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love or something like it



I was in a good mood after that.

So, I didn’t listen to Frank when he called me some names when no one was near to us. I smiled sweetly to him. I know he is jealousy because of Luke. He is afraid I will steel Luke from him.

Not me jackass! I have some one to dream about.

I go straight to our room because I want to get out of the black. I like black but I don’t like Frank’s cloths on me. So, I hurriedly peeled off the cloths and hanged it. I was standing in my tight white brief and searching for a trouser the bathroom door opened. I jumped and turned.

“Josh… it’s you” Luke.

“Are you frightened?” He asked. He was scared too. I looked him blankly. I was numb.

He was looking me too. I forget that I was naked except my brief. When I remembered my face got redden with shy. I hurriedly picked a trouser and wore it.

We laughed as our eyes met. He closed the distance and patted my head. I was buttoning my trouser when Frank asked, “What are you both doing?”

We turned and saw he was standing beside the open door. We didn’t hear him opens the door.

“Josh was buttoning his trouser and I was looking him.” Luke replied.

He looked us some doubtfully but didn’t say anything.

After this episode he looked me as if he wants to kill me.

I was yawning on the dinner table. It was after nine. Mom looked at me and asked if I was tired. I replied her yes. She told me after lunch I can go to bed. I nodded.

This is what I wanted. I want to reach the bedroom before Frank or Luke. I know something will happen there tonight. So I want to prepare.

I reached the bedroom and cleared my bed. I lay sideways to facing the other bed. I curved my body so my head was sticking the edge of my pillow. It is the better positing to watch other bed. I shut my eyes and pretend sleep. Frank and Luke came together ten or fifteen minutes later. Frank goes directly to the bathroom.

Luke came to me and asked, “Asleep…… baby?”

I jerked open my eyes as if I was sleeping and looked him, “hmmmm.” I hummed as resting my head on the pillow.

“Good night then.” He bends and kissed my cheeks. He pulled the blanket over to my shoulder and pulled it over my head. I was ready to rise when the time arrives. Frank came and lay on the bed on his back. Luke went to the hanger and removed his shirt. Then he turned to Frank as undoing the button and asked,

“Frank, do you have any problem I keep the low volts bulb on? I can’t sleep in darkness.”

Say no. I prayed.

“It’s okay.” Said Frank and I thanked him silently.

Luke was opened his fly and peeling off the jeans from him. As he stands I saw the same bulge but the brief was blue in color. He hanged his jeans and came to the bed. He lies as he lied last night. Hands tied behind his head and legs little spread. He is looking straight to ceiling.

“Need blanket?” Frank asked.

“Don’t like,” Luke said.

“Like me.” I know Frank was not saying the truth.

Then both were silent. I looked through the peep hole I made and waited. Luke was closed his eyes. I looked down and saw he is little hardened in there. Good, I thought.

“Luke….” Frank was purring like a cat.

“Hmmm…..” my cousin didn’t open his eyes.

“Is Grandpa was looking down us from heaven?” what an innocent boy? He is acting. Luke knows this? May be….

“Yes… but he is busy now because he is new there. So he meeting others and making some friends.” Luke is not smiling.

I want to laugh but terrified about they know I am awaken and listening.

“Really?” what a dumb!

“Really.” Luke was serious. “Come here...” he take his hand and pulled Frank to him. Not to his chest but over his body. So Frank’s upper part is over Luke’s and faced to Luke. Frank had an innocent look on his face. With one hand he hold Frank’s face to him and other hand hugged him. He kissed Frank’s lips. Luke’s bulge is touching Frank’s inner thigh.

Luke released Frank’s lips and lowered him to his chest. Frank rested his head on Luke’s chest and slipped to his side. His left hand is crossing Luke’s hairy chest. Luke grasped Franks hand and forced it down to his stomach. With other hand he held Frank close to him. Frank was looking to Luke blankly as he bending his head to Frank. He said softly “massage me there Frank”.

Luke’s hand was leading frank’s hand over his stomach. Luke was very hard and his cock is standing and jerking inside his brief. Frank’s mouth was inside of Luke’s and I heard the sucking sound. Frank was struggling to keep his innocent face as he gets excited. Luke released Frank’s mouth after a long time. Luke’s cock was very hard now. Frank kept a blank innocent face as Luke pulled him over his body.

“What are you doing Luke?” Frank asked innocently in a frightened voice as Luke put his hands inside the trouser and start squeezing Frank’s buttocks hardly.

“Taking you to heaven; so, you can see and say hello to Grandpa.” Frank giggled.

“You are not wearing any underwear?” Luke asked

“Not on the bed,” Frank replied. He looked suddenly to my side and said, “Luke… Josh will see us.”

“He is sleeping hard.” But Luke stopped sucking Frank’s mouth and squeezing his buttocks. He turned his face to me and called, “Josh…..”

I’m a good actor. He didn’t have any doubt about me and said to Frank. “He is sleeping. If he will wake and see us, he couldn’t understand what we are doing. He is a little baby and will think I am keeping you calm because of your cry.”

I have a doubt about the light but he didn’t say anything about turned it off.

Luke pulled Frank’s T shirt over his head and throws it to the floor. Then he pulled Frank’s trouser down to his knee and using his toe pulled it down to the bed. Now Frank was full naked on top of Luke. He looked Luke innocently and acted he was shy. Luke pushed him upward over to his mouth and began to suck the nipples. Some little moans escaped from Frank. Luke’s breathing became a little hard and fast. I can’t see Luke’s cock because of Frank is covering the body of him.

Luke was pushing Frank downward to his stomach. He rubbed Frank’s face over his stomach.

“Lick me there….. Franck,” Luke was panting.

Frank’s chest was pressing Luke’s cock and he is licking all over the stomach. He puts his tongue in Luke’s belly button and twisted as Luke is sighing. He licked to the waist line of Luke’s brief. Luke’s cock is poking through the waistline jerking and the sticky liquid oozing from it. Frank licked the head and the liquid. Luke sighed and raises head to crossbar of the bed. He put the pillow between his head and crossbar as a cushion. Both were paying no attention to me.

Luke pulled his brief down and his legs struggled to remove it. One leg was free and helps of that leg he pulled free from the brief. His cock jumped free and standing straight. It is bigger than Daniel’s. It is long and thick as Chris’. He has black thick hairs on his pubic area spreading to his abdomen. He pushed Frank’s face down to his pelvis. Frank licked hard and plastered the hairs as Luke panting. Luke’s hand was patting Frank’s cheeks and top of head frantically. Frank grabbed the cock and licked. He licked bottom to top and removed the foreskin downwards. The head Luke’s cock is very red and that sticky liquid flow from the piss hole. Frank liquid the head and the liquid then gulped. Luke’s body bends and he was moaning oh my boy ………. And he spread his legs wide. Frank’s head sank down to his groin and he was licking Luke’s balls and his inner thighs. Luke was pressing Frank’s head to his groin. His hard cock is standing straight like a sword and jerking. More colorless liquid coming from its piss hole and the cock glazed with Frank’s saliva.

Suddenly Luke pulled Frank upward over his body and held him tightly. He thrust his tongue into Frank’s mouth and twisted it.

“Tired?” he asked softly.

“No,” Frank replied and kissed Luke on mouth.

Luke patted his back and asked, “Where are you keeping some cream?”

“Vaseline is in the bathroom shelf.” Frank said softly.

Cream for what? I was startled. Oh boy! If truth be told I don’t know. I’m enjoying this and waiting for what’s happen next.

Luke slipped aside under Frank’s and turned him on his back. He hugged him and softly kissed on the mouth.

“Wait,” Luke said to him and slipped down to the floor. He stands still a moment and walked to the bathroom. His cock is still hard and wet with saliva.

Frank was lying on his back. His cock is hard and pointing straight. It is a little longer and thicker than mine. He has public hairs but not as Chris or Luke. He rubbed his cock with his fingers and turned to look me. A satisfied look is on his face and he was smiling. He is watching me to see if I am awake. Then straighten his face to look for Luke. He was waiting for him.

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