beside me and covered us with the blanket. He turned to me on his side and enveloped me with his body. His hand moved to my head and pushes my head slowly to the curve of his neck and shoulder. He held me close to his body and raised his leg over my legs and locked it within his thighs. His warmth spread to me and kept me warm. He is apologizing for his fault and telling me he loves me. Chris was protecting me from the world outside and so we slept.

When I opened Chris was not beside me. He was sitting beside me and shaking me to wake. I felt something wet over my forehead and try to feel it. But my hands are too weak to move. Where my hands are touching me is hot like I was burning. I was thirsty and lip is dry. I wet my lips with tongue. My head is throbbing to burst. I looked Chris weakly.

“What happening to me?” I asked in low and weak voice. I

“You are suffering from the shock dear.” He said in a guilty voice.

Chris pulled the chair to him and a bowl on it. He takes something from the bowl with a spoon.

“Its soup...” he said as he started to feed me.

Grandma was come and sat other side with me as Chris is feeding me. She patted me softly and said, “Chris, he is burning. Take him to hospital.” She was worried.

“Gran… I gave him medicine. The temperature will be down within a couple of hours. That’s the shock Jo is suffering.” Chris was assuring.

“What shock..?” Grandma asked.

But ignored her and turned his attention to feeding me. I was full and pushed his hands away but he continued when the bowl was empty. He was given me medicine but when. I didn’t remember. I felt the strength returned to me as I tried to remember.

“Come Gran… I will take you down. Come. You don’t worry…. “He said as he supporting her with one hand to get up and pick the bowl with other. He turned his head to me and mouthed will be back soon. I nodded.

Chris came and bolted the door again. He lies beside me and look at the wall clock. We both were silent. I was still in the blanket. I lift my hand to my stomach and patted softly. I was too full. I moved my hand to down because I had some doubt. Yes, I was naked as a new born baby and I was sticky. Chris saw the blushing and cleared my doubt. I was shy as he is saying,

“Your fever was too high so I removed the clothes and rubbed you with wet cloth to down the temperature.” He said and was smiling.

“Don’t be shy, we have seen each other naked.” He said playfully.

I turned to him and crossed my hand on his chest. He pressed my palm over his chest and sigh hardly. Rain was continued out side as I closed my eyes.

It was night outside the window I opened my eyes again as hearing voices. There was a crowd in the room. My parents, sister, mina, Jess aunt and Grandma were sitting and standing in the room. My eyes searched for Chris and he was leaning to the table crossed his on his chest. I looked everyone and tried to get up. But mom stopped me.

“Josh... You gave us a fright.” Mom said as she patted my chest. But Chris is sure you will be okay when you woke up and he was right.” She looked Chris fondly. He smiled.

“How you got that… Josh?” dad was looking at the bandage.

“Oh… this,” I touched the bandage, “When I came Chris’ head is hot as a heater. I went to bathroom to take some water and a towel so I can soak his forehead with. But I didn’t seen the soap and step on it and fell. I hit the bat tub.” I said and prayed everyone believe me.

Chris was looking me as I was saying and I saw he was closing his eyes shut tightly.

“Just like Harry... aunt said. “Whenever Chris was ill it was Harry who takes the responsibility to look after Chris. As Chris gets well Harry became ill. Chris is lucky he got two devoting brothers.”

Then the conversation continued like this and I closed my eyes and ears too. At last it had stopped and dad put his hands to lift to him. But aunt told him to leave me.

“Leave the kid Tom, we are not strangers. He will come when he is well. It is raining out side and became ill again. Chris is here with him and you not worry. He will home tomorrow.” So dad and mom go with mina but Emily stay.

We were speaking when every one left and Chris with them and when he came back with a tray with food. Chris helped me to lean to the crossbar and straighten the blanket to cover me. I was wearing a new trouser and Chris was cleaned me with a wet cloth. Emily said all this to me and said when he was cleaning me didn’t let Emily to enter the room.

Emily was had feeding me because Chris was shy in front of her. They both were having a little chat about their education as we having the food.

“Why wouldn’t you marry him, Chris?” she asked suddenly and Chris’ hand stopped in the air. He blushed deeply. Emily repeated her question.

“If I would, will you stand with us?” Chris asked. Both were looking straight in eyes.

Then both laughed. I was wondering what got into both of them.

“Why did you ask?” Chris asked her jokingly.

She said nothing but laugh. Chris laughed too. Finishing the food they left me because Chris takes her to our home. He came after fifteen minutes and whistling softly.

Aunt is came room with a water bottle and kissed me good night. Grandma had slept early. Rain became heavier and weather was cold. When aunt left Chris locked the door turn off the light. He switched on the low volts bulb and begins to undress. He stood in his underwear and asked if I had to go bathroom. I said no and he gets in the bed beside me. He lay on his back and pulled me to his chest. I set my head on his chest and ran my finger between the thick curly hairs. His left hand wrapped me close to him. We were silent except for the sound of fain falling.

“You were going to kill yourself.” He said angrily, “how could you think such things, Jo…?”

“Because you said so,” I reminded him. “You said me go away from your life, Chris. Killing Me is the only way if you left me.”

His body winced as I struck him with a lance. His hand tightens on me.

“Never think that. If I would leave you ever it’s only my death.” He pulled me to his mouth and pressed his lips on my cheek. His lips were trembling as he controlling his emotions. I was crying too.

“I’m sorry my angel… never think about leaving Me.” he whispered to my cheek.

“I didn’t think. I was mad.” he continued whispering. “My soul told me I was wrong about you. But I didn’t hear…..”

There were no doubts hanging between us. Only love. We were silent for a long time. He was asking pardon and I was giving him. He let me lay facing him and said me to turn my head to sideway so my cut wouldn’t hurt. I did and sick my left hand under his arm around to his back. His right hand holds me close to him and he raised his right leg over my legs and pushed it between his thighs. His hand and legs locked me close to him.

“I called Harry from town and told him what happened when I left John and Steve.” His right hand was sticking under me and moved down. His fingers stick inside of my trousers waistline to buttocks. His palm found my buttocks and squeezed.

“There is nothing between my baby brother and me is hidden. We say each other our secrets.” He stops the squeezing and pressed me to him. I tighten my hold and stick to him.

“Harry told me it’s not true. He knows everything about us and he said you will never do such things. I was mad to have heard what my heart saying. But I was mistaken and only heard what my emotion said.” He pressed me more to him. I was crushing to him but didn’t say him to stop. I want to melt into him.

“You are right. You didn’t love him but only me. What Steve said was his feelings for you. But I was blind to see that. One second my whole world was crushed and I want to lose. I want to die.” He was taking deep breaths as crushing me to him. “If I ever have to lose you I will kill me.”

“Not say that.” I stick more to him and he tightens his hold on me. We both were crying.

We were mad in love. I crushed to him as his hands and legs hold me tight. He was tightening his hands and legs more around me. My body began to ache. My legs were numb between his thighs. I can’t breath but I didn’t say to him. He was breathing deep and was crying loudly. I know no one will hear us because of the heavy rain. Chris room has its windows and ventilator on outside wall. So I let him cry and I was crying too.

He was holding me tight as if someone was pulling me away from him and he is afraid he would let me go.

We didn’t know when we release each other. We were taking long deep breaths. Suddenly I was cold. I patted his wet cheeks and kissed him. I ran my fingers on his hairy chest and stomach. I had his hairs mark where I crushed to him.

We lay facing each other. Suddenly we were shy. He was hardening slowly against my stomach and I pressed to him. I poked my hand to his brief and inside the waistline. I moved my fingers on his buttocks and partition between his buttocks. He had hairs on their and as I moved my finger there he pressed his harden cock on my stomach. He sighed hard.

“No... Jo…” Chris tries to stop me. “Not to day. You are not well.”

But I didn’t stop. I know he can’t resist more as his trying free from his underwear and he was pressing more to me.

“Don’t …. “He whispered. “I ……. “His words stopped as I released my hand from his brief and my finger moved around the head of hard and wanting cock. I continued. Chris raised his head and looked me. He curved his eyebrows upward. He was breathing a little fast. I smiled to his questioning look.

My little cock is very hard and pressed tight against his thigh. Chris cock was hard as a rock and struck its head from his waistline and dripping the pre cum on my fingers and stomach. He is taking long breaths and muscles on his abdomen are jerking as he tried to ignore my teasing finger. I pulled his brief down and his hard thick long cock stands erect like a pillar. I massaged the jerking muscles on his flat stomach to down the dark hairs surrounding his erect cock. I was moving my hands to his buttocks and pressed his pelvis to me. His hard cock pushed into my stomach.

“I’ll make it haste….” Chris whispered through his long breathing. He pulled his brief down to his knees and lifting and bending his legs removed the brief and throws it to the floor. Then he turned to me and pulled my trouser down to my feet. I struggled to remove it on the bed and pushed to the floor. Chris bent down to my thighs and softly bites. I was tickling as he pressed his cheeks and upward to my small balls. He rubbed his nose on my hairless pubic area. I tickles whole my body and bend upward as he was licking and teasing my little cock. I pressed my hands side of head and pulled him up top of me.

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