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love or something like it



Jo… don’t struggle, they are not fighting….” He whispered. “We can't disturb them now… if we did… was embarrassing for both of us.”

“What..? I asked. “Then what are they doing?”

Chris was staring them and he was musing. I starred to…. As my vision cleared, I saw they are not fighting. John was sitting on Daniel’s pelvis and moving up and down. Daniel was holding John’s hips and both were naked.

“Jo… they are doing it.” Chris whispered.

“How…” I was not sure I asked.

“Really you didn’t want to know...” Chris whispered back.

I starred them. I remembered another scene like this. Luke and Frank….my heart was pounding. I heard Chris breathing deep and long. Chris was pressing his hardened cock on my middle. An unknown fear covered me. I start to shiver.

“Jo... what’s happening?” Chris asked.

“Nothing…” I answered.

“We must go…” Chris said. He carried me on his shoulder without disturbing John and Daniel. He takes me under the tree where we were standing. I looked back and still John is moving. Chris sat on the dry leaves and straightened his legs forward. Then he leaned to the tree trunk and set me on his lap. I leaned to his chest put my hands around him. Chris hugged me.

“Scared..?” he asked.

“It’s okay darling…..” he set his chin on my head. I felt his hard cock under my buttocks and the warmth. He was enjoying what we had seen!

“Jo…. You had seen them before like this…” Chris asked.

“Yes…” I whispered. “Before you came...”

Chris was silent. Rain was heavy but not under the tree. I closed my eyes and pressed my cheek to his chest. His hand tightened around me.

When I opened my eyes Chris was sleeping and we were the same position as before. Our body was cold and numb. Rain was same as before too. I shook Chris. He opened his eyes and smiled. He looked around us and tightened his hands around me.

“We were sleeping….” He said.

“We are late!” I said. “And freezing….”

“Hey Jo…darling…we will have our home in the woods…we would just sit like this and sleep. And there would be rain around us like this… just us and our world.” He was romantic.

“And we would watch John and Daniel doing it in front of us...” I was more romantic.

“No…” he shook his head. “We will...”

“Come on…” I struggled from his hands and stood beside him. I pulled him up and he tried to stand but he can't. His legs were numb. I told him to still there and I sat beside him and then removed his raincoat’s pants and boots. I massaged his legs warm and he patted softly my back. I knew he was swarming with love and I have to take the overflow.

“My little angel….” He whispered sweetly. “I can't live without you.”

“I know…. I never leave you…” I promised.

He bends to me and took my arm to his mouth. Then he bites my arm hard. I didn’t know or felt the pain or say him don’t. He had to give me the love overflowing him and I had to receive. His biting my arm was the only way we had.

We were out from the woods and way to home. We were holding each others hands and were silent.

“We are going to John’s” suddenly Chris declared.

I looked him and my eyes were wide. “Why?”

“Just” he had a playful smile. So, we turned to John’s house.

John opened the door and astonished to see us.

“Come in…” he looked each of us and invited.

We removed our raincoats and hanged it outside. Chris was wearing knee length trouser and I was in my short trouser because of the rain. John’s sister and Daniel was sitting inside and having a talk. We sat opposite of them and John sat beside Daniel. I saw John’s sister searching Chris top to bottom. So, I leant to him and he put his hand around me.

“He is not well…. fevering...” Chris told them because they were looking us.

“He was well when we met early…” John’s sister stated.

“It’s the rain. We were walking this rain a long time and he got the cold.” Chris told her and holds me closer. John and Daniel were looking us and I inspected them for some proof.

“Where were you?” John asked. He was looking at the faint blush visible on my bare thighs. I stand still and ignored I didn’t see his look.

“Just wandering…..” Chris said.

John’s sister went to make some coffee for us. John told us that his parents were out to meet his uncle in town. Chris and Daniel were talking and I heard them saying each other where they spent the day. But Chris saying was our yesterday roving.

“How’s harbor...” Chris asked Daniel and I saw the glance he and John shared.

“It’s wonderful…you know the rain falling and silence…” Daniel said. “We went there before but not in the rain. Today it’s…..marvelous….”

If he knew we were there… I thought.

“But we didn’t like the harbor. Rain or no rain…” I said.

“I too…” Chris agreed with me.

Whole this time I was looking John and Daniel. John saw me and asked I want to rest but I said no. John’s sister was coming with hot coffee. We were with them half an hour and the returned to home. Chris was silent and thinking.

“What do you thinking?” I asked. “Why did we go there?”

“I want to meet them. Specially Daniel. He’s a good guy and loves Daniel very much.” Chris answered.

“Oh….” I said.

“Jo…” Chris called softly. “Were you afraid…?”

“When…?” I didn’t understand.

“When we had seen Daniel and John.” He said.

“I don’t know…. But you was enjoying….” I accused.

“Me…!” he asked. Then said softly, “yes…”

I looked him and searched his face. I had a doubt.

“Chris… you liked it…”

“Hmmm...” He was dreamy.

“You liked it…” I was saying, “You had done it before and you love to do it again.”

“Yeah…” he said. He was angry. “Yes…. I had done it before and love to do it again. I liked it most because it it’s the best. Of course. I love to do it again!” then he stopped.

He looked me doubtfully. We walked silently. Sun was setting but the rain didn’t stop. We were near to our house. He forced me to stop.

“What did I say before..?” He searched my face.

“Chris... It’s okay…” I took his hand in mine and pressed softly. “It’s okay with me. I know how much you love me. So, don’t……”

“Jo, what I said was true….” He interrupted, “but that was not from love. It’s was only physical leisure. I didn’t love anyone before I had sex with and will, except you…”

“Oh… Chris…” I sighed.

Mina was worried because we were late. We told her we were at John’s. Chris went to change. I went to my room and opened the bathroom. I peeled off my cloths and climb under the shower. I start the water and cried until I had no tears. I was shivering from the cold when I stop the water and I dried myself. I dressed myself in my house uniform and went down to wait for my parents call and Chris.

Chris was late for dinner. He said he was called aunt and grandma then Harry. He was happy and I was happy too. Mom called about nine. She said she is sorry to late because they were at the memorial service held for the old man. Dad was with the guests and can't come and she had to go them and she will call me day after tomorrow because of the funeral next day. I said fine and she gave the receiver to Emily. She didn’t talk much because she was crying. So, I said good night and cut the line.

After dinner we spent sometime with mina and then went to Chris’.

We were lying in each other’s arm after doing it. Rain was making up for the day and was heavier with thunder and lightning. Weather was cold. We were whispering to each other then suddenly I asked….

“How did they do it..?”

“What…?” Chris asked blankly.

“John and Daniel…in the woods.” I said.

“You never forget anything...” Chris was pointing the fact.

“No… I want to know…” I told him.

“I’m not going to tell you.” Chris was obstinate.

“Okay… don’t tell. I will ask John.” I said and was starting to slip his arms. He tightens the hold.

“No… don’t ask…” Chris said quickly. “It would be embarrassing for him.”

“Then you tell me…” I forced.

“No…” he shut his mouth firm but didn’t released me from him. I struggled from his hold and slip down to the bed. I turned my back to him. For the answer he put his hands under his head and starred the ceiling. We were silent for some time.

Some minutes passed and I turned to him and called softly, “Chris…?”

He continued his starring the ceiling and didn’t answer me. So, I raised my hand and put it over his hairy chest and ran my fingers through the hair.

“No way…” he wasn’t yielding.

“But you are enjoying what we saw….” I said. My finger moved to his neck.

“Yeah…” Chris whispered. … “I liked because I know what it is…”

“You have done it before…” I ran my finger over his lips...

“Hmmm…” I ran my finger from lips to his chest.

“How was it..?” I asked. “Was it good…? My hand moved to his stomach.

“The best…” he whispered as I ran my finger over his hair flat stomach.

“But... Chris... you was saying that you have the best when we are doing it. Are you lying to me then?” I got him a difficult position.

“No…. I’m not lying to you then and now. Oh… Jo... you didn’t understand. Chris sighed. I moved my hand down and his stomach jerked. His hand pressed mine and he stopped the movement.

“Jo…I’m not doing that with you…” now he was angry.

My fingers were free and they teased his dark pubic hairs.

“You said it’s the best. I want it’s me who give you the best. Not anyone other of your physical leisure.” I was willful.

“Oh…Jo...” Chris turned to me and holds me tight to him. We were facing each other.

“Jo... my sweet...” he said soothingly, “you didn’t understand. It’s not like you think. We can't do it”

“But I love you… Chris...” I whispered back. “You have done it before and you are willing…” my words cut short because he pressed me to him and his lips covered my mouth. I can't breathe.

He released my mouth some moment later and there was pain on his face.

“It’s not that. I love you too Jo… you know that. So, I can't do it with you. You are only fourteen Jo... you are a child. Your body is fragile…I will hurt you more than you think….” He said soothingly.

“I get hurt by you before...” I remembered him. “And I loved it. Then why did you remember my body is fragile?”

A shiver ran through his body as I struck him with a lance. He forced me more to him.

“Oh…Chris…” I patted his back softly. “I didn’t think... sorry...”

“No… we can't do that.” Chris was firm.

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