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love or something like it



Last night’s show repeated to Thursday night.

Frank had his aching leg for two days and then the ache disappeared. They didn’t have any doubt about me that I was watching them. Luke thinks I’m a baby and I don’t know about sex. Many times I want to ask him to show me the heaven but don’t.

On Friday Aunt Sarah and her family left. We invited them for Christmas and they accepted. It had long time they been to us. In point of fact, it was when Luke was five and I didn’t born then.

We were in the drawing room and Frank was not with us. Luke was searching for him. He was gloomy yesterday and at night crying and their sex was very violent. They had it three times when I am awake after that I slept. When I woke at six they are sleeping full naked sticking to each other. I had to pretend sleep and wait for them to awake and gone. I did it for Luke so he hadn’t embarrassed before me. They both seemed exhausted but hide it from others. Nobody had any doubt about them. Only I know about what going between them.

There is half hour left for them to leave. I said bye to them and kissed by everybody because I’m the bay of the family, I was exhausted from the kisses. So I left them there. I was going through the corridor to the backside of the house. There I a big tree in the yard and I want to climb it.

I reached middle of the corridor then I heard some mumbled sound coming from the room on my left side. It was an empty room and some old things kept there. Nobody goes there. I was surprised of the sounds coming from that door. So, I pushed the door and it opened with a soft sound. I opened a little and get inside. Some old furniture is there and the sounds comes other side of a cupboard.

“Stop crying now…. I said I will be back within two days.” I heard Luke saying.

So I hid behind the cupboard and look the other side. Frank was sitting on an old box and Luke is standing in front of him. He put his hands on Frank’s shoulder and patting. Frank stops crying and cleaned his face with his hands. Luke gave him his kerchief. He stands as he drying his eyes and Luke hugged him. He kissed his mouth.

“Come, everybody is waiting.” He kissed Frank again.

They turned to the door and I slip slowly to other side. Luke stopped at the door and said, “You go Frank, I want to stay here some time alone.”

Frank looks suspiciously to him and asked, “Why?”

Calm my mind and emotions. You know….?” Luke said a little smile.

Frank nodded and left the room. Luke closed the door and bolted it.

“Josh, show yourself from where you are hiding.” He said loudly.

I was trapped. He knows that I was here. I appeared with an innocent look on my face. He looks angry but I saw a smile corner of his mouth.

“What was doing here?” he asked.

“Nothing.” I shrugged.

“Did you see us?” He asked

“No. but I heard you. That’s why I came.” I said innocently. “I love you, Luke. Don’t hit me. I will never do this”. I pleaded.

He crossed the distance to me and I looked up to him. He is smiling. He hugged me hard. My head reached his chest and I buried my face there. He kissed top of my head and part from me a little. I looked up to his face and he put his hands on my shoulders and bends his face to me. He kissed me on my mouth. He released my mouth and looked into my eyes.

“That’s for my baby cousin,” he said softly. “Time to go or they will doubt.”

We were near to the door and he raise his hand to unlock but stopped. He pulled me to him and hugged me hard. I hugged back and felt the cock on my stomach. It is semi hard. We didn’t say anything but hugged each other. He blushed as I lift my face and I look him. I was amazed to see his blushing. I never see a grown man blushing. He hugged me one more time and said softly. “I love you, my baby.”

And he parted from me. I looked him and saw the bulge in front of his pants. He looked me as blushing more and patted hardly over his bulge to straight it. So no one will doubt us as they see us together.

“Sorry Josh, I forget one minute about myself. You are a little child. I didn’t have……” he looked sorry. I feel sorry. So I put my hand to envelop him and kissed his chest. And I smiled. I know he think it a baby act.

“Don’t be sorry. I am your brother and I love you” I kissed his chest once more and he patted my head.

We opened the door and came to others. He is holding my hand and his bulge had gone. I know he loves me even he had sex with Frank. I was proud. Frank was there with everybody. He looked us doubtfully but didn’t say anything. Car was loaded and uncle is sitting front seat. My cousins and aunt were crying and so the others.

“Where were you Luke?” Uncle asked.

“Up stair with Josh. My little cousin is there crying because we are going. So, I had to sooth him and carry him down.” He lied.

Every body laughed and I blushed. Aunt and his sisters climbed in and Luke shook hands with dad and uncle Ed. He patted me and looked Frank a last time. Frank stood there crying. He was opening the door of the driver’s side and I ran to him and embraced him. He laughed as he lifted me from the floor. He rubbed his nose on my stomach and lowered me. He kissed my cheeks and his eyes are wet. I was crying too. He kissed me once more and down me to floor.

“Time to go,” he said softly to my ears and climbed inside and started the car.

We stand and look as there car was disappeared from our view.

Frank keep himself in the room and night he was silent to me.

We took leave in the early morning and arrived home about three after midnight. It was raining hard as we reached home. As we were close to our house I looked the Taylor’s. There was no light in the house. Every body is sleeping.

Dad opened the door and we ran in to the house from the rain. Mom quickly made some coffee for us. After drinking coffee we get in our rooms and slept. We woke late in the morning. After a quick breakfast dad went to open the shop. Three of us cleaned the house. Mom and Emily prepared lunch because Mina wouldn’t be here till tomorrow.

After lunch mom said she is going Jess’, so I and Emily. Jess aunt greet us in and we were sitting with them. My eyes were searching Chris but he is not there. Mom and Emily were speaking about Grandpa.

Where is Chris? I turned to Grandma to ask but see me and said,

“Chris is in his room with your friend.”

What friend? She said, “John. He is here about an hour and they are doing something on computer about his assignment.”

Chris is with John? Working with computer? I know about when he was with me and doing the computer. He is doing that with John. Something collapsed in my mind. I want to cry. I was angry. I don’t belong here.

“Hey Josh…. You are back..!” John ran down the stairs and Chris is coming down too. I saw he is wearing pants and shirt.

John hugged me. I smiled to him. But I didn’t smile to Chris. I ignored him as he was there. But his face keyed up seeing me. He was laughing and pulled me to him and hugged hard.

“I thought you forget me and not coming.” he said and his hands enfold me tight. I said something about Grandpa’s death and funeral and struggle me to free. My body is thrilled. But my mind is clouded with doubts.

“What assignment are you doing?” I turned to John.

“Assignment? Oh… it’s a science project for exhibition.” He said. “Chris is helping me.”

Science Exhibition? It is in October. But I didn’t say anything. I looked Chris and he smiled. Mom and Emily left after some time but grandma asked me to stay.

So I was sitting there with grandma and talking to her. Chris and John sit opposite of us and Chris is looking me. I ignored them. I have a lump in my throat whenever I looked him.

John said rain is stopped now so he was going. He will come tomorrow if it was okay with Chris. Chris said he is free after two and John can come. John left us.

Chris looking me with a frown and he narrowed his eyes. He knows I am ignoring him. He gets up from where he was sitting and sits beside me. His thigh was touching mine and put his hand my shoulder. I sit still. He looks as he wants to say something but didn’t. He only sighed.

That evening there was a crowd in our house. They came for say their condolence and share the loss of ours. They are mom and dad’s friends, church members, teachers from my school and friends of Emily etc…John and Daniel came too with their parents. I was with them in my room for some time about speaking about school. I saw they didn’t show their relation and actually speak two three sentence to each other whole the time they are together with me. I understand John didn’t tell him I knew about them. He didn’t talk about Chris too.

My mom was calling us. So, we jointed to them in the drawing room. Chris was there in the crowd. He is in a little group talking with them. I saw he is looking me as he is talking. Some girls was looking him too and nudging each other. He saw I was looking him. A naughty smile appeared on his lips and he called John to join him. He is ignoring me.

John’s face bloomed. He excused me and Daniel and joined the crowd. Chris pulled John in front of him and his hand tied together on John’s stomach. John had a dreamy look on his face. Chris complete ignored me as I was not there and continued his speak. I looked Daniel sideways and saw his face darkened. His fingers closed a tight fist and he was looking Chris and John. I understand. I know what he felt.

As I was looking them my heart filled with the lost. The lost of Grandpa, Chris all came to me in full force and breaking me. John, my best friend stole Chris. The lump was hard in my throat and tears filled. Suddenly I shut my eyes tight and cried loudly.

The room was silent except my loud crying. I heard foot steps as some one came to me. I felt some one touching me and suddenly I was in a bear hug. That smell coming to my nose. Chris! I opened my eyes and didn’t see anything. My face was buried in his chest and my voice was mumbled. I was shaking and he held me close.

‘Josh…” I heard concerned voice of my parents and sister.

“Leave him alone...” Chris was saying softly. “Let him cry.”

“It’s okay Tom”. Grandma said to my dad. “He needs it. Let him… “

I was hushed now but Chris’ bear hug is not. We stand like this for some minutes and he lifted me to his body. He carried me to my room and put me one the bed. He sat beside me but didn’t speak. He was silent and sighed sadly. I shut my eyes and pretended sleep. I felt his lips on my forehead and he left me there alone.

Next day in school I was silent. I saw John was looking me. He had doubts in eyes as he looked me. We ate lunch silently. I completed early and washed hands. I excused John and walked to our class room. It was empty. I sat on my seat and leaned my head on the desk. I was looking blankly through the window.

John came and sits beside me. He put his hand on my shoulder.

“Are you feeling not well?”

“No, my head is aching.” I lied. He nodded and patted my shoulder softly.

“I have the notes completed for you.” He said.

I raised my head and said thanks. I looked him and said, you are a good friend, John”

We smiled. I asked him, “What project are you doing with Chris?”

I saw his face blooming and he said excitedly, “oh…it. It is for the science exhibition.”

“But exhibition is coming on October. You have a lot of time.” I said.

“I know. But I want to ready for then.” John is heating, “I said Chris about this project one day and he said he would help me. It is he who said that I start now and don’t wait for October. Time will not wait for us so don’t waste it.”

I was too late for learn that. I thought and asked, “How did you know Chris?”

“I was there Saturday to meet you. Your house was locked and I was coming back Chris is in his yard. I called him and asked about you. He told me about your Grandpa and you would be back after one week and asked who am I. I said Josh is my friend and we are in the same year. The aunt came out and invited me in. She asked about my family. As we were talking I said about the project and Chris said he can help me. He asked me to come when I was free so I agreed. We got very well so now we are best friends.”

He was talking this without breathing and I decided there is more than that. So, I waited.

“He is handsome. You know…” suddenly he laughed. “He tells me you are a kid and I told him you are fourteen and no more a kid”

“Thanks for that information” I said.

“Ah... we were in the harbor one day. I told him about our woods and want to see it. So one day we went to the woods and he liked it.”

My heart sank. He was heating more about Chris and him but I wasn’t listening. I was seeing Chris and John in the woods. John bending in front of Chris and both were naked. Chris was standing John’s back and moving to and fro. I closed my eyes but the scene remained.

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