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life at a private school

Chapter Twenty Three

We stood there kissing and hugging for only a few minutes but in the short space of time we had half a dozen cat calls and whistles from people walking by, and we even got proposition by a guy walking by. He asked us if we wanted to go back to his place for a threesome. Our faces must have shown that we were shocked because the group almost died laughing, until Dan started hiccupping and couldnít stop.

He hiccupped all the way into the Californian and to a table that was already crowded with nearly ten people. Usually I was very shy around new people but this group of mainly guys with two girls made us feel really welcome. Dan and Nick introduced us to everyone, and I tried my best to remember all their names, but my mind was pretty sizzled by the beer we had already drunk and the names just flew round my head like a kite.

We sat down with the rest of the group and tried to pay attention but it was pretty difficult as both Tim and I were more interested in kissing and touching each other than engaging people in conversation. Nick turned to us an in mock disgust asked if we ever stopped touching each other. We all had a good laugh at that and one of the girls, I think her name was Nancyasked us how we met.

Tim and I started to tell her with him filling in one part and me completing the half of the sentence. She giggled in amusement sucking on a lollipop and asking nonsensical questions. At first I thought she must have been drunk like the rest of us but I saw Dan motioning with his hands that she had taken something.

Never having been exposed to any form of drug taking before I was quite shocked and at once moved away. Dan laughed at my reaction and Tim dug is hand into my leg just a little bit further.

We sat there for ages, trying to keep up with the conversation, but everything seemed to be happening so fast and all the jokes seemed to be specific to this group. I chatted with another guy at the table Petey, for a while and found out that he had left school at sixteen and now lived with three of the other people at the table nearby in a two bedroom unit. I was pretty much bewildered at this, never ever considering leaving school until I had done my final exams. But they all seemed like nice people so I didnít really think about it all that much.

Nick and Dan were deep in conversation with a friend of theirs who had just turned up and I had time to look around at this place we were in. The thing that struck me the most was the whole openness of the gay thing. Everywhere we looked guys were either kissing, holding hands or just exuding a gayness. To me at that moment it was both comforting, but also a little bit scary as well.

We must have stayed there chatting with the group for over an hour, all the while Tim and I were snuggling up closer and closer to each other. Tim was gently kissing my neck and I could feel myself getting very turned on by the soft touches of his lips on my naked skin. But being in the middle of a public restaurant I felt very embarrassed to be getting a hard on. Tim must have realized my predicament and started nibbling and blowing on my ear, always a sure fire way of getting me super horny!

I felt is hand snake down to my crotch were he gently massaged the head of my cock through the jeans I was wearing making my balls ache in a need to explode. But instead of getting relief I was being teased and could do nothing.

One of the new guys started suggesting that we head off to the Flinders which I quickly learnt was a small dance club around the corner. Tim and I just looked at each other and shrugged our shoulders deciding that it would be cool whatever we did. Getting up however was very embarrassing as my hard on was very visible, as was the wet patch that had grown under Timís experienced teasing.

I was in for more eye candy and open displays of gay guys as we walked to the club, and made damn sure that I had Timís hand in mine all the way. Not just for a feeling of security, but also because I was scared that he may start following some of the very attractive young guys that were around. Every time a really cute guy would walk by both Tim and I would almost stop and stare, but would squeeze each others hand and tell each other that they were cuter than that.

The Flinders was a totally alien experience for the both of us, although all the group seemed to know it really well and we all just walked inside without anyone asking to see ID, which was a huge relief to the both of us. The place was dark and the music was so loud that it felt a bit like entering a cave, but the site of lots of gorgeous young guys with their shirts off dancing to the beat was intoxicating and we pressed through the sea of flesh following Nick, Dan and the others.

Pretty soon we were in the thick of the crowd madly rubbing ourselves against each others bodies. Nick and Dan had quickly taken their tops off and for a moment I had a feeling of lust for them as I saw their toned and very muscley bodies. I wondered to myself what it would be like to sleep with them and be in the middle of a three way or even a four way, but quickly reminded myself that I had a very sexy and special boyfriend and I shouldnít be thinking such things.

I had my hands up inside Timís T shirt and was using every trick I knew how to get him aroused by alternately grazing and pinching his nipples. I knew I must have been doing something right because I could feel his hard cock rubbing insistently against my leg. My own cock had hardly gone done at all since Tim had first stared playing with my leg in the cafť over an hour and a half before and I knew that if I didnít get relief soon I was going to damn well explode.

I had hardly noticed all night that my shoulder was sore and the whole mess at school was so far out of my mind that I felt the best I had ever felt. Tim and I had maneuvered ourselves into a corner of the club and were very pre occupied with kissing and rubbing our bodies against each other that it was a total shock when I felt another body rubbing against my back. At first I thought it was Dan or Nick but when I looked around it was a really hot guy wearing only a pair of jeans, showing off his very defined and smooth chest.

I was totally shocked at the forwardness of all of this and amore than just a little nervous at this whole situation. The guy looked to be quite a lot older than us, at least 25 and I was already turned on by kissing and rubbing against Tim that I didnít really know what to do.

Tim saw the guy too, and we both looked at each other with a slightly bewildered look on our faces, all the while this guy was rubbing himself up against me. I knew that I didnít want to let this guy take anything too far so I kind of pulled away from him and stopped the body to body contact.

I looked around and the cute guy had taken the hint and started to wander off but he looked back at us to see our reaction, I assume just in case we decided to change our minds. But we were pretty adamant in that respect that we didnít really want anyone else to play around with. I made a mental note that I should talk to Tim about the whole thing of other guys, because even though I loved Tim very much I was also very curious about other guys too. But I felt that my love for Tim was stronger than my desire for anyone else.

I did wonder what was going through Timís mind when the guy started rubbing against us, because I could see the sexy smirk on Timís face as he looked at the guyís hot body.

It was too loud to talk about it all then and I was far more interested in wrapping as much of my body around Tim than really looking at all the cute guys in the club.

After a what seemed like hours of kissing Tim, I felt a hand on my shoulder and a short burst of pain went through my arm. I quickly turned around and it was Nick suggesting that we should probably call it a night and get on home. The pain in my shoulder brought me back down to earth a bit and reminded me that this was just an escape from the reality which I would have to face of school and my father.

On the drive back to Timís place I fell asleep in the car and dreamed of faceless people chasing me through the school and I woke with a huge jump when Tim gently shook me awake. Getting undressed together we decided that even though we were as horny as hell, and both our cocks were hard we needed sleep and would deal with each other in the morning.

We climbed into bed together, wrapping my arms around Timís perfect body and whispered I love you before falling into a restless sleep.

I knew I dreamed during the night but I couldnít quite remember what it was I was dreaming about as I woke up in a haze of pleasure. My mind and my body were not quite connected yet and it took me a few moments to realize that I was getting a very expert blowjob under the covers. I devilishly threw the covers off me to find Timís very sexy mouth wrapped around my hard cock which I couldnít even remember whether it had gone down at all the night before.

My body needed relief badly as I felt the rough edge of Timís tongue on the underside of my head and I shuddered and moaned as the sensations overtook my mind. My skin erupted in goose bumps and I felt like my brain was swimming in a pool of warm liquid. Finally my sexual instinct took a hold of me and I exploded into Timís mouth. Tim sped up his oral assault and my body seized in ecstasy as the only thing on the planet was my cock and his mouth.

After finishing one of the best orgasms I have ever had in my life I lay their panting as Tim moved up my body with his tongue leaving a trail of slippery saliva past my belly button, each nipple was gently nipped and onto my mouth where I greedily sucked his warm tongue into my mouth.

We kissed passionately for a few minutes, my cock which had not gone soft after my orgasm was rubbing against his balls and ass, leaving a trail of pre cum all around his crotch. Our writhing bodies were starting to get a light sheen of sweat on them and this made the contact of flesh even more sensual. Our hands were sliding over backs, stomachs, legs and chests inflaming our passions to an even higher level.

Small moans were coming from deep within Timís body and I could hear myself moaning involuntarily, but could not realize that the sounds were my own as well.

The heat from Timís body was turning me one beyond what I had felt before and I wanted to crawl right into Timís body as far as I could and make us one together. Tim had arranged himself so he was now totally on top of me rubbing his ass against my cock and the sensation of the light hairs around his ass against the head of my cock was making me tingle and shudder with every move. Tim broke our kiss for a moment and looked down at me with the most powerfully sexy look I had ever seen on his face and said,

ďTry putting it inside me, I want you so bad.Ē

My eyes nearly bulged out of my head and I felt my own cock spasm in anticipation of what he was asking me to do. We had tried fingers in each others a few times and I knew that the sensation was enough to make explode whenever I felt anything inside of my ass, but I also knew that having a cock inside your ass would definitely hurt the first time.

ďAre you sure?Ē I moaned hoping that he was serious and I could try, it had to be one of the most erotic things that I had ever imagined doing, so personal yet so perfect all at the same time.

ďGod yeah, just use some saliva to help ease it in, please just do it nowĒ he begged in total ecstasy.

Tim reached up and let some saliva spill from his mouth into his hand and reaching back wrapped his slippery hand around my cock. The feeling of his hand on my cock nearly set me off straight away but I tensed my muscles and stopped before I shot again. Using some of my own salvia I reached around for Timís asshole and started a gentle circular motion with one of my fingers around the opening. Tim sat up on top on me and gasped in pleasure at this new sensation and I took this as the green light to try pushing one of my fingers just inside.

The feeling of warmth and tightness was so exquisite that I had to control myself not to just try pushing my finger all the way inside in the first try. We had both been sweating for a while and I watched Timís face get all flushed and his eyes move up in his head. I made small movements with my finger and the redness extended all the way down his face to his neck and the top of his chest. His skin was covered in goose bumps and his nipples were erect as I massaged inside his sensitive ass.

Timís breath was coming in small moans and grunts as he became more and more turned on pushing himself against my finger making it graze against his prostate. The feelings were obviously overwhelming him as they were for me too. His cock was sticking straight up dribbling an endless supply of pre cum onto my stomach. I watched his cock as my finger found the small bump in his ass which I knew was his prostate. Every time I made contact with it his cock would jump up and down and a larger squirt of pre cum would jump out.

I decided to be a bit more adventurous and tried to slip another finger inside of him along with the one that was already causing him so much pleasure. His face screwed up in pain as I tried another finger in and I quickly removed it worried that I was hurting him. But he begged me to try again because it felt so good for him.

Finally after about fifteen minutes of playing with his ass and Tim stroking up and down on my very inflamed cock I decided that he was ready for the real thing. We had both worked each other up into a sexual frenzy as I removed my fingers and aimed my cock at the slippery opening of his ass.

With me lying down on the bed and Tim sitting on top of me I looked up at his powerful body, every muscle seemed to be quivering and spasming making him seem even more like the young sexy god that he was. He told me to let him control the movement, which I was more than willing to give him, for fear of hurting him and also for fear of exploding too soon with the over stimulation of my body.

Tim grabbed my cock and started rubbing it all around his ass hole, the slight scratchiness of each hair made me shudder as more of my mind and body dissolved into a quivery sexual haze.

My mind was still kind of not there when I realized that I didnít have a condom on and I asked him if he had a condom. He replied that since we were both virgins and had never done anything with anyone else that we were fine.

Finally after a few false starts at my cock finding his asshole, I felt a hot warm sponginess at the head of my cock. Tim gasped in pain or ecstasy, I couldnít tell and lowered himself just a bit onto my cock. I felt resistance at the head of my cock but I could also just feel a small fluttering of his ass, which I assumed was his sphincter muscle. Although my cock was not huge, it was still sizable and I was scared that it was going to hurt or tear at him so I just lay there and let him take control.

With a very determined look on his face he pushed down and I felt the head of my cock pop through into his ass. I gasped in total bliss and Tim let out a strangled groan and his face screwed up in pain.

ďoh god that hurtsĒ, Tim groaned as he pulled himself back off my cock. It felt great to me though and I didnít want it to stop.

ďDo you want me to stop?Ē hoping that he would say no. I was torn between wanting to slip inside him but not to hurt him.

ďNo, just give me a sec till the stinging stopsĒ he grunted in pain while he massaged his sore ass, to try and lessen the pain he was feeling.

I was wanting to just push my cock up his ass again and feel those amazing feelings, but I didnít want to hurt Tim so I gently moved my hand up and down on my own cock.

After a few minutes we tried again, I managed to get my cock about half way in and Tim tried to push down further. During all of this Timís cock which had started off hard, had gone soft, then semi hard and was now throbbing. I grabbed his cock at the head and just started to gently wank him when his whole body shook and his back arched.

Timís eyes went to the back of his head and all of a sudden it felt like ten hands were gripping my cock all at different times. We were both orgasming together and it was a huge orgasm. Timís cock seemed to throb and then a huge jet of sperm shot out all over my face.

I felt as though my body and soul were all intensely focused in this orgasm and it took me countless minutes after Tim and I had collapsed on each other to catch our breaths.

After we had cleaned ourselves up a little bit and settled back into bed, we lay there holding each other and talking about the night and our foray into anal sex.

Tim tried to explain how it felt when my cock hit what we assumed was his prostate, and how his body just decided to orgasm! That sounded so cool and I told him it was my turn next time to be fucked. I had only got about half of my cock in his ass, and had never really actually ďfuckedĒ, rather we just kind of wiggled it round inside there. I assume that

All this talk about anal sex was making me horny again, I could feel from the hardness of Timís cock that he was in the same condition as me. But looking at the clock told us it was nearly 5amand we both needed some sleep. So we snuggled into each others arms and fell asleep.