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life at a private school

Chapter Twenty Five

by Drew - December 2009

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Dinner was pretty uneventful really although I realised that my own decision to move on from the issues at school had touched a very deep very raw nerve in Tim’s mother.

I certainly had not meant to make her think about her own issues with the school and her lost son, but in a small way it had and towards the eith her own life.

This was pretty huge in itself, but then she shocked us by going on.

“And I have spoken to your mother this afternoon Josh, to ask her permission for you to stay here”.

I sat there stunned for a moment, I was not sure I was comfortable with her talking to my mother.

“She sent you a message, she said she loves you and knows that you and Tim are lovers”.

I literally choked on my food as she said that, and Tim looked wide eyed at his mother.

“You didn’t did you, he asked his mouth open in horror”, but before she could answer I looked at him then her and said,

“No, I think she had worked that out a while ago”.

“Yes she had Josh”.

I was pretty certain by this as well, and had in the back of my own mind always known that my own mother was perceptive enough to have worked it out that I was gay and Tim was my lover.

It was funny in a way, we had both come out to our mothers in the space of less than twelve hours, and they had both already worked it out.

It had turned out that Tim and my mother had had a long talk this afternoon, at first they had both danced around the issue but then my mother had simply blurted it straight out that she knew.

After that it was pretty much all out in the open.

I was initially horrified by this, but after a few moments I realized that in some strange way everything had just aligned today and many things had resolved themselves without me having to actually do anythis="p1">When we go to school, Dan, Nick, Ben and Sam were all there, after meeting the boys a few weeks back Sam had pretty much become a fixture and since this was the last night of the musical she had come to watch.

Tim and I could not stop chattering and relaying the events of the last 12 hours to everyone and to say they were shocked was an understatement.

We did miss out the bit about the note from Ben that I had found, ation of a huge team effort.

Yeah sure we were a family, I silently grimaced to myself, just so long as all the family were straight and towed the school’s line consistently.

Individualism was not particularly something that the school looked highly upon, unless it was in sport, and especially not if you just happened to be gay.

As I listened I couldn’t wait till I was fmedy bit where video and pictures of the funny things that happened were projected on a huge screen behind him

It started off normally enough with footage of people screwing up their lines and audio of the rehearsals with people saying things as the pictures came up on the screen.

I could hear laughing and cat calls as obviously funny scenes were being played out, but now as my mind settled onto other more pressing matters. Like any other 17 (almost 18 year old) my mind wandered onto sex and I zoned out.

I was thinking about how to solve the small issue of my horniness since Tim and I had not had sex that day and I was still as horny as a jack rabbit even with all the stress of the past few days when I heard a loud gasp through the auditorium.

Then there was total silence as I heard crackling over the PA system:

“stupid poofter, I should have hit you harder and knocked some real sense into you.. you know that you can’t touch me legally, the school would never allow a stupid little queen like you to hurt them, and if you try well we can just make life extremely difficult for you”.

I was paralysed as I heard the exact words McCallister said to me the night before where being played to the entire audience.


The Headmaster, Head of Music and the entire cast of the musical were standing looking at each other wondering what the hell was going on.

From my vantage point I could see both the stage and most of the audience who were staring right at the stage watching in rapt amazement at the flickering pictures projected onto the large screen.

My entire bod

His face was strained too and I could see the fear in his eyes, but he pulled me close into his warm chest where I could feel his heart beating, almost in a competition to see whose heart could beat faster.

“It’s Ok Josh, whatever happens we will get through this together”, he gasped staring right into my face.

I was still too shocked to say anything but I managed a weak nod as we both turned around embracing each other to watch the scene unfold in front of us.

“Look just get rid of the little faggot, I can’t stand those type of people”, came booming over the auditorium sound system.

“Don’t worry about it, I have spoken to the father on the telephone this afternoon and he’s coming in to smooth everything over, that father will ensure that this does not go any further than it already has Bill”

“Thanks”, the voice replied.

“You shouldn’t have grabbed him like that in front of everyone, if you were going to teach him to act like a man you should have done it without leaving a mark”

At that point the auditorium which had been totally quiet except for the disembodied voices stas="p2">

By now apart from the shouts and bedlam in the hall there was no more of the audio, but then the screen again flickered to life and photos started appearing on the screen.

At first I couldn’t really make out much, it just looked like someone leaning into a car at night, but then more pictures started appearing and we all got a clear shot of the driver of the car who was deep in conversation with a young guy leaning into the window of his car.

I had no idea what was going on when I realized that the older guy driving the car was none other then Mr Mcallister.

More photos started springing up on the screen and it was at that moment I knew exactly what we were all seeing.

The previously noisy auditorium was again quiet s we all saw the young guy lean in the car and start kissing McAllister.

The Headmaster looked as if he was going to have a stroke his face was so red as was shouting at the stage manager to get this off.

Then in an instant the entire place was plunged into darkness as all the lights went off and the shouts were rehouting and pandemonium.

As I half pulled and grabbed Tim along he stopped me suddenly and looked at me, people were all around asking what was going on and running all over the place.

I could hear snippets of people’s conversations as they passed talking about McAllister being caught with his pants down and the threat he had made to me.

As I turned back and the cheekbones I loved so much.

“We don’t need to hide you know, or run” he simply said.

The crowd around us had stopped moving and were quietly watching us in a mixture of shock and awe.

“I think it’s time that people knew I was gay and am in love with you Josh”, he said as tears formed in his eyes.

His tears set off mine and I could my feel tears streaming down my face.

Tim took my hand and turned around to everyone around us and in a loud clear voice said, “I’m gay and Josh is my boyfriend, he was assaulted by McAllister and then bullied by the Headmaster to not pursue charges”

He gripped my hand even tighter and continued, “If any of you have a problem with me and Josh then you can go to hell”.

“Faggot” someone yelled out as other anti gay comments were shouted out in our general direction.

Tim was slowly looking around the crowd and just said “dickheads”, then looked at me and said “come on let’s get out of here and leave these bigots to themselves.

As we moved the crowd made way for us openly staring while a few dickheads called out comments like cocksucker and faggot, but in the main people just stared at us.

My heart had pretty much gone into overdrive as we walked outside and I was feeling a strange mix of euphoria and panic all mixed into one.

As we walked down the outside stars of the music centre people were streaming out of the main hall talking loudly.

As we walked hand in hand, Nick, Das rushing right at me.

A he got near I could hear him screaming that he was going to Kill me for what I had done, I was amazed as I had no idea in hell who had set this all up but it was obvious that he thought it was me.

As he came within reach Tim dropped by hand and took a wild swing and punched McAllister right in the nose in an explosion of blood.

I watched in slow motion as his rabbed his arm and stopped him, “No I said he’s destroyed Tim, there’s nothing left for him he’s finished leave the pathetic son of a bitch”.

The Headmaster and group of teachers watched on silently in shock as I turned to them and pointed directly to the Head and said,

“Is this how a real man acts” I shouted directly at him while motioning to McAllister.