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love or something like it



We heard the clock struck two ‘o clock. We were lying facing each other and holding each other in our arms. We are whispering and the rain continued with us.

“How did you know that trick?” Chris asked me.

“What trick?” I looked him blank. He was blushing and smiled shyly. He looked more beautiful when he is blushing.

“That…. that…” he stammered. He released his hand from me and takes mine. He lowered both our hand between us placed my fingers under the area of his balls. His face became red. I was looking him curiously because he is doing it very boldly and shy to speak of it.

“Oh that...” I said and he nodded. “I learnt from John as he told me his and Daniel’s action. Daniel taught him to do that.” I said coolly. I have begun bold.

“John and Daniel.” Chris looks shocked. “They are doing it in the woods….so, that’s why you are furious when you knew about I went with John to the woods!” He said in a thoughtful voice.

“But I didn’t do anything in the woods with John.” He said. “Tell me about them.”

So I told him about John and Daniel but didn’t tell about Luke and Frank. It’s my secret. When we slept we don’t knew. When I woke Chris holding me to him and awake.

“It’s nine. “ He said.

Rain didn’t stop. Someone is knocking the door and called, “Chris…” its aunt.

“A second mom...” Chris said and get up from the bed quickly. He searched the cloths where we threw them last night. He picked them and pushed under the blanket I was covering myself and take another sheet form the wall shelf and put over his head to hide his sticking hair and wrapped around his body. Then he pulled the blanket over my head and with quick steps reached the door and opened it.

“How’s Josh?” Aunt enquired.

“Sleeping….mom. He slept late” Chris said. “He had headache and I gave him the tablet. He is tired.”

“Poor lad….” Aunt was saying, “Tom was here. I told him you both were sleeping.”

“Tell uncle when Jo woke from his sleep I take him to there. Jo needs some rest mom.” Chris said and takes the coffee cups from her.

“I told him.” aunt said, “its Chris’ responsibility to take care of Jo because you gave him this sickness. Poor Jo... He was only helping you to get well...”

“I know mom…” Chris said in a significant voice but aunt didn’t understand. After aunt left Chris locked the door and came to table and put the cups on table. He dropped the bed sheet down to the chair and called me, “coffee… dear”

I pulled down the blanket from my face and nodded. We looked each other as drinking coffee and then away. We both were smiling but shy to look each other. Finishing the coffee I lay down because I was really tired. Chris gets inside the blanket with me and turned me to him. He was shy but his eyes were twinkling. He takes my hand over to hardened cock and patted softly his cock.

“You heard what mom said.” He said softly. “Now you are my responsibility.”

I smiled shyly.

“So, how about a morning snack?” he asked.

I nodded and helped him to climb on top of me and tightened my hands around him as he moved slowly then faster.

We were madly in love. We met each day and if have the chance made love. Chris was resistant to try that as we did that night because he is frightened that he would hurt me. But I was always made him to do. We were in a paradise built for us. I and John met school that day after. I came with mom because she is afraid to send me alone. I was ill for the last two days. So, I went with her.

I didn’t keep bitterness for John because Chris told me. We are grateful for John because it was he who gets us closer to closest. He looked sad and seems to thinking. He stayed this pose whole day. On the way to home after school he closed his umbrella and climb in with me. He busted out his thoughts.

“Josh, you know…. I told a lie.” he declared.

“That’s not news.” I replied. “Say some interesting.”

“It’s about you and Steve.” He was in his rhythm. “Steve loves you but you not love him. Daniel said so. I was misunderstood. I told him what I did and how you and Chris looked then. I said him Chris was enraged at you and I and Chris went to meet Steve and Steve said you sparks lightning in him and he is excited whenever he sees you and you give him a harden cock when you smile or he see you walks. I was a dumb! You never said anything about you or you never talk to him. Chris was angry and looked like a madman. I had done a great mistake. When I told Daniel this entire he said because Chris and you are in love and I’m the responsible if something happens. So I had came your house to see you but turned back because I hadn’t the strength to meet you and I was afraid.” He stopped and looked me.

I was looking him and wondering how he can say whole of this in a single breath.

“Is it true?” He was looking hopefully.

I nodded and he slapped his hands. He was excited.

“I know that. I had seen the symptoms. But I overlooked it. “Both of your look, the touching when no one is noticing, he is patting and slapping you between the times, smiling to each other shyly…oh… and in the locked room. You are very smart. You both were cleverly hide it from every one.” He looked me and was very serious.

“Did anyone know?”

“No.” I said.

“Don’t tell.” He advised. “You can trust us.”

Then he looked me with a mischievous look, “Did you both have sex?”

I blushed deeply. John answered the question himself. “Yes, had. Closed room and you were sleeping. How many times?”

“We didn’t count.” I answered.

“That means uncountable. Good. Sex deepens the love.” He becomes a philosopher now.

Two days after Luke’s letter came and was addressed to dad. I was anxious to read but he didn’t write about me. Only he asked how his little baby is. Well. So much for the brotherly love! I was furious. Everyone was teasing me about big brother forgot me. So I keep silence but something was very heavy in my heart.

Dad looked each of us and told that he got a letter for me and didn’t know from whom because it addressed to me so he didn’t open it. Then he gave me the letter. I looked both side of the envelope but the letter didn’t tell who written it. I hoping that it was from Luke but the handwriting written the address is not Luke’s.

“Why didn’t you open it? Dad asked.

“Later.” I said offhandedly and take the letter to my room. There I dropped it on the table and start to read. I had forgotten the letter but as I was reading I keep looking to the letter. I got curious and at last I open it. It was from Luke!

My dear little baby,

I know when you got this letter; you are not going to open it immediately because of the handwriting written the address. It’s one of the talents I got. It’s just a joke. Sorry!

How are you doing my little baby? How’s you school? Tell your friend Chris I’m envious of him. Uncle tells me you got a new friend now and don’t have time for others. I am afraid he will take my little baby away from his big brother or had he already taken away? God knows… I’m so far away from my little baby. Leave a small place in your heart for this big brother. Please..? I’m okay here doing my classes….etc…you know….

Yes, when I was in grandpas’; I slept with Frank. You know why? Because my little baby was not there with me! Do you remember when you were a child? You were always quarreling with Frank and crying loudly for sleep with me whenever we are together. If I didn’t you would cry and cry and make you ill. That’s the thing my little baby forgot but not his big brother. I always love you more than Frank. I was expecting that you would do the same when were together last time but you didn’t. So I had to sleep with Frank to remember my little baby the past. Anyway my little baby is grown now and he has new friends.

Okay. That’s complaining, ah? Sorry. That was just a big brother’s sorrow. Forget it and keep going. Study well and always behave yours best. This big brother’s love and blessings always you have. I will be there at Christmas. So, keep a little place and time for me and a one small kiss for this big brother. Would you? If you have some time for write some words to me? I hope……!

Love you little baby……

Yours big brother Luke.

I was silent for a long time. I read the letter once more and pressed it to my heart. It was aching. I keep the letter between the books of my shelf. There no one will see it. Luke wants to otherwise he wouldn’t write separate to me.

Then I wrote an essay full of four foolscaps to Luke. I told him what I felt for him and what place he have in my life and how much I love him and no one will replace him from there even Chris. I can't write Chris is my life so I wrote Chris is my friend and Luke is my big brother. I explained him what the feelings I have for him and how I hate Frank is stealing my big brother from me with his fake love.

I put the letter in a cover and next day posted it. John was with me when I posted it and he asked what is in the cover. I replied it is a letter for my big brother Luke and he didn’t believe it. He said brothers didn’t write a long letter in a thick cover like that. I said not everyone but Luke and I could.

I was busy preparing for exams next week and Chris was in his research. But we invented time for spending together. It was not for the sex but a kiss or touch would enough for us. It was the love and passion we shared for each other. If we get a chance for sex we never lost it. Aunt and grandma going to Calcutta to visit their relative and Chris is not going with them. He said he can't waste the time and he has a lot to do. Aunt said us I should baby sit for Chris or he would get naughty. But it would be the opposite that if I would baby sit for him he would get naughty. I can't say that to her.

The week was over and our exams came and after the exam holidays for one week. Three days after our exam started the miracle happened. Our phone was alive after dead for almost two and half months! We were sitting in the drawing room and jess aunt and Chris was with us. They are talking and I was taking a rest from my never-ending reading. The phone ringed and brings the bad news!

My mom’s great uncle had died. He laws living in Bombay and the same age as the first man appeared on the earth. He is also Emily’s god father and close to each other. But he never liked me and me him. He had the habit of hate little boys and I think that is because of jealousy. Mom had to go and so dad because dad said he wouldn’t let mom go alone. Emily was howling and told us she must see him and say goodbye and give the last kiss because he is her god father. It was awkward position for my parents to decide because of me. I had my three exams more to attend and so, I helped mom and dad.

I told them they three must and should go and don’t worry about me because I’m fourteen and will stay with Mina and can take care of me and the house. And for the holidays I can spend the days with Chris and John. I knew the journey to and for would take for six days by train and at least they will stay three days with the dead man’s family.

Then Jess Aunt made it easier for my parents to decide. She told them I would spend the days with them and Chris is here so I wouldn’t be alone. I can stay the night here or theirs. If I want to stay here Chris would sleep here with me. And for the food I can eat with them. After all Chris is here alone when she and grandma are going to Calcutta and he wants company.

So, the problem was settled and I was delighted. Chris silent all this time but I know he is delighted too. I had one secret reason for objection to go Bombay. I can't live without seeing Chris and I know it was the same for him and the reason for his silence. He was afraid I will leave him again for two weeks.

Mom called our principal and asked leave for two days and dad called the travel agent and arranged the tickets for their journey. They would take leave next day for Bombay.

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