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love or something like it



Well……….. Here I am. Feeling alone and sad.

My name is Josheen. I am twenty-four years old. Single. Living in a small town and working with a small manufacturing firm. My parents were dead now. I have my sister and she is married now and settled in U.K and doing well. I am good terms with them and I am the youngest person in our family. My body is average built and not athletic. And I am a shy person too. This is all about me. Now, I am telling you about something happened in my too short life. And I am living the memories of that…………….

It happened about ten years before…………………………

Then I was fourteen years old and living in a small state called Kerala in India. Oh…. I am sorry to say that am an Indian. I am an Anglo Indian living with my family where our small community lived. None other than our community lived there. My father was running a small business. I was studying the school which was running by our community church. I look like my Anglican side of ancestors.

My mother was a teacher where I was studying. My sister was doing the college. I don’t like the games which wants hard work with my body. I like chess and I am in the artistic side. When there was a drama playing in school; I always get a part. My mother like my artistic side and always encouraged me.

Ok. Now to my story…………..

In my neighborhood, there a house was empty more than I ever remember. It was the Taylor’s. They are left India and settled in Canada. They left before I was born and never came back. There was a rumor spread in the children that the house is haunted.

One day I was walking to my house from after school……….. I came near this particular house. I saw there a mini truck parked. I approach nearer the house and saw that the gate was open and some people are doing the cleaning work on the yard and in the house.

I walked fast……….. I never asked or stay near strangers because I am shy of them……

I pressed my finger on the bell switch and heard the musical chime…

“Oh……. You are early today…………!” It was our servant Mina. She is from other side of the village and not from our community.

My father will be home after 8 pm and mother will be late because there is a meeting in the school. Sister will be home after 5 pm. So I am the whole owner of the house for some time.

“Yeah……” I said and go to my room upstairs and drop the bag on table. Then changed into a half trouser and T shirt. I looked into the mirror on my cupboard door. Nothing is exciting there. Same blue eyes staring to me. pale white skin. Brown hair. I checked the space between my nose and lip. No changes. The hairs didn’t come. Some of my friends have a pale black line appearing there.

And there is a little bulge where my trousers zipper is closed. I blushed and remember what my friend John said. He said that our testicles are lowered now and will be hairs growing there………. I checked today morning when I am bathing. But no hairs there ……….. Some little small pale brown hairs which is too short… when I said about this to John he said that perhaps I would wait for one or two month. No problem there. I am only starting my fourteen… I will wait.

And …………... “Josh” it’s Mina.

“Coming……….” I said. One last look of me in the mirror turned down to the kitchen.

“What’s going on there that empty house…?” I asked as taking some biscuits and eating them.

“They are cleaning and airing the house. The Taylors are coming to stay there.”

“Oh…….” I said as thinking about the immediate neighbor we are going to have and if I will make some friends if there is some boy near my age.

“Jessica, her elder son and his grandmother is coming. David and their younger children are not coming”. She informed me.

“I am going outside.” I told her and left the house for the Taylors’ house. I look some time for their work and returned. Mother and my sister Emily is there.

“Where were you Josh?” my mother asked.

“Taylors’ house” I replied.

“Yes”. Mother said. “Now they are coming after sixteen years but only Jessica, Mary and Chris is coming.”

“Who is Mary”? “David’s mother.” Mom wants to say something more but changed her mind. I excused them and went to my room. I opened my school bag and start to do some home work.

Someone knocked my door later and opened it.

“Josh, do you remember Jess aunty?” It was my sister.

“No, because I didn’t born when they were here”. I replied.

“Yeah, I forget. She was good. Grandma too. But Chris was a naughty child then. Very fat too…. He is one year older than me. We didn’t get well.”

So Chris is twenty now. I see in my mind a very big balloon having to burst and that is Chris. No hope for friends. He is a grown boy.

I said,” both of you can make up now” and we both giggled.

Mother called then us for dinner. It was 8.30 then. Father came and Mina gone. Dad, mom and Emily were speaking about Taylors’. They are very excited. Now I have complete information about them. David uncle and the younger girls are not coming but aunty, grandma and Chris is, because Chris wants to do some research in our community here. At least two years they would be here. They will be coming tomorrow after noon.

After watching TV sometime I said goodnight and go to sleep. In my room I locked the door and start to undress. I am not shy on my own but in front of others. Removing T shirt and trousers I stand in my underwear and looking the image on mirror. I am not fat. An average fourteen years body. About five foot two inch. Not that bad. I look into my body, hairless, smooth and I peel off my underwear. John is right. May balls are lowered. My cock is semi hard now. I touch my cock and slowly pressed it. A tingle ran through my body. It was hardening. I pressed my foreskin back and saw some white thing on the head of my cock. I took my underwear and cleaned it. My cock was hard now. My breath was faster and I start to move my foreskin back and forth. I feel an unbearable pleasure doing that. Now I was panting and suddenly I can’t do the movement. My body was shivering and my cock was jerking now. I was feeling to piss but something was out from my cock. Shit. I think I pissed in front of the mirror. I didn’t see urine but saw two or three semi white drops. I touch it with my finger and know it was my semen coming first time from my cock. I feel very proud.

I lay on my bed thinking about me. Now it’s a wonderful thing. I didn’t have any pubic hairs but I start to produce semen. Slowly I fell into sleep.

I walk to home from school slowly.

I completely forget about the Taylors’ so when I reached near our house and saw some people unloading; I wondered what happening. Then I remembered the Taylors. I ran to my house and pressed the door bell urgently. Mina opened.

I ran the stairs up to my room and throw the bag on the table. Hurriedly I peel of my cloths and changed into my routine half trouser and T shirt. And ran down to the door out side.

“Hey Josh, have something” Mina called.

“Later”………. I yelled to her. I want to see my neighbors I never see but everyone else in our house had.

Unloading is complete now and they are taking the goods into the house. I saw two or three workers from the transport company and one giving instructions to them. One old woman, obviously grandma Mary and Aunt Jess is standing the steps to the house.

No fat Chris.

I approach to the women shyly.

“Good evening …………umm..Aunty!”

“Good evening.. Who…” she turned to me and stopped. “Oh, you are Maggie’s son. I know because you are a carbon copy of her. Only you are a boy. Where is Emily? And your mom and dad”?

“Emily is studying in college and will come after five o’clock. Mom will be soon and dad after eight.” I replied shyly.

You are a very beautiful boy.” Said Grandma Mary.

I thank her and starting to ask where is Chris then some called.

“Hey kid, will you please come here?” I turned to the one who are instructing the workers.

“Can you take this to the house?” He asked when I reached near him. He handed me two small bags and take two big bags for him and start to walk. I followed him to the house. We entered the house and he placed the bags near sofa and said do me so. When I did he pointed his had to me and said,

“I am Chris…..”

My mouth fell open and I stared him. So….. This is the fat ugly Chris!

He looks at my face and frowned. What a stupid am I! I shut my mouth suddenly and shyly took his hand. “Josh” I said.

He smiled and said, “So they told me about you...” “You are looking for Fat Chris”.

Suddenly I blushed and said. “I have to go………. Mother is home now”.

“Ok, see you later”. I start to walk and on the way said bye to the ladies. I am thinking about Chris. He is very good looking. Clean shaved and wearing jeans and T shirt. His body is athletic because I saw his muscled biceps. His hair is black and his color is olive like a Latino. Brown eyes have some naughtiness in them. I thought he is about six feet four inch tall. Vow, in his twenties he is a grown man to me. He is very handsome.

So, I thought sadly, if he is my age we will be friends. But no hope now.

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