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life at a private school

Chapter Nine

Tim only stayed the one night and returned home the next day after school. The week practically flew by, although I did have a good talk to Nick about being gay and about his relationship with Dan. He and Dan had been seeing each other for quite a while now, they had discovered that they were both gay when they ended up drunk in bed together after a party. They spent a lot of time together at school and of course outside school they were almost inseparable. They spent as much time as possible on weekends going away and playing sports, although Nick did admit to me that it was difficult to find time for some fun and they sometimes hid in the drama department at school!

The weekend came and Tim and I could spend some quality time together up the coast.

After school we went back to Tim's place and picked up some things for the weekend, Tim was starting to relax more and more when we were together in public and at school and had even started to have lunch with me. Tim borrowed his father's brand new Mazda Mx5 for the weekend and we intended to drive the entire way up the coast with the top down. We pumped up the stereo with some dance music and roared off towards the freeway with Tim at the wheel. As we passed our school on the highway Tim reached over to me and gave me a quick kiss on the lips. An old woman in the volvo next to us almost swerved off the road when she saw us kiss but we just laughed and continue on our way.

It was getting dark when we arrived at the house and it was certainly getting cold so near to the beach. We shivered when the engine stopped and the heater stopped warming the inside of the open car. I led Tim into the house and took his hand while I took him straight out to the back deck overlooking the beach.

The house was built right on the beach away from other houses so we had total privacy and seclusion from anyone walking by. Tim grabbed me from behind and put his head on my shoulder hugging me looking out at the crashing waves. The night was crystal clear and the moon was shining brightly catching the waves as they broke on the sand. We stayed like that forever slowly swaying to each others rhythm enjoying the closeness and the feeling of each other.

Finally I pulled away and turned around and reached my lips to his and kissed him. I could feel his cock starting to harden against my own cock which was already hard and I chuckled to myself at the thought of what was still to come for the weekend! We were so very horny and excited that we were soon grinding our hips together in a wild sexual dance. I broke my lips away from his and moved down to his crotch where I used my teeth to open the buttons on his 501Levis. I was rewarded with a very hard and rather sticky cock poking me in the cheek, he wasn't wearing any underwear and so I did what comes naturally and I slid his cock in my mouth and gave him a blowjob that made him weak at the knees.

Before he could cum he pulled me up and kissed me passionately and turned his attentions down to my own cock. He went down on me and I closed my eyes as the feelings swept me away. The feeling of Tim's mouth around my cock and the sound of the waves crashing and the wind on the beach got me so close so quickly. I pulled my cock out of Tim's mouth and shot my load all over the timber decking. As I came Tim's cock erupted helped by my hand all over the deck as well.

We stood up and kissed a little bit more and then walked arm in arm into the house. I turned on a few lights and then put on a soft CD of Enya on the stereo. I went through the house lighting a few candles as Tim took a bottle of wine out of the shopping and some snacks for us to eat. Even though it was cold outside we decided to sit outside and watch the World go by.

I took out the cushions for the chair outside and Tim joined me . We curled up underneath a big wooly blanket sipping wine and listening to the sounds of Enya from the house and waves crashing down. For the very first time in my life I felt complete and happy.

I snuggled up closer to Tim and gently took his hand in mine and took a sip from my wine. I could feel his heart beating steadily against my chest and the warmth of his body made me tingle. We sat there for hours just holding each other and talking about life and our future together. I asked him how he felt about people knowing that he was gay and was with me. He sighed and watched the waves and then told me that he was starting to accept the fact that was gay especially when he was with me, but he was frightened by the thought of coming out and telling people. I was frightened to, but I thought that I didn't have to tell people and that I could lead a double life. He laughed when I told him this and asked me whether that meant I would get married. I asked whether he thought about marrying someone even if he was gay. He just shrugged and didn't say anything just stared out at the ocean.

I got the feeling again that Tim was holding things back from me so I went silent for a while holding him close to my body. Tim suddenly squirmed and moved away and looked straight at me and cleared his throat.

Josh, if I ever told my parents I was gay my father would crucify me and never talk to me ever again. He often talks about the poofters he has to work with and he just can't stand them. I can never come out while my father is around.

What about your mother I asked?

Her, I don't think she even knows that I exist, she's always off on some holiday somewhere doing something with some guy. My parents haven't slept under the same roof since I was ten years old.


Yep, when my father knows mum is going to be home he stays in town at an apartment and will only come home when he knows that she isn't around. He always has a new young secretary to look after his needs, hah, I wonder what she gets paid he said bitterly.

I took his face in my hands and gently kissed his lips and stared into his eyes. He seemed to have retreated into a child like state and his beautiful brown eyes were full of tears.

I just don't want be like my parents he cried.

I didn't understand what he meant so I asked him. They had met at school and were high school sweethearts but had drifted apart till now twenty years later they hardly even acknowledge each others existence.

Finally I understood what he meant, if he was with me he thought that we would end up hating each other. I told him that we were different and we would be ok because we loved each other and everything would be ok.

He snuggled into my arms and cried and cried, I just held him in my arms softly stroking him trying to stop myself from crying with him. Soon he started to stop crying and his breathing became heavier as he fell asleep in my arms. His head rested against my chest and I could feel his strong chest moving up and down as he breathed. His face was the picture of perfection in his sleep his mouth was curled up into a smile and every now and then he would make a little sigh in his sleep.

I sat there with Tim in my arms looking out at the night content and happy to be with the boy that I loved. I thought of the last couple of weeks to before I had started to see Tim and then the heartache and horror at being with him and then running away. My life had found a purpose, to be with this boy who was so troubled by his parents relationship. I wondered what the future would have in store for us. How would we get by the rest of the year at school. There was only another 8 weeks of school and exams and then we were free.

I would have to decide what I was going to do at university, and then finally I would be able to escape from the role that my parents expected me to play. I could spread my wings and fly, soaring in to the world of my own. I so desperately wanted Tim to be there with me. I knew that neither of us was ready to come out to the world as being gay, especially not at school. All Tim's friends were so homophobic and they would not stand by him if he did come out.

I wondered how my parents would react, I had a feeling that my mother already suspected something, it was the way that she looked at me. My father on the other hand was a real enigma, I never knew what he felt about anything, sure he loved me and would show me affection but he never let on his true feelings. I was sure my mother would be OK after all she had gay friends when she was younger, but I was still worried.

I kept on thinking and my mind began to slow down and I fell asleep still holding Tim.


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