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life at a private school

Chapter Fourteen

The next day I was allowed to go home with a stern lecture from my specialist that I was to monitor my blood sugar levels far more regularly. I knew all the risks of my illness and was terrified of some of the more common problems like blindness, and circulatory disease in later life. Even though I had a very mild form of juvenile diabetes I still had to take care of myself and with tablets and regular medication I would lead a normal and fulfilling life.

At about 11AM mum picked me up from the hospital and drove me home. When I got to my room I saw my things that I had taken away on the weekend with Tim were lying neatly washed and ironed on my bed along with my backpack which was open. I was obvious that someone had been thought it because everything was in a mess. It was almost as if someone (who I assumed was either my mother or father) was looking for something. I felt out of sorts being back at home after a few days away and I realised that I was feeling very lonely because I had been around people for the last six days non stop, whether with Tim on the weekend or at the hospital where they never left me alone for more than ten minutes. They had constantly wanted to prod or poke me in some way that made me hurt or just plain annoyed me instead.

I turned on my computer and waited for the IBM AT to boot up and the VGA screen started to flicker to life. I had been given the computer the previous Christmas by my father who had decided that I needed something to write my essays on for school. Instead I had discovered the joys of a Bulletin Board called Wombat which I could dial up using my 1200 baud modem. I dialed the number and computers spoke to each other and I was able to check my mail. Since meeting Tim I had convinced him to join the bulletin board as well and we used the board to send and receive electronic messages from one another. There were three messages waiting for me from Tim, all written after seeing me at the Hospital the night before. The first two were really quick but the third was a bit longer and very special. I started to read itů

Dear Josh my baby, my love,

I can't believe how silly I was yesterday when I ran away from you and made you worry. Seeing you the other day lying there on the ground unconscious made me so weak and more terrified than I had ever been in my entire life. I love you so much and these feelings are just so scary to me, at time they just overwhelm me and I get so frightened that the walls seem to close in on me and I need to run away. I'm scared by what these feelings mean about me, about us about everything. Sexy, I don't want to come out at school and to be really honest I would prefer for us to never have to come out. I spoke to Cass today at school after I came back form the hospital and we talked about some of the things swimming through my head.

She suggests that we just take one step at a time and se what happens. In only a few months school will have finished and we won't have to live by their petty rules and regulations anymore. I don't know what to do about your father before then but I know we can work something out and it will be ok in the end. I just want to be with you all the time and my heart really hurts at the thought of us not being together.

This weekend is the opening of the school musical so we can definitely get some time together before and after the shows. At least I can watch your gorgeous face when you play! I know how much you want to be open about us but we will just have to wait because I don't think that the school is ready for us all yet.

I love you so much and want to be with you, I'm sorry that sometimes I don't do or say the right things but believe me when I tell you that I love you and want to be with you forever.

Love always

Tim (ps you wait till we are alone together, I'm going to rip your clothes off with my teeth).

I read and re-read the letter a few times and it made me so happy and so fulfilled. I typed a quick reply and then wondered whether my father was actually going to allow me to still play in the Musical Orchestra or not? What if he didn't let me then how would I see Tim. I snapped myself out of my depressive thoughts and went about putting things away and starting on the schoolwork that I had missed.

Later that day Sam came over and we talked about things and I showed her the letter Tim had sent me via wombat. She read it and reread it a few times and then looked at me with sparkling eyes, "Wow, I wish I could find someone who loves me as much as he loves you, Gee". I smiled stupidly and thought about what it was that actually made Tim just so God dam special to me and I really couldn't even begin to explain the feelings that I had for him.

"So what are you two going to do about seeing each other while your father, the great tyrant of Pymble is acting like an idiot", Sam drawled in the most ridiculous voice. "You don't actually intend to not see him do you"? She had an incredibly mischievous expression on her face and something was telling me that she had a plan, and when Sam had a plan the world listened. I shrugged my shoulders and mumbled something about finding a way to see Tim, hoping that she has already thought of something.

"I was wondering whether you and Tim might like to stay at my place this weekend, the folks are going overseas and the house needs to be looked after, so if you want to".

I almost screamed in delight and wrapped my arms around Sam in a huge bear hug repeated thank you, thank you over and over and over again till Sam had to physically wrench me off. "Darling, you're not going straight are you dear, oh I can't even imagine it ugh how funny!" She cooed falling back on the bed and kicking her legs up in the air, "how funny"!

It was nearly four O'clock in the afternoon as I was waiting for Tim to call me after football training so we could talk and hopefully arrange somewhere to meet that evening. While I was waiting I thought about what it was that made me love Tim and get that funny feeling in the bottom of my stomach whenever I saw or thought about him.

I could picture his deep brown eyes and cute nose in my mouth and it made my heart beat slightly faster, but what really got me going was his smile and the way he chewed his lower lip when he was uncertain or thinking. Every time he did that I wanted to grab him and kiss him all over his cute sexy body. Thinking about him gave me another hard on which was straining and uncomfortable in my Calvin Kleins. I gently squeezed the head of my penis as I thought about Tim's warm rough tongue slipping over my body. I didn't want to jerk off because I was hoping that Tim and I could meet up secretly later that afternoon.

The ringing of the telephone interrupted my day dreams and my heart started beating fast again and a lump formed in my throat. I realized just how much I was in love with this boy by my simple reaction to the idea that it may be him on the phone. I raced over and grabbed the receiver off the hook before anyone else in the house could answer it and heard Tim's cute voice ask for me on the other end.

Tim was at school in between training sessions and only had a few minutes to talk before he had to get back to his training session. While talking with him I imagined him in his footy kits and I became more and more horny. He was being very careful about what he was saying on the phone in case someone was listening at school. I was doing my best to get him randy as all hell talking about what I wanted to do with his cock and how much I wanted him to lick every part of my body.

I could tell he was getting horny when he finally said," Um why don't you meet me at the school gym after training so we can sort out that problem you are having."

I laughed mischievously at his meaning and said, " You mean my need to see you and play with your gorgeous body?" "Do you really want me to meet you really?" I teased.

"yes", he huskily drawled.

I could hear the urgency in his voice and I quickly agreed saying a quick good bye and love you before hanging up. I had to work out what to say to my mother to let me out of the house, especially since I had just come out of hospital. Although I felt fine I knew I was a little but weak but all things considered I was fine.

"Um Mum", I called out as I was opening the front door, "I'm just popping to the school library to pick up a book I need for an assignment".

She rushed out of the kitchen and started to say no, and I rolled my eyes up and said, Mum I'm nearly 18 I'm fine I promise, and I won't be long."

She looked at me with a resigned look on her face and just shook her head and walked away. It didn't take me long to get to the school and I parked the car in the street near the side gate. It was getting dark now and there were only a few cars were still left in the street. As I entered the gate my cock which had been soft since the conversation with Tim on the phone suddenly sprang back to life and made an obvious mound in the front of my jeans. I wiggled slightly and tried to move it so it was not quite so obvious. Walking by the swimming pool I could see a few of my friends in the swimming team doing laps and I had a pang of fear in case they saw me and wanted to talk to me and see what I was doing.

I stealthily entered the gymnasium and headed straight for the boys change rooms where we had arranged to meet. I knew that at this time of the afternoon they would be empty because everyone would have already finished changing after their different sports training. I looked around the main entrance area and saw one or two people including Ben from my English class talking to one of the coaches in the office. They seemed deep in discussion and by the looks of it Ben was not happy. They were very close to each other with their knees touching. They didn't notice me slip by and I had a furtive look behind me as I went into the change room.

The small of the change rooms always got me a little randy, I suppose it was the mix of stale boy sweat, chlorine and the musk of youth. I inhaled deeply and a little smile formed on my lips as the familiar smells assaulted me and made my cock even harder.

I could hear a shower running way back at the other end of the room hidden behind the toilets and wash basins. I looked around the room and could only see Tim's bag and clothes on the hooks underneath the lockers so I knew it was him. I decided to surprise him so I quietly went back to the door and locked it from the inside just in case anyone was still around. I picked a towel from the clean pile near the door and went over to my locker.

My cock was so hard that I was having trouble getting my boxers off but I wanted to surprise him so I got out of my clothes and left them in an untidy heap on the floor. I used the towel to try and cover my very hard throbbing cock which by now dripping pre cum onto the floor with every step I took.

The steam from the shower obscured my view a little bit but it also meant that I could sneak up on Tim. I entered the shower room and saw him standing underneath the hot steamy shower washing his hair. I gasped as I looked at him as if I were seeing him for the first time again. I stopped and drank in every detail of his youthful body being covered in warm water.

Tim's head was turned up towards the torrent of water gushed over his closed eyes and traced the contours of his sharp sexy cheek bones. His mouth was slightly open and he sporadically pushed his tongue out and slipped it around his lips. I stood their watching this grasping my hard cock absently squeezing it. I followed the flow of water as it cascaded down his broad muscular shoulders and fell down his strong perfect pecs. On and on the water flowed down swirling slightly in his belly button thrashing and boiling along each one of his perfect washboard abs which looked like they were made of a honey glaze.

My eyes followed the water as it made its ways through the dark tangle of pubic hair to the object of my desire, his penis. It was soft hanging down over his balls which weighted down with their precious cargo seemed to swing slightly in the movement of the water.

I was so horny watching this impromptu show that I almost came right there, but I wanted to share this with Tim. He must have sensed I was there because he lowered his strong sleek arms from his head and turned around shaking his head to get the water out of his eyes. We moved together without a word and embraced in a passionate kiss that became more and more urgent and passionate with each beat of our hearts.

His soapy hands traced the contours of my back and bottom as he pulled me closer and closer. The water of the hot shower spilt over us lubricating and warming our already hot bodies. I could feel his hard cock pressing and rubbing against my own as we ground our hips together in a sensual wet dance. We were trying to consume each other with our mouths as we continued to kiss and rub our bodies together. Tim used his hands to angle my face up so he could like and nibble at my neck as I shivered and moaned in pure pleasure. Little shocks of electricity coursing through my body making my toes and fingers tingle.

His hot tongue sluiced through the water and slid along the top of my shoulders then down to my chest where he lathered special attention to my nipples. Each time his tongue and teeth touched me there my whole body would shudder and little jolts of electricity would course through my veins. I was babbling incoherently while Tim was doing this to making love to me. My legs were starting to become unsteady and I half pushed and pulled us over to the wall so I could stay standing.

I was terrified and turned on immensely by what we were doing in the school gymnasium. Even with the door locked someone could walk in on us in the middle of what we were doing. But the fear was making us more and more turned on by the entire thing and bringing us together in one of the most passionate and sexy things we had done together.

My cock had been straining and bobbing continually the entire time dripping pre cum almost like a hose had been turned on. I could see that Tim had exactly the same problem as I had. I was near to bursting with the pleasure and pain when Tim suddenly dove for my cock and took the head and half the shaft in his mouth. I widely bucked my hips trying to force more of my hard penis into his eager mouth which felt so fully amazing. Tim spluttered and took my took my cock out of his mouth to lick the sensitive head under the foreskin which made me even hotter and randier than before. I thought that if I didn't cum soon I would explode with the feelings and emotion.

Sensing that I was close to orgasm Tim moved his mouth back up my body to my face where we kissed like animals on heat. I took the moment to go down with my tongue around his sculptured chest and abs, tracing every single defined muscle with my tongue. I wanted to make sure that I had tasted every inch of his perfect smooth hot body.

Tim's nipples hardened and almost shot off his body as I licked and tended to them and slid my tongue in every crevice I could find. But what I wanted was his beautiful cock in my mouth so I could give him the pleasure he so often gave me.

Finally I wrapped my mouth around his cock and it flexed and jerked around like crazy. The taste and smell of Tim was almost too much for me and I almost came the instant he was in my mouth. I stopped myself from getting to close to blowing my load and instead put my hands on Tim's perfect bubble but and pulled him further into my mouth. He started to fuck my mouth in a leisurely pace as I massaged his ass and started to explore the crevice of his asshole. I gently ran a finger down the crack and he pushed even harder into my throat. I started to slip a finger into the hot tight crack which felt magical. His ass was hot warm and inviting as my finger slid in up to the first knuckle. I could feel a large bump which I pushed and massaged a bit causing his cock to swell and explode deep down my throat.

I pulled his cock out of my mouth as it was shooting and aimed it at my face so ropes of stringy hot cum splattered against my face, chin and even my hair. Tim's was moaning and babbling with his knees shaking but he managed to pull me up even though his cock was still dribbling the final bits of cum and wrapping his mouth around my cock.

I let out an enormous roar as my entire body seemed to explode, I saw stars and lost control as wave after wave of pleasure rushed through me. I imagined that I was a penis and my life was only for pleasure. When I regained my senses Tim and I were intertwined on the tiles against the wall both covered in cum.

We were exhausted as we smiled at each other gently rubbing the cum into each other's bodies and waiting for our energy to return. We cleaned each other under the shower and dressed in the locker room content and happy.

"We will have to try more things in me, that felt amazing whatever you did with your finger", Tim crooned.

"MMMMMMMMM yes please", I responded thinking about getting more than my finger up his ass. My cock, which had gone down went straight up again. Tim seeing this came over and started to passionately kiss me again. We stayed like this for a while and then finally looked at our watches and knew that we needed to go home after the most intense session.

Later on that night I jerked off again thinking about the experience and wondering if I could ever think the same about the school gym or not get a hard on every time I went there.


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