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love or something like it



“You know Jo…” Chris whispered. “What I was thinking when I first see you….” His hands was moving to my hips and holding there tightly. “This is the one I was searching all my life…the one I want to share my life…..this is my life….” His both hands were holding me still and he pushed his huge cock slowly into my asshole. I felt his huge cock opening my asshole and slowly slipping up and filling tight into my small ass hole.

“I…not……are…in…love…with…me….oooh...” Chris was saying as he slowly pushed his huge cock. “Is……giving…me…all…my…life…I….wished… for…”

My ass was cracking and splitting for his huge cock. The burning pain was very hard. I was trembling like a chicken and sweating hard. My body became numb on his body. I was breathing hard and my heart pounded hard as it was going to break my chest. My buttocks were rigid and ass was resisting Chris’ hardened cock. The pain I felt was more than I thought. Chris was pushing his cock up and piercing me slowly and I can feel his huge cock slipping in my ass hole up to my stomach. I had bitten my lips not to yell out the pain. I had an urge to sit Chris lap that I can't resist. Someone was telling me to do it and if I did there would be no pain.

I tightened my grip around Chris as I could and pushed me down and sat on his lap tight to the skin within a second. And I howled “oouueeee……Chris”. “Oooh” Chris yelled too. Whoever told me to do it was a huge lie and I did a Himalayan blunder.

The pain was nameless to me and excruciating. I trembled hard and my heart beats increased. I sweat like rain pouring heavily and my body was lifeless. Blood was rushing whole my body and I feel the pressure on my cheeks. My eyes were poking and my buttocks trembled like someone cut it two. I was very weak to grab Chris and lay on his shoulder lifeless.

“Why…did…you… does…this…?” Chris asked weakly. He was holding me tight to him. I was sitting on his lap pressing his pubic hairs. His hairy balls were tight under my buttocks and I feel something sticky warm liquid around my ass. Chris big long hardened cock was completely disappeared in my ass hole and filling it tight. His thighs were closed. My little cock was sleeping. I thought I split two by his cock.

“Some…one…told…to…do….” I said weakly.

“My crazy love…” Chris laughed weakly. “Look at me…” and I did.

“Hold me tight…” Chris was whispering. “If you want howl….do it…want yell…Jo... yell. Okay? Want bit me…do bite... love...or you want cry…do that too…. Hear me darling…”

“Ummmmmm….” I agreed. “Someone will hear.”

“No... We are alone here and the rain is heavy.” He assured me. “No one will hear us.”

“Take a deep breath.” He instructed. “And let out slowly…”

I did. “Relax….relax…your body…” he whispered.

“Pain…” he breathed slowly.

“Ummmmmm….” I said.

“Am I too thick…?” He asked shyly. I nodded and rested my head on his shoulder. He was patting my buttocks to relax. He opened his thighs and spread his legs a little wide and tried to move but he can't.

“Relax you hold slightly…” he whispered, “And looses yourself.”

I did as he asked. He grabbed my weak hips and his pelvis from me and eased himself on his buttocks with me his huge cock filling inside.

“Jo…” he said.

“I love you Chris….” I said weakly.

He pulled me slowly from his hard cock a little up and I felt some sticky and warm liquid under me. He pushed his cock slowly into my asshole and the itching pain started. He pulled out a little and pushed again slowly.

“Is it hard…sweetie?” Chris whispered, “Am I hurting more…?”

“No…” I mumbled.

He pulled me from his sword like cock to its head and pushed slowly to the bottom of his cock. He was piercing me with his javelin like cock but slowly. It was slipping tightly inside me and the pain was hard to me bear as he entered deep into my ass hole. I tried to focus on the sound coming as he piercing me with his huge cock.

“Love…?” he called.

“Do it…” I said and tried to push me down as he pulled and ignored the prickling pain. The burning pain gives me more sweat and I shut my eyes tightly. Chris was breathing long and I sank my teeth into his shoulder. His grip over my hips tightened and pushed me down on his cock. His cock was piercing me to stomach. My fingers sank into his hack and ignored the pain coming from my splitting ass and running though my body. He was pushing and pulling slightly fast and breathing hard.

He opened his mouth and starts breathing through his mouth. I felt the pain overcoming with some mysterious feelings as his hard cock moving inside me. It was the pleasure he giving me. His left hand left my hip and moved to my back to my head and supported my weak body.

“Jo….honey….are….you…okay…?” Chris panted. “Ummmmmm….” I hummed. My ass hole was burning as his long thick cock pierced me to my stomach but the pleasure it giving was strange to me before. It was different from the pleasure Chris had given me before. My buttocks were sticking to the warm liquid as he pushed me down. Chris was faster and he was panting hard. His breathing became long and deep and was sweating.

He lowered slowly to the bed with his cock inside my ass and supporting me to him. He tried to pull out his cock from my ass hole but whispered him no. “Oh….my ….why…do…” Chris was moaning as his both hands pushed my buttocks down to him and he thrust his cock fast and deep into my ass hole. I was lying weakly over his chest and was jerking as he thrust faster and faster.

He moaned loudly as his cock jerked inside me. He pushed slowly and his cock jerked more semen inside me. His hands left my hips and patted my back. He was panting hard and placed my cheek over his heaving chest. We both were sweating. His cock was still filling my ass hole tight. We lay there exhausted for a long time.

His cock was softened inside my ass and he pulled me to his face. I felt the emptiness in my ass hole as I slipped over to his face.

“Look at me darling…” he whispered.

I opened my eyes and looked into his eyes. It was proud, satisfied and full of love. He forced my face to him and kissed my lips. I parted them for him and he took it in his mouth and squeezed. His hands were patting my back. He moved his hand to my buttocks and patted softly and I winced.

“Pain..?” he whispered.


“Sorry….I was fast…” He said guiltily…

“No…It is not that….” I said feebly. “I had split two there…”

“No…” he assured me. “You are not. I’m thick and you are tight there. I had been forcibly opened you and was tight inside you. It will go….Jo…sorry...”

“Are you…?” I stopped middle.

“Yes….” He said excitedly. “It was……” he pressed me more to him.

“Am I bleeding more there…? I asked.

“Hmmm….” He said and showed me his fingers. It was covered with blood. “Why do you do that foolish thing?”

“I told you…” I said faintly.

“I thought one second you injured more there. But it was okay. You slipped on me because of the cream and you was loosened your muscles for me to go full inside. But it was tight on me and my foreskin moved down forcibly.” He said bashfully.

“You hurt…?” I asked.

“Hey… no...” he kissed my cheek.

“We are not doing it anymore as I told you. This is not good for you and we can wait a couple of years.” He said and blushed deeply.

“Don’t make any promise.” I smiled weakly. “We are best breaking them.” He smiled and blushed.

Later he laid me on the bed and slipped down to the floor. As he stood I looked him. He was damp with sweat and his softened cock looked like squeezed. The foreskin was completely down from the head. His cock and balls covered with blood. His pubic hairs plastered with blood and his thighs too. I moved my hands to my ass and touched. There was blood on my buttocks and ass blood is dropping my partly opened ass hole.

“It will stop. Don’t scare...” Chris said soothingly. “You are not injured there sweetie…” but he was guilty.

He pulled the bed sheet and it had blood stain on it. He cleaned me with the bed sheet and himself from the blood.

“We can't show it to anyone...” I was afraid.

“No. but I will keep this for me.” he blushed. “I will take this to my grave.”

“Chris...” I cried. “Never say that again.”

“Oh…darling” He sat beside me. “Come on…”

Later he carried me to bathroom and washed the blood from me and himself. We dried and came back to sleep. I was still hurting when I moved my pelvis and didn’t tell Chris.

Chris tucked me under him and locked me with his body and whispered to me until sleep came.

I was waked late next morning. When I was opened my eyes Chris was not there. Rain was still heavy. I tried to get up from the bed because I had to piss. But I can't and fell back with a loud cry. Tears rolled down to my cheeks. My pelvis weighed a ton and I felt it was going split. The pain was hard and my buttocks were numb. I moved my fingers over my ass. It was a little swollen and blood was dried on it. I want to call Chris but my mouth was dry. I waited for Chris to come.

Chris came ten minutes later. He had went to mina and brought me for fresh cloths. He told her I had a fever and need to rest. When mina wants to come with him he said her to make some soup for me and come an hour later and he was called the doctor and gives me medicine. So, don’t worry for me. Mina believed whole this.

“Chris… I want to go bathroom.” I said weakly.

He looked me sorrowfully and carried me to bathroom. I looked at the door and he told me it was locked. I was full naked in his hands. I pissed and he supported me because my legs were weak. I said him to leave me there and lose the bathroom. He asked why and I said I was going to toilet. He resisted going out but I insisted. He went halfheartedly and closed the door. I moved to the door with the support of wall and bolted it. Then I went to toilet and sat on the seat. I pushed but I can't bear the pain. I began to sweat as I pushed and the pain increased. At last I had and flushed the closet. Reaching for the wall I stood and turned the pipe. I washed the blood dropping from my ass and moved slowly to the mirror.

I was weak and damp. My hips were red where Chris gripping me. My thighs and buttocks were red too. My ass was red and slightly swollen but not dripping blood as I feared. Chris was knocking and calling me; so I opened the door and saw his worried face. He carried me to the bed and laid me there. He asked me about the pain but I lied. He didn’t believe me.

“We need a hot bath...” he told me and went to the bathroom.

He came back and carried me to the bathroom. He had heated the water on the tub. Chris removed his clothes and took me with him to the tub. The hot water eased my pain and I was relaxed. He bathed me and dried me. But when he give me the cloths I didn’t wore my brief. It was tight and would give me more pain. I wore my trouser only and lay back on the bed and closed my eyes.

Mina had brought the soup for me and spent time with us. Then Chris sent her forcibly and locked the door. He came back to me and sat beside me. He was silent.

“I’m to blame for your suffering.” He said suddenly.

“Why?” I asked. I was relaxing from the hot bath and the pain was lessened.

“I didn’t care about you. I was thinking only about me and my pleasure.” He said guilty. “I for got you am a kid. I have to wait but can't ...”

“No... You didn’t.” I said. “I wanted this and forced you to do. Don’t blame yourself. I’m glad for what you did and glad it was you.”

His eyes filled. He was trying not to cry.

“Come...” I whispered. I lifted my hand and lowered him to my chest. He placed his cheek on my chest and I patted his long brows hair. His tears fell on my chest.

“Shhhhh…” I whispered. “I want we do this… you know… it is the blessing to suffer for someone we love… I’m blessed with you love and not suffering….”

“You are a grown man than me….Jo… “He kissed over my heart. “Sometimes I’m afraid of us...”

“Why…?” I asked.

But he didn’t tell me.

I was sleeping as resting my head on his chest when the bell sounded. Chris wasn’t asleep. I remembered John told he would be here today.

“It’s John.” I said.

“Tell him you had a fever.” Chris advised and went to open the door.

He came in with a worried look and asked, “how are you, Josh?”

I told him I had fever last night. He was sure it was because of our wandering in rain yesterday and told Chris took care in future. Chris smiled and was shy. John was astonished to see Chris blushing and looked at me with some doubt. Then an understanding look came on his face. He said he was staying the day with me if Chris didn’t mind and Chris said okay.

Chris went to mina to bring lunch for us because he was busy with his blaming himself when were alone. When John was sure we were alone he asked;

“How was it…?

“What..?” I know what he was asking.

“You two did it last night. Ah?” he said mischievously. “I know... He is just like Daniel. Worrying about you and blaming him for what had happened.”

I blushed.

“Don’t do it regularly...” he advised. “Daniel said it is not good for us because we have to grown. He told me he had to do it at first time we had sex because he think if he would give me the pain and pleasure together I would love him more and more. And it was true. He told me we will wait for do this when I will grow two or three years more. But I make him when I think I’m full with love and have to give the love to him. He was blaming him then after we had done. I can't think about a life without him and he is like that too.”

I laws looking at his beaming face. My living sex encyclopedia.

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