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love or something like it



Chris raised himself a little and straightens his hard thick cock over my pelvis to stomach. His cock was hot and oozing pre cum over my stomach. My little cock was pressed between our thighs. He looked and whispered to me to turn my head left side. So he wouldn’t hurt my wound. As I did he placed his hands under my buttocks and middle. He was taking his weight on his hands. He moved slowly to and fro over me and trying hard not to press his chest on my head. It is very difficult to him and whispered is he is hurting me. As an answer I slithered my hands to his middle and pushed him to me.

His motion was slow and he breathes through his mouth. It wasn’t for two minutes before I leaked my two or three drops semen. As I leaked I forced him to me and he smiled weakly. I was sticking to him to make his motions easy. Chris was taking care not to touch my injured head as he moved slowly over me. I have to make it easier for him; so, I push his middle down to me and bend upward to stick him. He is panting a little as he is moving slowly. I turned my face to him and saw he is looking me. We smiled shyly and I shut my eyes. He whispered, “no… my love… open…your … eyes….we ….do…it…. looking …. Each… other…. Dear….” I opened my eyes and looked him. We both were shy……

“Jo….. I…..” he was shy and taking deep breathes.

“Hmmm…” I said. His hand pressed me to him and his motions became a little fast. He was panting and shies as we looked each other. Sweat drops was on his face and his motion became too fast. I pushed him down more and more to me. His legs tighten their grip on my legs and his thick cock is jerking. Hot semen jerked from his cock to over my stomach and is slipping as he moved slowly. We were still looking each other and he was shying more and more as his cock jerked more semen. He was panting and moaning my name. I moved my hands slowly over his back patting. I pressed my palms softly over his back and pushed him down to me and hugged. He was breathing hard as he rested over me and whispering…

“I’m sorry my dear….. It is my fault…. You are ill…. But … I can’t….”

I know what he was going to say. So, I pressed my hand over his mouth and said….

“No… it’s me… not leave me… Apollo…”

He laughed faintly and our hands was tight around us it’s own. His cock was beginning to soft. We were laying still and hugging each other. I know how difficult it was for him as he is taking care not to hurt me because I was being ill. I know he hadn’t the satisfaction with one time. He was not going to do it again now because he loves me and I’m more important to him than his pleasure. I have to do something more. I thought. I have to give him more pleasure. I know what to do. After all I watched Luke and Frank five nights continuously and have John and Daniel’s sex details. I know what I can do now.

I slowly massaged him and slither my hands both side of him to his hips. Chris was tickling. His cock was semi harden now and slipped aside to right between us. My fingers touched his cocks head sticky with semen. His foreskin moved a little downwards. I touched the head with my right index finger and a moan escaped from Chris. I moved the index finger around the head and pushed the finger tip into his piss hole. A deep moan escaped him and he jerked.

“Oh….. Jo…. Dear…don’t … do…it….” he said faintly. His voice was a whisper. So, I do it again and he moaned and jerked more and more. His hand around me loosed a little. He was moaning and breathing long. This is the time I waited for! I slither downward under him before he had the knowledge or tighten his hands. As slipping downward under him I thrust my tongue out and licked him. I licked down to his stomach as his body is throbbing. I never leave my finger and continued twisting the fingertip into his piss hole.

I moved my hand over his hairy chest as I licked and forced him to his back. He lay on his back and I saw his lower abdomen is sodden with semen and hairs are plastered to flat. I moved on top of him and with my legs forced apart his thighs a little wide. He raised him feebly to his elbow to look what I was doing and curved his eye brows. He was breathing fast and was shy. I smiled sweetly to him….

“Shhhhh…….. Just relax….” I hissed. He smiled shyly and slowly lay down to the pillow. I lowered between his thighs facing to his stomach. I take a deep breath and my hands moved softly over his chest through the thick curly hairs. Hairs on his thighs is touching and tickling me. Chris sighed hard. I licked over his stomach and his breaths deepened.

I slipped down as I licked him and I thrust my tongue into his belly button and twisted. He jerked upward and his hands gripped the bed sheet and twisted it. His thighs tightened on me. He is shaking a little. His thick and long cock hardening under my soft chest and was warm. I licked down to his abdomen and licked the semen as my hands massaged his hairy chest.

Chris was taking deep breaths and was moaning “no…. baby… no… oh dear…”as I licked hard. He was gripping the bed tightly and his stomach is jerking. His thighs tighten it grip. I was down to his thick dark hairs as massaging his soaked abdomen. His long and thick hard cock is pointing to my chin and was poking me as he jerked. I inhaled the lotus smell into my nostrils. Chris was twisting on the bed and panting hardly. I grab hardened thick cock and it is hot and like an iron rod. Pre cum dripped down to my fingers and the cock throbbed inside of my palm.

Chris raised his head slowly and his elbows pressed on the bed. He is breathing deep and his chest is heaving a little.

“No… don’t ….baby...” he said weakly through the breath…. “Don’t …do…it… you…. are….too…..weak….” I ignored him and was licking pre cum dripping hot rod like cock from bottom to top. I pushed his foreskin down and licked the hot and red head of his hardened cock. His moaning was too high and he fell down to the pillow. He was taking deep breaths and his chest was heaving. His thighs gripped me like a claw and his hands tried to push me away from his cock. His cock hardened more and more pre cum oozed from the piss hole to my tongue. He was too weak to moan as I thrust my tongue deep into his piss hole and he only panted hard as a racing horse.

I gulped and slip down to his thighs. I forced his thighs to loose its grip on me and opened it a wide. I massage his hairy balls and licked his hairy thighs then bite his inner thigh. That lotus smell is coming to nostrils is too strong and I inhaled it.

As I licked under his balls he moaned hard my name and his body was shaking a little. His hands were trying to push me away. I pushed apart his thighs to wide open. His cock is thrusting straight to ceiling like a lance and jerked. Pre cum was oozing and the lotus smell was strong. I take his hairy balls into my mouth and sucked. It was hot and the balls inside moved in mouth. He is twisting and moaning weakly. His breaths became hard and long. My hands were moving crazily between his thick pubic hairs.

“Don’t… do…it…baby…” Chris was saying weakly between his panting. “You…will…hurt…the…wound…dear…oh…don’t…my…love…please… I …love…you…Jo.... please…don’t…do…oooh…”

I completely ignored him. Chris hands were weakly trying to pull me over to his chest. I pushed it away and take the pre cum oozing head of his cock into my mouth and thrust my tongue into the piss hole and twisted. I slip my right hand under me to his balls to down to the little bulging place between his thighs and my fingers massaged there hard. As I massaged his hardened cock became more and more hard and his body muscles tightened. Against his intentions Chris push upward his pelvis and his cock thrust into my mouth to my throat. Chris moaned a long and weak ‘ohhh………no……. my ….baby…”

I ignored the urge to vomit as his big hard cock filling my mouth full and into the throat. As I massaged under the area of Chris balls his cock hardened more and oozed more pre cum into my throat. His hands were trying madly to pull my head away from his pelvis and his cock. Against his wish Chris was thrusting his cock more and more into my mouth. I felt his hard cock entering deeper into my throat. My left hand massaged hardly his lower abdomen and his pelvis as my right hand continued massaging under his balls.

Chris was pushing his fingers down into the bed and was grip hard. His mouth was open and taking long breath through the mouth. He was beginning to sweat and his thighs closed tight on me. I felt my would begin to hurt as blood rushed into my head. My temples and cheeks were throbbing. I ignored the pain and was paying my attention to what I was doing. Chris’ hard cock is like hot steel rod now. It was hardening more as my fingers forced the massage under his balls. As Chris thrust his big cock more deep into my throat; my lips pressed hard into his thick hairs and the lotus smell I inhaled was like a drug to me forget my pain. Chris was sweating whole his body and his thighs crushed me between them. Yes, this is what I want to give him!

Sweat on his thighs dripped on me and I was soaked. I was sweating too. Chris is panting very hard and his breathing through his mouth is long and noisy. I didn’t stop my massage and Chris didn’t stop his thrusting. His pubic hair was sodden with sweat. Sweat was dripping from his abdomen to my lips. He is sweating like a spell of rain. It’s been a long time Chris thrusting and massaging was started. Suddenly he released his grip on the bed and both hands began patting my head as they were crazy. His fingers ran through my hair as if searching something.

I was weak because of being ill. But I didn’t stop want I was doing. Chris hands were still on my head a moment and then forced me down to bottom of his cock. He was thrusting his long big cock deeper and deeper into my throat. My lips crushed on his dark hairs and the lotus smell drugged me more. My left hand was soothing his jerking abdomen with massaging. My right hand forced more pressure to its massage under his balls. His long cock gets deeper into my throat as he was forcing my mouth on his cock and the thrusting of his pelvis.

I felt the pulsing of his cock in my mouth and the jerking. I pressed my mouth into his soaking pubic hairs. Chris’ thrusting became faster and his whole body is jerking. He was sweating more and more and crushing me between his thighs. He was too weak to make a sound and panted very hard. I felt something hot going down into my throat as his cock is pulsing and jerking in mouth. He thrust with full force and I think half of his got into my throat and jerked to its wall. He was melting to my inside. My lips crushed on his pelvis and my teeth sank into my lips. Then his thrust began slowly and his hands on head loosened. He is noisily taking his breath through his mouth.

He was breathing deeper and then one more time he thrust his huge cock deeper into my throat and lay still and panted hard. His chest was heaving as if to burst. I pulled my mouth up and then pushed down over his cock and twisted my tongue over the cock’s head and in his piss hole. As I did his cock jerked and oozed the semen into my mouth. I was massaging under his balls slowly. His hands left me and fell on the bed and his legs lost the grip and spread it wide open. He was panting as he just completed a thousand miles race.

His cock was semi hard in my mouth and I released it. My jaw is aching and I thought it is going rip apart. My cheeks and temples are throbbing hot and I tasted blood in my mouth. My wound is pulsing and giving me pain. I was soaked with sweat. My body is aching where Chris crushed me with his thighs. But I was satisfied because I give him the pleasure. I lift my head to look Chris but collapsed on his pelvis. My fingers were trying weakly to grab him. Chris was too weak to do something. His chest is heaving like to burst as he is panting and taking deep breath through his mouth. He sweated like he is just climbed from the lake. We were exhausted. Outside the rain was not stopped but was heavier now.

We lay exhausted for a long time to calm ourselves. Then his hands rose weakly from the bed and pulled me over him to his face. He set his lips to my cheek and pressed them hard as his hands closed around me. Our sweat mingled and dripped down to the bed. Our breaths became normal but we are weak. He patted me softly. He reached for the water bottle and grabbed it. Pushing his head to cross bar he picked the pillow and set it under his head. We are half sitting and half lying on the bed now. I push me down to his chest and set my cheek against his heart. Chris opened the bottle and drinks half of the water. Then he pressed the bottle to my mouth. I hold it with one hand and emptied it. He closed it and put it back on the table. He was patting my cheek softly.

I raised my face to look him and saw he was looking me. Our eyes met and we are shy and look away. Chris touched my wound softly and I winced. It was stopped the pulsing but not the pain. He showed his finger to me and there was blood on his finger. I sighed. Chris lowered down to the bed with me top of him. His one hand hold me close to him and the other hand set the pillow under his head then close around me.

“We are exhausted….” Chris whispered.

“Hmmm……” I replied. Then we were silent.

He raised his right hand to my jaw and massaged the joints with his thumb and index finger. He was easing the aching jaw.

“Ache…” he whispered again and I replied with an “hmmm…..” and we are silent again.

“I was too hard……sorry….” Chris said.

“No….’ I replied.

“I dint want to…” Chris said softly. “…but I hadn’t the control over me. My body was doing…” he stopped and was shy... “That it’s own. I want to stop but can’t…….’

“I know…” I said.

“What….” He asked softly.

“You can’t stop me or your body…” I whispered

“It’s just……” he stopped shyly. “……fantastic…” I completed for him.

“No…. Unique….” He said dreamily. “I never had like this before. I was flowing between clouds.” He was shy again. “But with you each one is unique.” His hands tightened around me and my fingers were running through his hairs.

“You are so soft… like a feather….. Fluffy… He kissed top of my head. We were silent again.

“Why did you do this….Jo...?” Chris was whispering again.

“I want to give you more hmmm….. Pleasure” I purred. “I knew I have to………hmmm…..have…. I was shy and hide my face on his hairy chest. He understood and patted me softly.

“I love you …Chris...” I kissed the hairs.

“Say it again… darling” Chris murmured. “I love you ...” I was murmuring too.

“I hurt you again.” Chris voice was responsible. He felt my gulping as I laying over him. I have tasted blood in my mouth and my throat felt sore.

“I….hmmm thrust… hard to your throat.” He was shy to speak open. “Sorry dear... I have a long…” he can’t complete because I know he is shy.

“I love it.” I said and softly ran my fingers over his cock. It was soft and shrinks. His cock was tired.

“Oh… my…” he pressed me to him and rest his lips on top of my head. We listen the music of rain in each holding each other.

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