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love or something like it



When I reached John’s, he was not there. His sister told me he is out with Daniel.

“Daniel?” I repeated. It was a surprise for me. I know Daniel. He is a big boy almost eighteen from our school and three years senior of us. He recently came to our town with his family. His father is in government service and transferred here almost one year. Daniel started new school term with us. I never seen john speaking to his or known he is a friend of him. They really never missed a chance to get each other’s nerve. I thought they disliked each other. I say too.

“Daniel?” His sister said, “they are very good friends and spent every free time together. That is whenever you are not with him. They went to the harbor.” And start to go in.

I turned and wondered about this. What would I do now? I decided to go to the woods and spent some time there alone. I want to dream. I want to think about Chris. Tomorrow I will ask John about Daniel and tell him my feelings for Chris. So, I walked to the special place near the pond in the woods.

It was a jungle having all trees, bushes and plants unknown to me and stands about an acre. No animals but lot of birds. Actually it is not a jungle but a religious thing for the Hindus’. They are afraid of go inside. It is very calm here and that give me an eerie feeling. After five minutes walk I reached the rock surrounded by some bushes. After that there is plain with low lone like grass and the pond. I avoided this and started to walk to the tall trees. Dry leaves covered the earth and sunshine not entered here.

I stopped. Someone is talking low. I looked around. Someone is sitting under a big tree and I saw his shoulders only. I walk to the opposite side and hiding and sitting behind some unknown bushes I parted its branches. Someone is half sitting and half laying under the tree. Its trunk supporting his upper body and his head is bending to something. I parted the branches for better view. Now I can see……… it is not something. Someone is sitting his lap and that someone is John. His jeans and under wear is lowered to his knee. I can recognize him from anytime. The other one is Daniel. And this is there harbor!

John’s both hands wrapped around Daniels’ body keeping him a deep embrace. Daniel’s one hand is lifting John’s chin to him and he is sucking his mouth. His other hand is playing with John’s little dick. His hands are up and down very fast. I saw he is suddenly jerking his body and his hands tightening around Daniel’s. They stay one or two minutes like this and Daniel leave his mouth from Johns’. They looked each other and smiled. John is standing now removing his clothes. He is full naked and said something to Daniel. His cock is semi hard and some little red in color. Some blackness is spread over side of his cock. His cock appeared to be same length as mine. Daniel is standing now and takes John an embrace. They parted and Daniel began to remove his belt then his other cloths. I bent forward to look better. They both are full naked. Daniel’s cock is starting very straight. It is bigger than us. I thought it is about six or seven inches long and very thick like my hand. He has very dark hair around his cock and spread to his abdomen. I stared at them and want to see what they are going to do.

I changed to a better position and look hard. Daniel takes a tube from his jeans pocket and squeezes it to his cock. Then he rubbed that over his cock with fingers. John is half bending with his hands resting the tree trunk. Daniel walk over to him squeezes the tube to John’s ass? He is massaging john’s ass! Then he placed his hands over John’s buttocks and began to part them. He said something to John and with right hand took his hardened dick and placed it to John’s now open ass. He pushed as his left hand wrapped around John’s abdomen and pushed him backward to his cock. A low moan escaped John as Daniel began to moving to and fro. John was trying hard to balance as Daniel’s motions became faster.

Whole place felt very calm to me. I thought there is no sound around us except that there body slapping each other. I was a little afraid of them. What are they doing? My body goes numb. I felt very weak. I was afraid to move as they mingled to one another and a little excited. This is the place where John collects knowledge about male anatomy!

Their lovemaking seemed to last a long time to me. Suddenly Daniel’s legs began to tremble and his motions began to slow. They both are panting hardly. Daniel bent over John and stops his moving. They both support each other as they stand. Daniel lowered his body to the floor and lay there on his back as he rested his head on a bulging root and pulled John to him. John lay beside him and placed his head on Daniel’s chest. Daniel patted John as he breathed hard. John’s face is red and he is sweating. He places his hand on Daniel’s chest and closed his eyes as Daniel bent to kiss his forehead. John body is shaking slowly.

I felt my little cock is very hard now. And I was trembling too…. I want to escape from there. Slowly I began to move. I left them there and walk to home. I felt empty…. So, this is why he kept his friendship with Daniel from others. They want their relationship hidden from others. They are in love. But why me! I am his best friend. Suddenly I am angry.

When I came home no one is there except Mina. I go straight to my room and locked the door. I dropped the knapsack as I open the door of my bathroom. I peeled off my clothes and stand under the shower. When I felt cold I shut the shower and took a towel to dry my body. As drying I check my body in the mirror. My body is not too slim. My bones are all covered with flesh. I patted my chest and it felt very soft. My stomach is soft too. My buttocks and thighs are round and full. They don’t have any hair. My dick is soft and as long as my index finger about three and half inch. Over the place between my cock and abdomen I checked with my fingers. It is little rough. I looked and saw some soft hairs a little dark brown. My little cock began to hardening now. Not now. I decided.

I closed the bathroom door and open the cupboard. Take one clean brief out and wore it. Then I take one half trousers and a T shirt and place them on the table. Climbed the bed and lay on my back and closed my eyes. In front of my eyes the naked body of John and Daniel’s. They are fucking……………

I woke with a start.

Some one is knocking on my door. Someone is calling my name.

“Josh…opens the door.” Oh... it’s my mom.

I jumped from the bed. Took my trouser on the table and wore it. Walk to the door and opened. Mom came in and looks around.

“Are you sleeping? Mina told me you are upset when you came and locked inside. And you not ate lunch. What happened baby?”

I said nothing. She is looking around the room for some clue. I ran to my mom and wrapped my hands around her. I was crying loudly. She is hushing me and patting my back.

“It’s okay baby….. Did you and John have a quarrel?

“No... He is not there.” I said between crying.

Suddenly she laughed. “Oh my silly boy……. You are such a baby… stop now and come down. I obey her. Cleaning my face with hand I climb down. My mom and dad are smiling. Dad said, “Grow up cry baby.” I smiled shyly.

I met John Monday on my way to school. I watched him as he is walking to me. Not a struggle to walk. His didn’t show any pain. I astonished as I thought. Yesterday Daniel had split his little asshole with his big hard cock and he didn’t have any pain? How could it be possible? I can’t ask him.

“Sorry …….” He said as he approaching near; but he didn’t look as sorry.

“Where had been you yesterday?” I asked as walking with him; “You never said you and Daniel are friends”.

“No. We are not friends”; he is lying to me now. “Daniel came yesterday and asked me to go with him to the town to buy something. He is new to here, you know? I go with him because mom said.”

“Yeah, it’s okay.”

“What you did yesterday? I mean, after you came to my home?” he asked doubtfully. He wants to know had I go to the wood.

“Returned to home and slept till five o’ clock”, I cleared his doubt. It is partially true too. He took out a long breath and smiled. He had a dreamy look on his face.

“Hey Josh, what are you doing after school?” he asked as we entering the school gate.

“I am going out with my sister”. I lied. “Why” “Nothing” he replied. He is looking somewhere else. I followed his eyes and saw Daniel is standing in front of his class room.

We entered the class room. Sky is filled with clouds as black as coal. It is going to rain. Monsoon is late this year. I heard thunder and shuddered inwardly. I am afraid of thunder and lightning. But I love rain.

I want to ask John about Daniel. But I can’t. He has the rights to keep a secret. I need to respect his privacy. As we walking to home after school, John said. “Josh, if I said you something, will you tell anyone? Can you keep it a secret?”

I searched his face as I said, “Cross to hearts.”

He looked around. The road was empty except us. He sighed, “I and Daniel are friends.”

“I know”, I said and laughed “it’s not a big deal”.

“No, you don’t understand” he lowers his sound into a whisper. “It’s more than friendship. We….. We love each other. We are in love”. He looks at my eyes. “I kept it from you. I don’t want to tell you or any others. Daniel told me if we keep a distance in school nobody will suspect us”.

I placed my hand around his shoulder and whispered. “I never tell anyone. Promise.” And I mean it. I am in love with someone too. But I can’t tell that to John. That love is only one way. “It’s okay to love with Daniel. He is a good boy. He will make you happy”. In my mind, the picture of John is bending and Daniel is behind splitting his asshole with his cock.

“Yes. He makes me happy. He loves me more than I love him”. After that we were silent for some moment.

Then, “Josh….” He whispered. I looked him with a frown.

“Josh…. We …… I….” he is stammering. I know what he wants to say. I waited as we walking slowly.

“I and Daniel are having sex.” He looked into my eyes. I look back to him.” He backed and said, “You are thinking about how? He is speaking too fast. “You remember when I was absent from school for one day from stomach ache?”

I nodded. It was last term. It was after one month Daniel started school. I went that day his house to see him after school. It is almost four moths before.

“It happened one day before that.” I remembered that was a holiday. He continued, “We both are alone in our house. My parents and sister are gone to visit my Aunts and his is also out of town. We spent the afternoon in his house. He wants to show his collection of stamps. After seeing his collections, we speak about his past relationship with a street boy in his old place and how they had sex. We both were feeling horny and I want he do that to me. So, I asked him but he didn’t want to. He said I am a little child and can’t take the pain. I insisted and said he didn’t love me. He was shocked to hear that and said that not so. I insisted and at last he said if I was insisting we would do that. He wanted to but not wishing to give me pain. He locked the main door. He lifted and carried me to his room and laid me my back on his writing table. Then he got naked and I saw erected cock. It was big and throbbing. I was lying on the table staring him. He unbuttoned my shirt and pants and removed them. He removed my underwear and looked me. He said it was going to pain but I said for him I will take any pain. He sighed and bent over me and kissed my mouth. He said for my sake he wouldn’t do any other thing so pick my legs and pulled me to him. My legs he placed on his shoulders and his big cock is touching my buttocks. He rubbed some cream to his palm and rubbed it on his big cock. My legs are spread to open my ass and he pushed his creamed finger to it. I jerked my body and he said its ok. Removing his finger he took the cream and he squeezed the tube to my ass hole. Then he pushed his finger again to rub the cream to my asshole and its opening.

He took his dick in one hand and said now and placed the head on my open hole. He said that if I can’t endure the pain say it and he will stop and pushed slowly. With the help of lubricant it slides into me. I winced and felt that my body split open. The pain was more than I thought and I want to yell. I shut my eyes tight and bit my lips hard. My buttocks are pulsating and my inside felt that someone placed a hot iron rod in it. He stopped and began to pull out but I said to him to move on”.

He stopped. I look to him. He is smiling now. In his eyes, I saw the deep love he felt for Daniel.

He continued, “After two or three seconds of pain I felt like I was in paradise. So was Dan. He is so wonderful. But when it was over there was blood on his cock. And some drops on the table. He is very proud of because he took my virginity. But when I woke the next morning I can’t walk steady. My buttocks felt I was sitting on a thorn bush and a swelling on my ass. So I pretend I had a stomach ache. Daniel understands and he is very caring as devoting husband. From that day we have sex whenever we got a chance”.

He smiled. I said nothing. I was thinking. My friend John is very older than his fourteen years. And I am a little boy to him....

We parted. As I walk to home my little cock was very hard from remembering the details of John’s story.

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