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life at a private school

Chapter Two

Tim opened the front door of his house and I walked in with my heart pounding really hard in my chest making my head feel like it wasnít attached to my body. He turned around and grinned at me and pushed his hair out of his eyes. I quickly looked away and glanced around the entrance foyer of his house and gasped as I looked realised that the foyer was almost the size of my entire house.

I was so awed by the marble foyer I ran straight into the back of Tim and almost knocked him over. As our bodies collided I felt like my body had been jolted by an electric shock and started to tingle and shake slightly. Tim laughed and said, "whoa try not to kill me why donít you" and shot me a smile that made me weak at the knees.

I was so bloody nervous I think my heart was in my throat and I kept on asking myself why this stud had asked, no scrub that almost begged me to come in and stay for the night.

Tim led me down the hallway and through to his room at the side of the house. As he opened the door my eyes almost fell out of their sockets at the size of his room. It was almost as big as my entire house. I stood there dumbly looking around like some kind of fool trying to take it all in, but it was just too much. Tim walked accross to a huge stereo system and flipped on the radio and dance music blared out of the speakers and he quickly turned it down. I was still standing in the doorway of his room and he looked around and grinned at me and shot me a smile that was the sexiest thing I had even seen.

I had no idea what to do and finally I started to say something but all I could do was squeak something out about what a cool room. Tim kind of blushed and mumbled something about his parents trying to make up for the fact that they were always away by buying him expensive gifts. As he said this he turned away and started to rummage through a pile of clothes on the floor.

He pulled a CK t shirt from the pile and started to take his school shirt off and said that he had to get out of stinking school clothes. As he unbuttoned his shirt his smooth hard chest came into view and my head felt light. I was only feet away from the most delicious body and boy that I had ever seen in all my life. He slipped the T shirt over his head and as he was pulling it down over his stomach he caught me staring at him and gave me a funny look.

I quickly looked away and pretended to check out his CD collection, pulling one out here and there and swaying to the music on the radio. I could see his reflection in the mirror above the table and he had unzipped his pants and was taking them off. I held my breath as his crotch came into view and I could see the outline of his cock beneath the thin white material of his CKís. The blood rushed to my head and I could feel my cock tickle my balls as I became more and more turned on.

As Tim did the buttons up on his 501 Levis he asked me if I wanted to borrow some clothes and get out of my school uniform. I started to turn around and then and stopped really suddenly as I realised that my hard cock was tenting out the front of the flimsy material of my school trousers. I was so embaressed yet again and I kind of just nodded and mumbled that would be great if it was ok with him. He sort of chuckled and said that there were clean jeans and T shirts in the wardrobe next to me and to choose whatever I wanted.

I was releived that I didnít have to turn around and risk him seeing the obvious mound in my shorts and I opened the drawers and had a look. I took out a pair of worn blue jeans and a white T shirt and started to take my tie and shirt off. I glanced up and saw him staring at my chest in the mirror and I blushed and went to cover myself up. I know I know I said, Iím a skinny little runt and slid the soft shirt over my head.

No youíre not, you have a good bod its really athletic and all the girls think you are damn cute!

Now I was really starting to get confused by that, what the hell did he mean that I had a good body? It was only a few hours ago that I as sure that he didnít even know who I was. But now he was telling me that he talked about me? Hat was going on here?

My cock had started to settle down so I took the risk of taking my shoes and pants off and climbing into his jeans. As I zipped up the fly I started to get hard again at the thought of his cock being restrained in the jeans I was now wearing.

During all of this Tim had been telling me all about his family and how his dad was some hot shot corporate lawyer and his mother entertained a million different guys while his father was away on business. He was pouring his heart out to me and all I could do was steal quick glances at him in the mirror and drink in every single feature of his body.

Finally Tim asked me if I wanted that beer he had promised me and told me to follow him. We went down the kitchen at the front of the house and he opened a fridge that looked like it had come from the space shuttle. I was totally overwhelmed by the entire house, but the kitchen was absolutely something else. Everything was done in stainless steal and black granite and looked like it was straight from the cover of one of those swanky home magazines.

Tim asked if a Stella was ok, and I just nodded my head and looked around as he grabbed a six pack of beer and padded softly to a large lounge on the side of the room. He threw himself on the couch and offered me a beer from the pack.

You donít talk much do you he asked?

I looked up at him as he said it and his straight perfect white teeth shone at me as he grinned. I shook my head and just grinned like some stupid puppy dog. He reached over and ruffled my hair playfully and I almost jumped from the sheer luxury of his touch. He gave me a strange look and laughingly told me that he didnít bite.

I laughed at that and took a large gulp of beer from my bottle. I didnít really drink much and after a few swigs of the beer I was starting to sweat and feel a little bit out of it. Tim had already finished his first beer and his face was glowing with the effects of the alcohol.

I was sitting next to him on the couch trying my best not to let any part of my body make contact with his because every time I brushed against him my heart would race and I would start to get hot and tingly. By the time I had finished my first beer I was having trouble keeping my mouth shut and I started to tell him everything about me. I talked for what seemed like hours all about why I was so shy and how I was expected to do so well at school and go to university and be something that I wasnít. I had never told anyone before that I didnít want to be a doctor or lawyer like the school and my parents expected. The truth was that I had no real idea what I wanted to do, apart from explore every inch of Timís perfect body, but I didnít tell him that.

Lying there on the couch, Tim suddenly jumped up and swayed unsteadily on his feet and asked if I wanted more beer. By that stage I had already had three beers and I felt like my head was attached to something other than my body. I made to stand up and fell off the couch landing with a heavy thud on my side. I just cracked up and burst out giggling like a maniac, wriggling on the floor in hysterics at some joke.

Tim was instantly on top of me tickling my stomach and making me gasp for breath. I was so drunk that I could hardly even fend him off and so I gave up and tried to get my own back by tickling him. My mind was suddenly jolted back to reality when I felt my hard cock rub against the side of his leg and I looked directly into Timís eyes and saw an intense look that totally took my breath away.

Tim stopped tickling me and all I could hear was our heavy breathing and the thumping of my heart in my chest. Tim started to say something but then he stood up and unsteadily ran to the kitchen. I lay there for a moment totally confused by what at just happened, slightly dazed and frightened. Had he seen the truth in my eyes and worked out that I was a big poofter and was lusting after him. I was really confused by what was going on between us, I just put it down to the fact that he was a really nice guy and he was drunk and this was normal behaviour for straight boys.

God knows that I was slaughtered after the three beers that I had already consumed and I was in real danger of doing something that I would really regret. Even if I could never be with him or admit my true feelings for him I just wanted to be his friend. Yeah corny I know but in my drunken haze I wanted to be near him even if I couldnít have him. I lay back and closed my eyes and the I felt like the room was spinning round and round so I quickly opened my eyes and the room skidded to a stop.

As I opened my eyes Tim walked back into the room carrying four more bottles of Stella. He handed me an open one and sat fell into the sofa and took a swig from his beer. He flipped on the TV and a black and white movie flickered on the screen. I decided that the best place for me to stay was on the floor, mind you every time I did try to stand up the walls started moving and I felt as though I was going to be ill.

Tim and I didnít say very much as we drank and watched the movie, or at least I tried to follow the screen but I just couldnít get my eyes to focus properly. I leaned back against the sofa and tried to keep my head from touching his leg which was draped over the side of the sofa. Every time I moved to stop from touching the objects of my desire it seemed that it would follow me.

Finally I gave up as my alcohol soaked brain decided that it was simply too much effort.

Tim cleared his throat and started to talk to me.

"So do you have a girlfriend at the moment?"

"Nah, not in a while" I thought to myself that this was a really weird question to be asking but I had to be careful or he would work out my secret.

"Why not, I know that girl in the violin section thinks you are cute, how come you havent asked her out or anything?

I didnt really want to tell him that all I wanted was a guys hard body pressed against me not some soft female.

"I dunno Iím shy I spose" I could feel my face going red and sweat had started to form on my forehead and my T shirt was sticking to my chest" All the while Timís leg was slowly rubbing itself against the side of my head and I was too pissed to do anything.

We chatted for the next few hours and continued to drink beer and get even more drunk than I already was. By about 2 am I could hardly make sense and my head was resting fully against Timís crotch. I could hardly keep my eyes open any more and it was an effort to try and concentrate on anything. Timís sweet aroma filled my head and I started to drift off to sleep. Finally my tired and drunken body was swept away with and I succumbed to sleep.


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