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life at a private school

Chapter Four

My eyes grew wide as I stood there holding tightly onto the front door staring a Tim's face as tears silently fell from his perfect cheeks onto the front porch. I was totally shocked and the fear and shock must have shown on my face and in my body as it became rigid and heavy as a lead weight.

Tim started to speak and I my mind went blank as I passed out and fell backwards into the house.

As the fog slowly lifted from my mind I could feel something cool and soft across my forehead. I opened my eyes and blinked a few times to clear my head and looked up as Tim slowly caressed my head with a cool washcloth. He tried to crack a smile and croaked, "you really should stop passing out around me, I'm beginning to think you don't like me". He then started to chew his lip the look on his face was one of fear and concern, and it just got me going all over again my eyes filled up with tears and I bit my lower lip hard to stop myself from crying in front of him.

I tried to get up but I was exhausted and I sank back down into my bed. I reached up and took his hand from my face and gently squeezed it. I desperately needed a glass of water so I reached up to my bedside to get the glass that as there, Tim gently picked it up for me and lifted it to my lips. I drank deeply and then reached over for my insulin tablets, with everything that had happened over the last 24 hours and all the alcohol last night I had forgotten to check my blood sugar levels and take my tablets. Even though I was dependent on insulin, I didn't have to have injections, tablets could control my condition. That was when I remembered to actually take them, which was something I usually did, but.....well you know things were all a bit strange.

I took two tablets and then lay back on the bed and closed my eyes, I was just too exhausted to do anything else and my mouth and mind were not working at the same time so I was next to useless.

I must have fallen asleep again because when I became aware of my surroundings, I was on my side with Tim's strong arms wrapped around me in a loose embrace. He was asleep and I could feel the rhythmical movements of his breathing as his warm chest moved up and down against my back . This time my mind wasn't doing somersaults and I relaxed into the warm grip and smiled contentedly. I was in heaven and every part of y body in contact with Tim's body was on fire. I moved my head to look at the time on the clock, it was 5 in the afternoon and I had been asleep for a least three hours.

My movement must have woken Tim up because he started to stir and grip me stretching his sexy body against mine. I turned over to face him and stare into his eyes again for the countless time today. I reached my face up to his and gently touched my lips to his in a lingering kiss. As we kissed I cautiously let my tongue trace the edge of his lips that opened slightly to let me in. His lips parted more and his silky smooth tongue met mine as our kiss became more and more passionate. Our bodies slid together and our painfully hard cocks were pushed to together as our souls seemed to join into one another's.

I slowly let my tongue gently trace down his smooth neck, he was so hot his skin felt like it was searing tongue. Little soft moans escaped from his mouth as I gently nuzzled and licked at the sensitive skin on is neck and shoulder.

As I was caressing his neck with my tongue he gently held me and moaned "please don't go away , stay here with me please don't.........oh god don't stop......I love you Josh".

I stopped nibbling his neck and looked up straight into those eyes that I love so much and finally understood what I was feeling.

"I love you too Tim, I've always loved you...don't worry I'm not going anywhere"

As I moved the sheet out of the way I gently licked down from his neck to his right nipple and gently licked and then sucked it into my mouth. It hardened the instant it was in my mouth and I became more adventurous and used my teeth to bite and suck at it. Tim's hand made its way down to my hard cock trapped in my boxers and gently squeezed. I moaned through my teeth as they bit harder on his nipple and precum started to pour liberally from the tip. Tim used the added lubricant to slide his hand up and down my 8" uncut cock, with every stroke more of my juices spurted from the top.

I reached down and found Tim's hard cock releasing it and grasping its width and length in my sweaty hands. Nothing in my life could have ever prepared me for the feelings of have someone hold my hard dick in their hand and the hard silky smoothness and heat of Tim's perfect cock. I placed my mouth over Tim's mouth and hungrily devoured his tongue and tried to push my tongue in as far as it would go, wanting to be a part of this boy whom I had always loved.

"God stop I don't want to cum yet I want to see you naked I murmured in his ear as I teased to edges of it."

I pulled back the sheets that were covering us and almost ripped off his pants and shirt in my haste to see every inch of my young adonis naked so I could explore every inch of his perfect masculine body.

As I pulled his pants off his perfect smooth chest and six pack flexed and every muscle strained in the urgency of the moment. All the while my mouth was devouring his ferociously as if I were a starving man having my first meal in years. Finally he was lying on my bed totally naked and I looked down at his youthful body with awe and wonder. Every muscle was perfect, not too big and not too small, just perfect from hours of racing around a muddy footy pitch. His legs were covered in with a smattering of light hairs that accented each leg in such a way that I think I was drooling.

I realised that I was not the only one that was drooling and in sexual ecstasy, Tim's eyes were wide with lust as he licked his lips and looked at every part of my body. I could feel his eyes as they followed the seductive curve of my pecs trained from thousands of laps of the school swimming pool. Hi hand reached and pinched my nipples and then followed a tail down to my hairless six pack that was moving spastically with my erratic breathing. He leaned his head and buried his mouth over my belly button, his tongue flicking the outline of my abs driving me wild and making my cock even harder and stickier.

He licked a trails of warm saliva down my stomach until the drooling head of my penis met his lips jabbing his lips and leaving a trail of precum that linked his lips to my cock. He parted his lips and the head of my hard cock was enveloped in the heat of his mouth. I almost came the instant Tim's tongue swirled its head around my cock head. I thrust my cock further in to the depths of his mouth and he almost gagged but continued to suck and lick about half of my cock.

I couldn't hold back any longer as my body started to shake and I stopped breathing and my cock exploded in his mouth. Fireworks went off in my head and all I was aware of was my cock in Tim's mouth. I continued to cum as Tim valiantly tried to swallow as much of my cum as he could, but cum started to flow out the corners of his mouth.

After what seemed like an eternity I stopped cumming and collapsed back against the bed panting for breath covered in sweat. Tim grabbed his cock and with only two strokes started spraying me with his cum. I managed to grab the head of his erupting cock in my mouth as his warm load continued to be pumped from his body.

As he stopped cumming and the spurts turned to dribbles I let his cock fall from my mouth and our lips and mouths joined again in the melding of our souls together.


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