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life at a private school

Chapter Seventeen

It seemed like an eternity had past when the bell finally rang for the end of third period and I was free to go an find Tim in our pre arranged spot. My cock was semi hard the same as it had been ever since this morning talking to Ben and then Tim teasing me at my locker.

I almost set the new land speed record getting out of the class room to my locker and to our hidden music room which we practicing in. I had to slow down a bit or a teacher would stop me and then I would have to wait and explain why I was in such a hurry. I was just simply so horny that my stomach was in knots and my mind couldn't think of anything but seeing Tim and doing things with him.

I reached the music room and paused to get my breath before opening the door and bursting in. Being the model student that Tim was he had everything set up just as if we were going to spend the next period practicing. I could tell from the look in his eyes that there would be practicing going on but not the sort of practicing that usually went on in the music rooms that was almost guaranteed!

I hastily locked the door and for added protection leant a chair against the door so if someone with a key tried to get in they would be hindered and we would have a chance to escape or at the very least make ourselves look more presentable.

In my horny state of mind all I could do was attack Tim and site and start kissing and rubbing every part of his body that I could get my hands on. It was obvious that he felt much the same as he tried to take my entire mouth down his eager throat as our tongues dueled and caressed each other's.

My body instantly responded to the closeness and the passion that was starting to bubble up from our hurried and clumsy caresses of each others bodies. We started a slow almost dance like embrace as we ground our crotches to crotch, chest to chest and mouth locked to mouth.

My cock was straining in my pants so hard that I thought it might make a hole through the material that was already staring to become soaked with my precum. I was so turned on touching and feeling all Tim's amazing body that I wanted to make this feeling last forever. Our mouths moved apart slightly and a single line of saliva joined us still together. Our eyes were staring with animal intent into each others and I could see the fire burning in his horny lust filled mind.

I pulled Tim's white school shirt out of his gray school pants and ran my hands up the sides of stomach sending little goosebumps across his smooth muscled stomach and chest. My hands lightly made their way across the ridges of his stomach and the excitement of the moment caused my cock to throb and spurt little rivers of pre cum which continued to fill my boxers and make them soggy.

My hands moved up to his pecs and traced their hard smooth contours. They were more than a handful and I could feel the heat radiating from inside his body. I grazed the very ends of his hard nipples and they twitched and hardened under my fingertips. I squeezed them gently and continued to massage and knead his chest as well. Tim was moaning and shaking from the light movements my fingers were making and his breathing was ragged.

Every time I looked at his body hormones and emotions would explode and make me into some sort of animal. I knew that we didn't have all that much time to fool around but I didn't want to rush pleasuring Tim or Myself. I took one of his nipples in my mouth and gently nibbles and licked it before lightly blowing cold air onto it to make it stand out even more then before. Tim was desperately trying to grind his overheated crotch into mine and was in the midst of immeasurable pleasure as wave after wave of emotions and sexual feelings coursed through his body.

I moved to the other nipple and Tim started to moan my name over and over again as I paid special attention to every little inch of his chest. My tongue started a trail of saliva from his chest down to his abs which I individually licked the ridge of each hard muscle. The muscles flexed and moved as my tongue tickled him and only made me and him hotter still.

I paid special attention to his belly button which I knew from past experience was somewhere that Tim loved to be licked and nibbled. The tight skin pulled the belly button and made it quiver in anticipation of what was to come! My hands were ferociously kneading and pummeling is tight bottom that was still enclosed in his school pants. I followed the few hairs that Tim had from his belly button to the top of his Calvin Kleins where I used my teeth to gently nibble at the skin between the underwear. I could smell the ripe and manly smell of precum that was obviously spurting from his cock and making a very noticeable wet patch on the side of his pants where the head of his cock was trapped.

My own cock was leaking precum so badly that it had started to run down from the side of my leg and my cock was pulsating so rapidly that for a moment I thought I was going to explode then and there.

I almost ripped off the skin from my fingers as I grappled with his belt buckle and fly as I opened up his pants to see his cock through the translucent material of his underwear. Tim struggled to get his pants and underwear off as I my mouth finally made contact with his cock and I slurped the head of it into my mouth. The taste of his precum was like a magic elixir or lust for me as it only made me hornier than I was before. I still had my school uniform on so I started to struggle with my shirt and pants as I sucked the rest of his cock in my mouth. As my tongue flicked over the sensitive head of his penis he shuddered and tried to force more of his cock in my mouth.

I pulled my mouth away from his cock which looked like an angry red and purple poker sticking straight up dribbling precum and went straight for his balls which were tightly bunched up against his crotch. I used my tongue to cover them with my saliva and gently tease him as I licked sucked and blew against them.

By this stage I was totally naked and my own hard cock was dripping precum onto the floor leaving a small puddle. I used the natural lubricant to grasp my cock and start to slowly jerk off enjoying every second of our daring sexual escapade in the music room.

Tim obviously wanted to suck my cock as he pulled me up from his crotch and gently pushed me back onto the upright piano where I was half standing half leaning against the keyboard. Tim dove straight for my cock and licked from the head all the way to my balls collecting as much precum as he could in the process. I shuddered and a mist overtook my mind as his tongue licked and suckled at my throbbing penis.

I moved slightly to stop the edge of the piano from sticking into my back and I thrust my cock straight down Tim's hungry warm mouth. The feelings that came from my entire body as the back of Tim's throat massage the very tip of my penis sent me into a frenzy and I was about to cum. I didn't want to cum too soon so I pried his mouth from my swollen cock. As the head was exposed to the air a thin sheen of saliva was still covering my penis being constantly replaced by the precum which was now leaking profusely from the head of my cock.

Tim gave me a strange wondering look as he wondered why I had pulled out of his mouth but as soon as I wrapped my arms around him and our mouths met, I could tell he knew what was on my mind. Our slippery cocks battled just as our tongues were dueling in each other's mouths battling for some unknown prize. I knew what prize I wanted and it was an explosive orgasm shared between my lover and I.

My hands were growing crazy all over Tim's back indiscriminately scratching and grabbing at the muscles and loose flesh that made Tim the most beautiful boy on earth. Our passion was fuelled to the point that the entire room, the fact that we were at school and could be caught at any moment did not even stop us from a second of unabashed pleasure that we were causing each other.

I disengaged our mouths and made my way down Tim's soft inviting neck biting and sucking, leaving little red marks all over his perfect skin. He was in such as state of pleasure that his entire body and soul were in total tune with my body and soul.

I pulled Tim down to the floor where we turned into a 69 position so we could both enjoy each other's cocks at the same time. I slipped his delicious cock in my mouth and could feel the ridged head sliding over my rough tongue sending chills down my spine and Tim's. His mouth was feverishly sucking my hard cock and trying to swallow every single small inch that I had to offer. Soon both our cocks were buried up to the hilt in each other's mouths and our breathing was coming in quick rapid succession. I knew that I couldn't last much longer and by the state of Tim's blood engorged cock I knew that he was close too.

Remembering the effect my finger had had on Tim's ass and his finger in mine I used some of the saliva and precum that was dribbled down his balls to swirl around the entrance to Tim's inviting ass. I had read about anal sex and the pleasure that it could cause the guy giving and receiving but hadn't yet ever experienced that joy.

As Tim's asshole became more slippery from my finger the opening would flutter open a little and sort of try to suck my finger in. Tim had obviously gotten the same idea and was playing at the entrance to my cock. Without missing a second of sucking his cock I pushed my finger into his ass and let it stay there for a moment before moving it around a little.

I could tell from the vibrations on my cock from Tim's mouth that he was enjoying what I was doing and so I moved my finger around a little more until I found a very swollen lump. His asshole was like a vise and was clamping down and throbbing around my finger and I could feel a gentle throbbing from this mound. In knew instinctively that this was his prostate and pushed down a little on it. In return Tim's moaning and thrashing increased and his penis expanded in his mouth.

The feelings I was feeling from Tim doing the same thing to me were indescribable as my body felt hot then cold and my cock felt like it had expanded to three of four times its previous size. All of a sudden both our bodies started to convulse and I could feel my muscles constrict and go all stiff as I felt the beginnings of my orgasm. Just as my orgasm started and I felt the throbbing release of semen into Tim's mouth, Tim's cock expanded almost threatening to suffocate me and warm salty cum flooded into my mouth. I pulled my mouth back so he was exploding into my mouth as he did the same.

I could feel the jets of cum as they exploded from my cock and it felt that as I came I was cumming into my own mouth. There was just so much of it that the cum started to dribble out my mouth and down my chin spilling into Tim's pubic hair which was now glistening with sweat and cum. I released his slimy sticky cock from my mouth and tried to pant and lick up the rest of the cum all at the same time. When I had totally finished I stared down at Tim's cock which was only just starting to lose its hardness panting and sweating as I tried to get my pulse and breathing under control.

I greedily moved up to Tim's mouth where we began kissing and slurping at each other's mouths. I could taste my own cum in his mouth as I was sure he could taste himself too. We lay there underneath the piano holding each other and gently pecking each other as we stared into each other's eyes. At that moment I felt so perfect and so happy that tears sprang to my eyes and made little rivers down my mouth.

"God, I just love you so much", I murmured in between wiping my eyes and laughing at the silly emotions.

"I love you too cutey pie, I really do and I want be with you forever, he replied.

We kissed some more and then sat up shaking our heads to clear the post orgasm haze from our minds. I surveyed the room which was scattered with our clothes and had the unmistakable smell of cum and sweat. I looked up and saw Tim's Calvin's hanging off the side of the piano and grabbed them and started to slide them on myself.

"What are you doing those are mine, cutey,", he asked kind of puzzled.

"I want part of you with me for the rest of the day so I can remember your smell and your feel", I giggled like a silly schoolgirl.

"You are one sick bastard but I like the idea of wearing your underwear he said as he rummaged though the rest of our clothes looking for mine. As he slid my Calvin's on I couldn't help but get another hard-on as his muscles rippled and his chest flexed crouching over pulling the pants on. Tim noticed my new hard-on and gave it a quick tug as he reached for my face again and started a deep wet and passionate kiss.

We talked and joked as we pulled our clothes on and the bell rang to signal the end of the period. As Tim turned around to go towards the door I noticed that he had little red hickeys all down his neck. I giggled and asked him how he was going to explain to people how he managed to get hickeys in his study period. He turned to with those beautiful big brown eyes which were as wide as saucers and looked at me as if he were going to pass out in fright. I reached over to his neck and traced the three or so small red marks that I had made on his neck.

"Oh My God How bad do they look", he asked as he tried to see them in the reflection of the piano. I rubbed a bit at the marks and apologized to him for making the marks, even though I thought it was a bit funny really. I tried to stop myself from laughing because the situation was so so very funny, but Tim had an absolute look of horror on his face.

"Go and get some cream from the school nurse she won't say anything I said", stifling my giggles while I was saying it.

"Do you think that will work", he asked absently rubbing his neck and trying to make them go away.

We moved the chair from the door and opened the door letting the cool day air into the room. We then tried to unobtrusively leave the room without too many people seeing us leave. But I could feel a few people staring at us as we left. No matter how hard we had tried we still looked disheveled and our clothes were a little bit crumpled. I said goodbye to Tim, reminding him that we would meet up this afternoon after school and then walked towards my locker to get my lunch.

I couldn't believe what we had just done at school in the middle of the day having sex while the rest of the school was in class. I giggled to myself as I opened my locker and thought about what our friends would think if they only knew. As I was walking away one of the more notorious bullies pushed against me and made we fall against the locker rows.

"Poofter, he yelled at me as I lay sprawled on the ground and he just laughed as he walked away.


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