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life at a private school

Chapter Twenty Six

by Drew 

By the time we were all out of the school grounds the adrenaline that was running through my body was making me feel like I was on the biggest high of my life.

We all started shouting and whopping all at the same time.

“Oh My God did you see his face? It looked like Tim broke his nose”,

Everyone was talking all at once as we dissected what had just happened and how in the hell someone had managed to tape all those conversations and who had taken the pictures of McAllister.

We decided that we would all go back to Tim’s place, as none of us wanted to go on to the cast party, that was even if there was going to be a cast party.

I placed my hand over Tim’s hand slowly feeling the smooth skin and the slight swelling from where his knuckles had been bruised when he threw that punch.

Finally I broke the silence, “Are you ok” I asked?

For a moment there was silence and then Tim flashed me one his 1000 watt smiles at me and said, “Never better, I just can’t believe that I just did adrenaline and being there so close to the boy I loved was having an almost aphrodisiac effect on me and suddenly I was as horny as I had ever been in my life.

I growled at Tim and slipped my hand down to the front of his pants and roughly grabbed at his cock, which was as hard as mine had been.

“let’s get back quickly because I need you so badly” I huskily said feeling his hard hot cock twitch under his jeans.

I tried to get my hand down the front his pants but the angle was wrong and as I did it we almost swerved off the road.

“Easy tiger, we will be home in 5 minutes and then I want get naked with you and lick every part of your body” he hornily said.

In less than five minutes we were in front of Tim’s house and we raced inside slamming the door as Sally cameclass="p1">For the next couple of minutes I attacked his ears and his neck until I could take it no longer and I started my move with my tongue over his chest to his right nipple.

I started lightly sucking and licking at it and he was thrashing around beneath me as it hardened and stuck up like a cork.

I then started to move down and traced the solid muscular pecs and abs as I made my way down to my prize his hot hard cock.

I quickly swabbed my tongue in his belly button and was rewarded by another growl, but just as I was about to head down to his cloth covered crotch he wriggled around and wrestled me to the bed with him on top.

“God I love you so much”, he murmured as he attacked my mouth with his, His hands were busy unzipping my pants and trying to pull them down but we were both moving around and wriggling so much he was having trouble.

We broke apart for a moment as both ripped our pants off leaving us just in our underwear and socks, our crotches obscenely swollen hiding our rampant hard cocks beneath our underwear.

I looked up at Tim, my eyes washing over every smooth bump and muscle in my 18 year old stallion’s body.

I was so alive with hunger all I could think about was getting his cock in my mouth.

He didn’t disappoint me and now with me lying on the bed he moved up so his CK covered cock was in front of mouth and I reached up with my teeth and dragged his underwear down as precum splattered all over me.

I greedily dove in and started sucking the head of his cock relishing in the taste and texture of pure Tim.

We built up a steady rhythm as I sucked and licked hisge as his tongue swiped itself over and over again.

His fingers which were slick from the saliva dripping down from his sucking my cock suddenly zeroed in a my ass and one popped in.

It felt weird but wonderful all at the same time, he pushed it in beside his finger and used more saliva as lubricant.

I have no idea what came over me but suddenly I desperately wanted his cock inside me, I wanted Tim to fuck me like I had tried to do to him before.

In a voice I didn’t even recognize as my own I almost screamed out “fuck me, put your dick in my ass”.

He groaned in response and slurped out “sure”, as he continued his oral and digital assault of my ass.

The finger in my ass was suddenly joined by a second and I groaned and bucked wildly as it grazed what I knew was my prostate.

My entire body was wracked with pleasure and I could wait no longer.

I knew Tim kept some lube in his bedside drawer and I reached over to it as he was playing with my ass and almost threw it at him.

“Fuck me I want to feel your cock in me, I want us to be complete” I practically begged.

I was in a mix of euphoric pleasure and nervousness, I knew it was going to hurt but I wanted to feel him inside me.

With Tim still lying on the bed and his legs draped over the side I lubed up his cock with a large dollop of lube and moved my back.

He groaned and told me he was close and not to play with his dick too muup, as I did this he reached up and tweaked both my nipples making me shiver and a bit more of his cock speared into me.

The was a sharp pain and I held still for a moment hovering with just the beginning of the head inside me.

I was panting and sweat was streaming off of my dropping onto Tim’s perfect skin, his eyes were glazed in lust and desire and made my own dick dribble out more precum which dropped in strands down to his stomach.

I wanted to just push myself down but knew that was not a great idea so I breathed out and pushed out like I was going to the toilet and then all of a sudden I realized that I had half his cock in my body.

The pain was incredible as my ass muscles got used Tim’s huge cock and I told him to stay still for a moment while I got used to.

I don’t know if it was my pulse or his pulse but I could feel it throbbing in my ass and the fire and passion were almost driving me insane.

I desperately wanted to grab my dick, but I know if I did I would erupt instantly so instead I rubbed my hands over Tim’s hard chest and then moved up to his neck.

Slowly I sat all the way down onto his dick, it seemed like it had taken hours but it was probably only a couple of minutes.

The pain was still there but I was so turned on I wanted to feel it move inside of me and make us totally one.

Tentatively I moved up a little bit and then moved down again, and as I did so his dick dragged itself across my prostate and I almost came again.

I could just feel Tim start to thrust up a bit and then let his hips fall back and the feelings were overwhelming me, my mind was lost in front of my eyes as I spurted the largest load of my life covering Tim’s face, chest and stomach.

As my orgasm started my muscles tightened and my ass grabbed a hold of his cock in an almost vice like grip and he started shuddering as his orgasm took over.

We came and came for what seemed like hours, I could feel Tim’s cock throbbing wildly and watched as my cum landed with audible splats over his shuddering and shaking body.

As we both started to come down from our orgasm I slowly moved my ass off his cock and felt a momentary stab of pain as it pulled out.

Exhausted I fell on top of him searching out his mouth with mine as our tongues dueled and my cum on his body made us slide against each other in one of the most erotic ways I could imagine.

Finally we stopped kissing and lay there holding each other catching our breath and coming down off of our amazing high.

“Wow”, I throatily rasped out, that was amazing.

“aha” Tim replied catching his breath.

We lay there for a couple of minutes luxuriating in the afterglow, I could feel my asshole felt open and I could feel his load dribbling out and down my leg.

I leaned over and again kissed Tim on the mouth as we started to rub our bodies against each other again ready to go for another round as our hard cocks pushed against each other.

Just then Tim’s door flew open and Dan and Nick rushed in, asking what we were up to, although they only got half of the question out before stopping and staring at the two of us naked, covered in cum and lube.

I frantically tried to cover us up but only succeeded in sending us both flying off the side of the bed.

Dan and Nick almost collapsed with laughter but had a good look at our toned muscular bodies.

My eyes dropped from their faces to their jeans and I could see two very prominent hard ons beneath the fabric.

Even though I was embarrassed as all hell I was also mildly turned on by the situation, but I quickly covered up and said playfully,

We jumped in the shower trying our best to keep our hands off of each other and quickly showered and went downstairs to join our friends.

As we showered I mentally went over in my head everything that had happened in the last 24 hours and then the fact that my lover had just taken my anal virginity and I had loved it too!