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love or something like it



Monsoon is in its full force. Rain is pouring now from the sky. The fishermen and the people who were in the low place were staying the school of our town because of the rain and flood. Schools remain closed when the condition will be stable.

The members of our church doing the charity work in the village. They paired themselves in group. They will go nine in the morning and will back after six. Mom and Emily with grandma and Jess Aunt were in one group. So I was lone the house with Mina from morning to evening. I got bored of this. I haven’t any work to do instead staring at the rain. John and Daniel went to Daniel’s uncle so I can’t go there. It was only Chris available but I avoided him. Whenever I remembered Chris I had felt a pain in my heart. My requited love!

Sunday after lunch at twelve I said Mina I am going out. She didn’t ask me where. So I said I am going to Grandma’s. I forget she and aunt is not there because of my boredom. She nodded. I closed the door and open my umbrella. I ran to Chris’. My legs are wet and I am shivering because of the cold water. I pushed the door and it opened. It was not locked. I put the umbrella in the veranda and get in. I closed the door. Chris was sitting in the sofa reading a magazine. He looked me a second then bend his head in to the magazine.

I neared him and sat the opposite couch. He was wearing only a pair of tight light grey color shorts and bath towel curved forward on his neck. His hair looked he had a bath. His shorts reached barely half of thighs. Curly black hairs are going under the shorts legs. Between his thighs pressed a bulge thrusting forward. I stole my eyes from that and cleared my throat.

He looked me and his eye brows bend upward.

“Your friend will back after six.” He said. Then he looked himself, “Oh, this… I had a shower. I am alone nine to half past six. So I have my freedom.”

He was looking me and put down the magazine beside him. He asked, “Do you want something?”

“No…” I shook my head. I looked what magazine he was reading and turned my eyes to him. He was up from the sofa and was walking slowly to the door. I stirred from the couch.

“I have to go. Say grandma I was here.” I was moving to door and he locked the door from inside. He hanged the key on the hook and turned to me. His eyes had that pain and pleading in them.

“Jo…. We need to talk.” He stopped me.

“There is nothing to talk.” I said and tried to pass him. He grabbed my hands and pulled me to him. He carried me to the couch as I was struggling and pushes me to it. I looked him with wide eyes as he was standing in front of me.

The shorts waist line reaching only below of his abdomen and was skin tight. I can see his dark pubic hairs sticking out side. I saw the huge bulge in his shorts. Out line of his balls and big cock is visible as he is naked. I gulped and stared his face.

“Why are you ignoring me Jo?” he asked me a painful voice. His eyes were wet.

“You don’t know?” I yelled. I was angry. “You don’t know?”

“No.” he shook his head. “What I did?” suddenly his face had a known look in them.

“It’s that what you seen? That is not what you thinking. That day John said he was tired. I said him to take some rest. He lies on the bed and was asleep. I covered him with a blanket. I had nothing to do so I lay beside him. Nothing happened as you think.”

“You are lying.” I said. “We have nothing to speak. I’m going. What you want to speak, speak with John.”

I jumped down the couch. Suddenly he was angry. He got my hand and pulled me to him. He held my hands tightly. It was hurting me.

“You are not going anywhere until everything is clear.” He said as he pulling me with him. He was going towards the stairs. I struggled and start yelling to him.

“Don’t struggle. You will hurt.” He told me. “And don’t yell. Nobody is going to hear you because of the rain.”

“I don’t care.” I informed him, “I want to get hurt. It making me happy.” And I struggled more. He stopped and lifts me from the floor. His right hand grabbed my hands tightly and placed me around his neck. His other hand grasped my ankles tightly. I can’t move.

“You are a devil.” I told him.

“I know.” He agreed. He opened his door and get in carrying me. He shut the door closed with a kick. He put me on his bed and ordered,

“Don’t move.” He crossed the room and locked the door. I lay on my back panting hard because of my yelling and struggling. Then he came to the bed.

“Don’t dare to touch me.” I threatened him.

“Or you will eat me?” his eyes was naughty.

I shut my mouth and start to get up. With a quick move he was on me and pinned me to bed. His body covered mine and my face was pressing to his hairy chest. I can’t move my body and was struggling to breath. I kicked my legs and made some muffled sound. He lifts his chest a little from my face and I take a long breath.

“Why are you doing this Jo.” He asked softly as his hands pressed my to my body and his legs locked mine together.

I was silent. I don’t want to speak. I lay as his body pinning me to bed. Hairs on his legs are tickling my bare legs. His hair is tickling my face and sticking between lips through my mouth. His cock and balls are softly pressing my stomach through the shorts. My body is thrilled and yielding to him.

“I can’t breath.” I told him weakly.

He moved down on me. We are face to face now and he looked into my eyes. His both hands lifted and placed my hands on the pillow and pressed it there. His pelvis is now over mine and forcing down. His big cock and balls softly pressed on mine. His legs is locked my legs between them. He had that mischievous smile.

“Let me go.” I pleaded.

“Say sorry.” He ordered.

“Please, let me go.” I didn’t say sorry. He was not yielding. I looked into his eyes and he looked me. He jerked his face as question.

“I’m sorry.” I said. “Now, let me go.”

“Sorry for what?” Oh boy, He was enjoying this. “I don’t know.” I said.

“Why are you ignoring me these days?” he asked softly.

I felt the soft touch on my little cock and around it’s is now hardening. My little cock is already hardened and crushing under his big dick. I was breathing hard under him because of his weight. Oh boy, he is heavy!

“Because you are with John.” I said between long breaths. “You are going everywhere with him. You go with him to the woods; and….and…you were with him here. ” I cried.

“Oh... my little angel.” He kissed my eyes. “You are jealous. So, you love me?”

I’m not going to answer this. But I said, “You are crushing my body. Let me go.”

“Where am I crushing you?” He was smiling wicked. “Tell me and I let you go.”

Suddenly I was shy. He knows about my little cock crushing under his balls and now hardened cock. It is throbbing now.

He repeated, “Tell me where?” don’t shut your eyes. Look me.”

I opened my eyes and looked. “I can’t tell you.”

“Okay then shows me.” he released my hand.

I move my hand slowly down to our middle and touched. He shook his head.

“Touch there where I crushing?” He told me wickedly. He was rubbing his cheeks on my cheeks. His cheek is rough with two days old beard. They are like thorn!

I stick my fingers between our pelvises. He raises a little and hand is between our hardened cocks and suddenly pressed hard to my hand.

“There..?” He asked softly as he was licking my lips. He move down and bite my chin. He rubbed his nose against my nose. His cock is very hard now an iron rod and hot.

“Pick it.” He was biting my ear softly. His hot breath is tickling my neck. I grabbed his hot hardened cock with my fingers and he sighed. He was breathing long. He moves his mouth to mine and licked over my lips. He takes my lower lip between his teeth and bite softly. He squeezed it with his teeth. I grabbed his hard cock tightly and he sighed.

His tongue thrust into my mouth and searched my pallet. He tasted like some thing very sweet. I felt the wetness over his shorts. That liquid is dropping from his cock to my palm through the cloth. I twisted my fingers and he lifts his pelvis a little. I rubbed his lower abdomen with my fingers. The hairs are very rough on them. He jerked and tongue thrust more into mouth twisting. My finger poked into the waistline of his shorts and moved through his thick hairs. I touched the bottom of his cock and forced it to my palm. It is very huge in my palm and I moved my index finger to the head and touched the top. His cock jerked and oozed the liquid. It is stick like a lubricant.

He released my mouth. We are taking long breaths. He moved his hand down and removed my searching hand. I looked him and he smiled. He lifted his body a little from me and pulled over my T shirt from me. I was trembling a little.

“Scared?” he asked softly. I shook my head and my hand patted his back as if assuring him. He moved his face down to my heaving chest and rubbed his cheek. A shiver ran through my body and my finger grasped his head. He licked my each nipple. He teased it and bite. My hands tried to push him away. He licked down and thrust his tongue to my belly button. I trembled. My stomach bends to him and he put his hand under me and pressed my stomach to his face. His hot breath, touch of his rough cheeks and his nose are tickling me. my hands pressed his head and fingers ran through his hairs madly.

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